Yes, I decided that we would review the Fifty Shades spreader bar from the Bound to You collection! Among the BDSM accessories we reviewed, this is one of the items we hadn’t had the chance to try yet! Of course, we reviewd the POP ankle and wrist cuffs which have a cross to link the 4 elements together in order to restrict the movements, but it’s not the same thing! Moreover, I had, several months ago, bought a cheap spreader bar, to test a little what it could give and we had appreciated its use with Kitty! However, now, we are going to review something more qualitative.

So, since we reviewed the Bound to You spanking paddle, we decided to go for the Fifty Shades spreader bar to continue our series! And then, at least, we have quality, which is not to displease us! So we are going to review this bar to see what it brings in our games, especially BDSM, but not only!

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar packaging

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 1

The pouch that contains the bar

As with the paddle from the same collection, the Fifty Shades of Grey spreader bar arrives in a gift envelope, much like kraft paper. On top, we find the Fifty Shades logo and a small sticker to remove to access the contents.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 3

A storage pocket to store the bar

Then, we will be able to discover the bar, wrapped in brown paper, in the storage pouch, where the Fifty Shades of Grey logo is on it with golden letters. This is the kind of packaging that fits well to a gift. It’s pretty classy, no frills, but I admit the letter will be thrown away.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar physical details & materials

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 4

The entire spreader bar, just out of the pouch

Now that we’ve seen the packaging, let’s see the contents! As expected, inside this storage pouch, we have the Fifty Shades spreader bar! This is great news! This is a quality bar, which is a change from the bar we bought for a small price, but the quality was not there. Light, it measures 50 cm (19.68″) long with imitation leather, in order to propose a product respectful of vegan people.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 5

A small cardboard piece tells us how to take care of it

In terms of fasteners, we have 4 of them, which are some kind of hooks with a clip closure, a kind of hook that you press on to open it in order to attach your partner to the hook/attachment of a pair of handcuffs and anklets. These gold fasteners have an antique style to them, as if the metal has been tarnished a bit by time, which gives it a unique look. Anyway, overall, this is a spreader bar that looks solid, quality and, in my opinion, really pretty.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar use & efficiency

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 7

Zoom in on one of the two hooks

Personally, I like to tie Kitty up to do whatever I want with her! And it has to be said, she likes it too! Because otherwise, it wouldn’t really be fun. The first bar we tested was pretty good, but the places to tie the hands and feet were not necessarily in the best places. Let’s just say that for a first bar, it was nice to try. But there, we attack a spreader bar of another kind, more qualitative already and better thought. Here is our opinion!

Use with a dildo and POP material

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 16

The bar with the POP & Luxure handcuffs

To give you our review, we tested this spreader bar with several other accessories! For the first test, we used the POP handcuffs but also the POP ankle braces, which do not necessarily go with this bar, visually, but work very well with it.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 26

A solid and sturdy bar attachment

Indeed, as we already have on these handcuffs and ankle cuffs, an attachment by snap hook, it is enough here to attach the clip of the bar to the ring present on each handcuff and ankle cuff to use this bar. Same thing with the Luxure handcuffs from Dorcel, which are more appropriate in terms of their colors.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 17

A bar compatible with all handcuffs that have a buckle

Moreover, the attachment system, in addition to being solid and metallic, which is appreciable, is very simple to use. Whether it is to attach the handcuffs or to detach them from the bar, it is a child’s play. So for the occasion, I had attached Kitty with the handcuffs and anklets to the bar, in missionary position, with her legs slightly raised.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 14

You can attach on the sides or in front

Then I used the Seahorse dildo from Mr Hankey’s Toys, a huge dildo shaped like a seahorse cock (yes, it’s true, it exists) to penetrate her with it. Kitty couldn’t escape and had to undergo the insertion without having the choice to refuse it.

With other Fifty Shades products

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 11

We can clearly see the difference in fastener placement between the two bars

But when we got this Fifty Shades spreader bar, we were already thinking about getting the handcuffs and ankle cuffs that go with it! I’m talking about the Bound to You handcuffs and ankles, which we’ll review a little later. There, it is really top, because everything is homogeneous, in the Fifty Shades style with the same qualitative materials as those of this spreader bar.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 15

The attachment system fits perfectly

I had for the occasion attached Kitty with the Bound to You handcuffs and anklets to the spreader bar in doggy style position. Kitty was therefore, head in the pillow, arms and legs in the back, attached to the bar. So I had seen on her helpless ass.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 12

You can clearly feel the difference in quality between the two bars

The whole thing is perfectly seamless, everything works well and the size of the bar is neither too small nor too big. That’s when I used the P&G Spot dildo from Strap-On Me, but also the realistic dildo from the same brand to make her flow and give her an orgasm or two in the process.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 13

The size of the bar is just right

Kitty could not free herself, she was forced to let it happen. In the end, no pain, no discomfort, the whole thing works very well and the quality of the accessories are for something.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar final thoughts

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 18

A very good spreader bar in the end!

In conclusion, I have to say that this spreader bar is really good! So yes, it’s a Fifty Shades of Grey bar, it’s not necessarily our cup of tea. But if you disregard that, it must be said, the Bound to You line is much more qualitative than the first Fifty Shades collection.

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 8

A Fifty Shades bar that’s not just marketing

Compared to the spreader bar we bought, it is much easier to use, more robust, and more beautiful too! I know it’s not easy to review a spreader bar, because it’s just a bar with clips, but compared to what we had the opportunity to review on the website, we are not disappointed with this one!

Fifty Shades Spreader Bar - 9

A quality bar changes everything!

With the Fifty Shades Bound To You cuffs and anklets, it’s perfect! Everything fits and the whole thing is coherent! It is clearly an accessory that we will not put aside, just like the handcuffs and anklets that we will mention soon!


  • A good size bar
  • Very practical hooks
  • The aged effect on the metal parts
  • The overall quality
  • A storage bag
  • The materials used
  • Solid


  • It will be necessary to spend to add the handcuffs and ankle cuffs
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