We continue on our way with the Fifty Shades Ankle Cuffs review! Indeed, some time ago, we review the Bound to You spanking paddle, but also the Fifty Shades of Grey spreader bar from the same collection! As we were delighted to see that there was finally a collection of quality BDSM accessories with this Bound to You range, we decided to go one step further with other accessories!

Knowing that we already had the spreader bar, we have to say that the addition of the Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You ankle cuffs was interesting to complete our arsenal! Especially since the next review of the line will be on the Fifty Shades of Grey handcuffs, which will be perfect to complete our spreader bar! But for now, we’re going to focus on the Fifty Shades ankle cuffs! Here is our review!

Fifty Shades Ankle Cuffs packaging

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 1

Zoom on the external Kraft pouch

For the packaging, there are no surprises, since it is the same concept as for the spreader bar of the same collection or even the paddle. It is a kind of big envelope, which could be Kraft paper and seems to be there to hide a little the content.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 2

A sober and simple packaging

In fact, it is really like a big letter, with a small sticker to remove to access the inside of it. Moreover, on this envelope, we find the Fifty Shades logo that reminds us what it is about.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 3

The satin pouch features the Fifty Shades of Grey logo in gold

Once we open this envelope, we discover our pair of ankle cuffs, wrapped in soft brown paper, to protect the whole. The whole will be present in the pocket of storage where we can locate again, the logo Fifty Shades of Grey, in golden letter. This is the type of packaging that goes well for a gift for example. But in reality, this Kraft paper will not be kept for the benefit of the storage pocket.

Fifty Shades Ankle Cuffs physical details & materials

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 4

The two ankles, taken out of the pouch

We can’t say that this pair of ankle cuffs is ugly! On the contrary, we feel right away that we are on quality! Already, every sensitive part, like the fastening systems, the metal buckles and other elements of this kind are protected by paper. This avoids having friction on these parts and damaging them.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 5

Everything is protected on arrival

We have a really nice pair (of anklets of course) which gives a feeling of quality at first sight and which is confirmed afterwards when you handle them a little more. Indeed, we have a golden buckle, “golden fasteners” also (in the shape of a circle, I never know what it’s called) and 7 levels to more or less tighten the ankles.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 7

Zoom in on one of the ankles

The fake leather part is thick, with a soft inner lining. They are very slightly fluffy (but without pieces that go haywire) and on the other side, at the very end, again the Fifty Shades of Grey logo. Then, we also have a gold chain, metallic, which has two clips to come clip it on each ankle with a simple and convenient hook system.

Concerning the materials, we find the same principle as for the spreader bar or the paddle! It is black imitation leather with gold metal finishes to give a sophisticated effect. And finally, in terms of dimensions, we have strips of 29 cm (11.41″) long (when flat) by 6 cm (2.36″) wide and 0.8 cm (0.31″) thick. Regarding the closure strap, it measures 37 cm (14.56″) in total length. This will allow to adapt to all sizes of ankles. And finally, the chain that attaches the two ankles together is 22.3 cm (8.77″) long.

Fifty Shades Ankle Cuffs use & efficiency

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 9

One notices well the interior in false fur to ensure a good comfort

We are not going to offend you by explaining how to use a pair of ankle cuffs! Especially since here, there is no padlock system, there is no key, all you have to do is put them on and close them with the buckle. Then, we attach the two ankles together with the help of the chain. Nothing too complicated!

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 8

We find the logo on the attachment strap

However, we are going to explain you some points to make good use of it, but also give you our feedback following the use of this part of ankles a few times!

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 12

The two ankles connected by the chain

I don’t think we need to tell you how to put them on. I would like to say that anyone can use them, without reading a manual or anything. You can, however, use them independently from other accessories. In short, you can attach them to each other with the chain, but also attach them to a spreader bar. I think you already know that if you have read our review of the spreader bar of the same collection.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 13

The chain is really beautiful! We love it!

Maintenance of ankles

A little word about the maintenance of these ankles! First, you have a small piece of cardboard attached to the buckle of one of the two anklets that will allow you to learn more about this point by yourself! It will be necessary already, to clean the golden buckles if water intervened in your use. In particular to avoid mildew. Moreover, a specific cleaner for metal will not be a luxury. And for fake leather, a little water or even a mild detergent will allow you to clean them properly. Then, you wait and let them dry. That is, before you use them again. Of course, you don’t have to stand in front of the pair of anklets to wait for them to dry.

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 10

We are informed on how to store and clean them

Our use of two

What better way to explain the situation in which we tested these Fifty Shades ankle cuffs! We did not use them once. But this one is the most representative. To test them, I had taken care to attach Kitty, but not only to the ankles! Indeed, we had received the Bound to You spreader bar, a pair of handcuffs from the same collection and the ankles. No sooner said than done, Kitty found herself tied up by her hands, feet, head in the pillow and the spreader bar at the back. In short, she was in a doggy style position with her hands and feet tied. I started playing with the P&G Spot dildo to stimulate her G-spot, which soon got her flowing. Then the realistic Strap-On Me dildo for more energetic back and forth!

And the result is there! Kitty told me that the ankles were soft, much better than the POP brand. The fastening system works very well, softer, less tight than other models. For the inner part, the lint stays in place, nothing leaked out, which is not the case on other very linty fastening systems that show that the quality is not there. Here, it’s perfect! Clearly better than anything we’ve ever reviewed. It must be said that the price is not for a small budget, but it is also that which makes the quality of the product.

Fifty Shades Ankle Cuffs final thoughts

Fifty Shades Ankle cuffs - 11

A great pair of anklets, our favorites now

In the end, we are not disappointed, far from it! It must be said that the spreader bar had already pleased us. Indeed, even if the paddle is very good, it is really the bar then these ankle cuffs which allowed us to realize the quality of the product! And as Kitty says in her feedback, quality really makes a difference! She clearly prefers these Fifty Shades ankle cuffs compared to the POP collection from “Passage du Désir”. So, it’s not the same price, but we really feel the difference! Here, the anklets fit well to her ankles. It’s soft, the closing system is easy and practical and to spoil nothing, they are beautiful!

Yes, these aren’t small budget ankle cuffs and if you’re not going to use them regularly, you might as well get a lower-end model. But if you really want to have good material, we clearly recommend this pair, even if you are not a fan of Fifty Shades, because they are really excellent! They have become our favorite ankle cuffs right now!


  • Quality anklets
  • Vegan” materials
  • The “new/old” design
  • The storage pocket
  • The fastening system
  • Soft
  • Fits all ankle sizes


  • You need a budget for anklets
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