Here is another masturbator from Seiraku Toys, it’s the Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator! This is the fourth masturbator of this Japanese manufacturer, distributed in Europe by our partner Motsutoys! If it’s the fourth, it’s because I had the opportunity to review three others before! It seems logical! Indeed, the first one, a surprise, was the Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass masturbator, a 15 Kg buttock, huge, gigantic, the biggest masturbator ever reviewed on the website! Then, I reviewed a second model, the Demon Slayer Nezuko, straight from the anime series of the same name!

But it is lately, that I could review the Slut Fighter hip masturbator, the Chun-Li masturbator as I like to call it, before arriving on this Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator, which seems to come from a video game on Android, but also from several series, Fate, Fate/Stay. And it is indeed the case after searching a little bit some information about “Ereshkigal”. It’s a buttock masturbator, a little more imposing than the Slut Fighter model and I’m going to tell you about it! Here is the review of the Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator from Seiraku Toys!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip packaging

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 1

The front of the box

To begin, let’s talk about the box! As always, Seiraku Toys offers us a very nice box that will please the fans of the series! We have on the front side, a young woman, a kind of magician or goddess and that’s it! Ereshkigal is actually a goddess, who is known as “The Goddess of the Netherworld” as well as “Queen of the Great Below”. Scantily clad, she shows us her buttocks, which look like a pair of cherries, as justified by the two cherries on the side that form an ass!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 2

Overview of one of the slices of the box

On the top left, we find the logo of Seiraku Toys, on the bottom right, the masturbator in photo and the mention 360° with explanations in Japanese. On one side, we have the dimensions and weight of the masturbator.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 5

Ereshkigal’s powers in the game

On the other slice, we have 4 squares that seem to represent her abilities in the RPG/Series with a golden skull with sharp teeth or something. It looks like some kind of mask! I don’t know the origin of this one, I’m just finding out as you do all this!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 6

The tiara that Ereshkigal wears

Concerning the third slice, we have 3 parts of the masturbator, put forward to show some particularities of this one. And finally, the fourth slice, shows us the tiara that Ereshkigal wears, as well as Chun-Li’s spike bracelets on the Slut Fighter masturbator.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 3

The dimensions of the masturbator are indicated on the edge

Finally, on the back, we have again Ereshkigal, leaning forward, with her ass in front of us, still with this reminder of a cherry ass shape. Then on the right, three more photos from different angles of the masturbator, still explained in Japanese.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 8

Details of the two masturbator tunnels

Here we don’t have a detail about the internal tunnel or tunnels, but it seems that we have two tunnels to penetrate if I refer to the dimensions in Japanese on the box. And it is once we open this one that we discover the two tunnels, as expected.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 4

The other side of the box

To open it, you will have to remove the sticker of Seiraku Toys, then open the box by lifting the lid to reveal a plastic mold, in which the masturbator is placed, surrounded by a pouch, then covered with another piece of plastic that protects the whole.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip physical details

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 7

What you find when you open the box

With a name like this, we are entitled to expect a good little ass! As announced on the box, we have here, a buttocks masturbator with a good ass that makes me think of two beautiful cherries stuck together! And that’s kind of the point of this model!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 10

The masturbator, still packed

Indeed, we have a masturbator designed with 360° of buttocks, which makes you want to try it! We can see the folds of the skin, the generous shapes of the masturbator and especially its buttocks! But that’s not all! Because one of the visual assets is the realization of Ereshkigal’s pussy which is not as usual as that.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 9

The masturbator in “Doggy Style” position

Indeed, it’s rare enough to mention it, but we can see well the big generous lips, wide, “puffy” as we say and colored in a very nice way that brings a realism quite present. Even the anus is well realized, with the folds of the latter, it is really well done!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 18

The vaginal opening and the pussy of Ereshkigal

We also have other details, like her belly button, the fold of her hips, belly, crotch, we feel that there was work done to play on the curves and give her a more striking realistic look than average. It is a beautiful object!

Size of the masturbator

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 14

A good size buttock masturbator

Compared to the Slut Fighter masturbator that I reviewed recently, not to say almost at the same time as this one, the Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator is still more imposing. Indeed, placed in the “Doggystyle” position, the masturbator displays, 27 cm (10.62″) in length, for 18 cm (7.08″) in height and 30 cm (11.81″) in width! Then, we have two tunnels, one for the vaginal orifice which displays 14 cm (5.51″) of possible penetration and an anal canal, for 12 cm (4.72″) of penetration length.

Other details

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 36

The pair of buttocks of the masturbator

To finish this part, I can also tell you about its weight! Here, it’s almost double the weight of the Slut Fighter model, since we are on a product that weighs 6.1 Kg! This is almost the weight of the Kyo 7 Sins masturbator, which weighs 7 Kg! This gives you an idea!

But who is Ereshkigal?

So, honestly, it’s a whole world that I discover. Ereshkigal is also Tohsaka Rin, who can be found in the Android/iOS game Fate/Grand Order! It is one of the servants of the game that can be summoned, but which was only available during the event “Christmas 2017”. It’s a rare servant, with a “Chaotic / Devil” alignment, a height of 1.59 meters, a weight of 47 Kg and its stats are “A” in strength, “D” in agility, “B” in luck, “B” in endurance and “B” in mana!

She has many skills like “Debuff Immunity”, “Insta-Death Immunity” and “Buff Removal Immunity”, but also “Mana Burst” of A+ rank when she made her first ascension. Because yes, Ereshkigal has several possible ascents! She also has a third skill, “Protection of the Underworld”. Anyway, I won’t say more, I think I lost half of our readers.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip materials

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 16

Quality TPE, which we know here

Like the Slut Fighter masturbator, we find the quality TPE that Seiraku Toys is used to use now! Of course, the material is greasy on arrival and therefore, it will be necessary to clean it before using it, but the TPE remains soft, pleasant to the touch, stretchy and well controlled.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 17

The details of the holes are well done

But we can also see different textures, different colors that are perfectly realized here! We can feel that it is not a painted part, but a real change of material. There is no color overflow, it’s clean, well done, everything we expect from a masturbator of this quality. As a reminder, this is TPE, healthy for the body, but porous.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip use

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 20

A good little ass to use

We now move to the stage of using this masturbator! As you already know, this is a manual masturbator, with no real special features, except that it takes up space and is not as easy to use as a Fleshlight or a smaller Onahole. Here, you’ll have to make some room to make good use of it! Let’s take a closer look!

What can we do with it?

With a masturbator like this, it is true that the possibilities are more numerous than a simple pocket masturbator! We have volume, we have material, we might as well use it! First thing, with a masturbator like the Ereshkigal Cherry hip, you can already fantasize about fucking a video game character! It’s dumb, but for some users, it’s better than a more lambda masturbator that is only based on a shape. Here, those who are fans of the saga may find it an asset!

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 12

Two orifices for two different tunnels

Then, with its size, you can practice several positions! We can place this masturbator in “Doggy Style” position, in “Missionary”, but also make it bounce on your penis while sitting, hold it at arm’s length, while standing to penetrate it (you must have muscles that hold up) and many other positions to imagine. Another possibility is to spank it, if it is naughty, but it can be used as a couple, especially to play with, practice a fake threesome and other games in intimacy with his or her partner.

Which lubricant to choose ?

It is always the same principle when using a masturbator! The material in this one, like all others, requires water-based lubricant. Do not use any other type of lubricant, such as silicone-based! That’s the best way to ruin it. Here, a slightly thicker lube will do just fine! For example, the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lube, the Peace from Rends or the Tyo from Motsutoys, but why not a Sliquid Satin or Sliquid H2O!

How to clean it?

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 21

It will need space to clean it

It’s a big masturbator, at least enough not to fit in a sink. So, I recommend you to wash it in a bathtub or in your shower tray. Indeed, it’s much easier that way. For my part, I place it in the bathtub, then I rinse it with warm water, with a little bit of soft soap to keep it clean, but in small quantity, no need to put it everywhere. Once rinsed, I attach the Aquatick shower nozzle to place the tube in the two holes to send water jets. When everything is clean, I take it out of the shower, place it on a clean towel to dry. And to empty the water from the holes, I use small absorbent sticks, quite practical.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip efficiency

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 22

A view, which makes you want to

Ereshkigal is a goddess of death who looks after lost souls, but is she also a goddess in bed? That’s the question of this review! With generous shapes, two tunnels that look very worked and a cherry shaped ass, this one makes us want to take care of it! After a few tests, here is my opinion on the Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator!

A good ass to play with

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 13

Zoom on Ereshkigal’s pussy

This Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator is not bad at all! Indeed, despite its weight, it is easily usable. You can place it in several positions, like doggy style, missionary or cowgirl, to name a few. You can even have it in your hands to penetrate it standing up, with enough weight to have resistance when going back and forth, of the material, which allows you to believe in it a little more. It is true that the details also increase a certain feeling of realism, but it is really its shape, its weight, its balance, that allows it to be easy to handle and not so cumbersome.

Use in vaginal and anal penetration

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 23

Overview of the tunnel entrance

To try this masturbator, I started with the vaginal orifice. This one is a bit tight at first. You can’t get in like that and in my opinion, a little lube is necessary and even recommended. Once it slides a little better, the vaginal canal is quite well done and I would even say very well done. Depending on the position, you can feel the alternation of the stimulations, with a certain suction effect by emptying the air before (just press on the belly and then down). The end of the tunnel in fact is particularly well made to stimulate the glans when you tap at the bottom. This is quite unusual for a masturbator like this and I must say that this tunnel is a success!

For the anal canal, I liked it a little less, but this one is just right. You can feel the difference just at the entrance with a narrower tunnel and I find it a little less stimulating than the vaginal one. However, it is really well done, because you can feel the different structures, it comes to bring a softer but more conscripted change for our penis, while the vaginal canal is more open and comes to play more with our glans. Anyway, these two tunnels are very well thought out. We can also make Erehskigal bounce in doggy style and even in cowgirl position, just with the movement of our pelvis. The elastic material brings this lightness in the movements, supported by a weight quite sufficient and I will even say, just what is needed for this model.

Feedback on the two masturbator tunnels

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 24

Multiple possible positions

To tell you more about the two tunnels of the Ereshkigal Cherry hip masturbator, know that they are really good. Indeed, in addition to a well thought-out design, the exterior of the masturbator, with its many details are also repeated in the internal design. We have thick and pleasant materials that form the internal quality of the product.

The vaginal tunnel

For Ereshkigal’s pussy, we start with a double-door structure that will encircle the shaft of our penis, followed by a combination of bumps and shapes that are quite complex to describe in reality. There are different shapes, different textures that are perfectly designed to stimulate our penis as a whole.

Then, further on, we have a long section with shapes that look like a string of pearls leading us to the last chamber of the tunnel, small, with subtle ridges, it’s really different in construction than what I’m used to seeing.

The anal tunnel

But as you may have guessed, we have an anal tunnel too! It’s a tunnel that starts with a tight area, then several stimulating blocks with alternating tight and looser areas and a big texturization on the walls.

With a soft, stretchy TPE, you can feel the textures following your movements to stimulate you with each pass. The back of the tunnel also has several long and soft ridges, to stimulate the glans at the very end. A different and really good design.

Ereshkigal Cherry hip final thoughts

Ereshkigal Cherry hip - Seiraku Toys - 15

A product that will please RPG fans

In the end, even if Ereshkigal is probably less known than Chun-Li, this masturbator will be a nice object and a very good sextoy for the fans of the Fate/Grand Order series! But not only! Because in the end, whether you know the video game or not (like me), it is still the product itself that interests us most and not what it represents (even if it is a certain plus).

And on this side, it is still a success for Seiraku Toys! I really liked this model. Not for the video game character, but for the construction of the two tunnels, quite changeable on this type of product. The weight is just right with a good handling. But also enough forms to believe a little more than with a masturbator in hand. This is a successful masturbator that will be even more appreciated by video game fans, that’s for sure!


  • A masturbator based on Ereshkigal
  • Top notch packaging for the fans
  • Two different tunnels
  • A quality in the realization
  • Ereshkigal’s pussy is well realized
  • Different materials for the coloring
  • The vaginal tunnel is great
  • A good anal canal


  • Maybe a little bigger?
  • An even better realized anal canal
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