Another new Fleshlight signature, with the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack! Yes, I’m coming back to you once again, to introduce you to the exclusive masturbator sleeve molded on the private parts of actress Christy Mack. This isn’t the first time I’ve tested a masturbator from Fleshlight’s signature range. Indeed, I have already had the opportunity to present the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya and the Fleshlight Tori Black Torrid. But also the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit or the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession. And most recently, the Fleshlight Nina Hartley Cougar. Yeah, it’s getting a lot! Today, it’s the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack model that goes through my hands and on my penis! Let’s see what this model has in store for us! Strong, gentle stimulation? Oriented for the glans, the shaft, both? In short, I’ll tell you all the secrets of this masturbator.

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack packaging

fleshlight christy mack attack - 1

The front of the box of fleshlight christy mack attack

I think by now I know all the Fleshlight boxes. Anyway, they never change or change very little. We are always in front of a rectangular, cardboard box, white with touches of pink. On the side of the box is actress Christy Mack holding her own Fleshlight in her hand. We also have a windowed section so you can see the product before opening it. You will be allowed to see the shell in the shape of a flashlight only.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 5

Seals are present

On the other side of the box, you can find information about the masturbator but also about the actress Christy Mack and her exclusive sleeve. Once you open this box, you find yourself with the same elements you’ve been finding for several years now. You have your masturbator, a sample of Fleshlube lubricant and a small promotional booklet. Nothing new on the horizon. You also notice the seals on the box to indicate that it is a new product.

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack physical details

fleshlight christy mack attack - 4

A Fleshlight that looks like the others

So we’re on a Fleshlight signature! An exclusive sleeve for every porn star who changes everything in a Fleshlight. If originally we were allowed to have masturbators molded on the intimate parts of the stars but with a common sleeve, today there is a choice. It’s true that the Forbidden, Lotus and Mouth sleeve are getting a bit old, even if they are still interesting. I’m thinking of the Fleshlight Tera Patrick Forbidden. But also the Fleshlight Misty Stone Mouth or Asa Akira Lotus. But let’s talk a bit more about the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack!

A word about actress Christy Mack

fleshlight christy mack attack - 3

Information about the actress Christy Mack

We’re gonna talk a little bit about Christy Mack, that tattooed porn star with the temper. Born May 9, 1991, she spent most of her childhood in Edinburgh, Indiana. At first, she was a tattooed model. She made photos for magazines such as Inked Girl or Rebel Ink, then posed for the sites of Brazzers and Bang Bros. It is in 2012 that Christy Mack began her career in porn, notably in videos such as Hot Body Ink or Whores INK. Today Christy Mack is shooting less and less. She is very busy with her online store.

The composition of the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack

fleshlight christy mack attack - 7

A masturbator consisting of a cap, a lid and the shell with the sleeve

A Fleshlight masturbator is always composed the same way. Finally, I’m talking about the classic Fleshlights, the ones in the shape of an electric flashlight. You have several distinct parts. The first is the lid. It protects the inner sleeve. Then you have the shell, which contains the inner sleeve. A grip is present to take it in hand. Moreover, the shell is now in pearly white, unlike the first Fleshlights, which were rather yellowish. Last part, the cap. This one will allow you to play with the air inlet and its accumulation, by screwing or unscrewing it. Attention, at the arrival, a brown plastic tube is present in the sleeve. You will have to remove it to use it. This tube is used to prevent the tunnel from sticking to itself.

The dimensions of the masturbator

fleshlight christy mack attack - 10

The dimensions are identical to the other classic Fleshlight models.

Let’s talk about the size of the thing! Here, the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack is the same size as a very large part of the Fleshlight masturbators on the market. Obviously, it is bigger than a Fleshlight Go Torque or a Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. No surprise then, since this masturbator measures 25 cm in total length (9.84″) for about 20 to 22 cm of maximum penetration length (7.87″ to 8.66″). There’s plenty of room! For the diameter part, no change either. The shell is still 9,5 cm in diameter (3.74″), while the shaft is 6 cm in diameter (2.36″). The opening of the vagina is 1.9 cm, expandable (0.74″). For its weight, we are still on about 800 grams. A masturbator who is therefore not all light.

Other visual aspects

fleshlight christy mack attack - 15

The actress’ signature engraved on the sleeve

In addition to everything I’ve already told you, let’s talk about the other little details. As I was saying, on the shell, you have a grip. Another point, on the sleeve is the actress’ signature engraved on it. It’s still pretty cool, even if it doesn’t change the experience afterwards. In terms of detail, it’s really good. Christy Mack’s vulva is full of details and it’s really realistic. Anyway, this one is molded on the actress’ private parts.

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack materials

fleshlight christy mack attack - 11

The opening of the masturbator with its tube still in it

Ah the texture! Important point in a sextoy. We have two very distinct materials on this product. ABS plastic and Real Feel SuperSkin. For the first one, it is the material that is used to make the shell, the lid and the cap. ABS plastic is a body-friendly material that contains no phthalates or latex. So it’s perfect.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 16

The word “Attack” is visible on the end of the sleeve.

Then we have the inner sleeve. This is Real Feel SuperSkin! What’s this? It’s a material patented by Fleshlight that looks like a skin effect. It is an improvement of the SuperSkin texture that was present in the old Fleshlight. This material is healthy for the body, it is a kind of high quality TPR. Neither phthalates nor latex, but slightly porous. So you shouldn’t lend it to someone else.

The special feature of the Attack sleeve

fleshlight christy mack attack - 19

The Fleshlight cap system

The whole point of a Fleshlight is in its sleeve! And this is the Attack sleeve! This sleeve contains multiple chambers, consisting of a pre-chamber, a master chamber and three small end-chambers. In the first chamber, we have something quite special. There are three different types of bumps that cover the inner walls in a spiral shape. In addition, the entrance and exit of the main chamber form two small constriction zones in a convex shape.

fleshlight christy mack attack - structure interne

The internal structure of the Attack sleeve

At the entrance of the canal, the first chamber is present. It measures 2.5 cm by 2 cm (0.98″ x 0.78″). It contains two rings and 6 bumps. Then, we arrive in the next chamber which is formed in the manner of a half-lotus sleeve, which makes it possible to bring the constriction of the canal up to 1 cm in diameter (0.39″). The main chamber measures 10 cm by 2 cm (3.93″ x 0.78″). It is really long and wide when compared to other tunnels. The inner walls are covered with spiral shapes and by a double row of small 2 mm balls (0.07″), a 4 mm spike-shaped head (0.15″) and 8 by 2 mm rod-shaped bumps (0.31″ x 0.07″). The main chamber ends in half-lotus also followed by the three spherical chambers without texture on the walls, but connected with tight 10 mm grooves (0.39″).

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack use

fleshlight christy mack attack - 6

A lubricant sample is always available

Let’s go back to the basics, the use of a masturbator. Yes, I know, I’ve been explaining how to use a Fleshlight masturbator countless times. But I think of all the new people who would read a Fleshlight review for the first time. So you start by removing the cover of the masturbator, then the brown plastic tube inside. You add a little bit of lubricant on your penis and in the tube, and you go back and forth with it. Then you have a cap to play with the level of air build-up in the sleeve. Logically, if you’re in the mood, you’re going to come at a moment

How to lubricate the masturbator and with what?

fleshlight christy mack attack - 12

The tube to be removed before use

As always, with a masturbator, water-based lubricant should be used. So you have a free Fleshlight lubricant sample for your first session. It’ll do the trick, but I find it gets a little warm when you use it. Otherwise, you can opt for a quality lubricant like Sliquid H20. Otherwise, I regularly use Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lubricant. But also Pjur Aqua, Tenga Play Gel or Rends Peace.

Cleaning the Fleshlight

fleshlight christy mack attack - 17

The sleeve must be removed for proper cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning a Fleshlight masturbator, it’s always the same process. It’s boring, but it’s not complicated. First, you separate the sleeve from the shell. Rinse the sleeve with warm water, especially the inside of the sleeve. Clean any residue, be it lubricant or semen. Once this is done, use a toy cleaner to disinfect it. There are many different types of cleaners available. Of course you have Fleshlight Wash, but also YES Cleanse or Keep it Clean. When he is a little older, Fleshlight maintenance powder or corn powder will give him a second youth.

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack efficiency

fleshlight christy mack attack - 18

The sleeve, out of its shell

It’s time to tell you what I think of this model! But let’s start with the basics. The cap is still a pain in the ass. It’s a plastic cap, with a plastic screw thread and there’s always a bit of air escaping. The front part, the hole, is padded. It’s easier to hit the bottom without hurting yourself. But let’s talk about this famous sleeve.

The sensations of the Attack sleeve

The Attack sleeve is designed to give a realistic feel while providing exciting stimulation. According to Christy Mack’s sexual partners, it is the most realistic sleeve and the closest to the sensations you feel when you fuck her. Let’s take a closer look.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 14

A sleeve close to a realistic feeling?

This Attack sleeve generates a rather divine sensation of penetration. Why is that? Because the first constriction zone is placed really close to the entrance of the canal. The penis glans is quickly assaulted by alternating between a tight canal at the beginning and then more open part in the first chamber. Then one arrives in an even tighter area, then even tighter. Semi-lotus constriction zones are really pleasant. You can feel that the glans is stimulated around, on the crown, but also on the brake zone. Since the main chamber is rather wide, the contrast between the excellent effect of being tightened and the wider part is excellent. And the first part of the sleeve, the entrance is really pleasant to penetrate.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 20

The Fleshlight Christy Mack Attach next to the Nina Hartley Cougar.

The spiral-shaped part of the nodules in the main chamber provides a wide variety of stimulation and is easily perceptible. This is especially the case for men who are not circumcised. For the rest, during penetration, some nodules are a little less noticeable, but the penetration is really smooth. Just like a real vagina.

A part of the sleeve that will not be used

fleshlight christy mack attack - 8

The grip is always present on the shell

Here as on many Fleshlights, the part with the last three chambers will depend on the length of your penis. On average an erect penis measures 14-15 cm (5.5″ to 5.90″). If you have a penis of this size, you won’t make it to the end. It’s a shame because the bumps at the end of the sleeve seem to bring a very realistic sensation, like when you hit it against the cervix of a real vagina.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 21

Fleshlight Christy Mack and Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit

As a matter of suction effect, with the main chamber large enough, you can accumulate a good level of air. We then obtain a rather strong suction effect, which has a favorable impact on the overall sensations. The intensity of the stimulation is not crazy, but the sensation of penetration is quite divine. The sucking effect is really marked and strong. The level of realism is also excellent. You could almost believe that you are fucking a real vagina. The compression effect of the penis is average, despite some very pleasant areas, such as the constriction zones.

My experience and my orgasms

fleshlight christy mack attack - 22

The Christy Mack and the Fleshligth Tori Black anal

For my various tests of this masturbator, I mainly used Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lubricant. It’s a thick lubricant, suitable for masturbation and, above all, I still have a lot of it. The first time I tried it, it was of course in front of porn. I don’t really know the subject of this one anymore, but it’s not very important. I hadn’t cum it all day and even for a few days. Result, in 10 minutes, I got my orgasm. I must say that this sleeve is just excellent. The penetration is easy and really divine.

When you tap the bottom, you can feel this very realistic sensation happening. For my part, when I closed my eyes, I really felt like I was penetrating a vagina. The sucking effect as said before is simply very good. I loved this session with this Fleshlight, it is clearly very good in what it offers. The orgasm that I obtained was very strong, my penis glans was at the end and couldn’t resist the stimulation anymore. I admit that it is really effective.

fleshlight christy mack attack - 23

The Christy Mack Attack version with the Tori Black Torrid

I retested it afterwards to be sure of its effects and also because I really liked this first try. No changes, it is still as stimulating, still as powerful in what it offers. It is really an excellent sleeve for those who want a very pleasant sensation of penetration with a very good level of intensity of stimulation. But above all, it offers a certain feeling of realism compared to other exclusive sleeves.

Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack final thoughts

fleshlight christy mack attack - 13

A very good sleeve that I particularly appreciate

In the end, I really liked this Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack. However, I’ve reviewed a lot of Fleshlights and I’m a little less surprised than when I started. But now, I must admit that I like this Attack sleeve a lot in terms of sensations. A model that is close to a real penetration and that deserves the detour! In any case, I’m going to have a little more fun with this one.


  • A very stimulating sleeve
  • Pleasant Super Skin texture
  • Easy to use
  • A realistic feeling
  • Very good orgasms


  • The cap system, always a little boring to make it work
  • Not suitable for long sessions
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