This is Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley! Yes, I told you, Fleshlights signature with an exclusive texture, I’m going to review a whole bunch of them! Not long ago, it was the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack I reviewed on the website. Just before that, it was the Fleshlight Nina Hartley Cougar, but they’re not the only ones I’ve reviewed on the site. In fact, I’ve fucked a lot of porn stars in a plastic shell. I had the opportunity to try the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit. But also the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya or the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession. And finally, the Fleshlight Tori Black Torrid. It’s starting to increase the number of models I’ve fucked. So this Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley, what’s it worth? Here’s my review!

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley packaging

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 1

The Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley Box

When we talk about packaging with Fleshlight, it’s always the same thing for more than 4 years! And again, I only say that because I started sextoys reviews about 6 years ago. But in reality, Fleshlight has never changed their packaging since they started marketing their products. At least, to my knowledge. So we have the right to a white cardboard box with a few touches of pink. On this one, we can see the actress in the picture, Fleshlight in hand. A windowed part is present allowing a quick glimpse of the product. It’s mostly the shell that we see, but that’s already it.

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 5

A windowed part is present on the packaging.

The box also contains information about actress Riley Steele and her exclusive texture. Once the box is opened, you will find the masturbator, a sample of Fleshlube lubricant and a small promotional booklet. Again, still no new stuff inside. Still no autographed photo. Too bad, we’ll have to make with it. There’s also a seal on the box to indicate that the product is new. By the way, did you know that a green seal indicates that it is a European model and a red seal indicates that it is a US model? Didn’t you know that? You know that now.

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley physical details

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 6

The famous sample with the promo booklet

Once again, I find myself with a Fleshlight in my hand. And most importantly, a Fleshlight signature. If in appearance, they are the same as the old models, it’s in the internal and exclusive sleeve that changes everything. Because before the Fleshlight Signature, we had the right to use the same sleeve for several models. Like with the Fleshlight Tori Black Forbidden, the Fleshlight Misty Stone Mouth or the Fleshlight Asa Akira Lotus. Let’s see the details of the Riley Steele Nipple Alley model.

A quick word about the actress Riley Steele

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 4

Some information about the actress is present on the box

Who’s Riley Steele? Actress born August 26, 1987 (oh, she’s younger than me), she’s one of the youngest actresses in the Digital Playground studio after actress Gabrielle Fox. Moreover, she had signed an exclusive contract even before shooting her first porn movie. In addition to being a porn actress, she also played a role in the film Piranha 3D by French director Alexandre Aja. A role she took seriously. In terms of awards, she has won several awards. Like the AVN Award Wildest Sex Scene for Body Heat or the AVN Award Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for also Body Heat alongside Kayden Kross, Jesse Jane, Katsuni and Raven Alexis.

The different parts of the masturbator

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 7

The electric flashlight format

Like any Fleshlight, this one is made up of three parts, or even say four. You have a cover, which protects the sleeve. Then you have the central part, composed of the shell and its inner sleeve. And finally, you have a cap at the end to let the air inlet and its accumulation in the sleeve play. The shell always looks like a flashlight. This one is in pearly white, which changes from the “yellow-white” we had on the old models. You also have a brown plastic tube inside the sleeve when you receive it. You will have to think about removing it to use it. Basically, it’s to prevent the tunnel from sticking to itself.

The dimensions of the masturbator

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 10

The whole Fleshlight

Let’s talk dimension now! The Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley has the same dimensions as the vast majority of Fleshlight masturbators. That’s no surprise. The total length of this masturbator is 25 cm (9.84″) and the maximum penetration length is about 20-22 cm (7.87″ to 8.66″). The diameter is the same too. The shell is 9.5 cm in diameter (3.74″), while the tunnel is 6 cm (2.36″). It is still an expandable sleeve. The opening of the vagina is between 1.8 cm and 2 cm (0.70″ to 0.86″), but stretchable, I repeat again. In terms of weight, this Fleshlight weighs about 800 grams on the scale. So it is not the lightest masturbator. You have to count the shell compared to an Onahole masturbator.

Other visual aspects

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 15

The engraving of the actress’ signature is present on the sleeve

To finish on the look of this Fleshlight, here are some more details to note. At the level of the shell, you have a grip. This will allow you to better keep the Fleshlight in hand during use. There is also an engraving of the signature of the actress, directly on the sleeve. Riley Steele’s vulva is also very well made. In fact, I like to look at the differences between each model of Fleshlight. There are pussies of all shapes and sizes. In fact, I remind you that actresses’ Fleshlights are all moulded on their intimate parts. But now let’s talk about its texture and its exclusive sleeve!

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley materials

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 8

An ABS plastic shell

Before we talk about this exclusive sleeve, let’s talk about the texture of the product. There are two parts. The shell, the lid and the cap are made of ABS plastic. A material that is not expensive, but healthy for the body. So far, so good. No phthalates or latex in the ABS plastic.

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 16

A Real Feel SuperSkin sleeve

For the sleeve, it is SuperSkin and I would say even more Real Feel SuperSkin, a material patented by Fleshlight. The difference between SuperSkin and Real Soft SuperSkin is the softer and more real side of the texture. So it’s a bit better than the old Fleshlight SuperSkin on the old Fleshlight. Anyway, all masturbators with an exclusive sleeve are in Real Feel SuperSkin. Here too, there are no phthalates or latex. Be careful though, it is a slightly porous material. It is therefore advisable not to use it by more than one person.

The special features of the Nipple Alley tunnel

As I told you before, the Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley comes with the exclusive texture, Nipple Alley. This sleeve is made to produce a really powerful and precise stimulation. It has the same structure as the Fleshlight Speed Bump sleeve. A sleeve structure composed entirely of bumps, but with a slight difference. In addition to the big bumps, small bumps have been added at the top of each big bump, which increases the stimulation level tenfold. The channel is between 1.6 and 1.8 cm (0.62″ to 0.70″), always expandable.

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley use

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 12

The plastic tube to be removed to use the masturbator

Even though I say it every time, we’re going to go over the basics of using a Fleshlight masturbator. First thing, you have to remove the cover and the plastic tube in the sleeve. Second thing, you have to add lubricant. And third thing, you just have to go back and forth and play with the cap to get more or less air in the masturbator. After a while, you’ll come! That is, if everything goes well. In addition, you have a grip on the shell, to better hold it in your hand. It’s no more complicated than that.

Which lubricant should I choose?

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 13

The name “Steele” is on the sleeve.

A water-based lubricant. You have a sample of Fleshlight lubricant available for your first try, but this will not be enough in the long run. Plus, it heats up the dick a little bit, I think. For a quality lubricant, you can opt for the Sliquid H20. You also have the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lubricant that I like. You have the Pjur Aqua, the Rends Peace or the Tenga Play Gel.

How do you clean this Fleshlight?

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 17

The sheath coming out of its shell

To clean your Fleshlight, it’s not complicated, it’s just a bit boring. You just have to separate the cover from the shell. Rinse it with warm water, especially the inside of the sleeve, to remove any remaining lubricant and semen. Then you can use a toy cleaner to disinfect it. You have the Yes Cleanse for example or Pjur Toy cleaner. Once rinsed again, it will have to be dried. After a while you will have to think about how to maintain it. Fleshlight powder or corn powder to give it a second youth.

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley efficiency

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 11

The cap, slightly unscrewed

As with all Fleshlights, there are several positive and negative points to take into account. It is each time the internal sleeve that will change completely. First of all, the cap is always a bit annoying. It’s been that way since the first Fleshlights. The cap has a plastic screw thread which is quite delicate sometimes. I find that there is always a little too much air escaping. Secondly, it’s always a bit noisy. The air escaping from the masturbator is not inaudible. But that’s on all masturbators.

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 18

The Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley next to the Christy Mack Attack

Thirdly, the outer part of the sleeve provides some padding. When you start tapping at the bottom, it’s always nice not to end up with your pubis tapping against plastic.  It’s nice. And as with all Fleshlight masturbators of this size, you rarely get to the bottom of the sleeve. Here, the beginning, the middle or the end is the same, so you won’t lose anything.

The Feel of the Nipple Alley sleeve

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 9

A usual cover

The continuous and precise stimulation of each bump is multiplied by the number of bumps at each back and forth. As a result, the stimulation is hyper intense, on every part of the penis and in all directions. There is also space in this sleeve, which allows for a large accumulation of air and a fairly good level of suction after several back and forth movements.

My experience and my orgasms

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 19

The Fleshlight Nipple Alley next to the Fleshlight Nina Hartley cougar

To do my tests, I did several sessions with it. Each time, I used Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lubricant. A thick water-based lubricant suitable for masturbation. I still have a large stock of it, so I might as well take advantage of it. Then, I launched a little porn video. I also made a test with a video of Cock Hero. The first time, I hadn’t ejaculated it all day. It was in front of some porn. The second time, I had already come during the day.

In the end, it doesn’t really change things, I still came every time I used it. For the duration before reaching orgasm, it was longer than with the Fleshlight Christy Mack Attack that I reviewed at the same time. Here, even though the intensity and stimulation are important, you can feel that the sleeve is still made to last a little longer. It must be said that its origin comes from the Stamina Unit which allows you to train for penetration.

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 20

The Riley Steele next to the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit again.

Here, the sessions lasted between 20 and 25 minutes, sometimes a little longer. The feeling of penetration is pretty good, it’s not too tight, just right. Let’s say it’s of an average level. The level of suction is pretty good. Less than the Christy Mack, though. There’s not much variation, either. Which makes you get used to the stimulation faster, delaying the session. And it’s not really realistic, we feel that the inside doesn’t look like a vagina. In terms of orgasm, they are quite strong, more than a simple masturbation, but I’ve known better on other Fleshlights in terms of intensity.

Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple Alley final thoughts

fleshlight riley steele nipple alley - 14

A model that is a good replacement for the stamina unit

All in all, it’s a pretty good model for Fleshlight. It’s a great replacement for the Stamina Unit which was getting old. Here, the improvement seems noticeable, even if I am not able to compare. Anyway, it is once again a successful Fleshlight. It will be more suitable for longer sessions, to train to last longer in bed afterwards.


  • A sleeve oriented for long sessions
  • Pleasant Super Skin texture
  • Easy to use
  • Helps improve endurance
  • Good orgasms


  • The cap system, always a little wobbly
  • Less intense than other models
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