I’m back with the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession! Yes, another Fleshlight masturbator with an exclusive texture! This is not the first Fleshlight signature I’ve presented to you, since I’ve already had the opportunity to present the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya, but also the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit. These Fleshlight models have the particularity to offer a unique sheath to each model! It’s like a collector’s version of each pornstar! I present you the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession!

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession packaging

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 1

The front of the box

No more surprises at Fleshlight. For years, the packaging has changed little or not at all. You still get a cardboard box with white and pink. On that box is the beautiful Jenna Haze, Fleshlight in hand. We have several information about the product and a windowed part, allowing you to see the Fleshlight before opening it. On the sides we have two Fleshlight stickers to guarantee the seal.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 2

The box, three-quarter view

Inside this box, we have of course, the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession, a small booklet quite marketing and a sample of Fleshlube, the lubricant of Fleshlight. So it’s classic for this model. The essential is there, but no change on the packaging policy of Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession physical details

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 3

You can see the Fleshlight and its lubricant sample…

Once again, no doubt, we find the shape of a usual Fleshlight. That good old electric flashlight! A flashlight that hides inside, the Obsession sheath. This masturbator breaks down into three parts. The cap, which allows to bring more or less air inside the sleeve. The lid, which protects the entrance of the sleeve and its texture. And of course, the central part, which connects the two, which contains a protective plastic tube, to prevent the tunnel from sticking inside.

Details of the Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession is 25 cm long (9.84″) for 20-22 cm of penetration (7.87″ to 8.66″). Its diameter is 9.5 cm (3.74″), but only 6 cm maximum for penetration (2.36″). The entrance of the vagina is about 1.90 cm (0.74″), going up to 6 cm (2.36″) as previously announced. This will suit the majority of men. For its weight, it is about 800 grams.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 5

A masturbator in the form of an electric flashlight

In addition, the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession is based on the actress’s private parts for even more realism. We even find a signature of the actress engraved on the sleeve, as if she had put her autograph on it. Class!

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession materials

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 9

SuperSkin texture and mould from the intimacy of Jenna Haze

First, let’s talk about his material. It is SuperSkin, a patented material that looks like TPR with a skin effect. It is a very good material, however, this one is slightly porous. It is therefore not advisable to lend it to anyone. For the rest of the product, it is ABS plastic, whether for the lid, cap or shell. This material contains no phthalates or latex! No need to worry!

The particularity of the Obsession texture

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 12

The sleeve partly out of its shell

Of course, this Fleshlight is particular since it offers a unique texture to this model. It is called Obsession. This texture is supposed to resemble as much as possible the sensations felt during a real relationship with Jenna Haze, according to the feedback of her sexual partners. Here, the goal is thus not to propose an over-stimulating sleeve, but to make the sleeve as close as possible to the real sensations. I admit that I like the concept! Because not only is the orifice moulded on the actress’s private parts, but here, the sleeve is structured according to its own vaginal canal. All the more reason to feel like fucking Jenna Haze.

Details of the Obsession texture

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 7

The plastic tube to be removed before use

This texture therefore offers gentle penetration for the first few centimeters, then a more intense sensation depending on the depth of penetration. Soft dewclaws are present on the inside and are inclined in an increasingly narrow channel. It replaces the Maze sleeve that was present on the actress’ Fleshlight Girl. This sleeve was not very good and did not bring much interest for the users.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - texture

The texture of the Obsession sleeve

As a result, Fleshlight decided to bring out one of the best sleeve in the Fleshjack series, the Bliss model, mixed with Jenna Haze’s pussy to give it the Obsession texture. So we have a 3,5 x 1,8 cm (1.37″ x 0.70″) front part with a chamber that has five distinct cross-striations. It is followed by a teardrop shaped and rather long chamber that extends to the end of the sleeve. In this famous chamber, there is an impressive variation of imposing bumps, close to each other, allowing almost complete coverage of the inside of the sleeve.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession use

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 4

A Fleshlight, a booklet and a sample.

Of course, between a classic Fleshlight and a Fleshlight with an exclusive texture, there is no difference in use. The principle is therefore to remove the cover and then unscrew the cap at its base, depending on the desired air level. Then you take a little bit of lubricant, add some inside the sleeve and on your penis. Then you start to go back and forth with the Fleshlight. It couldn’t be easier! You even have a small grip on the shell for a better hold of the product.

How to clean the Fleshlight?

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 13

The Obsess label on the sleeve indicates that it is the Obsession sleeve.

It’s always the boring part in a masturbator. So you’ll have to remove the sleeve from its shell and run it through warm water to remove any residue. Then it should be dried before adding corn powder or Fleshlight maintenance powder, when it becomes slightly sticky. If you have Fleshlight cleaner you can of course use it.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession efficiency

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 14

An ever-soft texture

It’s the moment of truth! Is this a fairly regular Fleshlight? Is it a beautiful sleeve? Yes, I get it, enough chitchat. I’ll tell you right now, the Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession is at the top of the Fleshlight collection. For what reason? Don’t be in too much of a hurry!

The sensations of the sleeve

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 6

The Fleshlight Grip

After a short narrow sensation at the entrance of the canal, a strong sensation is felt in the penis head. The glans is stimulated from all sides, especially by the strong texturisation in criss-crossing ridges on the first chamber. The five crests present rub quite firmly on the glans. And when moving back and forth, the stimulation of the glans is at the high frequency level.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 8

The Fleshlight cap

But that’s not all! This strong stimulation of the glans is only the beginning. In the second chamber, it is the very dense bumps that come around the penis over the entire length. These bumps, when moving back and forth, are placed in such a way as to provoke a certain resistance in the shaft and of course, a strong stimulation.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 10

A form that does not change over the years

On the other hand, the second part of the sleeve causes a little less stimulation but with a certain variety. It is especially the alternation of continuous stimulation and more subtle friction that gives this masturbator all its interest.

More details on stimulation

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 15

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession next to the Stoya Lotus and Nicole Aniston Fit

During my tests, each time, the orgasm came in about 5 minutes. I first used this one with the cap open. Indeed, the sensation of penetration in the sleeve is quite close to reality. It is fluid, the compression of the penis is quite weak, but remains very stimulating.

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 16

Three Fleshlights, three different masturbators

Closed cap, compression is much more present. The glans is stimulated from all sides. In addition, you can hit the bottom without hurting yourself. The sleeve has a part a little more padded for the occasion (as on all models). It’s very pleasant, the orgasm comes very quickly and I must say that it is really powerful. In addition, the level of suction is quite good. This is clearly one of the best Fleshlight sleeves I’ve had the opportunity to test so far.

Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession final thoughts

fleshlight jenna haze obsession - 11

An excellent model of Fleshlight

All in all, this Fleshlight Jenna Haze Obsession is a great success! Hyper stimulating for the glans, if you are looking for a masturbator to come quickly and intensely, with a strong stimulation, this is the masturbator for you! It all depends on what you are looking for! In any case, it’s a great novelty! Once again, a quality Fleshlight!


  • Very strong stimulation of the glans
  • An exclusive sleeve
  • Diabolically effective
  • Quality Super Skin Texture
  • Rapid orgasm


  • Kind of a pain in the ass to wash.
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