It’s now the turn of the Fifty Shades wrist cuffs to continue the review of the Bound to You range! Indeed, we started reviewing this collection with the Bound to You spanking paddle, then the Fifty Shades of Grey spreader bar and finally, the Fifty Shades ankle cuffs! Since we had reviewed the spreader bar, we thought it would be nice to review the handcuffs and ankle cuffs to complete this collection and have the best equipment to have fun with! Well, mostly fun to tie up Kitty who loves it.

As it is a product very similar to the ankle cuffs, except for a few details, you will not be disoriented! We loved the ankle one, so you can imagine that there is no reason why we should not like this pair of handcuffs! And it is quite normal! Is this pair of handcuffs on par with the other products in the Bound to You line? What is certain is that they will join our BDSM accessories to complete our arsenal! In the meantime, here is our review of the Fifty Shades wrist cuffs!

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs packaging

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 115

The envelope we already know

Once again, we were not surprised by the packaging! At the same time, it’s the same as for the Paddle, the spreader bar or the ankle cuffs that we already reviewed. It is again, a kind of envelope, which looks like a kind of kraft paper, but a little more rigid.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 116

The storage pocket

It is a kind of long envelope, which has a small sticker that must be removed to access its contents. On this envelope, we find again, the logo of Fifty Shades of Grey, which sows no doubt about the collection to which this pair of handcuffs belongs.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 102

Everything is protected on arrival

Opening the envelope, we discover the handcuffs, flat and wrapped in brown kraft paper, lighter and less strong that allows to protect the whole product. And in addition to this packaging, we have the storage pouch that is still there, with the Fifty Shades logo written in gold letters. Again, this is a packaging that is pretty well thought out to make a gift, even if the Fifty Shades logo will put the kibosh on it. But in the end, the envelope will be discarded in favor of the storage pouch.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs physical details & materials

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 104

Golden handcuffs

Wrist or ankle cuffs, it’s hard to tell you the difference between the two! Visually, it’s the same, but has a few details that differ between the two products. I’m not going to hide from you that it’s a pleasure to find a quality product like this. As soon as you take the pair of handcuffs out of its kraft paper, you can observe that there are still some that come to protect all the elements a bit sensitive, like the fastening system, but also the metal buckles and everything that could rub on it during the transport.

Beautiful and golden

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 108

A closure with a buckle

When you look at them even more, you always feel this sensation of quality in the realization and even by handling them, touching them, you feel that the quality is well present and at all levels. So we find this beautiful golden buckle, the fasteners are also and this time, only 6 levels to tighten them more or less. It is thus a notch less compared to the ankle cuffs of the same collection.

Soft and pleasant

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 103

The Fifty Shades of Grey logo is present on the strap

Inside, we also find a very soft, plush, but again, quality part. Nothing moves, no fluff flies away at the slightest movement. At the end of the strap, we have again the logo of Fifty Shades of Grey, in gold letters. And finally, we also have a golden chain, made of metal, the same as for the ankle cuffs, but a little different in its dimensions. This chain has two attachments that look a bit like hooks that can be clipped on the loops of each handcuff.

The materials

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 105

Faux leather and a soft, slightly fluffy part

For the materials that are used for the realization of this pair of wrist cuffs, we find the same things as for the ankle cuffs. It is simply black fake leather and metal, golden and aged design, which allows to have a sophisticated look product. But if there is one element that changes radically between this Fifty Shades wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs of the same collection, it is the dimensions of the product.

The sizes

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 106

We can see the difference in size between the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs

When they are flat, we have a strip 24 cm (9.44″) long by 6 cm (2.36″) wide and 0.8 cm (0.31″) thick. This is a little less than the akle cuffs which were 29 cm (11.41″) long on this point. For the strap attached to one of the bands, it measures 33 cm (12.99″) long against 37 cm (14.56″) on the ankle cuffs. And finally, the gold chain is 21 cm (8.26″) long compared to 22.3 cm (8.77″) for the ankle cuffs. This is really where the difference between the two products is present.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs use & efficiency

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 109

Both handcuffs!

Well, once again, no need to give you lots of explanations on the subject! Putting handcuffs on someone is easy and if you have already read our review on ankle cuffs, it will be even easier. Here, there is no padlock system, nor key, which goes without saying, the only locking system to use is the strap that you pass through the buckle and close, like a belt in reality.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 110

The chain connects the two handcuffs

Then you can attach the two handcuffs together, using the gold chain that will be clipped directly onto the handcuff loops. It’s simple, convenient and not scary either. Some people have trouble with padlock systems, here you can be reassured.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 107

Information is provided on storage and maintenance

But you also know that you can attach this pair of Fifty Shades wrist cuffs directly to another accessory, the spreader bar! And that’s what we did when we tried on the whole outfit, with the bar, the ankle cuffs and these wrist cuffs!

Maintenance of handcuffs

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 112

The system of linking the handcuffs is very simple

Whether it’s the ankle cuffs or the wrist cuffs, the principle is the same! First of all, you have two cardboard elements attached to the pair of wrist cuffs which indicate the basic instructions to take care of your purchase. Basically, you will have to clean the golden elements to avoid deterioration. On the other hand, for the fake leather, a very soft detergent or a little water will be useful to make them all clean. You will have to dry them in the open air. But don’t use a liter of water, just a little to clean them.

Our tests with these handcuffs

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 114

Bound to You wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs

To let you know what we think of this Fifty Shades wrist cuffs, we tested them with the spreader bar and the ankle cuffs. Of course, we also tested this pair alone, just to see, once on the wrists, if they were comfortable, soft or easy to put on. So for the occasion, I had tied Kitty to the spreader bar, with the ankle cuffs and the wrist cuffs. This was at the same time as the ankle cuffs review! Kitty was in the doggy style position, her ass at my mercy! While she was tied up, I used the P&G Spot dildo and then the Strap-On Me realistic dildo so she would cum without being able to struggle.

Kitty’s feedback on this pair of handcuffs is the same as for the ankle cuffs! First of all, they are still very soft, with a very simple closing system, comfortable and at the size of her wrists. Even with her bracelets, the handcuffs did not clash with them, which is not the case with other handcuffs. The “fluffy” part inside is very soft and does not get damaged. No lint came off. Again, Kitty told me that this was the best pair of handcuffs we’ve tested yet. At the same time, it makes sense, since she had the same conclusion about the ankle cuffs.

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs final thoughts

Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 111

An excellent and quality pair of handcuffs

You already know the conclusion of this review! We loved the spreader bar, the paddle and the ankle cuffs, why wouldn’t we love this pair of wrist cuffs? So yes, it’s a slightly more expensive pair of handcuffs than a basic pair. But it’s not the same quality. For example, if you want a cheap pair of handcuffs, without breaking the bank, POP handcuffs will be adequate. But if you are going to use them regularly, the Fifty Shades of Grey wrist cuffs are far superior in quality, comfort, design and simplicity.


Fifty Shades wrist cuffs - 113

A perfect duo with the ankle cuffs

For us, this Bound to You collection is a success! It is much more qualitative than the first Fifty Shades collection which proposed us cheap and “marketed” accessories for the movie, without offering quality on the whole products. Here, the whole collection seems to be of the same quality! For us, it’s a success!


  • Quality handcuffs
  • Vegan” materials
  • The “new/old” design
  • The storage pouch
  • The fastening system
  • Soft
  • Fits all wrist sizes


  • We need a budget for handcuffs
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