Here is the Love Not War Liebe, the second sextoy of the brand that we have the opportunity to review on the website! Yes, it’s already the second model of the collection, since we have already tested a vibrating capsule, the Love Not War Maya.

This time, it’s not a clitoral stimulator, but a G-spot vibrator! However, we stay in the same collection, which means that we will find the same concept of changing the battery! At Love Not War, each sextoy uses the same battery, which makes it easy to replace! This is very good news for the planet, for the ecology, but also for your wallet! We really liked the first product of this manufacturer, so there is a good chance that the Love Not War Liebe will follow the same path! Here is our review!

Love Not War Liebe packaging

Whether it is the Maya or the Love Not War Liebe, we have an identical packaging! As a reminder, it is a cardboard box and 100% ecological. Indeed, the brand uses recycled cardboard and FSC certified. Moreover, the ink used is soy ink and for the glue, it is an ecological glue. And finally, with each sale, through the association “One Tree Planted”, a tree will be planted in exchange for your purchase. It is once again an excellent packaging that we would like to see more often.

Again, on the front, we can see a kind of sketch of a female face, then on the side of this box, a sticker that displays the product, its dimensions and other useful information about it. When we remove this sticker, we can finally open the box and discover the Liebe, contained in a cardboard base and not plastic. We can also see a small Quick-Start manual, a diagram that details the vibrating modes of the vibrator and a presentation of other products in the range.

As with the other two sex toys, we also have a natural bamboo fiber storage pouch! And for charging the battery, there is a USB charging cable. In short, a perfect packaging!

Love Not War Liebe - 1
Love Not War Liebe - 2
Love Not War Liebe - 3

Love Not War Liebe physical details

Even if we have already reviewed the Maya, we are still amazed when discovering the Liebe! Already, we have the same base, since it is part of the concept of Love Not War. It is a half-capsule which is screwed directly on the head which we have, here, the one intended for the stimulation of the G-spot. On this half-capsule in brushed aluminum, we can see the Love Not War logo and under the capsule, the unique button of the Liebe! This one will be of the same color as the silicone of the stimulating head!

Concerning the other part, it is a head studied for the G-spot, with a thin body, which ends with a head in the shape of a curved bulb, typical of a sextoy for G-spot. Once again, we find this sextoy really beautiful, classy and without any doubt, very functional, but for that, we’ll have to wait for our opinion a little further down.

Vibrator size

Maya was rather small, but finally quite long, did Liebe go even further? Yes, since it is 17.2 cm (6.77″) long! So it’s not 17.2 cm (6.77″) insertable, but we have plenty of room to reach the G-spot! And at the level of its diameter, we find the same measures as the two previous sex toys, that is to say, 2.25 cm (0.88″), which is not much, enough to achieve its purpose, but will not offer a filling effect, for sure.

Other details

We remind you in case, Love Not War uses brushed aluminum for its base, color “Gray-Gold” and we must say that it gives a great look to their sex toys. On the other hand, the insertable part is made of silicone and especially, in two colors, either “grey-black” or “orange-red”.

This is the “orange-red” version that we received! Concerning its weight, the Love Not War Liebe weighs 124 grams, which is a bit heavier than the Maya and its 99 grams, or the Amore and its 97 grams (which you will discover soon). Well, there are 25 grams of difference, you won’t lose an arm using it either.

Love Not War Liebe - 4
Love Not War Liebe - 6
Love Not War Liebe - 7
Love Not War Liebe - 9
Love Not War Liebe - 12

Love Not War Liebe materials

Why would Love Not War change something that works and is especially environmentally friendly? Once again, the brand does not do things by halves! In this vibrator, we have two materials! The first is aluminum, which is 99% recycled! Their production plant is powered by green energy, which reduces costs and energy footprint. The second material is silicone, which is of good quality.

Moreover, concerning the aluminum, it is a brushed aluminum, smooth, without asperity. And as for the silicone, it is medical grade (fortunately), without latex or phthalates.

Love Not War Liebe - 11
Love Not War Liebe - 13

Love Not War Liebe use

We have already explained how to use the Maya! Do you think things will be different with the Liebe? Whether you do or not, we’re going to tell you all about how to use this vibrator again. You’ll see, you won’t be lost compared to the first two models!

Charging the battery

This is the strong point of Love Not War, each sextoy uses exactly the same battery! And it’s not an internal battery, because it can be unscrewed! Indeed, the handle contains the battery, which allows you to interchange it with another Love Not War sextoy at any time, and above all, to replace it by another one, in case of failure, rather than buying a complete sextoy again.

Otherwise, you still have to recharge it, it’s not as magical as you’d like! So you’ll have to unscrew the handle, then use the USB charging cable provided in order to connect on one side, the plug on the battery and on the other, the USB part in a powered USB port or directly via an AC adapter.

For the charging time, it is identical to the Maya, since it is the same battery! So we’re not surprised to find out that it takes two hours to charge the battery for one hour of battery life. It’s not much, but it’s also for the good cause, because their battery system is really a great innovation in our opinion!

Love Not War Liebe - 14
Love Not War Liebe - 15

How to use Liebe?

There too, we keep the good ideas, but at the same time, we keep the same battery that is also used to control the sextoy! Indeed, under the handle, we have a single button! It is at the same time practical, but also a little constraining. However, everything depends on how this button is managed.

Before using it, you must first make sure that the “Travel Lock” mode is disabled. Otherwise, you will complain that the Liebe does not work. Here, you need to keep the button pressed for 5 seconds, so that it vibrates to indicate that it is now unlocked. And of course, to reactivate this locking mode during transport, it is the same manipulation, but in reverse. Finally, you get the idea.

Then, by pressing the button for 2 seconds, the motor will start and you will be at the first level of continuous intensity. By pressing this button again, you will be able to increase the intensity or change vibrating modes, depending on the mode/intensity in use.

Once you have the Liebe in hand, it can be used primarily for G-spot stimulation, but also to stimulate the clitoris, even if that is not its primary purpose. Using it on the brake of a penis also works well as well as the nipples. On the other hand, you can’t play with the temperature like on the Maya, which is entirely made of aluminum.

What are the modes and intensities?

On the manufacturer’s website, we can read that the Liebe offers 4 intensities and 7 frequencies! This is not false, but we must still clarify things. Rest assured, whether it is the Maya or the Love Not War Liebe, we have the same thing at this level. But as I said in the other review, we have 4 levels of intensity for the constant mode, then 6 alternative modes that use a predefined pattern (with rises and falls of intensity).

I also underline once again, the fact that Love Not War proposes an explanatory diagram of their modes of vibrations and levels of intensity! It is so rare nowadays that it must be pointed out! We will find our modes with stairs, peaks, vibrating waves close or more spaced, just consult this diagram to understand more easily what we have at our disposal!

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Even if it is not mandatory, to facilitate the sliding, lubricant can be used with the Liebe! Since the stimulating part is made of silicone, you will need to choose a compatible lubricant, especially one that is water-based! Otherwise, you risk damaging the silicone head. On our side, we only use lubricant for an anal use of a sextoy, here, we did not have the need, Kitty already wets very well without lubricant.

How to clean the Liebe?

Once again, we are dealing with a waterproof sextoy! This allows us several things. First, we can take a shower or a bath with it. But it is especially on the side of its cleaning that its waterproof side is the most interesting. Yes, we do not use sextoys in the shower, it is so. So you can put it under warm water, with a little mild soap and air dry afterwards. I still recommend using a small non-abrasive cloth to remove any water marks.

Love Not War Liebe Efficiency

After the excellent Maya, I asked Kitty to try the Liebe, at first alone, then I used it without her being able to control it, in order to give you our report! This is a vibrator specially designed for the G-spot and we will see if it is effective in this area! Here is our review of the Love Not War Liebe!

Handling and ergonomics of the Liebe

Between the Maya and the Liebe, you can imagine that there are no big changes in terms of ergonomics and handling. Indeed, apart from the head which changes, the part intended to control the vibrator remains unchanged. The Liebe is a little longer than the Maya, however, the weight is still well distributed over the entire sextoy.

We find again aluminum at the level of the handle and it is always so pleasant to have it in hand. Again, it can be held with two fingers, which allows to target the desired area and especially the G-spot. But it can also be held in the palm of the hand. Its button is easily accessible, even if it is not the best, we must make choices. This button is neither too hard nor too soft, but again, aesthetically, it could have been a little more worked.

Same observation as the Maya, aluminum is a material that slips. Be careful if you end up with lubricant on your hands for example, it can easily slip off afterwards. At the same time, considering its size, lubricant is not mandatory. Besides, we didn’t use any with Kitty, either with two of us or when she was using it alone.

The power and stimulation of the G-spot

It’s a little wonder! In addition to being an eco-responsible and easy to handle sextoy, it is also a powerful and above all quality vibrator! The vibrations of the Love Not War Liebe are powerful, deep and spread quite well. I found with Kitty that the vibrations spread less than on the Maya (due to the presence of silicone), but they target the G-spot perfectly. When I held it in my hand, I didn’t feel any tingling from the vibrations, they are very light actually, which proves that they go where they should go, which is in the curved head.

On the first levels of intensity, the vibrations are really deep and quite strong for a first level. As you go up in intensity, you feel that there is a loss of depth in the vibrations, but they do not become superficial. You can feel that they are a bit more surface, but not as much as other sex toys. At the same time, you will see that even with the first levels, you can effectively stimulate the G-spot.

Liebe noise

Like the Maya, the Liebe is not really noisy. It’s not silent, but the noise level is quite acceptable. Kitty can use it in the bedroom when I’m in the living room, without noticing that she’s playing with the vibrator.

G-spot stimulation and feedback

I might as well tell you, the Liebe is super effective on the G-spot (of Kitty anyway). When I used it with her, I could quickly realize it. Already, the insertion is simple, the shaft of the vibrator is rather thin and the head comes quickly to find the G spot. So yes, we do not have filling sensations, very little stimulation of the vaginal walls, unless we want it, but on the other hand, it hits the bull’s eye at the G-spot.

I have to say that in just 5 minutes, as I was doing small but strong strokes, alternating with leverage to put pressure on Kitty’s G-spot, her pussy started to flow quickly and profusely. With a cunnilingus at the same time, she came twice in a short time.

Her pussy was flowing all over and Kitty was able to cum again by the stimulation of the G-spot accompanied by a stimulation of her clitoris by hand. Yes, we can say that the Liebe knows how to stimulate the G-spot of its users! It is now, one of the vibrators for G-spot that we use most often or that she uses on her side! And we can tell you that the Maya + Liebe combo at the same time makes sparks fly!

Kitty & Mogwai

Love Not War Liebe - 10
Love Not War Liebe - 16
Love Not War Liebe - 17

Love Not War Liebe final thoughts

Love Not War Liebe - 5
Love Not War Liebe - 8

To conclude, the Love Not War Liebe is a real good surprise! I must even say that I haven’t seen such an efficient G-spot vibrator for a long time! Yes, it is not perfect in every way, but I can tell you that it is really close to perfection! Everything is thought in its realization, nothing is left to chance! It is really super effective on Kitty, so effective that I want to use it again on her to make her come without being able to control herself.

As I said, the design of the Liebe is top notch! Eco-responsible, produced under a “green” concept, it is really top! A little bomb for your G-spot!


  • A responsible company
  • An eco-responsible product
  • Quality aluminum
  • A beautiful design
  • Grey-Gold” color
  • Powerful
  • Interchangeable battery
  • One battery for X Love Not War sextoys
  • Great for the G-spot


  • More surface vibration at high levels (but not that much)
  • Aluminum is slippery
  • We want to try others
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