Do you know why this NTR Bride onahole is called like that? This onahole designed by XTC Japan has this name for a good reason! NTR means “Netorare” in Japanese slang which means “to deceive” or “cuckolding”, which means that this bride we are going to see in details is not very faithful and that she will cheat on her husband with any person she will meet on her way! And this person is you and me!

There is a whole genre of hentai in this field and I must confess, I was not aware of it before. We discover new things every day by reviewing sex toys! And you’ll see, the packaging honors this theme for fans of the genre. This review follows many models that I had the opportunity to try! Recently, I could review the Otokonoko DX Femboy and its concept of “Femboy” !

There was also, the Yandere XTC masturbator which was about “Yandere” too. And if I go back further, there was also the Disgraceful Oppai Body, which put forward the concept of erotic lactation! In short, Japanese people don’t really have any taboos and approach many themes in the field of sexuality! So I’m going to test this model to share my impressions with you! Here is the review of the NTR Bride onahole from XTC Japan!

NTR Bride Onahole packaging

NTR Bride onahole - 1

Overview of one of the slices of the box

Did I already tell you that I love the design of Japanese boxes? So, yes, it’s particular, very “hentai”, but I like it, it’s like that! This time, it’s a big cardboard box, white, but not so big in reality. On the front, we have a young married woman (Bride) holding a bouquet of flowers and in little wedding lingerie! We can also see that the masturbator weighs 2,3 Kg, while the rest is written in Japanese. It is a product proposed by XTC Japan, its logo is also present on the box.

NTR Bride onahole - 3

We are shown the dimensions of the product on another slice

On one side, we have details on the dimensions of the masturbator. On the other side, we have a presentation of the two holes of the masturbator, as well as a cutout of the two tunnels that compose it. Inside this box, we find a large plastic mold, protected by a lid, also made of plastic.

NTR Bride onahole - 5

And here is the masturbator in its big plastic mold

And in this mold, we have the NTR Bride onahole, surrounded by a protective film. I advise you to keep the box, but a XTC Japan kit is also present. However, I don’t know if it was originally in the box. I think it was, since it has the logo of the manufacturer. In reality, it was an addition present in another product. So, no pouch for you if you buy it.

NTR Bride Onahole physical details

NTR Bride onahole - 6

What does it look like?

Even though the picture above still hides the NTR Bride onahole, it is a buttock type masturbator. This means that we have a sextoy that consists of hips, a buttocks and two tunnels. Here, no legs, arms, hands or even a bust. It is above all an ass, if we can say so! It is presented in a rather round shape, with pretty firm buttocks. At the level of the size (waist), it is rather small.

NTR Bride onahole - 9

The navel is also slightly visible

Of course, we have a penetrable tunnel, and even here, two, since we have a vaginal and an anal tunnel at our disposal! We can also note the details at the level of the vulva, with the folds of the skin, the clitoris is there, the lips (big and small) and a little more pinkish color for these. At the level of the anus, it is also satisfactory, it is not a simple hole as we can see on some models. Here, we also see the more of the anus for a more realistic effect. Overall, it is an appetizing masturbator, not too big, but of a good size.

Onahole size

NTR Bride onahole - 7

Correct dimensions, sufficient to hold it by the hips

Is this masturbator imposing or not? It’s true that pictures can sometimes be misleading! To give you some details, I put the masturbator flat, vertically, as if it was sitting! In terms of width, we have 21 cm (8.26″)! For the hips, the width is 17.82 cm (7.01″) and for its total length, we have about the same as in width. So it is not very imposing, but not very small either, it is in a good average! And concerning the two tunnels that we have on this model, on the anal side, this one measures 11 cm (4.33″) in length while the vaginal tunnel measures 13 cm (5.11″) in length.

Other details

NTR Bride onahole - 10

2,3 Kg, it is rather light, but sufficient

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is its weight! Actually, it’s a pretty light onahole masturbator! And it’s not bad, because sometimes, when you have 7 to 8 Kg to move, you have to be in shape and keep the pace. Here, this NTR Bride model weighs 2,3 Kg, so it won’t be very difficult to handle during the action!

Tunnel details

As you know, apart from the external appearance, an onahole or a masturbator in general, has a sheath or a tunnel depending on its design! Here we have two tunnels, one vaginal and one anal. Concerning the vaginal tunnel, we can see that we arrive from the entrance, on a series of bumps covered with small beads and grooves, but also fins with fine striations to finish on a chamber with a more flexible and wide bump to stimulate the glans of your penis.

NTR Bride onahole - 4

The tunnels are detailed on the box

And on the side of the anal tunnel, we have a rather interesting construction! Here, the internal structures are much more asymmetrical, with a tunnel that widens and then narrows several times to form some kind of doors that grip the penis during the back and forth. These walls are covered with rather organic textures with a final rounded chamber with several small beads.

NTR Bride onahole materials

NTR Bride onahole - 18

A firm but malleable ass at the same time

Let’s talk about the materials used to make this NTR Bride onahole! It is, as very often, TPE! It’s a soft TPE, not very greasy but porous, that’s logical. However, if usually we have rather double layer masturbators (sometimes more), here it is a single layer of TPE. So there is no harder or softer material. Everything is one layer. In short, the TPE has the same density whether it is on the outside or inside of it. On the other hand, this model has a thick wall, which decreases towards the bottom of the tunnel so that it can stretch according to the size of our penis.

NTR Bride Onahole use

NTR Bride onahole - 8

It’s an ass, nothing complicated to use it

It is true that a manual masturbator is very easy to use! As I often say, it is as simple to use as a dildo for example! On one side, there are holes to penetrate and on the other side, holes that you fill! It’s a strange comparison, but that’s the difference between the two. As this is an NTR masturbator, we already know that this married woman needs freedom and we must give her what she wants. For that, let’s have a look at it!

What can be done with it?

NTR Bride onahole - 11

Zoom on the masturbator’s vulva

As it is a married woman who cheats on her husband, you will have to satisfy her! You can of course use it in the usual way, like any onahole masturbator on the market! By that I mean penetrating the anal and vaginal tunnel. But it would be a shame to miss the theme of the latter! It is after all a married woman who cheats on her husband, either consensually or not (I didn’t ask her). So you can enjoy her thinking about her husband not living up to her expectations or play on the cockolding theme by imagining her husband is there, while you are fucking her!

As I have mentioned a few times on the website, use your imagination! I personally love to imagine a scene, a situation, a concept! It’s also part of the game and brings excitement and extra fun in my opinion. You are free to do the same or not.

Which lubricant to choose ?

NTR Bride onahole - 17

For this model, water-based lubricant is recommended

You already know this very well, especially if this is not your first masturbator in TPE or simply your first review on the website. In order to avoid incompatibility, it is absolutely necessary to choose a suitable lubrication. You should therefore choose a water-based lubricant and if possible, rather adapted to masturbation. You have thicker lubricants, such as Tyo from Motsutoys, Peace from Rends or even Fleshlube for example. In short, as long as it is water-based, everything will be fine.

How to clean it?

NTR Bride onahole - 19

A rather classic cleaning

As usual, with an onahole, cleaning is always a bit of a pain, but necessary. So you have two holes to clean as well as the outer layer. I advise you to use a shower stick, like the Aquastick, but you can also find a model at Motsutoys, in the Kyo range, which we will introduce to you soon. This way, you can get the water into both tunnels very easily, in order to clean the inside. For the external part, I use a little soft soap and warm water, directly in a bathtub for more ease. Then I air dry it on a towel.

NTR Bride onahole efficiency

NTR Bride onahole - 12

What does this married woman give?

So we have a cheating married woman looking to get fucked? She must have some experience! Underneath her shy and innocent exterior, is the NTR Bride onahole masturbator a good model? Did her husband surprise us? If you want to know more, I invite you to discover my review of the NTR Bride!

Handling and ergonomics of the masturbator

NTR Bride onahole - 16

The grip is really great

Let’s start with its grip which is surely the most interesting point about this model! Indeed, the NTR Bride onahole has a very good grip and it is even its main advantage! It is neither too small, nor too big, nor too heavy, it is a very good balance. With its hips and its rather fine waist, one can easily take it by these, they hold perfectly in hand. We can bounce it on our penis or even make it jump on our lap while fucking it.

So admittedly, it’s still a little small in the ass, but that’s okay. The weight is really ideal, as you can practice a longer, more intense session without finding yourself lifting pounds and pounds of material. It’s an easy to use, comfortable masturbator that won’t make you fart an arm. In terms of hips, if I have to compare, I still prefer those of the Ereshkigal Cherry masturbator, which are bigger, but it is true that the NTR Bride, by its smaller side is more easily manageable.

The vaginal canal

NTR Bride onahole - 14

The vaginal canal is a bit flat

Now let’s talk about things that are a bit more annoying, even if in the end, I can’t complain either. If its weight and size, offers an excellent grip, it must be said that the vaginal tunnel does not really honor it. Again, I remind you that this is a single layer masturbator. Upon penetration, you can feel the vaginal canal, but I have to say that it’s a bit bland as a sensation. The material being rather soft and without double layer, it feels like the tunnel is quite flat inside. You don’t really feel the internal structure or where the channel tightens. It’s nice, but honestly, there are better things out there, especially on double-layer models.

The anal canal

NTR Bride onahole - 15

The anal tunnel is better than the vaginal tunnel

Good news, the anal tunnel is better than the vaginal tunnel! But then again, it’s not crazy either! Indeed, this one is more pleasant than the other orifice, we feel a little more the small ribs inside the canal, but it is not crazy either. The sensation is rather soft, we do not feel the narrow side that we can find on this type of channel, again, the material is responsible for it. It is more a sensation of massage that we have, more than a real penetration/masturbation. Nevertheless, between the two channels, it is clearly the best orifice!

Anything else to say?

NTR Bride onahole - 13

An unfaithful married woman?

Although the sensations are not at the peak of what you can get with a masturbator, it is not bad at all. It is also its concept of a married woman that must be taken into account! It’s kind of like everything else, the psychological aspect can get into the fun and you can still have a lot of fun with it. Maybe a double layer masturbator would have allowed to have more sensations. Here, it is again a sensation of massage of the penis, more than anything else. It is pleasant and it is practical!

NTR Bride onahole final thoughts

NTR Bride onahole - 2

A good little theme masturbator!

In the end, it is a satisfactory masturbator. Its grip is really excellent, but the stimulation is quite soft. However, its concept also plays in its favor! Sometimes, you just want to play with it, but you don’t want to use a 7Kg or more masturbator. Here, you can use it for a longer period of time, play role-playing games, in short, the kind of masturbator that you can take out quickly to make yourself feel good. Because it’s nice to have an ass like the Kyo 7 Sins or even more impressive, the Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass, but you also have to do the cleaning, the maintenance, the lifting, it’s not the same thing! Notice to married women lovers!


  • A beautiful packaging
  • Model based on a married woman
  • 2,3 Kg
  • Very good grip
  • Successful external design


  • Fairly flat vaginal tunnel
  • Sensation of massage rather than penetration/masturbation
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