Even if it is a vibrating aluminum capsule, the Love Not War Maya stimulator has nothing to do with a capsule of a well-known coffee brand! Here we are talking about sex toys and of course that is what we are talking about here! I must admit that when I saw this product that we were offered to review on the website, I was immediately excited by the design, but also, the material used for its realization!

It is true that nowadays, with the growing number of sex toys, it must be said, it pollutes! Especially the use of batteries and materials that are not really eco-responsible and it’s always a good thing to see products on the market that try to do otherwise! I think for example of the Womanizer Premium Eco, with its biolene design for example.

In short, you have understood that the Love Not War Maya stimulator is part of this approach, offering us a vibrating capsule like the RO-120 mm from Rocks Off and to a lesser extent, the Ignite from Lovehoney or the Tango X from We-Vibe. It is a small stimulator, transportable, easy to use, but above all, more eco-responsible than most. It is therefore with great pleasure that we offer you the review of the Love Not War Maya stimulator!

Love Not War Maya packaging

No need to hide it, as soon as we see the box of Maya, we already know that it is a product where the respect of ecology and our planet is present! Already, the packaging is 100% ecological, with recycled cardboard, FSC certified, soy ink and ecological glue. We also know that for each product purchased, a tree is planted! I must admit that I have seen this concept many years ago, but here, it is back in style. It is with the non-profit organization “One Tree Planted” that has already operated worldwide, planting over 40 million trees. Moreover, Love Not War is nominated for the Green Product Award 2022 and it’s not stolen!

From the front, we feel an artistic side assumed! We can see on this face, a kind of sketch of a woman’s face, mixed with strange lines, but which gives a coherent whole. We also have a big sticker with the product and its dimensions. Once we remove this one, we can open the box, in which we find the Maya stimulator, housed in a cardboard base, but not only!

Indeed, we also have a storage bag in natural bamboo fibers, but also, a quick-start in recycled cardboard there too. We also have a recycled cardboard brochure, with diagrams of the modes present! This is really cool, because it is less and less done. Once again, still on recycled cardboard, we can see the complete range that Love Not War offers. Everything is eco-responsible and it’s great to see! We really feel that Love Not War is trying to produce reparable and durable sex toys.

Love Not War Maya - 1
Love Not War Maya - 2
Love Not War Maya - 3
Love Not War Maya - 4
Love Not War Maya - 5

Maya Love Not War physical details

How beautiful is this clitoral stimulator! This is really the number 1 thing that made me want to get it to test it with Kitty! Quite honestly, it has an aura about it, something that makes you want to try it, but at the same time, to tell us that it is a quality product, thoughtfully designed. It is a stimulator that looks like a capsule or a “Bullet” in reference to the shape of a rifle bullet. As you can see, it is a stimulator in the shape of a bullet, with a slightly pointed, but still quite round end on one side and a button to control it on the other.

We can quickly see that it has a particular color and quality materials, here, brushed aluminum, like the Doxy butt plug (without the brushed side though), but especially, like the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion. By the way, Love Not War won the “Gold iF Design Award” in 2022, not for nothing. On the Maya, we can see, in very small, the logo “Love Not War”, just next to the area that delimits the product in two. Indeed, this stimulator is unscrewable, especially to recharge its internal battery. Moreover, when unscrewing it, we notice the presence of a small seal, especially to make it waterproof. In short, this Love Not War Maya stimulator is really beautiful!

Size of the stimulator

Beware, despite what you might think, the Maya stimulator is not that small! To tell the truth, it’s quite surprising to find yourself on a pocket stimulator of this size, but it’s not so bad in the end, we’ll explain that a little later in this review. Indeed, the length of the Maya is 12 cm (4.72″), which is not so common. However, as I said in the introduction, it reminds me of the RO-120 mm from Rocks Off, which, as its name indicates, is 120 mm (or 12 cm), which is identical to the Maya.

But it is true that usually this type of stimulator in the form of a capsule is often a length of 6 to 8 cm (2.36 to 3.14″) on average. And regarding its diameter, we do not have something very imposing, since it displays 2.25 cm (0.88″) in diameter. This is a little thinner than the RO-120 mm, which has a diameter of 2.5 cm (0.98″)

Other details

As you probably know, aluminum is one of the lightest materials used in the making of a sextoy! And when you know that the Love not War Maya stimulator weighs only 99 grams, it is easy to see that! Another point, you must have noticed its rather particular color, difficult to identify by the way. It’s not really a copper color, nor pink-gold, but rather a kind of “Grey-Gold” mix that gives it a nice dress. I must admit that I really like this color, which is not common and which gives it a successful aesthetic!

Love Not War Maya - 7
Love Not War Maya - 8

Love Not War Maya materials

Did I mention that this Love Not War Maya stimulator is made of aluminum? But did I mention that it’s 99% recycled aluminum? Once again, ecology is the number one element in the design of this sextoy! And I’ll go even further, because its production is also thoughtful and controlled! Indeed, the Love Not War production plant is powered only by green energy, coming mainly from hydroelectricity, with a reduced consumption of energy and water, with a “Zero Carbon” objective.

Concerning the aluminum itself, we see immediately that it is brushed, remaining smooth and without asperities! Just by touching it, we want to try it! It is really a material pleasant to the touch and which gives the impression of a luxurious product. In reality, it is not only an impression in the end.

Love Not War Maya - 12
Love Not War Maya - 14

Love Not War Maya use

An eco-responsible product is good, but is it as easy to use as a more lambda sextoy made of silicone, ABS plastic or other? Yes, fortunately! And I will even say, its use is here, ultra-simplified! Like what, we can have a product respectful of the environment, but just as simple to use as the majority of the other products. We explain it all to you!

How to recharge it?

Here again, Love Not War does not do things by halves! Indeed, did you know that the rechargeable battery present in the Maya stimulator is the same as for all the products of their range? As I said, we feel that here, the production is really thought and controlled! This is great news in my opinion! The costs are obviously better controlled. But that’s not all! Because we can simply use the same battery for all their products! In short, you can buy only the tips or buy a battery separately, allowing you to reduce the use of the number of batteries, both for your wallet, but also for the planet.

To recharge this battery, you simply need the charging cable that you plug into a powered USB port or AC adapter on one end. As for the other end, you have to unscrew the cap, then insert the other part of the cable in the appropriate place. In terms of charging time, it will take 2 hours for an hour of autonomy. It is not enormous, but sufficient all the same, it is the kind of sextoy which one will use a little everywhere, to cum quickly, without spending hours there. Fortunately, moreover.

Love Not War Maya - 17
Love Not War Maya - 18

How to use it?

A single button to do everything, you can imagine that its use is not complicated! First of all, you’ll have to unlock Maya, because on arrival, the “Travel-Lock” mode is activated. You just have to keep the button pressed for about 5 seconds so that it starts to vibrate, indicating that the “Travel-Lock” mode is deactivated or on the contrary, is activated, depending on its original state. Pressing the button once for 2 seconds turns it on, then pressing it again switches to a higher intensity level or changes the mode, depending on the case. We explain this a little further down. Then, to turn it off, same concept, we keep the button pressed for 2 seconds.

It is a clitoral stimulator, which will allow to stimulate your clitoris in a targeted way, in particular by using the point. But it can also be used on its length, to stimulate the vulva, the vagina if inserted. You can also use it on the nipples, on the brake of the penis and also play with the temperatures, aluminum is not bad at all in this field.

What are the modes and intensities?

Good news, finally a manufacturer who decides to propose diagrams and explanations about the vibrating modes present! This is something that is becoming more and more rare (hello Lelo) and it’s a pity, because it allows to visualize easily, what the vibrating modes will offer us. Because sometimes, with names like “Cha-Cha-Cha” or “Rollercoaster”, it’s not necessarily obvious what is waiting for us.

It says that we have 4 levels of intensity and 7 vibrational frequencies! For my part, I do the calculation differently! For me, we have a constant mode, which breaks down into 4 levels of intensity, going from low to very high, and then 6 vibrating modes with patterns. Sure, in total we have 7 frequencies, but in reality it’s more like one constant mode and 6 alternate modes. Among the 6 modes in addition to the constant mode, we have a mode that consists of large waves spaced, then a second mode that uses medium waves less spaced.

Then we have a “staircase” mode, with gradual ascents and descents that are fast but spaced out, while the other staircase mode is faster and closer together. And finally, there are two cresting modes, one with fast crests and small plateaus and another, which starts on small plateaus, which are not so fast, but get faster and faster afterwards. All this is well detailed on the cardboard element that we have in the box that represents the different modes.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

I doubt you’ll need lube, but if you do, I’d go with water-based lube. Sure, silicone-based lube should be compatible, but using it wouldn’t do much here. If you need a little more comfort and a less direct contact on your clitoris, feel free to use it! Here, take the one you already have, no need to take a specific one in this context.

How do I clean this stimulator?

Knowing that the Love Not War Maya stimulator is totally waterproof, cleaning it will be easy! In addition to using it under water, it is especially the fact of cleaning it very quickly, without worrying about anything. We pass it under warm water, we clean it, we make it dry and it will be ready for your next use. Be careful not to use an abrasive cloth, it would be a shame to damage the brushed aluminum of the latter.

Love Not War Maya efficiency

You know it now, on 69desirs, the concept “Love Not War”, it’s a bit the base of the website ! We are here to review sex toys, to cum with them, to have fun and to tell you about them ! Of course, this is only a part of the website, but we are not here to explain you how to attack someone with a huge dildo! Although, a good blow with a Lampwick or Cyrus King dildo on the head, it must be pretty powerful. Anyway, we’re here to report on our different uses of the Maya stimulator, so here’s what we can tell you after our tests!

Handling and ergonomics of the Maya

Even if the size of this bullet stimulator is a little bigger and longer than the more common ones, the Maya is perfectly manageable. Already, the weight of the stimulator is well felt, with a good distribution of it. Compared to the RO-120 mm, you can really feel the difference between a very light ABS plastic stimulator and the Maya. Its weight underlines the quality of the elements inside, with an increased robustness, in short, it is just excellent! It can be held with two fingers or more in the palm of the hand.

On the other hand, it will be more difficult to use it in a harness which has a vibrating capsule pocket, this one will be a little too long for this type of use. The button, present at the end is very correct, but not excellent either. It is a button with a small part in soft silicone, functional, neither too hard nor too soft. But aesthetically, it could have been a little more worked.

However, there are a few things to consider about its handling. Aluminum is not a grippy material, it is actually a slippery material. Quite honestly, if you use lubricant on the length of the Maya, it will be difficult to maintain. We do not use lubricant for this type of toy (only when using an anal dildo for example).

Power and clitoral stimulation

Well, everyone is wondering if the Love Not War Maya, in addition to being beautiful, eco-responsible and simple to use, is also powerful and of high quality! And it is legitimate! Yes, the Maya is really powerful! These are powerful, but also deep. The aluminum also allows a very good propagation of the vibrations without numbing the hand. It is true that after about twenty minutes, I could feel ants in it.

But the tingling goes away very quickly, unlike other sex toys that leave tingling in the arm or hand for a much longer period of time. The vibrations are so powerful that you can use the Maya over your clothes. I admit that on this point, we are quite surprised by the power that Maya can deliver and this without being on surface vibrations. Well, almost!

At the smallest level, the vibrations are really deep, while remaining relatively strong for a first level. On the other hand, the more you go up in intensity, the more you feel that the vibrations become more surfaces. However, no need to go so high in the intensities, because the second level was enough to make Kitty cum.

The noise

Again, the Love Not War Maya is not very loud, but it is not quiet either. Its noise level is in the middle of the range. As the vibrations spread well, depending on how it is placed or in contact with something else, the vibrations spread, which can increase the sound level. In short, not quiet enough to use it easily in public, nor loud enough to wake the neighbors. For us, its noise level is more than acceptable.

Vaginal stimulation and feedback

As mentioned, you can also use it to go back and forth. This is what I did with Kitty when we used it together. Its diameter is still quite small (2,25 cm or 0.88″), but it is already that. Of course, you don’t feel any filling effect, or even a stimulation of the vaginal walls, but the stimulation is still pleasant, especially when switching from clitoral to vaginal stimulation and vice versa. I admit that it is always a win-win situation!

For the rest, we could also see that the aluminum stayed cool! And that, especially in summer, is really good. When I used it on Kitty, I vibrated her clitoris, but also her vulva. I alternated this with cunnilingus and I could feel Kitty’s pussy refreshed by the contact of the aluminum and this, without even putting it in the cooler first. Kitty likes this stimulator very much, she asked me to keep it at hand for her personal use and she has already cum 3 times with it. Let’s just say that it replaces without any problem the Ignite from Lovehoney which was her little darling. And remains in serious competition with the Tango X of We-Vibe.

Kitty & Mogwai

Love Not War Maya - 13
Love Not War Maya - 9
Love Not War Maya - 6
Love Not War Maya - 11
Love Not War Maya - 15

Love Not War Maya final thoughts

Love Not War Maya - 16
Love Not War Maya - 10

The Love Not War Maya stimulator is not perfect, but it comes close to perfection! Even if we can find fault with it, on the whole, it is really a great clitoral stimulator! Its packaging is entirely eco-responsible, the fact of replanting trees, of having a controlled and green production, and even of offering the possibility to change the battery easily, it is really a very good product.

We feel that behind the creation of the Maya, there is a whole “green” concept and it’s not bad for our planet without impacting the user experience. On our side, we loved this aluminum stimulator and we can already tell you that we will talk to you again very soon about Love Not War! In short, even if it is easy, Maya proposes you to make love and not war and on this point, it has many reasons to convince you.


  • A responsible company
  • An eco-responsible product
  • Quality aluminum
  • A beautiful design
  • Grey-Gold” color
  • Powerful
  • Interchangeable battery
  • One battery for X Love Not War sextoys


  • Vibrations more surface at high level
  • Aluminum is slippery
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