The Panzer Girls Kay Onahole is part of the Premium series of the brand XTC Japan and I have to say that I am happy to discover this one! Indeed, I could see that this masturbator, besides the fact that it is based on the anime Girls und Panzer, presents a different material than what I am used to see. And as I’m a very curious person, I can’t wait to review this one.

So it’s again a masturbator from a Japanese anime, as I also have the Demon Slayer Nezuko masturbator which should be out soon. But for this model, it’s not a torso masturbator, but rather a much smaller onahole masturbator. I don’t have my license to drive a tank, but I can still enjoy the ride with Kay, the Captain of Team Saunders! Put on your battle helmet and let’s go attack the Panzer Girls Kay Onahole!

Panzer Girls Kay onahole packaging

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 1

The front of the box

First thing we discover, concerning this Panzer Girls Kay Onahole, is the packaging! We can say it, this box is well crafted, in particular to please the fans, but also to emphasize the product. From the front of the box, we see Kay, the captain of the Saunders team who seems to be not cold to the eyes as they say! She is sitting with her thighs spread, wearing a bikini with the USA logo, all positioned on her tank.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 2

One of the slices of the box

At the level of the slices, we have many details, certainly in Japanese, but it remains relatively understandable. In particular, we can see a little more of the masturbator, but also the inside of the sleeve, still under a “camouflage” background, as in war.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 3

A seal is present on the side

We also have, a seal, to show that the product has not been opened. But it is on the back of the box, that we can go further in the explanations. We can find details about the measurements of the product, but also details of the internal sleeve. I could not translate what we can read on this box, I am not enough knowledgeable in the field.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 5

At the back, you have the dimensions and the detail of the internal sleeve.

Then, when we start to access the inside of the box, we realize that there are two flaps that open and allow us to access the contents of the box. We are also explained, on one of the slices, the particularity of the design of the material of this masturbator that I will detail a little further.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 6

A double flap opening system

As you can see, the Panzer Girls Kay Onahole is contained in a plastic mold and surrounded by plastic wrap. This isn’t great from an environmental standpoint, but it’s kind of basic when it comes to masturbators when it comes to keeping them in a mold.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 9

The masturbator, in its plastic mold

In short, in the end, the packaging is nice, but not excellent either! The box lacks a bit of solidity. But overall, it will be well adapted to store the product when you won’t use it. That’s something. On the other hand, no sample of lubricant is offered.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole physical details

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 11

Zoom in on the orifice of the Panzer Girls Kay onahole

Concerning the visual aspect of the Panzer Girls Kay onahole, here we’re back to a more common design, more usual on Japanese masturbators. It is an “Onahole” model, which means that there is an entrance but no exit at the level of the sleeve. It is therefore quite different from a Fleshlight like the Emily Willis Squirt model to name but one.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 15

The opening is wide enough

In terms of details, we can see that the vulva is rather representative, with the large lips, the small ones, the clitoris, its cap, without being very fine. For example, we can’t say that it is the same level as the Kyo 7 Sins or the Britney masturbator that I had the opportunity to review. Here, it’s quite basic, but it’s rather average. You can even see a small hole under the vulva, which represents the anus, but which is not penetrable. We can also note the difference in color between the outside of the product and the inside. Indeed, inside the sleeve, the material is more red, trying to imitate the membrane that covers the vaginal muscles.

The Onahole size

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 19

The masturbator, as a whole

To tell you about the dimensions of this model, you should know that it measures 16 cm (6.29″) in total length for a penetrable tunnel at 13.5 cm (5.31″). This is a little light, though. Depending on the size of your penis, this may be a problem. We’ll see when we use it. As for the diameter of the sleeve, it is 7.5 cm (2.95″) wide for a 2.5 cm (0.98′) hole, stretchable. It is thus a small model, of pocket, one could say.

Other details

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 7

We see the construction of the sleeve on the box

To give you more details about this masturbator, you should already know that it weighs 390 grams, which is quite light, sufficient, but light. If I take a Fleshlight, it is more 800 grams, certainly with the shell, but it is still twice as much. In my opinion, this will not be a problem, personally, I find the Fleshlights a bit heavy on longer sessions. So here, 390 grams is just right! We’ll see about that a little later. And the other information is the fact that there is also another similar model, the Panzer Girls Yukari that I will review soon.

What is Panzer Girls?

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 4

A “camouflage” box?

I must admit that I didn’t know this Japanese anime! It is Girls und Panzer (Also known as GUP), made by Actas Animation Studios in 2012. The story of this anime takes place in an uchronistic world, where girls’ high schools are on huge ship cities, isolated from the land. But that’s not all, since the story of Girls und Panzer, as its name suggests, will deal with young girls, but also tanks in a national competition.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole materials

This is the great particularity of this masturbator! Indeed, we have a TPE material, but not the one I am used to find! Indeed, it is a material called XTC Premium, a premium TPE of the brand that uses multiple layers! But that’s not all! Its texture is not usual, because if we look closer, we can realize that the material contains thousands of small air bubbles that are captured inside the outer layer! The result is a particular texture, soft but supple, mellow, close to the skin.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 20

As shown, the orifice is stretchable

Moreover, there is no smell as it is the case on other masturbators that use TPE of lesser quality. Moreover, in general, the latter is quite oily, which is not the case here of the Girls und Panzer masturbator. But for the internal part, it is another layer that is present! We can see a dark red tunnel, made of an elastic material, but less soft and more adherent. If we look at the cut of the product, we can see that there are indeed two distinct layers, but especially two rather thick layers! Often, the inner layer is quite thin, which offers little resistance and at the same time, feeling. But here, this is not the case.

Vaginal tunnel

Panzer Girls Kay onahole sleeve

The interior of the masturbator

On this masturbator, we have only one tunnel, the vaginal tunnel. This one is composed of weak reliefs from the entrance that pass through two portals, before this tunnel narrows on walls containing bumps, but also grooves in the form of striations, which adhere rather well to the skin of the penis during the back and forth. Then, we find ourselves on a more organic tunnel, with subtle spikes, before reaching the end of the tunnel, composed of two portals, and then in his womb or small bumps are present to take care of your glans.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole use

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 13

An Onahole model

Now, let’s go to its use! It is a masturbator, Onahole type, without motor, without particular function. You just have to lubricate it and penetrate it! Nothing complicated. But as always, let’s have a look at it.

What can we do with it?

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 8

Kay seems to appreciate being taken care of

As mentioned, one of the things you can do with it is to lubricate the inner tunnel, insert your penis and then go back and forth inside. You can also apply pressure to the material to apply pressure to the penis when going back and forth. Given its size, it should be usable with the Handy masturbator and it can also be installed in the Kyo Plush doll. These are only examples, other possibilities will be possible depending on your equipment and compatibilities.

Which lubricant to choose ?

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 16

With this masturbator, only water-based lubricant

If there’s one thing you should remember about masturbators, it’s that you should always use a water-based lubricant! That way, you’ll be sure not to damage your product. If you are looking for a lubricant, you can use the Tyo from Motsutoys, the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu or the Sliquid or Pjur range, but they are not the only ones on the market! It’s up to you to choose!

How to clean it?

Cleaning is never the sexiest part of the review. It’s an Onahole masturbator, so you’ll need to take care to rinse it off properly with warm water, to remove any semen residue, all with a little mild soap. Then, either with a cleaning stick or a soft cloth, dry it a little and then let it rest to dry completely. I recommend that you place it so that the remaining water can flow downwards to drain off what is left inside.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole efficiency

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 14

“In war as in war”

Going to war in a tank is surely a special adventure! But going on an adventure to fuck Kay from the Girls und Panzer series is something I can tell you about in detail! In order to tell you what I think about it, I tested this model a few times to give you my verdict! Is it a good masturbator or is it more of a commercial operation than an interesting one in terms of stimulation. Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it, here is my opinion on the Panzer Girls Kay onahole!

What about the double texture?

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 12

Inside, a sleeve with a red structure, more resistant

It is nevertheless one of the elements put forward by the manufacturer, its “premium” sleeve composed of two different layers of TPE. Indeed, on the outside, the texture is soft, elastic, more me than usual. We feel that the concept of trapping small air bubbles in the material allows to add elasticity and airiness, a bit like if the material had been assembled like “whites snow”, to give you an idea, even if we should not exaggerate either. And on the other hand, we have a redder, harder, more grippy material. You can really feel the difference between these two materials. However, be careful, the two materials are not really welded together.

What happens when I use it?

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 17

Comparison with the Ondo! Nupu 2

The fact of having a second layer in the masturbator changes things all the same. Indeed, the fact that this layer is more resistant, more gripping during the passage of the penis, we get more sensations, variations and in a sense, a certain realism. The reliefs of the sleeve are pleasant and stimulating. On the whole, it is not bad. We feel that we are on a sleeve more qualitative than the average for this kind of masturbator. However, we can’t really stimulate the whole penis as we would like. But it is true that we feel more resistance in this sleeve than the average, which unlike more classic tunnels, neutral and without double texture, really offers a more intense stimulation.

A more oriented model for the glans and part of the shaft

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 18

And a comparison with the Gokusai Uterus Duo

If there is one thing you need to know about this model, it is its size! Indeed, the tunnel is a little small in length, it measures only 13.5 cm (5.31″). Certainly, the material of the masturbator is elastic, so we can stretch the material to make the penis even more along the length, but it is true that by doing so, we stretch the texture and thus, we feel less the reliefs of the internal sleeve and the stimulation becomes softer. For my part, we find ourselves more on a model that will take care of your glans and part of the shaft, but if you exceed 13.5 cm (5.31″) in length, you will see that the complete penetration of the sleeve will not be as pleasant as if the material is not stretched.

To finish, I can tell you that it passes without problem with the Kyo Plush, its grip is simple, whether it is with one hand or even with two hands. Another point, it is absolutely not greasy and it is frankly good. The vast majority of TPE/TPR masturbators are often greasy, here, it’s perfect. On the other hand, visually, the masturbator just looks like a piece of body with a little navel, it doesn’t make you dream as much as a Demon Slayer Nezuko or the Britney masturbator.

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole final thoughts

Panzer Girls Kay Onahole - 10

A very acceptable model for its price

In the end, it’s a masturbator worth the money, but you have to take into account what I’ve told you! The tunnel is not bad at all, with materials more qualitative than the average of this kind of model. Practical to use, easy to clean, the only small point to complain about is the size of the tunnel, a bit short and the shape of the masturbator which is not very attractive. Otherwise, it is a good model, appreciable, stimulating, in short, a model that I can recommend.


  • The packaging is not bad (the outside)
  • Correct price
  • Stimulating double layer tunnel
  • No greasy side
  • Soft, supple material
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • A plastic mold in the box
  • The tunnel is a little short (13.5 cm or 5.31″))
  • Maybe a bit too soft
  • The external design is not very sexy