When I first saw Lovehoney’s new lingerie line, I could not help but ask them for a few pieces, the first is the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top. I also asked for another piece of the range that will be presented shortly and that will complement this Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top. This range is brand new at Lovehoney and I must say it’s catching on!

As soon as I saw the first possible visuals, I immediately love them and Kitty too. So we chose three pieces of the Fierce range, consisting of a crop-top, a leggings and a cat suit! It was the sexiest pieces we found and I was really looking forward to these two outfits so Kitty could try them out, but not only for this reason!

As for our opinions on the Lovehoney Parisienne set, I will take care to write the biggest part of the article and leave room for Kitty opinion that she writes herself on her side. These are Kitty beginnings and it’s a good task division in doing so. In short, I will focus on that point with our opinion on the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top!

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top packaging, size and materials

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 11

The crop-top worn by Kitty

For the packaging, I did not take pictures as for testing sex toys. Indeed, most of the time, it is a simple box or a plastic packaging, there is not enough to make a full paragraph. With Lovehoney, it is almost always the same, except time to time, lingerie that will arrive in a transparent plastic packaging. This is not really luxurious, but if it helps to reduce the final product price, why not. In any case, if you want to see what the packaging looks like, you can check out the Instagram photo with the three wet-look pieces.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top sizes

What is nice about Lovehoney, in addition to their excellent return policy, is the size availability for lingerie. Indeed, we find this set in classic sizes, but also in large sizes.

This crop-top is available in sizes S (34-36), M (38-40) and L (42-44). And on the side of large sizes, it is available in 1X / 2X (46-48), 3X / 4X (50-52) and 5X / 6X (54-56). Here, Kitty is wearing size 1X / 2X. You can find a size chart on the Lovehoney website for more information.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top materials

I think you can see it in the photos and I’ll even say, you can even guess it easily, it’s a well known material, the wet-look. What is it? For those who do not know, it is a stretch material, which adapts well to the body morphology and gives a wet effect to the cloth. This is a material made of polyester and elastane.

The crop top realization

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 1

We can adjust the zip to create a cleavage

To tell you a little more about this Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top, as I announced at the beginning, it’s a part of a set created by choice. Indeed, the crop-top and the leggings are sold separately. It is not a set sold in one piece. The advantage is that you can take a different size for the top and bottom and that’s still nice. Then, you can vary the choices, especially by taking a look at the other parts of the range. Let’s take a closer look at the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top!

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 2

Here we see that the cleavage is more plunging

So it is a crop-top that comes with a front zip that can be placed at leisure, according to the desire of the moment. This closure is well done and start from the neck heading to the bottom of the latter. The closure has a nice retro look and the zip is quite present and seems solid.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 10

This is a wet-look crop-top

This crop-top stops just below the breasts, which is very suitable for hourglass type silhouettes. The effect that causes the crop-top is bad-ass! This is the “wow” effect, with a tendency to shine and be smooth on the body according to the positions taken by the one wearing the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top. The zip fits well everywhere, depending on where it is left. We can create a cleavage on demand and with several sizes.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 3

The zip is solid and practical

Its overall shape still looks more like a bra a bit longer than a real crop-top. It will also depend on your morphology. We can also note a band at the crop-top bottom that keeps the breasts up. In short, this Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top is really well done as a whole. Last, the back of the crop-top is classic, the upper back is covered in wet-look.

Colors and maintenance

For this point, there is not much to say to you, because it is a crop-top that exists only in a black version. At the same time, it is really the color that makes it possible to emphasize the forms, to thin your body, what to ask for more? The maintenance of this crop-top should be done with care. It is best to do a cold cleaning by hand to avoid damaging it before drying it on a drying rack.

Our opinions on the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 4

Kitty’s boobs is well highlighted

I think you already know a bit about what we are going to say about this Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top! We could not wait to try them out with Kitty to give you our review and you can imagine that we thought it was good. But is this the case? So we’ll answer that question, first with Kitty’s opinion, then mine to complete the article. Here are our opinions on the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top!

Kitty opinion

The wet-look is a first for me, I have already worn lace, leather, veil … but this is a novelty ๐Ÿ˜‹. I must say that I did not expect that, it’s quite comfortable, it does not stick as one might think, and it’s very stretchable so we can easily move without constraint.

I like this crop top

I like this crop-top, the size is good (I admit I am between 2 sizes and I tend to want to take larger size to be sure to fit into it ๐Ÿ˜‚). Here we are good for the back and for the breasts it depends on the cup, I have a D-cup so you have to enter them into the crop-top but it goes as the material is stretchable. Just according to how you open it, it’s ok or not, at one moment, they will want to go out ๐Ÿคฃ. It held my breasts well, because the waist was good for the whole (back and Breast cup). If you have a broad back, but a little breast cup, it will not do the same, it will less mold your body and therefore will hold less.

Sexy and a bit slutty

I felt good inside, sexy and a bit bitchy ๐Ÿ˜Š, with my cat ears and my red lipstick … and yes, I had released the big game and it didn’t seem to displease Mogwai.

Mogwai opinion

Since it’s me, at first, who decided to ask for Fierce clothes from Lovehoney, I can only say that I really love this kind of lingerie. Here, we can’t really talk about lingerie, because it is clearly a range that can be worn outside the inner circle. Kitty is just super sexy according to me in this crop-top! And again, you only see this part in the pictures that we took for this article. In the next publication, you’ll see her with the second piece that completes this outfit, you will realize that the whole is getting very well together.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top final thoughts

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Crop Top - 5

A beautiful piece for a beautiful wet-look collection!

Mission successful for Lovehoney’s Fierce line and this first example with this crop-top! I find that Lovehoney has released a really beautiful, sexy range and has a very affordable price. The quality is there, we feel good in it and I must say that Kitty is really beautiful with this crop top! Soon, we will complete the outfit with a second piece to finalize it and to show you even more of this beautiful range of products. For my part I love it, Kitty too, I think you understand what it means! If you want to fall in love with this collection, do not hesitate! We will also give our opinions on another outfit from this range soon.

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