Last piece to present to you, it’s the Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit! When I say last, it’s especially the last piece of the Fierce collection that will be presented to you. Of course, there will be more opinions in lingerie thereafter. So it’s after the Fierce crop-top and Fierce leggings that we come back in this very beautiful range of sexy wet-look clothes and this time with a superb wet-look Catsuit! This is the piece we liked the most and so we decided to book it for the very end in order to conclude this series of opinions on the Fierce range.

Once again, as for the Lovehoney Parisienne set, I will take care of most of the article writing, then I will let my dear and tender Kitty participateq so she can give you her opinion on this Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit. Then, I will add my little opinion to conclude the whole thing! This is the time for us to offer you our opinions on the Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit!

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit packaging, size and materials

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 1

Seen on the Catsuit zip and Kitty boobs

For packaging, I’ll get right to the point, it’s a simple, transparent protective plastic pouch with a small label to give us the basic information about the product and that’s it! This is the same type of packaging as for crop-top and leggings. I made a photo of the three pieces in their packaging on Instragram if you want to see what it looks like. In any case, it does not increase the final product selling price, so why not.

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit size

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 7

A sexy tight effect

As is often the case with Lovehoney, lingerie is available in two sizes. You have the standard range and the larger size range. Here, the chosen size is 1X / 2X and it is this size that Kitty wears on the photos. But be aware that in the large size family, you also have the 3X / 4X available. The size 1X / 2X corresponds to a 46-48 size. This means that you need to count 101.5 to 112 cm for the bust, 86 to 96.5 cm for the waist and 106.5 to 117 cm for the hips.

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 8

Preview of the zip behind the catsuit

Otherwise, you also have the 3X / 4X size, which corresponds to a 48-52 size. Here, it is necessary to count 117 to 127 cm for the bust, 101.5 to 111.5 for the waist and 122 to 132 cm for the hips. Also know that this Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit exists in standard size, from S to L. You’ll find a size chart on the Lovehoney website to help you choose the right size that fits you.

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit materials

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 3

The wet look shiny effect

With a mix of polyester and elastane, the Catsuit is well made, with a wet effect, the wet-look. It’s a stretchy material, which is a good thing, because it will better adapt to the morphology of each person. With some materials, there is little or no flexibility, such as lace. If we stretch lace, it can break, it can distort, here the wet-look supports this kind of manipulation. And then, I love the wet-look! This gives a false impression of leather, mixed with latex, at least visually.

The realization of the Catsuit

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 6

Kitty in the Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit! Sexy!

This Catsuit is really well done. Indeed, it is an integral combination, which marries the silhouette, accentuates the curves and reflects the light. It is a Catsuit type combination that covers almost the entire body. We find a pretty thick zip that covers a good part of the body, from the neck to the buttocks.

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 10

Overview of the sleeves seams

With its bidirectional zip, we can accentuate the cleavage or give more or less access to the back. It is a rather well done Catsuit, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s sexy, it’s just a shame to have this inner lining at the zip that is a little less beautiful than the rest of the Catsuit.

A Catsuit combination type

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 4

Kitty in her suit, with a back view

The set is of quality and the cut allows to adapt rather well to several types of morphology. We find the same details as on the crop-top and leggings, especially with the presence of a zip that allows access to several things, here intimacy, whether in front or behind. We can also with the zip, place it so as to create a more or less big cleavage. And we can also notice a lining on this Catsuit, which was not present on the crop-top. Kitty and I find this lining not very sexy, it is a bit greyish compared to the rest, but it remains a detail.

Catsuit colors and maintenance

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 5

Kitty’s buttocks are beautifully highlighted

Again, there is not much to say on the subject. This Catsuit only exists in one color and it will rather choose a cold wash by hand to clean it. This is the same principle as for crop-top and leggings.

Our opinions on the Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 2

Opening in progress at the Catsuit back

It’s time for us to give you our feedback on this Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit, which we quickly appreciated and Kitty wear for this review to give you the maximum feedback on it. Here is the opinion of Kitty at first, then my opinion on this Catsuit.

Kitty opinion

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 12

Sexy, there is only one word to say!

The Catsuit is the last piece I’ve played with and I admit the result is not bad. Second skin effect, we aren’t hindered as one might think. However, be careful when putting it on not to go too quickly with the zipper… I stuck a piece of my skin breast by closing it ๐Ÿ˜ค and here is a small hematoma for 1 week๐Ÿ˜”.

Be careful when closing the doors

I just should be careful because yes, the material is stretchable but you have to go slowly to get your breasts into it when you make a D-cup! And I admit it’s a little hot in it, unlike the crop-top and legging that is very open (no sleeves and belly in the air), there, we wet a little and not the way we would like ๐Ÿคฃ.

Sexy with lots of possibilities

The size is good, but as I already told you for the crop-top, since I’m between 2 sizes, I found that at the legs level, it yawned slightly but really little. The set was very good and according to the position, we see only fire. Mogwai did not notice anything else ๐Ÿ˜. Yet he was focus on my ass… surely too much… or not ๐Ÿ˜‡. The set is very sexy and the different zippers allow plenty of possibilities… plunging cleavage, pussy or ass available… The choice is yours!

Mogwai opinion

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 11

The Catsuit front

For my part, I love Catsuits and I love the wet-look! So, I am very badly placed to tell you that I didn’t like this Catsuit. Indeed, I love it! I don’t really know how to explain it, but I love Catsuits like these, I find it super sexy, seductive and so on. When I see Kitty in her Fierce Catsuit, I quickly want to take care of her or that she takes care of me. Seeing her curves in value, her chest puts forward, all, highlighted by the light reflection on the Catsuit, I do not need more to arouse me.

Her buttocks are incredibly highlighted, just like in the leggings of the same brand. Obviously, once the photo shoot was over, I could not help but take care of Kitty and enjoy the moment with her beautiful Catsuit that tickled my crotch.

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit final thoughts

Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit - 9

Once again, this piece from Lovehoney’s Fierce line is a success

I’ve already mentioned that Lovehoney’s Fierce range is just great! Whether crop-top, leggings or Catsuit, they are awesome! In addition, this range includes other also very sexy parts, but we can’t unfortunately reviewing all of them. At the same time, we have already had the chance to review three pieces of this range, it’s already really nice! For my part, I really fell for this new collection. I can only advise you to take a look at the entire Fierce collection to see the other pieces that will satisfy you. In any case, the Lovehoney Fierce Catsuit is really top, affordable, sexy, in short, it’s a great buy according to us.

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