Maybe you’ll fall for Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque set? You don’t? Then maybe it’s a great opportunity for us to talk to you and convince you! After the different pieces of lingerie that Kitty and I proposed you, like the OhYeah babydoll or the Lovehoney Parisienne set by Lovehoney, it’s time to present you the Boudoir Belle push-up basque set in cherry version, the new color of the Lovehoney range!

Recently with Lovehoney, you could also discover the superb Fierce range in wetlook! If it is not the case, you can still and always read our reviews of Fierce Crop-Top, Fierce leggings and Fierce catsuit! But this time we come back to a sexy outfit with a seductive cleavage! Here is our review of the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque set!

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Basque packaging, sizes and materials

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 3

The thong of the set

Concerning the packaging, I’m not going to come back to it, now I take a picture of the lingerie sets we receive, just to show you what it looks like. You also have a picture on Instagram of the three lingerie sets we received recently. It’s a simple plastic pocket, a little bit rigid, which protects the set during the trip. There is nothing more! It’s very limited but it doesn’t inflate the price of a piece of lingerie with the price of its box.

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Basque set sizes

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 2

Kitty’s breasts enhanced with this corset.

The sizes of this Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque set include a standard range and a large size range! For the standard range, you have this set in sizes S, M and L. This corresponds to a size 34-36 (6-8 UK size or 2-4 US size), 38-40 (10-12 UK size or 6-8 US size) and 42/44 (14-16 UK size or 10-12 US size). But this set also exists in large size with 1X/2X, 3X/4X and 5X/6X. Here the correspondences are 46-48 (18-20 UK size or 14-16 US size), 50-52 (22-24 UK size or 18-20 US size) and 54-56 (26-28 UK size or 22-24 US size). Once again, I chose a 1X/2X size for Kitty, which fits her morphology well.

Set materials

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 9

The lacing on the front of the corset

This basque set contains lace and satin. In other words, quite fragile fabrics. You also have microfiber. So you will have to take care of your corset in order to use it as long as possible. I will speak to you about it a little further down in the section concerning the maintenance.

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Basque Set design

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 5

Fasteners for stockings

Once again, it’s a beautiful set! At the same time, I have carefully chosen the latest Lovehoney sets to present you what I think are beautiful pieces. So this is a corset set with black lace finishes accompanied by its g-string.

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 8

The back of the corset

There is a bustier made up of six plastic whales for an hourglass-shaped silhouette. There is transparent mesh to redesign your silhouette. Moreover, on the front, there is a ribbon crossing, as well as lace yokes on the sides.

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 4

The other side of the set’s thong

There’s also lace frills down the basque. You have a row of eyelets and staples in the back to adjust your corset according to your morphology. The cups are molded and underwired to raise your bust. There is fringed lace on this part. Finally, there are 4 removable garters to add a pair of stockings to this corset.

Colours and care

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 10

Lovehoney’s logo can be found on the set…

As you can see on the pictures, this is the black and cherry version that Kitty is wearing! This is the version we prefer, but be aware that there is also another color for this corset, it is a black and pink version. Concerning the maintenance, the best choice is to wash it by hand. It is the safest and it will avoid you bad surprises. It is possible to wash it in the washing machine, but be careful, at 30ยฐ maximum. You have the indications on the label as well. I can advise you to use a detergent for delicate fabrics, without chlorine. Also, do not use fabric softener. And use a washing net or pillowcase to protect your corset! And don’t use a tumble dryer!

Our feedback on the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 6

I love taking Kitty in this position! Literally and figuratively

Now, let’s move on to our opinions! We tested this corset the same day as the Belle Amour outfit and we’ll tell you what we think! Once again, I leave the talk to Kitty and then I’ll add my little bit of salt on top of that !

Kitty’s opinion on the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 7

Zoom in on Kitty’s breasts on the corset

Here we are again with a cherry corsage set of the finest effect. I love the color and the veil, you can see the skin in transparency and I think it’s quite sexy with the little lace ruffle ๐Ÿ˜. I really fell in love with this model ๐Ÿ˜.

It is comfortable, the size is good and the rendering is very nice. I confess, I prefer the Belle Amour cups because they were a little more push-up and at the same time my breasts were more “held”. I can explain, the fact that there are the cross-braces allows that even on all fours, my breasts do not go in all directions ๐Ÿ˜‡. Of course it depends on what cup you’re wearing ๐Ÿคฃ. Then it’s a personal preference, it does the job very well!

My opinion on the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 11

Kitty looks great in this outfit!

Once again, just like the Belle Amour basque, I find Kitty gorgeous in this one! I must confess that I prefer this model for the cups, but I also like the Belle Amour version with the design and the cut of the cup. When I see Kitty in lingerie, I’m really happy and excited, because I like her to wear it. She is already used to wearing lace panties, she has a lot of them in different colors, but a corset like this one is something else! Anyway, I validate again!

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle basque final thoughts

Lovehoney boudoir belle basque set - 1

A really sexy basque!

Here is a sexy basque set that will please you and your partner! The design is well done, it is not vulgar and the colors are really well chosen. In terms of sizes, you have a wide choice, allowing you to find the version that suits you best. And all this at attractive prices, it’s also the strong point of the lingerie at Lovehoney! Are you going to fall for this corset, it’s up to you to tell me!

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