The Lovehoney Parisienne set, it sounds great, isn’t it? It’s always better than this city that I do not like very much. I speak only of the city, I have nothing against those who live there. Today, it is the lingerie reviews come back with my dear and tender Kitty, who will be my shooting model for this occasion as well as all those to come! This is her second opinion after the OhYeah nightie!

This is one of Kitty’s first lingerie reviews, so I’ll take care of the majority of this article before she takes in charge if she wants to. However, you will find her opinion below, at the end of the review, so that she can tell you what she thinks of this Lovehoney Parisienne set!

Packaging and physical details for Lovehoney Parisienne set

The packaging and content of this Lovehoney Parisienne set are quite simple as often. The goal here is not to increase the product final price with a more sophisticated packaging. It’s a Lovehoney choice and some of other brands, and I fully understand their point of view.

So this is a plastic package with a small cardboard label with the Lovehoney logo, which briefly tells us some information. The Lovehoney Parisienne set consists of a high-waisted crotchless thong and a plunge longline bra.

Lovehoney Parisienne set sizes

lovehoney parisienne set - 7

The Parisienne set worn by Kitty

Like very often at Lovehoney, their lingerie pieces are available in many sizes and for all body types! And that’s really good, because I can understand that some women feel guilty seeing very fine models, but especially, see that the proposed sizes do not match them. Here, this is not the case.

lovehoney parisienne set - 5

Double braces of half-corset

We can find this Lovehoney Parisienne set in S, M and L size but also in 1X / 2X and 3X / 4X size. Here, the size that Kitty wears is 1X / 2X.

Set materials

lovehoney parisienne set - 4

Panty tied by garters on stockings

On the Lovehoney Parisienne set, we find mainly lace, with transparent mesh and satin straps that looks very beautiful! You can see that on the pictures!

The set realization

lovehoney parisienne set - 1

Kitty is super sexy in this set

To describe a little more this Lovehoney Parisienne set, we can notice several things. Already at the chest, the cups are slightly padded frames, which can support the chest and even apply a small push-up effect on your breast.

lovehoney parisienne set - 9

The staple system of the half-corset

In the back, there are two pairs of fully adjustable straps, which allows to adjust this part to your body and apply a better chest comfort and support. The closure is a classic hook system.

The lower part

lovehoney parisienne set - 6

Removable garters are easy to put on

In the lower part, there are 4 removable garters allowing to add socks. They are easily fixable, I did not have to worry about fixing the garters on Kitty socks during the photo shoot. At the back, the eyelet and hook closure adjusts the set to the size of the wearer.

The crotchless thong

Then for the thong, it is split in nearly two parts, high waist, which gives a very sexy retro look. There is also a wide band above the buttocks. It is a set that will mainly fit an hourglass shaped silhouette.

The Lovehoney Parisienne set colors

lovehoney parisienne set - 8

Heels, stockings, garters, it does not take more to tease me

This is noticeable in the photos, this set is entirely composed of black color, which gives a sexy and French retro side. But know that this set is also available in a wine version, if you prefer to choose for this color.

Taking care of your Lovehoney Parisienne set

As always, to avoid damaging your set, it is recommended to wash it by hand or on a washing machine at 30° maximum and in a protective net.

Our opinions on Lovehoney Parisienne set

lovehoney parisienne set - 3

Kitty, sitting on the couch

Now, I will give you my opinion, but especially let Kitty give you her opinion, she still the most interesting person to speak about this Lovehoney Parisienne set!

Kitty opinion on Lovehoney Parisienne set

Here I am back with a small set made with a bra and thong with integrated garter belt. I added the stockings and the heels of course (Mogwai loves the heels…😈).

A set that I really liked

Frankly, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s sexy. It puts the breasts well forward (and in value, very important!) And the thong being high, I like that (it’s not a tiny thong, which is not too much my thing I confess 😋).

I’m not going to hide it, between the moment we got it and the moment I really wore it, I took a few pounds, thanks Mogwai and his good meal.

A set that makes its effect

In short, let’s go back to what interests you, my opinion on this small set. I loved it, nice to wear, well cut. It can easily be worn under clothes to make a little seductive surprise to your lover during the undressing and I confirm it will cause a certain interest and normally the evening will end naughty …😇.

My opinion on this set

It’s my turn to tell you what I think about this set! I must admit that I love this one! I find that Kitty is very sexy wearing it and I can even say that during the photo shoot that we did, seeing Kitty with the set, garters and her heels, the session skidded and I didn’t could stop myself, once the shooting is finished, to fucked her on the couch. Oops, these are things that happen. In short, it is a set with a retro look, sexy, that I enjoyed.

Final thoughts

lovehoney parisienne set - 2

A sexy and very affordable set!

This Lovehoney Parisienne set is really good! Lovehoney often offer beautiful lingerie pieces at a very affordable price and that’s one of their strengths! I find that Kitty is very sexy in this set and I enjoyed taking the picture during the fitting.

For me and Kitty, it’s a set that deserves a try! If you are looking for a set with a retro and affordable look, this Parisienne set is perhaps the one you need! Discover soon other reviews in lingerie on the website!

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