Here’s the second piece we had to present to you, this is Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings! Not long ago, Kitty and I gave you our opinion on the Lovehoney Fierce crop-top and we had from the start selected the Fierce leggings to build a set. This is the second piece that completes the first one. Once again, I find this Fierce new range really superb! And it’s a pleasure to talk to you about it, to tell you what we think about it and to show you Kitty in this outfit.

As for the other lingerie reviews like the Lovehoney Parisienne set, I will write most of the article and you will find at the end of it, Kitty’s opinion written by her! In short, let’s not waste more time and see this beautiful Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings!

Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings packaging, sizes and materials

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 1

Fierce legging worn by Kitty

As for the crop-top, you will not have details pictures of the packaging. It’s just a simple, flexible plastic packaging, there is not much to say. The only important point to note is that it helps to lower the cost of the final product and it is not a bad thing. If you want to see what the packaging looks like, here is the Instragram picture I took with the three wet-look pieces.

Lovehoney Fierce leggings size

As always with Lovehoney, we find parts available in several sizes and it is still the case for this legging! In addition, if the size does not suit you, their return policy is just excellent with a possible return in 365 days!

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 9

Kitt with leggings and crop-top

For the wet-look leggings, it’s the same principle as the crop-top. It is available in S size (34-36), M (38-40) and L (42-44). This corresponds to a hip size of 86.5 to 91.5 cm for the S, 91.5 to 96.5 cm for the M and 96.5 to 101.5 cm for the L. But this legging is also available in large size, 1X / 2X, 3X / 4X and 5X / 6X. Kitty wears size 1X / 2X here. You’ll find on Lovehoney website, all other sizes for US/UK market.

Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings material

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 2

A wet-look leggings

Same as for the crop-top, I think the leggings pictures with the crop-top this time are talking for us. This is wet-look, a material that gives a fake wet leather effect. It is a material that stretches to adapt more easily to each person morphology and I find this material really sexy. The wet-look is a mix of polyester and elastane, which gives it this flexibility.

What the leggings looks like?

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 5

The back of leggings

As explained previously, the Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings is the second piece that composes the whole Fierce set that we have selected. Even if both products are sold separately, it can’t be said that the two pieces do not marry together. On the contrary, they are perfect when they are associated. In addition to that, you can take a different size for the up or down, it’s still a good thing. Let’s take a closer look at this leggings.

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 4

Zoom on the zip on the leggings

This one is pretty classic in its form! But I must say it is incredibly sexy! On this leggings, you have a full zip that allows access to privacy part. This zip has its source at the waist and slides to the buttocks bottom. It can be placed in different positions to close or open parts of it. Placed in front, the zip allows to close all the leggings. But you can also place it so you have access to privacy part, including the buttocks and vagina.

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 6

The buttocks of Kitty are very well highlighted

Just like the crop-top, the zip is solid, imposing and practical. It stays in place, according to the chosen position. The leggings offer a second skin effect and stick well to Kitty’s skin. Again, we find the shiny effect and a material that can be stretched to fit the morphology of the person wearing it.

Colors and maintenance

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 7

Kitty, stills with the crop-top and leggings Fierce

Here too, nothing changes compared to the crop-top review. It is always a piece that is found only in black, in any case, in black wet look, which gives a sexy look, with a shiny effect that highlights the person who wears it. Again, for the wet-look, if you do not want to take the risk, to keep it as long as possible, you have to take precautions. I invite you to clean these leggings with cold water and by hand.

Our opinions on the Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 8

The light reflects well on the wet look

As for the crop-top, it’s time to tell you a little more about what we really thought about this Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings! And again, we will give you our respective opinions, starting with Kitty, the main interested, then I will end with my opinion. Here’s what we think of this Fierce leggings from the Lovehoney brand!

Kitty’s opinion on the Fierce leggings

So for this second wet look piece, I put this little leggings that is not bad at all! Good size, it does not tight me too much and mold as it should. I think it yawns a little bit at the top of the legs and ass, but that as I already told you for the crop-top. It’s because I’m between 2 sizes ๐Ÿคจ and we do not see it according to the position. Mogwai did not realize it because the whole thing was doing very well… and made its effect! He likes to see my ass in this shiny and tight leggings that show off my buttocks ๐Ÿ˜.

Very comfortable, easy to wear, it does not feel like wearing “lingerie”. The zips allow a range of possibilities, make it very sexy and potentially very suggestive. I will definitely wear it again! And who knows … maybe outside the house with a naughty slut feeling, but without seeming to be one ๐Ÿ˜‹.

Mogwai’s opinion on the leggings

Leggings, it is a little controversial cloth. Well, it’s not, at the base, the sexiest thing. In fact, I find that it is not particularly practical, but nevertheless, I find it sexy. Certainly, maybe not just any leggings, but for the Lovehoney Fierce wet-look leggings, that’s the case. Once again, it’s a piece that can be worn outside the inner circle. It is still necessary to like this style in public, in any case, to feel good there, but it is quite possible to do it.

With the crop-top and leggings, Kitty is just super sexy! I just love it ! The wet-look material enhances Kitty’s curves, accentuating the light on her waist and hips. Kitty’s buttocks are beautifully highlighted! It’s enough that I look at her ass in thess leggings to be aroused! It is just beautifully showcased in this legging by Kitty.

I validate 100% and I did well to contact Lovehoney to review some parts of this range. Visually, I find the range superb and I must say that I love this outfit we chose with Kitty, consisting of this legging and crop-top! In short, I think Kitty must have already told you good things about this leggings.

Lovehoney Fierce wet-look Leggings final thoughts

lovehoney fierce wet look leggings - 3

Kitty’s buttocks are just gorgeous in this leggings

I think we do not need to say much more to convince you and make you understand that Lovehoney’s Fierce line is just great! The pieces are well designed, whether it is the crop-top or the leggings. Moreover, another piece of the collection will be presented soon, so do not miss the shot! We find that the range is really beautiful, affordable and really sexy! Lovehoney offer in addition to that, a 365 days return policy. If you have a doubt about the size, know that you can return the product to get the same in different sizes. There’s no excuse for not you too, be sexy in wet-look with the Lovehoney Fierce range!

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