Let’s continue the lingerie reviews with the Lovehoney Fierce longline bra! I’m not going to hide it, I love Lovehoney’s Fierce line! With their wetlook line, Lovehoney has managed to come out with a kinky, affordable and quite eclectic collection! And since I love to see Kitty in lingerie, I didn’t hesitate to choose a few pieces that we’ll show you!

The second piece, you understood it, is the Lovehoney Fierce longline bra! In fact, we’ve already done it again with the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt! And this is not the first product of the Fierce range that we have presented and on which we have given our opinion! Indeed, you could already discover the Fierce crop-top, but also the Fierce leggings and the beautiful Fierce catsuit! Maybe you have already fall for one of these pieces? If it is not the case yet, maybe this Lovehoney Fierce longline bra will be able to decide you! Here is our review!

Packaging, sizes and materials for the Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 1

For the packaging, you have a picture on Instagram, I prefer this one!

Concerning the packaging, we are not going to lie, it is ultra basic! It’s not Lovehoney’s best part, but at the same time, the fact that it’s so simple means that it doesn’t artificially inflate the price of the product we’re really interested in! If you’re interested in seeing what the packaging looks like, you can check out our Instagram photo of the Fierce line we received. It’s a simple clear plastic package, nothing more and nothing less.

Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra sizes

Once again, Lovehoney doesn’t forget anyone and thinks of all sizes! I really like this philosophy because often, lingerie is available in standard sizes, the one you find everywhere. However, all women, regardless of their size or body shape should have the right to have the same products available! And it is the case of this range Fierce!

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra and Fierce Skirt

Kitty with the skirt and bra, beautiful!

Indeed, this half-corset bra is available in size S (6-8 UK Size), M (10-12 UK Size) and L (14-16 UK Size). And for larger sizes, it is also available in 1X/2X (18-20 UK Size) and 3X/4X (24-24 UK Size). For information, Kitty is wearing the 1X/2X model in the pictures.

The materials of the Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra

I already announced it at the beginning of the article and you can see it on the pictures, it is wetlook! It’s a material that I love, because it brings a wet effect, with a bit of a kinky design and on top of that, it’s a stretchy material, which allows it to fit the body more easily than more rigid materials that can’t stand being stretched. For those who don’t know, wetlook is a material that consists of elastane (the stretchy part) and polyester.

The making of the Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 4

A bra available in several sizes!

Of course, we will talk to you a little more about this Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra! Know that it accompanies another product of the range Fierce that we will present you a little later! In any case, it goes perfectly with the latter, but we keep a little suspense! The good thing is that it is not a set sold in one piece! This means that you can choose a piece of different sizes for the top and bottom to compose your set! Because sometimes and even often, the sets are problematic at this level, when there is a difference in size between the top and bottom. Come on, let’s take a look at this bra!

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 2

Strap attachments

It is therefore a beautiful bra cut as a half-corset! We find as I said, the same design as the Fierce skirt that mix perfectly with it. And this one is in wetlook, which allows to shine, reflecting the light to emphasize your chest.

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 3

We find the same type of straps as on the Fierce skirt

At the back, you have a wide covering band, with an eyelet and clasp closure system, classic for a bra! The straps are of course adjustable to fit your body type. And we can see that it has padded cups with an underwire that enhances your chest!

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 6

The bra straps are great!

And of course, we have those four-tiered crisscross straps that add a fetish touch that I particularly love! The workmanship is quality and you’ll see a little below, this is a very comfortable bra.

Colors and maintenance

You can imagine that this bra is only available in black with its shiny effect thanks to the wetlook! It is a wise color for this piece, it allows it to have a fetish look and bring you a piece that will be perfect to feel dominant! For the cleaning, there, it will be necessary to be careful! A cold cleaning and hand is necessary not to deteriorate it. It is the small reverse of the medal!

Our opinion on this Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 7

A bra for every day?

Now that we’ve seen the basics of this bra, it’s time to give you our respective opinions! So I’ll let Kitty speak first so you can get her feedback! She’s the one who wears it and it’s important to have her direct feedback! Then, I’ll add my little comment to tell you what I think about it too! Here are our reviews of the Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra!

Kitty’s opinion

As you saw, I gave Mogwai a little surprise by arriving dressed in the Fierce set for Valentine’s Day.  You’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally here…my review of the Fierce wetlook bra!

A sexy bra

The bra is very nice, sexy as it should be with the braces that highlight the chest with a very nice cleavage. The breasts are well supported and don’t get in the way! 🤣 The back is quite wide so it doesn’t cut in and that gives the style too since it’s between the bra and the mini top actually.

Perfect to wear

You don’t feel it when you wear it, I was really comfortable moving around and it’s very nice. I have a good pair of boobs though and not feeling compressed, not feeling the underwire while being well supported is not so simple! 😋 I would definitely wear it in naughty mode and even everyday with a slightly sheer top, I think it would be very nice.

I really liked this Fierce skirt and bra set, sexy and classy at the same time, a little dominatrix too…I can picture myself very well in this outfit with a riding crop in hand making Mogwai my sex slave…😈

Mogwai’s opinion

Yes, no need to hide it, I love this bra! It’s really the style of lingerie that makes me fall in love! I love a lot of different styles, but I have a little preference for lingerie that is a little fetish! Here, I find that this piece goes perfectly with the skirt of the range! The set is really top and it is not to displease me! Kitty is beautiful in this outfit and I can hardly resist her charm when her assets are so highlighted! It’s a success and a favorite for me!

Final thoughts on Lovehoney Fierce Longline bra

Lovehoney Fierce Longline Bra - 5

A very nice piece!

Well, with the Fierce range, it is true that we were not disappointed! Once again, we validate this range of lingerie at Lovehoney! I must even say that it is the best range at the moment and I hope that there will be other pieces to come or a similar range to this one! This bra is so good that Kitty even thinks about wearing it outside the intimate circle and that’s really great! Indeed, when you can use lingerie that you like everywhere, it’s a piece that is all the more profitable! And it is not for me to displease to find it again with this bra which emphasizes it! Once again, I love it!

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