This is Lelo’s first masturbator, this is the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red! Yes, we can say that they are strong at Lelo to find very barbaric sex toys names! In fact, this Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red is a programmable masturbator, configurable, on which you can even program using the manufacturer SDK! You do not understand something? It’s a bit normal.

Indeed, it is not a classic masturbator or even connected one, it is clearly more than that! Geek developers will have fun coding their own programs to run on this Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red! This is the first masturbator in the Lelo sex toys range!

I already had the opportunity to review a masturbator of this type, but not exactly the same. This was the case with the Cyclone A1 from Vorze (in my French website), but I must say that it was quite disappointing and really impractical. With Lelo at the controls, I hope it will be a little easier to have fun with the SDK provides to create the ultimate vibrating and stimulating modes. We’ll see all this in the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red Masturbator review!

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red packaging

Lelo F1s Developer's Kit Red - 1

The front of the F1s box

So here I have to say that Lelo did it hard! Admittedly, it can be said that it’s a gadget, but for my part, I enjoyed it. In fact, we discover at first a big red and black cardboard box, quite basic, but which indicates a lot of information.

The classic things

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 6

What we discover by lifting the box

By opening it, we discover everything in cardboard molds. We discover the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red, a Lelo cleaning spray and a USB charging cable. The usual quick-start manual, because for the full version, you will have to download it and a one-year warranty card. We also find the satin storage pouch, qualitative compared to the average of pouch that I receive.

The surprises

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 5

The warning sign

It’s the little dispensable extras, but so nice that make the difference. And I must say that it is rare enough to emphasize it. It’s really rare to see packaging with bonuses, even if I know that it necessarily increase in the final price.

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 7

The entire contents of the box

Indeed, we find in addition to all this, a panel like “Do not disturb”, but here with “Do not F1s experiment in progress” and a pair of gloves like F1 drivers. I found it fun and pretty quirky for once, it’s cool.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red physical details

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 9

Lelo f1s and gloves

How to say that ? The F1s is strange and surprising at the same time. I must say that its design is perplexing, but at the same time, I like it. Let’s say it intrigues when we see it for the first time. We discover its hexagonal shape, its windowed part, revealing the masturbator inside.

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 10

A particular design, but classy

We can also realize that there are buttons on the back of the product and especially, its red sheath, of really strange shape and not easily describable. A bit like the Cobra Libre 2, but narrower and more in a spiral way. When we turn on the F1s, the interior lights up, a red LED is present, maybe more, to highlight the inner sleeve and its strange shape. It’s really classy!

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red size

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 8

A masturbator of very modest size

This is one of the things that surprised me most, the masturbator size. Indeed, in the photos highlighting the prototype, the product seemed much more imposing. In reality, it is not so. The Lelo F1s measures only 11.5 cm total length (4.52′), 5 cm wide (1.96′) and 5.6 high (2.2′). It is therefore a small masturbator compared to what is done in the market. It is really compact and easily transportable.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red other details

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 2

Other information is visible on the box edge

Know that there is another version of the Lelo F1s and when I compare the two, I do not really see any difference, except that the sleeve is red, more aesthetically classy and we have the windowed part visually accessible. Otherwise, other information to know, the F1s weighs only 116 grams, which is really light and does not risk losing an arm using it.

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 17

The Lelo F1s and the Goliate Insider

Regarding the sleeve, we can see that it is very red and reminds me of the Goliate Insider masturbator I received shortly before the F1s on the French website. It can be seen that it has streaks and a more curved area at the entrance. I must say that it is quite curious sleeve, but we will see all this in use.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red materials

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 11

A quality silicone, soft, smooth and not catching dust

Lelo is not in the discount market and offers us for this  Lelo F1s, quality materials. Already, it is only healthy materials for the body. There is an internal silicone sleeve and a curved structure made with aluminum. There is also ABS plastic. In short, the quality, it’s not cheap, on this point Lelo remains faithful in their quality.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red use

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 21

The quick-start to help you get started

So for once, you’ll have some information to help you use your Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator! Because you can do so much with that I need almost a whole website to talk about! I will go far enough in this review, because I wanted to test it well and that’s why I took time to achieve it. Here are the basics and the more complex things to know to use this masturbator.

How to charge the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red?

With a 530 mA Li-Ion battery, it will need to be charged before the first use to enjoy and ensure a longer life of the battery. Then, as usual, you connect the charging cable to the F1s, then the other part to an USB port on a PC or AC adapter.

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 22

The power outlet is at the back of the masturbator

The charging time is two hours for an average autonomy of two hours, with a 90 days stand-by mode. Basically, without using it, the battery will empty itself after 90 days. The loading time compared to the autonomy is very correct. You will have a white LED that goes around the F1s to indicate its charging and it will remain fixed once it is fully charged.

How to manipulate the Lelo F1s?

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 12

Three buttons under the masturbator will allow you to control it

We will start with the simplest things. Once the F1s charged, we will start to use it. To do this, simply press the “Power” button to turn it on. If you do the same afterwards, the effect will be to turn off the F1s. If you hold down the “Power” button for three seconds, you will activate the Bluetooth pairing mode between your smartphone and the F1s. The pairing is notified by the fact that all the LEDs of the F1s start to flash. That’s when it will be necessary to make the connection. If the LEDs stay lit and do not blink anymore, the pairing is done.

The “+” button will allow you to increase the stimulation intensity, while the “-” button will do the opposite. Be careful, the Lelo F1s has a Travel-Lock mode! To turn it on or off, hold the “+” and “-” button for 5 seconds.

What are the modes present?

lelo f1s developers kit red - 20

The F1s on its storage pouch

Regarding the modes present on the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red, you have 8 by default. I say by default, because these are the 8 modes that are found in manual mode, that is to say, without using the application. With its dual motors, we end up with a powerful product, but I especially feel that it is 8 different intensities mixed modes. Let’s say you’ll understand why a little further. And here we have the pulsation part of the diaphragm and vibration in the other motor.

The SenSonic mode

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 18

F1s and Lelo Sona

What is the Lelo F1s SenSonic mode? It’s just the same technology as the one in Lelo Sona 2 and Lelo Sona 2 Cruise. It is a stimulation by sonic waves. With a 360 ° stimulation from 10 captures spot, the Lelo F1s operate at a63 Hz frequency according to what I managed to obtain as information. Compared to the Lelo Sona range, the frequency is not the same because Sona sex toys use 120 Hz frequency. However, it is not really the same type of toy. We can’t say that the F1s will be less powerful than the Sona. It is not comparable. In any case, here, it is not vibrations, but pulsations.

The Cruise Control mode

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 13

The windowed part, only on the developer’s version

The “Cruise Control” is a mode from a sex toy of the firm, the Lelo Sona Cruise and of course now, the Sona 2 Cruise, its successor! This “Cruise Control” mode is a passive mode, which does not require any special actions on your part to activate it. The principle is to monitor and control the stimulation intensity so as not to have any interruption and therefore not to lose intensity. It’s a system that uses PWM, which stands for Pulse Wave Modulation. Convenient! We’ll see if it works well by testing it.

The development mode

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 3

Available SDK and advertised compatibility with VR & AR

This is clearly for me, one of the parts that I was most eager to try. I’m not a developer, but I still have some knowledge. So I told myself that I would try to use this SDK to do something with it. The fact of being able to create your own stimulation modes to obtain the sensations that you wishes to have, challenged me. But also to follow his progress in the realization and to be able to customize the internal sensors. Was it simple? Did I manage to do something with it? I’ll tell you a little bit later.

The Lelo App

App Lelo F1s demo app

The Lelo F1s Demo App

Regarding the Lelo app, it is available for iOS and Android. You have to search a little, because, on the Google Play, it is called Lelo F1s Demo App, which is not very speaking. As soon as we launch the application, we are asked to activate our GPS position and switch on the Lelo F1s to make the Bluetooth connection between the masturbator and the smartphone. The app allows us more control over the F1s, but is it good? We will see that a little further!

In any case, know that the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red has several probes and wireless controls inside. The application allows to see all the statistics and use it through the application or to let the control to another person. We can control the F1s vibrations/pulsations intensity, control the speed and power and explore the masturbator’s vibration and rhythm patterns. In addition, we can see the pressure level inside the F1s in real time in addition to checking the temperature of the latter.

But that’s not all, because it can also find the gyro information of the F1s, the usage meter, the progress and other information on the latter. In particular, many legal information on the product.

VR & AR compatibility

lelo f1s developers kit - 14

A weird but beautiful thing

So here I am skeptical. When I saw that, I thought it was great! I was going to be able to test the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red with my Oculus Quest and VR Porn! But is this the case? And what does that mean? On the box, I read the words “VR & AR Compatibility”. This indicates that the F1s are compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). I think it’s great, but is it compatible with something already? I will answer this question in the efficiency part to tell you more..

How to lubricate the Lelo F1s?

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 16

The structure of the inner sleeve is really not usual

As with all masturbators, use a water-based lubricant. Here it is a silicone sleeve, so if you want to use a lubricant, take a water-based one. I really like Sliquid H20, Sliquid Satin, Pjur Aqua, but I forget the many others like Motsutoys Tyo Lubricant or Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu.

How to clean the Lelo F1s?

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 19

A cleaning spray is present in the box to clean the F1s

Knowing that this masturbator is waterproof, we can clean it easily. I advise you to rinse it with warm water and use the Lelo toy cleaner provided, as long as you do, to spray the solution into the sleeve before rinsing it with clear water.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red efficiency

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 25

The Lelo Glove! A kind of sex “Power Glove”!

Now, place for the race, we put on our gloves, we heat the engine and our dicks and go for the sonic waves adventure in a masturbator! Did I come first? Did I puncture a tire at the beginning of the race? It’s time to know the results!

Ergonomics and grip

It was one of my fears seeing it for the first time, but in the end, it’s not bad at all, even though I have a small negative point to emphasize. With its cylindrical shape, but not really, I find that the grip is good. We are not afraid of losing it from the hands, the buttons are accessible, everything is fine.

However, I have a small complaint to make. For my part, I place the F1s so that the membrane comes to pulse on the penis brake/frenulum. So far, so good. On the other hand, the windowed part is thus found on the side and not on the top. It’s all stupid, but to see the F1s inside using it, you have to lean your head to the side. Too bad. Otherwise, to really see the inside using it, the membrane will necessarily pulsate on the side of the penis head. And that’s not really the most stimulating way to use it.

Developer’s mode, where are you?

This is one of the parts that interested me the most in this product, the available SDK. Except that to get this SDK, it’s not as easy as expected. On the Lelo site, it is stated that the SDK would be available when the product will be shipped. However, I have not received anything like that. So I contacted Lelo’s chat service to find out how to get this SDK. After waiting two hours, I still have not received an answer to my message. My position in the chat was still on place number 2 and I must say that after two hours, I dropped. I asked to be contacted by email.

It was in the night that I received a feedback from Lelo telling me that the SDK was not ready yet and that the developers were still working on it. The person tells me that the application is, available and that it allows me to have an overview of what it will be possible to do with it. I will tell you later when it will be available by doing an update of the review! What I do not understand is that English websites say they have tested this SDK, while it does not exist yet. It’s very strange… I even had confirmation that it was still in development in late November, so it is impossible that these so-called English reviewers may have the Lelo SDK.

The first attempt with the Lelo F1s Demo App

App Lelo F1s demo app - 2

The application launches an animation video at the beginning

At first, the application was not available when I received the F1s. But now, it is present in the Google Play Store. In fact, everything happens in the application part. Indeed, the Lelo F1s Demo App can do a lot of things. Already the application allows to show the SDK possibilities. It’s not really an application to use the F1s, but rather to demonstrate how it works and to give us inspiration later to start developing it.

App Lelo F1s demo app - 3

The connection between the F1s and the smartphone is in progress …

Unfortunately, for the moment, it’s the drama. Indeed, the application crashes systematically on my smartphone. I launch the application, I start to synchronize the F1s with my smartphone, I confirm the link and there, the application crashes. I tried a second time, same thing. Then I restarted my smartphone and the F1s, same observation. So, I checked if I had the latest version available at that time, it was the case. Still, whether it’s Lovense, We-Vibe and others apps, I do not have that concern. Here, I can’t go further in the application. I tried to contact Lelo via Twitter, but I did not get any feedback from them.

App Lelo F1s demo app - 4

Once the validation is done, the application crashes every time on my smartphone

I will wait until a new version is available to update the article and tell you more about the application. However, it’s not great to end up with an application crashing for launch. If I will have the same problems with other connected sex toys applications, I will not say that, but here it is not great to be in my situation. Suddenly, I send a feedback to Lelo who told me that this could happen when the F1s battery is not fully charged. It was what I had done the first time. But no, it does not work! I try it dozens of times, the application crash at the same step on my smartphone. So I decided to pause this part of the review and come back to it later, when the application will be really operational.

The second attempt with the application

To go a little further, I borrowed Kitty’s tablet to see if I could go a little further than on my smartphone. I succeeded to sync the F1s and the tablet, so I decided to take a screenshot of the next step that I could not reach on my smartphone without the application crashes and I find myself on the tablet homepage.

I go back to the application. But, I lost control with the F1s. So, I try to synchronize it again with the tablet, but every attempt, the pairing confirmation by pressing the Power button once does not work. Then, I have a connection loss. At least on the tablet, I do not have the application crashing, but it seems tedious to achieve the connection between the F1s and the device having the application installed.

The third attempt with the Lelo F1s Demo App

lelo F1s demo app tablet - 1

A screen not easy to obtain

I tried again to use the F1s with the tablet. This time, I managed to get into the application. I just took two pictures to show you what it looks like. With the application, we unlock many more functions, finally mainly statistics. But not only that, since one goes to 15 modes / intensities on the membrane pulsation and 15 levels of vibrations intensity situated at the entrance of the membrane. However, after two minutes, the application crashed on the tablet.

lelo F1s demo app tablet - 2

We like it or not, but we still have more functions!

You can see it in the photo above, the interface (GUI) is special. There are mainly two motors, controllable with + and – buttons and a panel on the right, which can be dragged to get more statistics.

The noise of the masturbator F1s

The F1s masturbator is announced as generating up to 50 db! This is not excessive, but it is not what is more silent. In fact, everything depends on the modes used, some being more intense than others and therefore noisier than others. Frankly, that’s fine, it’s not a war machine that makes a crazy sound. This is neither a Fuck Machine nor an Autoblow AI. For my part, I found the sound level relatively acceptable as a whole.

However, it will depend a lot on how you use it and our penis size. Finally, it is the impression that I had while using it. Indeed, on the highest intensities, if your penis push on the sleeve and because of that, on the membrane, it really vibrates. I do not know if it’s the vibrations of the window or the engine or a bit of both, but it’s still noisy! If I release the pressure on my penis head, the noise is less strong, but as soon as inflates my penis with the sonic waves, the sound level increases drastically again. It looks like a mini jackhammer in some situations.

The SenSonic stimulation

Lelo F1s Developers Kit red - 24

Be careful, it will pulse inside!

As I announced previously, the Lelo F1s works with the sonic wave system, which we have already discovered in the first contactless stimulators models of Lelo. I’m talking about Sona and Sona Cruise. But that’s not all, because in reality, they are vibrations and sonic waves, allowing better penetration into the body. The interest is that the waves touch more surface than vibrations, so stimulates a larger area and especially by indirect penis stimulation.

In fact, it’s like a sound speaker. The sound creates a sonic wave. This is precisely why speaker bass tend to move the windows. It’s the wave propagation that does that. In fact, it’s the same principle with the SenSonic effect inside the masturbator. We end up with a less mechanical stimulation and more organic one.

For my part, given the size of my penis and the available place in the sleeve, I had less this wave propagation sensation, because my penis touch the membrane. But I can tell you that it’s still something other than vibrations. I could feel the difference.

However, we must not forget that in addition to the membrane, we have an engine at the entrance that delivers vibrations. We can’t control each separately in manual mode, but with the application, it is quite possible.

What does this stimulation give in real?

Lelo F1s Developers Kit red - 23

The gloves are really nice!

So on the stimulation side, I still was pleasantly surprised. Indeed, I was afraid that Lelo released only an effective product on the marketing plan, but finally, I must say that it is a pleasant surprise. The F1s is strong, especially at the highest intensity levels! I find here, the Lelo engine power that I’m used to, I must say that we can’t complain.

A membrane that changes the game

The membrane that pulsates on the my penis frenulum is at first subtle, pleasant, on the lowest intensities where the noise level is low. Then, as soon as you climb, the membrane begins to seriously stimulate the penis. I will not say completely the penis, but we feel that the waves still go further than the area they occupy. The more the membrane does its work, the more the stimulation becomes intense and we feel the moment when we can’t resist. The pleasure climbing is gradual, but it is not very long, a bit like a Womanizer, Satisfyer, Sona and do the same on the clitoris.

We let ourselves be

For my part, I do not move the F1s using it, or just a little sometimes. There is no real need to go back and forth, his goal is, in my case, to stimulate the penis fenulum, a bit like a magic wand that can be used as well. Obviously, it goes without saying, in 5 to 10 minutes, the orgasm arrives, we can’t really escape it. And it is stronger than a classic orgasm, because the membrane does not stop at the time of the latter, which enhances the pleasure felt.

What about the CruiseControl mode?

I must admit that at the beginning, I did not pay too much attention, but I must say that I have the impression that it is present. At first, I had the impression that the waves no longer pulsed, especially when the pressure was too strong with the membrane. But in the end, I noticed that there were sometimes automatic intensities, which seem to come from the CruiseControl. So, it’s a good thing, because I had the impression to get power variations and not lose some at any given moment.

The Lelo F1s vibrations

As for the membrane part, the vibrations present are powerful. This allows to come stimulate the rest of the penis, not being stimulated by the membrane. And as soon as you use the application, you gain even more power. It’s really a stimulation addition. On that side, it’s successful.

VR & AR compatibility, anything?

So at this point, I can not really say much for the moment because the application crashes constantly and does not allow me to go further than the introduction. It seems that the application offers content compatible with the F1s, but I doubt that it is the case. I especially think that it is the SDK that will offer, with the participation of developers, compatibility with VR platforms and AR systems. Moreover, the rare moments when I was able to access the application, I absolutely saw no VR content.

But I remain convinced that the F1s can be compatible with VR & AR, provided by the developers that will use the SDK to interface their system with the F1s. I will come back on this review to make an update as soon as I will be able to continue my adventure.

Some negative points

Already, you understood that I was not satisfied with the product launch. To not have access to the SDK and have only a demo application that crashes in my case on my smartphone, it is not what is best. I’m still disappointed, because I really hoped to test this part. I will have to wait for a more stable version of the application or find another compatible smartphone to test the app correctly.

In the end, I must say that I did not expect either a product as noisy depending on the case. Personally, it does not bother me, but it is not discreet, as soon as you arrive at level 4 or 5.

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red final thoughts

lelo f1s developer's kit red - 15

An unusual masturbator

The Lelo F1s launch is not the best launch I’ve seen. The announcement of the F1s was made too early, we had to wait, and when it comes out, the SDK is not yet released and the application seems really in beta mode. This is clearly a launch that could be better I think. And it’s a shame, because the product itself is really good. The stimulation is effective, the F1s is powerful, it is different from a classic vibration masturbator or even using a magic wand on the penis brake. It’s still a success in this regard. The combination of the two motors and two types of stimulation is a success.

It’s really the app that bothers me because it’s not stable. I’m not lucky, we’ll say that. However, having animations to highlight the F1s in the application is good, but I wonder if this is not also what causes crashes. By making simple, clean and lightweight, the application could have been more efficient and stable on the largest number of devices. And it’s a shame, because we lose the benefits of using it, that is to say, more power and more control. For me, Lelo must absolutely rework their application. So I hope to be able to test a stable and functional application soon. Say it’s a demo, as the name suggests.

Well, that being said, as soon as I can get it to work with an update and I have my hands on the SDK, I’ll be there to update the review to tell you more! I will apply a temporary rating, taking into account the application part and SDK. As soon as I have more to test, I will change it according to the results.


  • The complete packaging
  • Nice goodies
  • A unique masturbator
  • Sonic wave stimulation
  • The membrane stimulates very well
  • Powerful and with the CruiseControl


  • A beta application that crashes easily on my smartphone
  • SDK unavailable on release
  • A poorly managed marketing launch
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