Still a new sex toy from the well-know manufacturer, I speak about Lovense and its Lovense Edge! Yes, again a new sex toy from the manufacturer specializing in quality connected sex toys. It must be said that Lovense is clearly a leader in the field. It was the Lovense Lush, a connected vibrating egg that had surprised me at the time by its power and its functions. It was from that moment that I watched this company a lot. But I’ve reviewed the Lush 2 if you’re interested. Today, it is the Lovense Edge, the first connected prostate massager.

However, it is not the first or the last Lovense sex toy that I review on the website. There was the Rabbit Nora, which I have not yet published, but that should not be long. Then there was his complementary element, the masturbator Max. Then I had the opportunity to review the excellent butt plug of their range, the Lovense Hush. Before ending with a small clitoral stimulator but powerful, the Lovense Ambi. Today, I come back into the connected sex toys and prostate world, with the Lovense Edge review!

Lovense Edge packaging

lovense edge - 1

The box of the prostate massager, Lovense Edge

As always, I find with pleasure, the Lovense’s packaging. They are not the only ones to do that, but I must say that I find the box practical. It’s a box that looks a little like the new ones from We-Vibe. This is a white cardboard box with several information on it to give you the outline of what the Lovense Edge offers.

lovense edge - 2

Bluetooth range and information

Inside, we find the prostate massager in a foam mold with a user manual. There is also a USB magnetic charging cable, but no storage pouch. The box will be used to store the product in the long term and is rather practical.

lovense edge - 5

The Lovense Edge in its mold

What about the Eco-Friendly part of the box? Here, it’s not bad at all! Indeed, the box is entirely in cardboard. There is not a single piece of plastic, it’s really good. Only the foam mold could be improved, but it is not bad at all, next to other manufacturers who still use plastic, especially as a wedge or mold.

Lovense Edge physical details

lovense edge - 6

The contents of the box

That’s not all, but it’s not with a box that I will vibrate my prostate. So let’s look at this one more closely. As you can see in the photos, it’s not a big prostate massager, even if it’s not small either.

Lovense Edge size

lovense edge - 4

The dimensions of the Lovense Edge

The Lovense Edge is not a big prostate massager, but it is not small either. Indeed, it measures 11.4 cm total length (4.49″) for 7.94 cm insertable length (3.12″) to come to stimulate the prostate. For its diameter, it is 3.58 cm maximum (or 1.41″). It is therefore in a good average size. It is a prostate massager of intermediate sizes.

Others details on the Lovense Edge

lovense edge - 8

All black and well designed

When we look at it more closely and in detail, we find elements specific to the usual prostate massager. There is an adjustable head with a bump-shaped part to fit the prostate shape. There is also a neck optimized for use without the hands or to wear during a penetration with your partner. It also has a part intended for the perineum.

In short, all that is more than usual for this type of sex toy. Of course, you also have a button available on the prostate massager to use it in manual mode. And last point, it is black, which is also common for this kind of sex toy.

Lovense Edge materials

lovense edge - 13

Good quality silicone

With Lovense, we can expect good materials. Here, with the Lovense Edge, it’s the same as for other Lovense toys of the same generation. We have the right to medical grade silicone. Silicone is a healthy material for the body, containing neither latex nor phthalates. It is a hypoallergenic material, in short, it’s all good! Here, this silicone is quite soft and catches little dust, it’s perfect.

Lovense Edge use

lovense edge - 10

Simple in appearance, this massager has multiple functions

Want to play with your prostate? It must be said that with two motors, one in the shaft and the other in the perineum part, it makes you want it! In addition, we can adjust the Lovense Edge stimulation head so that it fits our body, it promises beautiful things. A prostate massager as much thought for beginners as advanced users, it’s an opportunity to play with the P-Spot. Let’s see, in detail, how to use this beautiful machine!

But by the way, what is prostate massage?

Above all, a little reminder about prostate massage! I have already explained a lot of things on my French website about it. In short, a prostate massage can stimulate the prostate or as it is called the P-Spot. Either it is a manual prostate massage, which necessarily requires voluntary contractions of PC muscles. Either it is a vibrating prostate massage that does not necessarily require to work with PC muscles, although it may help.

How to charge the Edge ?

lovense edge - 18

Charging the Lovense Edge

The hardest thing to do! In any case, the first time! Because seeing the Edge, we have one thing in mind, want to try it. It will therefore be necessary to wait for it to charge it completely. To do this, simply use the USB magnetic power cable. The magnetized part will be clipped on the Lovense Edge. The other part can connect directly to the USB port of a computer, or to an AC adapter.

lovense edge - 17

The charging power cable and its mini jack plug

It will take 90 minutes to fully charge and 1 hour and a half to two hours for its autonomy in use. Be aware that you have a LED that will light up when loading. This allows you to be sure that the cable is clipped correctly. This LED will stop blinking to stay steady when the product is fully charged.

How to use the manual mode ?

lovense edge - 19

The manual guides you to learn how to use the Edge

The manual mode is the old-school mode! Here you only have one button on the Lovense Edge. It must be pressed a few seconds to turn on the vibrating massager. If you press the button once, you change the vibrations intensity. And by letting press three seconds the same button, you will turn off the toy. Be aware, however, that once the massager is activated, you can use it in a hands-free mode, because it will hold well alone.

Which devices are compatible with the Lovense Edge ?

Like the Ambi, the Lovense Edge displays the same requirement. You will need a smartphone with at least Android 4.3 or an iOS 9.0 system. The device will also need Bluetooth 4.0. However, you can also use the Mac or Windows application with a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. You even have a Lovense extension for Chrome or Firefox! As much to say to you that you have a lot of ways to use the Edge at your disposal. And this, not to mention the manual mode use, of course.

How to bind the Lovense Edge to your smartphone ?

lovense edge - 21

Information for pairing is present in the manual

In connected mode, that is, when the Lovense Edge is connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone and / or in connection with another person remotely, we can do a lot of things. But for that, you have to link it to your smartphone. To pair the Lovense Edge with your phone, you will be guided by the app.

It will activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and the massager to perform a pairing. The Lovense Remote app can be used locally or via the Internet. The Lovense Edge will be connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone. Then, your smartphone will be connected to the other remote smartphone, which also owns the application by an Internet connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi).

What can we do in connected mode?

lovense edge - 11

A button is present under the prostate massager

As I said, in connected mode, you can do a lot of things. By default, you only have 3 constant modes in manual mode. Light, medium and strong mode. But with the app, you can have up to 10 programmable vibration patterns. But even better, you can program vibration modes for use in manual mode. This avoids using the smartphone at each session.

You can also pair two Lovense sex toys. This means that by activating a vibrating mode, it will not activate on one, but on both Lovense sex toys, at the same time. There is also a way to vibrate the Lovense Edge according to the ambient noise picked up by the microphone of the smartphone. And finally, you can vibrate the prostate massager according to the music you listen to and even connect the application to your Spotify account.

The Bluetooth range with the Lovense Edge

On Lovense products, you should know that there is a Bluetooth signal optimal range depending on the position used with the prostate massager. In standing position, the range is 6 meters and this at 360 °. When sitting with the massager, the range is 2 to 3 meters, always 360 °. Otherwise the Bluetooth connection may be cut off.

What can be done more with the app ?

lovense edge - 3

The technical details and functions are present behind the box

The Lovense connected app allows many other things! It must be said that this is one of the most comprehensive connected sex toy applications on the market today. Indeed, we can send vibration patterns to other people to share them. One can also synchronize a sex toy with another to reflect the actions of one with the other. It is also possible to send pictures and voice messages.

And finally, two other functions are available. The first is the fact of allowing to make a video call between two devices under iOS. And the second thing is that the Lovense Edge can react to tips and tokens for those who make cam shows. Frankly, it’s a really nice application. There is also an alarm mode that can be configured to start the sex toy at the desired time. Very nice too.

Which lube to use with the Lovense Edge ?

lovense edge - 12

Silicone toy, water-based lubricant

With the Lovense Edge, you do not have much choice. Since this is made entirely of silicone, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant oriented for anal use. Indeed, it is possible that incompatibilities between a silicone-based lubricant and a silicone toy happen. So to avoid all this, as much as possible, choose a water-based lubricant.

In this area, you have quite a few in the lubricants market. I can advise you to use the lubricant YES BUT! for example, or the Pjur Back Door Aqua. For my tests, I used the Sliquid Organics Sensation.

How to clean the Edge ?

Before or after, clean your prostate massager. Good news, the Lovense Edge is waterproof. It means two things. The first is that it can be used in water. If you have a bath, I think it must be very nice. But it also works in the shower, because as I told you previously, it can be used without hands. The second thing is that it becomes easier to clean.

lovense edge - 14

Quick and easy cleaning

For this, you can use a little soap and warm water to clean it. But you can also use a toy cleaner for this operation. You have the YES Cleanse for example, or the Sliquid Shine. But there are many in the market, so do not hesitate to compare them.

Lovense Edge efficiency

lovense edge - 9

A prostate massager with two powerful motors

The moment has finally come to give you my feedback in detail on this Lovense Edge. Should we fall for this connected prostate stimulator? Are those engines powerful? It is true that with Lovense, we can hardly be wrong, but we never know. Let’s go to tell you if the Edge is effective or not!

The remote control mode with the Lovense Edge

Before talking about the massager itself, let’s talk about the application. First thing, the remote mode, that is, when the Lovense Edge is connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone. Just like for Ambi, the application is used in touch mode. You can always create a loop, that is, make a piece of vibration loop around to create a mode. It works well and it’s nice to be able to act at this point.

Music mode and ambient sound

As on the Ambi, the Edge uses the same functions of the application. So you have also for this prostate massager, the music and ambient sound mode. The first mode allows the massager to react according to the music you have selected. You can choose any audio track from your smartphone, but also pair the Lovense Remote app to a Spotify account. Too bad, I’m using Deezer.

The other mode is the sound mode that reacts to sounds picked up by the microphone of the smartphone through the application. It’s quite effective, but you must adjust the sound level so that the microphone captures only the sounds you want. Otherwise, it will vibrate for everything and anything. This is the same principle as on the Hush, the connected butt plug of the same brand.

Lovense Remote with long distance option

I also did a tour on the long distance use. The long distance mode is used through a 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi link. At the function level, it is quite complete. We find again the function of text chat that works well. You can also switch to voice chat mode, much like on Skype. You can always send photos through the app. It is also always easy to give control of the sex toy to someone else remotely. And finally, we can also do a double synchronization.

This double synchronization makes it possible to have fun at two, at a distance, one according to the other, so that the sex toys vibrate together. This allows couples in long-distance relationships to feel a little closer to each other. One can even couple two Lovense sex toys per user. As much to say to you that the possibilities are rather broad.

And the prostate massager in all this?

That’s true ! I’m talking about the application, but I’m not talking about the prostate massager itself! It would be the perfect moment to tell you that I think! Let’s go to tell you a little more about the Edge!

Position and prostate stimulation

lovense edge - 20

Explanation to properly position the prostate massager

Yes, the Lovense Edge is a prostate massager that holds well in place and in multiple use settings. Indeed, its rather unique feature is to allow the choice of the angle of the prostate shaft. Prostate massagers or G-spot stimulators often do not adapt to body morphology. Curvature is a kind of average of all the tests that were conducted.

However, an average is not accurate. With the system present in the shaft, you can adjust it to your body. This allows two things, better stimulation, because the head is better placed, close to the prostate. And on the other side, it allows the massager to better hold in place. So this is a good point, because this massager adapts to his user.

Power and possibilities

lovense edge - 15

There are many functions when using the application

As for power, rest assured, the Lovense Edge is really powerful. It must be said that Lovense is still famous and known for the power of its internal engines. Here, with a motor at the head and a motor for the perineum part, we feel that there is power behind. In addition, with the application, you can control the two motors independently, still a good point.

Of course, even if by default, you only have 3 levels of intensity, this is more than enough to be satisfied with the stimulation it provides on the prostate. I am always more receptive to prostate stimulation than perineum one, but I must admit that the stimulation of the perineum is quite nice and above all more noticeable than the majority of prostate massagers on the market (connected or not).

But it has some defects

What I do not like about the Edge is a bit like other connected sex toys, it is less functional when you do not use a smartphone to control it. A good connected sex toy must offer the same benefits, whether in connected mode or not. Here, for example, you can more easily check the status of the battery with the application. Live on the toy, good luck to have the info. The buttons are also a bit hard to use. If you have lubricant on your hands, it’s hard to press the button without slipping. But, in sitting position, it does not change mode by accident, because it resists a little load.

lovense edge - 16

Perineum and prostate massage

Another point, the charging LED. When the product is fully charged, the light turns off instead of going into constant green. This is disturbing because one wonders if the Edge is well charged or if there was a connection problem during charging. And finally, the patterns (models) present in the application are not necessarily wonderful for a prostate massage.

This is particularly the case with fast vibration patterns and where there are abrupt changes in power. The Edge does not follow very well and sometimes lacks transitions in the vibrations. As soon as a model is too complex, the Edge will be less precise than a Lush for example.

And so, do you like this Edge in the end?

Yes, I love this prostate massager from Lovense. It was one of my wishes, because I know that Lovense offers some very good products for the clitoris and other G-spot market. Today, I finally have a sophisticated vibrating prostate massager. The last vibrating massager who had caught my attention was the Aneros Vice.

Others were very good, but not so impressive. Here, I have the power, the features and a studied shape that works well. The Edge applies plenty of pressure on the prostate. In short, it is a toy that will serve me from time to time, anyway, as soon as I think of a prostate massage in connected mode with Kitty using the remote control for example.

Lovense Edge final thoughts

lovense edge - 7

A prostate masseur who really deserves a good rating

Once again Lovense offers us a very good connected sex toy and it is not displeasing to us. Indeed, Lovense is very popular among Cam-Girl. Lush is very often used during cam shows. Today, we finally have a connected prostate massager of quality that will find its place. Vibrating prostate massagers, there are quite a few on the market, but not that much either. It’s time to think about it if you are looking for a quality prostate massager. In any case, you will not be disappointed with this one!


  • A quality silicone
  • The Lovense Remote app
  • The possibilities with the application
  • Powerful engines
  • Good stimulation
  • Flexible and adjustable head


  • The LED charging
  • The buttons a little too hard
  • Must have almost mandatory use of the app
  • No storage pouch

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