Here is the youngest of the Lovense range, I named the Lovense Ambi! It is a very small size vibrator competing with the vibrating bullets and Co. This is clearly the purpose of this toy. Moreover, it was the concept of launching the Lovense Ambi as one could see on its Indiegogo webpage. Lovense is not at its first attempt in the connected sex toy market.

Indeed, Lovense has already released the Rabbit Nora which works in duo or independently with Lovense Max masturbator. Then there was the excellent vibrating connected egg, the Lovense Lush. You can read my Lush 2 review there. And finally, the Lovense Hush, a powerful connected butt plug. But today, Lovense returns with a small clitoral vibrator, designed to vibrate the clitoris, but not only! You will see that it’s a little more than other toy like that! Here is the Lovense Ambi review!

Lovense Ambi packaging

I like Lovense’s packaging! They make me think a little about those at We-Vibe elsewhere. This is a hard white cardboard box with a lot of indications. You can find on the back side, instructions to tell us how to use it and what it is able to offer. Inside this box, of course, is the Lovense Ambi. If it is not the case, it is because there is a big problem. You also have a magnetic charging cable, a manual, but no storage pouch. It’s a shame, but it’s like this.

Carton, that’s good. Cardboard is magic, it can be recycled. On the other hand, inside the box, there is a foam mold to keep the Lovense Ambi in place during transport. Well, it’s not great, but it’s still better than plastic.

Lovense Ambi physical details

I’ve to tell you, it’s a strange machine. As soon as you take it out of its box, you have the impression of having in your hands, a kind of little pink hammer. However, it is indeed a sex toy. Lovense comes back again with a choice of very girly colors. This is the same pink as for Lovense Lush.

Lovense Ambi size

To show you that the Lovense Ambi is small, let’s take a look at its dimensions. It measures 8.6 cm of total height (or 3.36″) with a handle measuring 6.10 in length (2.40″) and 2.63 cm (1″) wide. The “hammer” part or the stimulating head measures 5.82 cm in length (or 3.50″) and 2.76 cm in width (1″). It is therefore a small vibrator, almost as small as a vibrating bullet.

Ambi details

Another point to note, its finish. I must admit that there is nothing wrong with it. It’s really almost perfect. We recognize here the usual quality of Lovense products. You also have on the toy, a single button to control the few default modes. In short, it is a small vibrator, ergonomic, but also compact.

Lovense Ambi materials

Like the majority of Lovense products, the Ambi is no exception to the rule. This is a product made entirely of medical grade silicone. It is a healthy material for the body and does not contain phthalates. In addition, it is hypoallergenic. It is a soft silicone that does not catch much dust. Once again, it’s the Lovense quality found on the Lovense Ambi.

Lovense Ambi use

The Lovense Ambi is a clitoral vibrator that is intended to vibrate several erogenous zones such as vulva, clitoris, breasts or even the perineum or the penis frenulum. But that’s not all ! Indeed, it is also a sex toy that can be used at short distance in Bluetooth or long distance with the application via the Internet.

How to charge the Lovense Ambi ?

To charge the Ambi, you have to use its magnetic charging cable. Indeed, you have a cable provided for this purpose, allowing you to charge and reload your sex toy. It takes 90 minutes of loading time for 1 hour and a half to two hours of use. Attention, the magnetic part is quite sensitive. It must therefore be put in place to be sure that the contact is made correctly. When charging, a small LED will illuminate to indicate this.

How to use the manual mode of Lovense Ambi?

To use the Ambi manual mode, once loaded, you have only one button on the toy. By pressing it a few seconds, you will turn it on. Then, each pressure will change the vibrations intensity in a constant mode. Depending on the part of Lovense Ambi that you’ll use, you can apply localized or very pin-point stimulation. Below, a small diagram explaining the positioning of the Ambi.

lovense ambi - type de stimulation

In addition, you can use it alone or with someone else. As much as you can stimulate several erogenous zones of your body, as much you can use as a couples stimulator. The same way that the We-Vibe Sync, We-Vibe Unite, but also We-Vibe 4 Plus or Partner Plus.

Which devices are compatible with Lovense Ambi?

To make it work in a connected way, you will need a compatible smartphone. For this, you need that your phone is Android 4.3 (minimum) with Bluetooth 4.0 or Apple iOS 9.0 or higher. Otherwise, you will only be able to control it in manual mode. In reality, this is not totally true.

You can also connect it with the Mac application and always with the Bluetooth 4.0 or Windows application requiring the Bluetooth Lovense adapter on the PC. I think a classic Bluetooth 4.0 dongle also works. You also have the option of using a special Lovense browser that contains the connection plug-in. Or, the Lovense extension for Chrome and Firefox.

What can be done in connected mode with the Lovense Ambi?

Obviously, the connected mode is the most interesting part of the Lovense Ambi, except of course, its powerful vibrations. It can therefore be paired with a compatible smartphone and use the Lovense Remote application to use it in “Internet” mode. As always, Bluetooth is connected between the smartphone and the Ambi and then between the Lovense Remote application and the remote person, also with the Lovense Remote application. Beware, on the Google Store, we also find the Lovense Connect app, but it is a very, very light version that is not really interesting.

It is therefore possible to subsequently configure multiple configurable vibration modes. You have 3 constant modes and up to 10 configurable vibration patterns. It is also possible to program modes to use it with the toy button in “classic” mode. That’s really good I think and this is the first time I see this on a sex toy.

It is also possible to pair two Lovense toys at the same time on the app. Thus, one can control at the same time the Lovense Lush and Lovense Ambi. Or Ambi and Lovense Hush at the same time. And so make both vibrate at the same time! Great ! You also have the ability to use the option for the vibrations to take place according to the noises and ambient sounds that the Lovense Ambi can capture with the smartphone mic. And finally, you also have an option to connect the Ambi to your Spotify account to vibrate the sex toy according to the music.

And what else can be done with the Lovense Remote app?

Do you want more ? I understand. With the app, you can also send vibration patterns to other people. You can also synchronize a Lovense toy with another, so that the movements of one impact the other. It is also possible to send photos, but also voice messages. And if it’s two iOS devices, you can also make a video call. As much to say to you that it is really complete. And to finish in style, for lovers of camgirls and camboys, we can couple the Lovense Ambi tips and tokens that can be received on livecam platforms to vibrate the sex toy according to the tip. You can’t stop progress.

How to clean the Ambi ?

Very easy! Indeed, the Lovense Ambi is a 100% waterproof sex toy. This means that you can, on the one hand, use it in or underwater. And on the other hand, it is very simple to clean it. By putting it in warm water with a little soap, it will do. Better yet, opt for a toy cleaner. For example, you have the Sliquid Shine cleaner made for that.

Which lube to use with the Ambi ?

You have to choose a water-based lubricant. Indeed, the Lovense Ambi is made of silicone and therefore, to avoid any problem, a water-based lubricant is recommended. You can easily focus on the Sliquid H20 lubricant, the Pjur Aqua or the water based Sliquid Satin.

Lovense Ambi efficiency

This is the moment to say that Lovense Ambi is a great toy! Well, yes, you thought it was a bad sex toy? You do not know the Lovense range very well! It’s almost flawless every time! Is this the case for the Ambi? Of course! Let’s take some of this off!

The Lovense Remote app with short distance remote control

Let’s start by discussing the Lovense Remote application in depth before telling you what the Lovense Ambi causes in terms of sensations. The first use made, was in “remote control” mode. This is the case where you want to use the Ambi with a smartphone as a remote control when you are within a short distance of a few meters.

The smartphone, once the connection made with the toy, serves as a remote control. You can either use the touch screen of the phone to interact with the vibrations or use the slider. It’s still easier in touch mode. Vibration patterns can then be created with a possible loopback. This makes it possible to use a pattern vibration as a loop. A bit like vibrating modes. Once you reach the maximum level, you come back to the first level. Here, it’s the same. Once the end of the vibration spectrum is reached, we return to the beginning. Classic, well thought out, it works well. In addition, the vibrating modes created can be publicly shared later.

The musical and sound mode

Two interesting modes in the application, the music mode and the sound mode. The first is the possibility of reacting the Lovense Ambi to the music you listen to. You can listen to all audio tracks on the phone with the possibility of creating a playlist. But we can also link the application to a Spotify account. It works well, but there are some bugs all the same for the Spotify part. There is a slight discrepancy between the vibrations and the music. This is a beta app, so there will be future fixes thereafter.

Then there is the sound mode, which allows you to vibrate the sex toy according to the ambient noise that it the smartphone microphone captures. It works very well, just like on the Hush, for which, I reviewed this function. The microphone is a little sensitive by default and picks up all kinds of noise. The Ambi vibrates so often for not much, but one can adjust the level that can capture the microphone to vibrate only on a certain volume. Convenient to configure as you liked.

The Lovense Remote app with Long Distance

Then, I try the long-distance connection, that is to say, through a 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi and not only Bluetooth. In terms of function, it’s really complete. The text chat works very well. You can send photos through this one, but also switch to voice chat mode, like a discussion on Skype. Nice to see the person from a distance. You can easily give control to the remote person through the application and icing on the cake, do a double synchronization.

Indeed, we can synchronize the two toys at a distance, with each other, so that they vibrate together according to the actions of one reverberating on the other. It works very well and it allows to have a real remote interactive sex session. And double icing on the cake, we can couple two Lovense sex toys per user. For example, I can use Hush and Max while my partner uses Ambi and Lush. And again, there are many other Lovense products on the market.

The pluses of long-distance mode

What I liked too, is the ability to give control automatically to a person when it connects to the application. This avoids sending messages to know if the person is available to make us vibrate. In “long distance” mode, there are sometimes some disconnections, but it is infrequent and the re-connection is done quickly. The application is stable, I did not have a Lovense Remote crash during my use. It all depends on your smartphone and what is already on it as they say.

Kitty & Mogwai feedback

Here now, my feedback and the one of my dear and tender Kitty on the Lovense Ambi! We have tried it several times and in various situations to realize its capabilities. Here is our feedback!

Small but powerful

Yes, the Lovense Ambi is small, really small. It is surely one of the smallest clitoral stimulators that I had the opportunity to see, if not the smallest one. Lovense often indicates that their vibrating motors are above the average market and this is not a lie. Even though the Ambi only has three default intensity levels, I can tell you that it is powerful. The vibrations are strong and deep and especially localized, while being quite silent, allowing to use it outside without getting noticed easily.

Handy and versatile

In hand, the Ambi is relatively easy to use. It is small, so it’s a little strange at first, but we get used to it. You can position it so that you do not need your hands to use it. It can indeed stall between the vagina lips with the Ambi tip of the clitoris. This is convenient because we can let ourselves be done while the other partner controls the toy via a smartphone. That’s what I tried with Kitty. It holds up without problem. It can also be fun to vibrate the Breast nipples or the perineum, it can do everything.

Firm but fun

Yes, the Lovense Ambi is rather firm. Indeed, being very small, there is a little layer of silicone. As a result, there is not this flexibility that can be found on other silicone sex toys. You must be careful not to hurt your partner by keeping it in place. Another point that I found fun, the “alarm” function  in the application that can trigger the vibrations at a specific time. It can start either with a predefined model or on a selected music. Perfect for a sexy awakening.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lovense Ambi final thoughts

In conclusion, the Lovense Ambi is a very good novelty from Lovense! At the same time, one gets used to quality products with Lovense. Because since the Lush release, it must be said that this manufacturer has made talk a lot about him! Here, we have no doubt, this is one of the smallest vibrators and clitoral stimulators on the market, but especially with incredible power.

Lovense is known today, to offer powerful engines with vibrations that propagate very well and the Ambi follows the movement. Finally, apart from the application that is evolving on some functions in beta mode, it’s a perfect sex toy! Once again, Lovense hits hard! There is no doubt that Lovense’s upcoming products like the Domi, Edge and Osci that have just been released will also be good. We’ll see that in future reviews!


  • Small, very small, but strong
  • The Lovense Remote app and its possibilities
  • Deep and powerful vibrations
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Creating vibration patterns transferable in classic mode


  • Hard texture, be careful when using it
  • No storage pouch
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