Another Satisfyer on the market with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler! Yes, one more! You realize? It must be said that the Satisfyer brand is very prolific at the moment. Maybe a little too much elsewhere! Indeed, lately, Satisfyer has released three models. The first is the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, which is ok. Then there were two failed models in my opinion, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit and the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples.

Yet Satisfyer is doing pretty well in the field in general. For example, the Satisfyer Pro 2 or recently, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. But today, this is a transportable model and a very small one that will be reviewed. It is clearly there to compete with the Womanizer Starlet that I have already reviewed on the French website. We will see how this model could enter the competition. Here is my Satisfyer Pro Traveler review!

Satisfyer Pro Traveler packaging

satisfyer pro traveler - 1

The front of the box of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Frankly, when I saw the packaging of this new Satisfyer, I wondered what was going on at Satisfyer. Indeed, on the box, there is a woman who seems to militate for the female pleasure with her flag.

satisfyer pro traveler - 2

The back of the box

This change from previous packaging, especially the series that we could see just before with the Pro Plus Vibration, G-Spot Rabbit and Pro 4 couples. We find the main information about the product to indicate what it offers, all in a pink and white color.

satisfyer pro traveler - 3

The protective seal on the box

When you open this box, you start to sigh. Indeed, despite the fact that Satisfyer wants to do without plastic in its boxes, this new model does not deviate from the rule. Yes, there is still a plastic mold inside to hold the toy during transport.

satisfyer pro traveler - 4

Technical information is on the side

Yes, plastic is not great for the ecology. Let’s hope that in the next series, the plastic will not longer be present. Otherwise, in this box, there is the Pro Traveler, a user manual and a USB magnetic charging cable.

satisfyer pro traveler - 5

And again, we find the famous (or infamous) plastic mold …

Again, still no storage pouch. And for a product that wants to be transportable everywhere, I think it’s spotty. But hey, we’re used to it. You’ll tell me that the Pro Traveler has a protective shell for transport. Yes, but no, it does not protect enough. And, it does not cost much to add a storage pouch.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler physical details

satisfyer pro traveler - 6

The box content

There, frankly, I’m happy! Finally a Satisfyer who really has some style. I just love it. Admittedly, the Satisfyer Pro 2 was not ugly, but here, this model surpasses all other products in the range. Already, we did not end up with a sex toy that looks like a spaceship (Pro 4 Couples) or a white banana (Pro Plus Vibration). Here we have the right to something simple and sophisticated at the same time.

satisfyer pro traveler - 18

Pro Traveler and Pro Plus Vibrations

Seeing it, we could not really suspect that it is a sex toy. Obviously, for an expert eye like mine, the contact pinpoints for induction charging or the mention “Satisfyer” certainly discreet, but visible, leave me little choice in my imagination. But for someone who is not used to it, I can tell you that we do not suspect anything. It’s not like the 2Go Womanizer, the lipstick tube for giants girls.

satisfyer pro traveler - 7

This is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Here, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is clearly designed for the trip. Compact, ergonomic, practical and even luxurious, it’s really a pretty product. In addition, I must say that its concept of magnetic cover is just perfect! He is well magnetized. The product is well locked and it works very well. It’s really very good! And here, I am happy when I see clearly significant improvements.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler size

satisfyer pro traveler - 8

A very small Satisfyer

Yes, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is small! This is also his trademark! Otherwise, he would not have been released with that name. Traveler, as a traveler. And so, it is a hyper transportable model to have with you, your favorite clitoral stimulator, everywhere with you. For me, this is clearly Satisfyer answer to the Womanizer Starlet. But in fact, the Womanizer Liberty was the answer to the Pro Traveler.

satisfyer pro traveler - 15

The size of the stimulating head

Indeed, the Starlet model measures 8.4 cm long (a bit more than 3.25 inches) and 4 cm wide (1.5 inches) and a height of 5.2 cm (2 inches). Here, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is 9.8 cm in length (a bit less than 4 inches), 3.6 cm wide (nearly 1.50 inches) and 4.6 cm high (a bit more than 1.75 inches). So it’s really a small difference in size between the two. The suction hole measures 1.9 cm by 1.9 cm (0.75 by 0.75 inches), which is quite large compared to other stimulators like the Lelo Sona 2 and Lelo Sona Cruise for example.

Others visual details on the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

satisfyer pro traveler - 9

Two points of contact for magnetic induction charging

What more can I say? Just the pictures speak for themselves. But look at this, how beautiful is this Satisfyer! Yes, I like it a lot, it’s like that. Already, the chosen color is top. It is eggplant and pink gold. So we find the same style of the Satisfyer’s previous series, but finally, the return of a nice and warm color rather than the white, cold and clinical color from three previous models.

We also have white inside, once the protective shell is removed, but it is not disturbing. It is the eggplant color that we see mainly. We therefore find pink gold edging around the shell. And the ends are good. As mentioned before, we find the Satisfyer logo engraved in silicone. It’s light, we see it very little. Then, we find the two contact pinpoints for charging the product, even with the shell cover in place.

satisfyer pro traveler - 13

The Pro Traveler, once its shell removed

Last thing, its weight. If the Womanizer Starlet only displays 65 grams, it takes 85 grams for the Pro Traveler. There is not a big difference. And clearly, using it, you will not even feel that difference of 20 grams between the two. What is important to remember is that it is very light.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler materials

satisfyer pro traveler - 14

Silicone and plastic ABS

Let’s talk about materials! The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is made of two materials. There are silicone and ABS plastic. Whether it is one or the other, these two elements have neither phthalates nor latex. They are not porous and are healthy for the body. The shell is made of ABS plastic for its structure and covered largely with silicone. While the inside is silicone, just like the stimulation head. The silicone stays soft, silky and does not catch the dust too much. It’s qualitative.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler usage

satisfyer pro traveler - 17

Le Pro Traveler à côté du Pro 2

As you know now, clitoral stimulators nowadays work without direct contact with the clitoris, and by suction and pressure wave system. Everyone has their own little technology, but the principle remains the same. All this started with the Womanizer W100. It was a revelation. Then came the Fountain of Youth, the first Satisfyer but also with the Womanizer improvements. I think of the Womanizer W500, the Womanizer Pro 40 or the Womanizer Inside Out, the latest. It is therefore something that is well known in the market. Let’s see, in detail, how the Satisfyer Pro Traveler works!

How to charge the Satisfyer Pro Traveler ?

satisfyer pro traveler - 19

Satisfyer is charging

As always, before being able to use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, it will have to be fully charged. Again, it’s the same process as for previous models. You have a USB magnetic charging cable that comes with the sex toy. It will be necessary to clip it to charge it, then connect the other part to a PC for example. You can also use an AC adapter to charge it even faster. Besides, let’s talk about this point. To recharge the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, it takes 180 minutes to run for 90 minutes. A terrible ratio, but quite common in sex toys. And it is of course a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery system, very classic in this area too.

How to use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler ?

satisfyer pro traveler - 12

The two buttons to control the Statisfyer

Compact version means less room for control panel. But we still find the base, that is to say, two buttons. There is the “+” button and the “-” button. Needless to say that one can increase the intensity and the other, to lower it. It’s elementary. And similarly, two seconds on the “+” button to turn it on and two seconds to turn it off. As much as you say, you can not go wrong. It’s simple and easy to handle.

The stimulation modes on the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

satisfyer pro traveler - 16

11 stimulation intensity levels

Like previous versions offered by Satisfyer, the Pro Traveler has 11 stimulation intensity levels. That’s exactly the same number as the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation or the Satisfyer Pro 2. So we have a similar power level with a relatively quiet engine. Remember that a stimulator of this kind makes some noise when you use it. Do not expect something quiet. This is not the sex toy that makes the most noise. If you take a wand like the Europe Magic Wand, you are well below. Small precision also, the Pro Traveler does not cycle through intensities. When you arrive at the highest intensity, the “+” button will not return to the first level. It will go down by hand, with the “-” button.

How to clean the Satisfyer Pro Traveler ?

satisfyer pro traveler - 10

Cleaning the Satisfyer is simple

Today, many sex toys on the market are waterproof. In addition to being able to use it in the shower or bath, it also facilitates cleaning. Yes, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is 100% waterproof. So you can use it underwater. Moreover, stimulation underwater is even stronger than in the open air. But you can especially clean it without asking any questions. You will need warm water and soap to clean it. Or you can also use a toy cleaner and rinse it off before drying it in the open air. It’s simple.

How to lubricate the Satisfyer Pro Traveler ?

If you need to use a little lubricant to make the stimulation a little more comfortable, use only water-based lubricant to avoid any problems. I recommend Sliquid H20 or YES Bio water-based. But you have lots of them on the market. Some even offer additional stimulation, such as a heating or cooling effect.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler efficiency

It’s time to tell you everything about this new model from the Satisfyer range. Should we be tempted? Should we move to another model? Rest assured, my expertise is at your disposal to help you make your choice. For the occasion, I try the Satisfyer Pro Traveler with my dear and tender Kitty. Here is what we can tell you.

Kitty et Mogwai feedbacks on Satisfyer Pro Traveler

As always, I’m the one to talk to you about Satisfyer Pro Traveler. So you will have my opinion, but also that of Kitty to give you a little more detail on its effectiveness.

A small but powerful Satisfyer

Yes, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a small Satisfyer. However, despite its size, it remains relatively powerful and noisy. At the same time, all contact-less clitoral stimulators of this kind make noise. In terms of power, it is a bit under a Womanizer W500, but it’s powerful either.

On the many times I used the Pro Traveler on Kitty, I stayed between the third level and the fifth one to trigger her an orgasm. As much to tell you that there is still room, since this model has 11 levels of intensity like the other models in the range. The noise volume is frankly correct when navigating these levels of intensity, but still increases if you exceed this intensity range. It’s no more annoying than that, but if you need a silent clitoral stimulator, do not rely on Satisfyer too much.

Small, but easy to use

I was a little afraid that the size of this Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a brake on its use, but in the end, it handles very well. The two buttons to increase or decrease the intensities are well placed. I had no trouble switching from one mode to another and a little rattling sound is generated when you press the button to change from one level to another. I just found it a bit strange to have to press the “+” and “-” button to turn it off, because usually, on most sex toys, just let two seconds press a single button. It’s a matter of habit, it does not change its ease of use and ergonomics.

A real nice Satisfyer

Yes, clearly, this model is very good. It is true that some users love this type of sex toy because they can quickly get an orgasm and even more. While others will find it too alienating and do not appreciate orgasm too easy to access. In most cases, this Satisfyer will trigger an orgasm. There are still few women where it does not work. With Kitty, I can tell you that it works very well. In general, starting at level 1 and going up to level 3, it does not take more than a minute for her to get an orgasm. As much to tell you that it works very well. Kitty liked this Satisfyer very much. As much to say to you that it is not the first, nor the last time that she will use it.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler final thoughts

satisfyer pro traveler - 11

An excellent model of the brand

In the end, it must be said, this Satisfyer Pro Traveler has everything to please! Always a little weaker in power than a Womanizer, it remains nothing short of powerful for the majority of the users. Its undeniable look, its portability and its ease of use will clearly be its assets. It can easily be put in a purse for use at any time. In short, finally a Satisfyer model that has its place and that works. Indeed, recently, Satisfyer has made three models that are not up to their capacity. Today, it seems that engineers have found the right path. Hope it lasts ! Of course, I recommend it! And especially that it is clearly cheap for what it offers!


  • An excellent design!
  • The magnetic cover shell
  • Small and compact
  • Powerful for its size
  • 100% Waterproof


  • No storage pouch
  • No major improvements
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