Yes, today, I propose you the Motsutoys Tyo lubricant review! It had been a while since I had reviewed some lubricants. The latest ones are Sliquid Buck Angel’s and Sliquid Satin, two great lubricants! At the same time, Sliquid is the king on the market.

But here, we will talk about a lubricant rather made for masturbation, like this good old Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lubricant that I threw due to expiry date, but I loved using a masturbator. Here is my opinion on the Motsutoys Tyo lubricant!

Motsutoys Tyo lubricant packaging

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 1

Tyo (formerly Kyo) next to Velvet

I like this type of bottle! Already, there is 360 ml of lubricant inside, it allows you to predict when you’ll run out. It is a transparent PET bottle in the warhead or penis shape, it is according to the way of seeing it. We find on the front, the name of the product and behind, the ingredients that compose it, in addition to some information about it.

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 2

360 ml of lubricant

The cap is unscrewed, revealing a tip-shaped pouring system that allows to dose the lubricant easily and without putting it everywhere. Attention, take care to remove the lid before using it, otherwise, the lubricant will not flow. Logic. We can also note that there is a graduation system on the bottle, so we know what’s left inside. In short, it’s the same type of bottle as the Peace from Rends lubricant that I like too.

Motsutoys Tyo lubricant physical details and ingredients

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 4

A transparent and moderately thick lubricant

Motsutoys Tyo lubricant is advertised as a water-based lubricant that is as pleasant to use as a silicone-based lubricant. We’ll see that a little further if that’s the case. If you wonder why the Motsutoys Tyo lubricant is not called Kyo as the rest of the Motsutoys range, I understand you. In fact, the Tyo lubricant is the new name of the Kyo lubricant. Why ? Maybe to separate the Kyo range which includes masturbators and the Tyo range which represents lubricants.

Lubricant composition

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 5

A completely acceptable composition

Now let’s talk about the composition of this lubricant, because you know it’s a very important part for me. A good lubricant is above all a lubricant without junk inside. Here, you must know that its composition is extra-concentrated. I’ll talk to you later.

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 8

Tyo lubricant preview in its bottle

The ingredients include water, sodium polyacrylate, sodium dehydroacetate and disodium EDTA. What is it ? EDTA is ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, a sequestering agent. Nothing bad. Sodium dehydroacetate is also not dangerous according to the EWG and sodium polyacrylate, either, even if it gets a “fair” score.

Let’s say it’s better than other junk like endocrine disruptors or other substances that affect the reproductive organs. In sum, the composition is really correct compared to the market.

Lubricant texture

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 9

Between water and silicone based lubricant, but thicker

In terms of texture, it is a pleasant lubricant to the touch. It is thick, without being too thick, soft and firm at the same time, as other thick lubricants found in the range of water-based lubricants rather oriented for masturbation. It does not smell, nothing chemical emerges and even at the taste level, it is not disgusting. All is well, again.

Motsutoys Tyo lubricant use and efficiency

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 6

The system for pouring lubricant is convenient

Before I tell you what I think of it, know that it is a lubricant that holds well in the long term thanks to its texture and therefore, its composition. When I told you about its hyper-concentrated formula, Motsutoys announces that 360 ml of Tyo lubricant corresponds to 1 liter of any water-based lubricant. And I must admit that you will not need to put tons. He will keep you company for a long time.

A perfect lubricant for masturbation or masturbator

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 7

Remember to remove the operculum

It is a lubricant that I find ideal for masturbation or with a sextoy. It can also be used for vaginal or anal penetration, but as I have a lot of lubricant at my disposal, I use other lubricants for anal / vaginal use. You can also use it with a condom. And it’s easy to clean underwater, unlike a silicone-based lubricant, which requires taking a shower afterwards with soap to make it go away.

My feedback in anal

I also tried this Motsutoys Tyo lubricant in anal with some sex toys. I must admit that it is not bad at all. Already, it does not sting your ass, it’s always a good thing. Its rather thick texture gives it a good hold on a dildo. I do not mess with it everywhere, it’s pretty good.

Its lubrication with dildos

In terms of the lubrication it offers, it is very good there too. I used the Thick Rick dildo at the beginning, only in anal, without masturbating. Then, I went to the Mr Hankey’s Toys Lampwick dildo, but for the latter, I must say that the dildo is still very big. I can tell you that at the sensation level, it is not nothing, it’s big!

Other dildos used with the Motsutoys Tyo lubricant

I later tried other dildos with this lubricant. I reused the Thick Rick, then Alpha Male 3 a little, before moving to the Unicorn Horn dildo! Nothing to say, the lubricant is really provide what I need! It does not dry, I do not need to put tons and the slippery effect is assured for me!

Motsutoys Tyo lubricant final thoughts

motsutoys tyo lubricant - 3

A good lubricant, good quality available, top!

Motsutoys is so certain that this lubricant is top, that you can get a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied. It’s still a quality guarantee! As I announced, this Motsutoys Tyo lubricant is very good for me.

Anal with sex toys or masturbation with or without sex toys, it is at the rendezvous! And it’s quite rare to find a lubricant that can do both brilliantly. Admittedly, it’s not the best for anal, but frankly, it’s nice to use as well and is clearly doing its job!

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