Here is the right time to propose you the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole review! Yes, it’s a good opportunity, because I recently reviewed the Kyo Jeans Girl masturbator, a very similar model to this one with a buttock masturbator that was designed with a fake jeans shorty that I found visually really well done. But I also reviewed two models from the Kyo brand, the Kyo Bound Kohai and Bound Kukuru.

However, I’m not at my first Motsutoys Kyo range product review! I also had the huge pleasure of reviewing the Kyo Torso, a huge masturbator in a bust shape, but also the Kyo Piston, an automatic masturbator that surprised me! This time, it’s an ass masturbator with a skirt design on it, in the same way as the previous-model with the jeans shorty. I’m curious to see the differences between Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole and Jeans Girl, so here is my review of this masturbator!

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole packaging

kyo skirt girl onahole - 1

The front of the box

As always, let’s talk about packaging to get started. We have on the other model, a big white cardboard box with on front and back, a woman in school uniform with a typical skirt. Here, there is a more noticeable difference between the front and the back compared to the Jeans Girl model, but it’s a detail. On the edge of the box, we have information on the masturbator dimensions, but also on its weight.

kyo skirt girl onahole - 2

The other side of the box

Once we open the box, we discover the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole masturbator in a plastic mold contained in a plastic pocket that seems recyclable. It is usual with this type of masturbator, but for ecology, there is better to do. The box will be used to store the masturbator when it will not be used. Keep it!

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole physical details

kyo skirt girl onahole - 4

The masturbator surrounded by a protection in its plastic mold

As you can see in the photos, it is again an ass masturbator! It’s really the same model as the Kyo Jeans, except that here, it is a masturbator with a mini skirt. So we could see that it’s an ass masturbator, with a short skirt, like a schoolgirl. The details are pretty good, especially at the miniskirt folds. However, I find the Jeans version sexier than this one. This is only my opinion.

kyo skirt girl onahole - 5

The masturbator, still packed

Otherwise, it’s always a pair of buttocks with two holes. An anal tunnel and a vaginal one. At the openings, the vulva details are present, we can see the lips, the clitoris, but the vaginal opening is a little too rounded and less detailed. It’s the same thing on the anal orifice side, it’s very correct. The anus folds are slightly visible, but otherwise it is a hole, very small, about one centimeter in diameter (or 0.39 inches).

kyo skirt girl onahole - 6

The whole Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole

Overall, it’s a well-done masturbator, we find the same elements as the Kyo Jeans, like the little hole for air evacuation, that could be seen under the masturbator. Again, visually, it’s pretty successful.

The onahole size

kyo skirt girl onahole - 3

The dimensions are indicated on the box

Compared to the Jeans Girl model, the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole is a little bigger. Indeed, it measures 22 cm long (8.66′) for a 17 cm width (6.69′) and a 14 cm height (5.5′). If I compare to Jeans Girl, it is 19 cm long (7.48′), 21 cm wide (8.26′) and 11.5 cm high (4.52′). There are few changes to tell you the truth and not a big difference between the two models in question.

It is therefore a masturbator fairly close in size that the Meiki Cherry 2 and Meiki Cherry Evolution, also the second is almost the same size as this Kyo Skirt Girl. It is also quite close to a Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000. In short, there will be enough to hold in your hands!

Other details on the Onahole

kyo skirt girl onahole - 7

Preview of the buttocks under the skirt

I have already done a little product tour, but I still have some things to tell you. As for the onahole weight, it weighs 2.4 kg, so it is 200 grams more than the Jeans model. This weight is quite good because we have a good balance between its lightness and ability to offer a good grip while having good resistance to withstand the shock to use.

It can also be used by placing it on a flat surface. There is also a small hole, under one of the cut thighs, which allows to evacuate the air, but it can also be used to slip lubricant into the onahole. Convenient. It will also make cleaning easier for the water to flow.

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole materials

kyo skirt girl onahole - 9

Again, the details are very good

Now, let’s talk a bit about the material that makes up this masturbator. This is TPE, but a very special TPE. Indeed, it is a material that tries to get closer to a real ass skin. A soft ass, but not too much either. It is a soft texture on the outside and firmer on the inside. A bit like a double density dildo like the Vixen Maverick, except that here, the material is more important, the soft to firmer effect is more spaced along the onahole length.

That’s obvious, it is a big masturbator and not a modest size dildo. You can see it in the photos, you can take the masturbator in hand, including grab its buttock with one hand.

Texture details

What I like about this type of material is that it can move. For example, when we slap the buttocks, we can see the material move, it’s a really nice effect and it adds realism to the whole product. The material is still quite soft, like many masturbators of this kind. The cleaning will reduce the soft side, it will become more sticky, which will require maintenance, especially with powder.

kyo skirt girl onahole - 8

The details of the skirt are really nice!

It is obvious that this TPE is healthy for the body. It contains no latex or phthalates, but the TPE is porous. This means that a masturbator like this should not be shared by more than one person. Needless to say, do not buy a used masturbator too.

Details on both tunnels

kyo skirt girl - tunnels

Inside the masturbator with both tunnels

So you have on the Skirt model, two entries with two semi-realistic tunnels. Of course, it is an anal tunnel and a vaginal one. The vaginal tunnel is composed of several bumps with ridges and other smaller stimulating bumps. It’s not the same as the Jeans Girl model. Then you have an anal canal, with a narrow orifice that then widens with a multitude of small bumps and streaks at the entrance. We’ll see what happens when we’re in action! In any case, the two tunnels are not the same between the Skirt model and Jeans one.

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole use

kyo skirt girl onahole - 8

The masturbator, seen from the other side

This is one of the easiest sex toys to use, so there is not much to say about it. You can imagine that without an engine, without buttons, it is not hard to understand the concept. Nevertheless, let’s take a quick tour of the basics of its use.

About its general use

Although I do not have a lot of information to communicate with you, I do not need to draw a picture to explain how to use this kind of masturbator. It’s an ass with two holes, free for you to penetrate one or the other, with a little bit of lubricant.

Which lube to use with the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole ?

kyo skirt girl onahole - 15

The hole for the air release

No surprises, we have a TPE product, so it is necessary to choose a water-based lubricant. Yes, trust me! It seems strange to you, but here, no silicone-based lubricant, otherwise, you can say goodbye to your masturbator. There are many lubricants on the market, some are more suitable for masturbation. The Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu especially or the Peace from Rends. Otherwise, a good Sliquid H20 or Sliquid Satin will do the trick!

Onahole cleaning

kyo skirt girl onahole - 17

Cleaning will surely be the most exciting part…or not.

This is the boring part with the masturbators, but it is so. Before and after use, clean them. Finally, especially after. The bigger the masturbator, the longer and boring to do. To clean this masturbator, you can use warm water and soap. Run water through two tunnels to remove residual lubricant and remaining sperm. Then rinse with clear water. Afterwards, it must be allowed to dry and from time to time, maintain it with maintenance powder or corn powder.

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole efficiency

kyo skirt girl onahole - 10

The vulva is really well done, the anus a little less

We have reached the moment where I give you my feedback! This is the most interesting moment on a review, because this is the moment when I will tell you what this masturbator is worth it. I will also offer you a comparison between the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole and Jeans Girl models.

Handling the Onahole

kyo skirt girl onahole - 18

The grip is good

What is good with this type of masturbator is that we still have something in hand. Sometimes, with some masturbators, it does not really feel like having a part of the woman’s body. We just have a masturbator, shaped like a Fleshlight tube. Here is still a good ass, which can be taken with both hands and use in several positions. This is really the good point of this masturbator.

We can grabbed on the buttocks both sides, placed in doggy style and pressed on her ass to penetrate it. It’s something different than a Fleshlight. The gravity center is also respected, it does fall from one side or another, it remains stable and holds well in all circumstances. It can also be bouncing on your penis in cowgirl position as if the masturbator was riding you.

The texture, always the texture

kyo skirt girl onahole - 13

The texture is of good quality

Once again, this texture found on this type of masturbator is very good. The texture is soft, yet firm enough to hold the ass in place. This soft texture also allows to grip the masturbator like a real ass, finally, with a certain effect of realism. We can slam the ass too, it’s not bad. The only thing is that you should know that the texture is a little greasy on arrival, like the vast majority of masturbators of this type.

What to say about the vaginal tunnel?

kyo skirt girl onahole - 11

We see the folds of the anus, but the hole is a simple hole

At the vaginal tunnel level, it’s well thought out. There is enough room for insertion. With a little lubricant, it goes very well. No need to force, just a little for the first part, then the penetration remains easy. We feel a good level of air, the movements are wide and the feeling is pretty good. At first, I found that it was quite nondescript, but the more you enter the masturbator, the more the sensation increases and leads us to orgasm.

Depending on the masturbator position, you can feel the bump that serves as a G-spot, then small bumps that seem to help getting an orgasm at the end. This orifice can be penetrated into several positions, making it possible to change the stimulation. For the vaginal tunnel, it’s really not bad.

What about the anal tunnel?

kyo skirt girl onahole - 12

Two holes for a single masturbator

For the anal tunnel, I find it more complicated to penetrate it. You really have to force your way. So you have to get a boner to get in there, but with lubricant, it’s easier. The penetration is more complex, it is really much tighter than the vaginal tunnel, but it’s just as pleasant, maybe more. I find that for once, the anal tunnel was not too much set aside. It is therefore rather successful and ridges play their role well.

Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole final thoughts

kyo skirt girl onahole - 16

A very good masturbator overall

Kyo Jeans Girl or Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole, is a difficult choice? I have my preference for the Kyo Jeans Girl visually, I find the little shorty very sexy, but in terms of pure stimulation, the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole is more to my taste. The only little complaint I can make and which is not really one, is its weight.

When you hold it at arm’s length, you still feel the 2.4 kg in the arms, but it must be said, I am not one to be a muscle guy. The good news is that you can put it on a table so you do not have to hold it, you still need to have a flat space or a table at the right height to use it correctly.

All in all, it’s a good product, just like the Kyo Jeans Girl, although I think the Skirt model is more effective at stimulation, if I have to compare them. Because one or the other, for the price at which you can find them, they are really worthy of interest. A 2.4 Kg masturbator for this price, it’s really very honest when you know the price of this kind of masturbator in general. If you are looking for a buttocks with her miniskirt, the Kyo Skirt Girl Onahole is for you!


  • A good size butt masturbator
  • Many details on the miniskirt
  • Two tunnels present
  • A good grip
  • Good overall stimulation


  • The anal tunnel a little small and without external details
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