Here’s another Sliquid brand lubricant, Sliquid Buck Angel’s T-Lube! And be careful, hang in there, it is presented as a lubricant for daily use for Trans men! Yes, it’s clearly a specific target. We will study all that to understand a bit the characteristics of this lubricant. There is a good chance that this lubricant is impeccable! Indeed, Sliquid is really known in the lubricants world. Each time, I am delighted with their products.

Just read my reviews to realize it. In particular, you have the Sliquid H2O lube, an excellent water-based lubricant. I also reviewed Sliquid Silk, a hybrid lubricant. A lubricant for blowjobs, Sliquid Swirl with apple taste. But I also reviewed Sliquid Sassy oriented for anal or recently, the Sliquid Organics Sensation with its cold / hot effect. Knowing that, I also reviewed the excellent Sliquid Satin that I recommend! But this time, place the Sliquid Buck Angel’s lubricant review!

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lube packaging

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 1

The lube bottle

We do not change a winning team at Sliquid! Indeed, we have the right to a beautiful bottle, 100% recyclable! Yes, at Sliquid, the environment, they know how to respect it. It is therefore a black bottle with bluish tints. There is a label on the front with “T-Lube” written for “Trans-Lube”. You will have explanations on it a little further in the review. We notice that everything is there, Sliquid does not hide anything from they’re customers. And finally, it is a bottle of 125 ml (4.22 Oz) with a flip-top cap to facilitate its use.

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lube visual aspect and texture

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 8

The bottle inside with the lubricant

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lubricant is advertised as a moisturizing lubricant. It is also a water-based lubricant with a not too thick texture. That way, we do not see too many differences with a conventional water-based lubricant. It is in its composition that Sliquid scores points, as always.

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lube ingredients

At Sliquid, composition is ultra-important! Indeed, Sliquid Buck Angel’s is made in the USA in a hypoallergenic and non-toxic formula. There is no sulphate, no glycerin or traces of parabens. This is serious. But let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that make up this lubricant in their range.

Natural & Organic ingredients

Yes, once again, this Sliquid lubricant contains only natural ingredients, including this recipe is mixed with extracts of natural algae. To be more precise, it is infused into a water-based formula with aloe and carrageenan. This last ingredient is a polysaccharide extracted from red algae that serves as a thickening agent and stabilizer. In addition, we have vitamin E.

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 2

A perfect composition and vegan ingredients !

To be more precise, here is the list of ingredients present in the lubricant. So we have purified water and plant cellulose from cotton. Already cited, carrageenan and aloe extract. Then there are natural tocopherols, guar gum, potassium sorbate and citric acid. So it’s just perfect, there is nothing wrong.

Vegan or not ?

Yes, Sliquid is known for that! Sliquid Buck Angel’s lubricant is Vegan friendly. You will not find gluten inside, only natural components and no tests were conducted on animals. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s Sliquid!

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lube use and efficiency

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 7

Be careful to remove the seal before using it

This is the moment to tell you what we think of this lubricant with the advice of my dear and tender Kitty. But before tell you everything you need to know about this Sliquid lubricant, it’s important to tell you why this is a lubricant designed for trans men. Moreover, I find that this Sliquid is a perfect complement to the BJ Dildo, this STP that I reviewed on my French website.

Why is it designed for Trans men?

This is the big question! No, it’s not just a marketing reason. Already, if this lubricant bears the name of Buck Angel, it is not a coincidence. Indeed, Buck Angel is a trans man living in the United States, founder of his own production company in the pornographic world. He is an actor, a producer, but also a speaker. He has served on the board of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance since 2010, a foundation that seeks to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 3

The lubricant created by Buck Angels

But then why a lubricant for trans men? What is the relationship ? Simply to bring help to the vaginal health of trans men. Indeed, it is a taboo subject very little discussed. It is possible to have periods of dryness and vaginal atrophy due to testosterone and replacement therapy, which eject estrogen from the vagina. And in general, it causes great pain that doctors ignore most of the time. Sliquid Buck Angel’s is here to help keep your vaginal health.

Now, here our feedback

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 6

A flip-top type cap as usual

Sliquid Buck Angel’s is a lubricant that is close to Sliquid Satin. Indeed, it emulates the moisture of your body, including natural lubrication to mix perfectly. Because yes, this lubricant can be used by everyone. It’s not just trans men who can use it. Its formula is made so that this lubricant becomes ideal for everyday use or for intimate moments.

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 5

For trans men, but also for everyone!

It is also easy to clean, like the Sliquid lubricants whole range. When we used it with Kitty, it was perfect. Obviously, we are not in the target that this product seeks to achieve, but on its lubricating capacity and its pleasure of use, it is again a lubricant which holds perfectly and play its part. Its lubrication is good, it keeps in time and it is as always, a great pleasure to use a lubricant with impeccable composition.

Sliquid Buck Angel’s lube final thoughts

sliquid buck angel's t-lube - 4

Another excellent lubricant from Sliquid!

In the end, do you think I will say that this lubricant has no interest? With the Sliquid brand, you can not really go wrong. There is not a single product that I did not like. We can say that at the lubricants level, they are really at the top! And of course, the Sliquid Buck Angel’s is no exception to the rule. While we are not the target of this type of lubricants, but that does not prevent you from using it even if you are not the first target.

Whatever the case, this Sliquid lubricant remains excellent as a water-based lubricant. This is not a lubricant that I will use for anal penetration with a sex toy, but more for a vaginal penetration to provide maximum comfort and hydration in the process. A sure value!

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