I’m happy to tell you about Sliquid Organics Natural! I don’t think it’s a secret anymore, I really like the Sliquid brand. To me, it’s one of the best brands of lubricant on the market! Of course, it’s not the most affordable, but it’s the one where quality is no longer to be proven, both in terms of its lubricating power but above all in terms of its composition and even its state of mind. Of course, I’m not talking about the state of mind of the lubricant, but rather about the company Sliquid which develops their own formulas. And I must say that I have never been disappointed by a Sliquid lubricant. Whether it’s Silk, Sassy, Swirl, Satin, Buck Angel’s and others, it’s always a nice surprise! Even the Sliquid Shine toy cleaner is great, as is the Balance Soak for bathing with foam that smells great!

If you’re not yet convinced by this brand of lubricant or if you’re not yet familiar with Sliquid, you’ll love it, as soon as you try one of their products. For that, we offer you the Sliquid Organics Natural lubricant review!

Sliquid Organics Natural packaging

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The bottle of lubricant

Once again, it’s always a pleasure to find a Sliquid lubricant. It’s a bit of a cherry on the sextoy! I don’t hide it anymore, I’m a fanboy of the Sliquid brand. I really like their lubricants and I am never disappointed. So we find a slightly opaque bottle, rather amber, with many details about the product on the back. You can read about the advantages it offers and the fact that we have 125 ml (4.2Oz) of lubricant at our disposal. You can also find this lubricant in 2Oz (60ml) or 8.5Oz (255 ml) version.

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A practical and user-friendly format

I find it a very simple bottle to use, with its dual state pouring system. You can see how much lubricant you have left without opening the whole bottle. And what’s more, the bottle is made in 100% recyclable packaging! Once again, it’s great, I love it, I have nothing to complain about!

Aspect and texture of Sliquid Organics Natural

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A lubricant close to the H2O version

The lubricant Sliquid Organics Natural is therefore quite close to Sliquid H2O but coupled with organic extracts! Moreover, it is also quite close to the Sliquid Organics Sensation lubricant, which adds a very special hot/cold effect. You have no parabens, glycerin, sugar or petroleum derivatives.

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The dual-state dispensing system

In addition, you will not find latex, rubber or plastic in the bottle. In short, you can trust Sliquid to take care of your vagina. Sliquid Organics Natural lubricant is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. As for the bottle, you have a dual-state push button to deliver the precious liquid.

Lubricant composition

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An impeccable composition

I announced it at the beginning of the review, Sliquid is just perfect at this level! I never have anything to say about the ingredients present! Once again, there are vegan ingredients, so it’s good news for vegans! But what exactly do we have inside? We have juice from discolored leaves with reconstituted aloe Barbadensis. Then we have vegetable cotton cellulose and natural tocopherols, that’s vitamin E. Then we have cyamopsis, a guar conditioner and organic extracts of hibiscus, flax, green tea and sunflower seeds. And finally, a little potassium sorbate and citric acid. As I told you, it is a perfect and high quality composition!

Lubricant texture

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A lubricant that’s a little thick and runny, fairly natural.

Like the Organics Sensation version, the texture of this lubricant is based on a formula to emulate your own natural lubrication. The result is a texture that’s quite close, a little thick, not so far away from thick water-based lubricants oriented for masturbation and masturbators. It has no smell, does not stain and has no taste. You should also know that its composition gives it a neutral and balanced pH (between 4.0 and 4.4). The texture of this lubricant is made to last over time, being soft for the skin and even regenerating compared to aloe vera.

Sliquid Organics Natural use and efficiency

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The protective cover must be removed before using the lubricant.

Perfect at the level of its ingredients, it is nevertheless necessary to check in real use, what it is worth! Before going a little further, know that it is a water-based lubricant that is compatible with condoms and sextoys. It is easy to clean because it is very soluble in water. And I have to say that it doesn’t stick either. Again, it’s all good stuff. But let’s take a closer look at its use in several cases!

In vaginal intercourse

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Perfect for vaginal lubrication

In vaginal penetration, it is perfect! At the same time, we wouldn’t have understood why it’s not the case! It is a lubricant close to Sliquid H2O and Organics Sensation, two very good lubricants of the range! The lubricant mixes perfectly with the natural secretions. It offers a good glide and a good longevity and it does not irritate the mucous membranes! At the same time, it is the Sliquid quality, you don’t change a team that wins!

In anal penetration

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For anal, it holds the line, but is not the most suitable.

As much to say it, the Sliquid Organics Natural is not very adapted to the anal, but one can still use it. To insert a plug, to help a bit with the insertion of a dildo, it makes it easier. But it’s not really thick, so for bigger sextoys, there are better to offer a glide and a longer duration. But I must admit that I tested this lubricant with the Bootie butt plug from Fun Factory, with the Strap-On Me Silicone Bendable dildo or with the SilexD butt plug and for my needs, it’s enough for me.

Sliquid Organics Natural final thoughts

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An excellent lubricant!

Do I still need to convince you of the quality of Sliquid Organics Natural lubricant? To go further, you need to test it! Every time we test a Sliquid lubricant, we are always in awe of its formula. Of course, it is a lubricant that requires a certain budget, but once we have tested it, we can hardly go back. It’s a bit like the Vixskin of VixenCreations, to test it is to adopt it. Once again, it is a lubricant that we recommend! With its vegan composition, its regenerating qualities and its lubricating capacity, it is a must-have for masturbation or vaginal penetration, it is nevertheless the most adapted.

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