Here is the ROMP Mosh! So, no, I didn’t say it was ugly! But you have to admit that as a product name, we can do better! Of course, in English, it does not give the same thing! But in French, it is confusing. Except, maybe, if this product is really ugly. Anyway, instead of saying anything by making rotten puns, I’ll tell you about the ROMP Mosh! After the anal beads ROMP Amp, here is another sextoy that ROMP offers in the new range that has just been released, it is a masturbation sleeve! It is once again a model which is oriented towards people who are beginners, in order to have a simple and easy access product, whether it is for the use or for the budget.

So yes, ROMP is WowTech behind it, the firm that owns Womanizer, We-Vibe, Pjur and company, but don’t expect a Womanizer for men! That’s clearly not the concept! For this, you’ll have to look at Arcwave, especially with the Arcwave Ion, because the Voy, although it is very good, does not revolutionize the genre either. Anyway, I’m getting lost, because today I’m going to introduce you to a very usual masturbator and as you already understood, it’s called the Mosh! So let’s not wait anymore to see if the ROMP Mosh is ugly or not!

ROMP Mosh packaging

Just like the AMP, we have again a box that takes the codes of the previous one. Here, it is a rectangular box, semi-rigid, with on the front side the Mosh in picture, then the mention “Blowjob Stroker Go Deeper”. On the other side of the box, we also have the mosh in picture, but this time, vertically rather than horizontally. On one of the edges, we can also see 4 indications on the product. Notably the fact that it offers a deep throat sensation, that it is reversible, easy to carry and that it is made of “Super Soft TPE”.

On the other side, we have indications on the contents of the box. Once we open this one, we have inside, a plastic mold, transparent, with a cover to protect the sheath. Moreover, we also have a “Happy not happy” flyer, a safety instruction manual and a “Playbook” type manual to help us use the ROMP Mosh. Last but not least, a sticker booklet, with dicks, a rainbow cactus or an ass, it’s fun.

ROMP Mosh physical details

I didn’t particularly want to make the pun (in French), but the ROMP Mosh is ugly. Well, let’s say it doesn’t look particularly appealing. It’s a little sheath, basic, but quite soft and slightly transparent. We have two sides on this sheath, with on one side, irregular stripes that announce a deep throat. Whereas the other side of the sheath (when we turn it over), presents rounder striations, with an impression of vaginal penetration according to the manufacturer. In short, nothing very particular, it is really a basic sleeve.

Dimensions of the sleeve

As you can see from the pictures, it’s not an imposing sheath. In fact, it is very small. Indeed, it fits in the palm of the hand. Its total length is 6.4 cm (2.51″) for a width of 3.95 cm (1.55″), with a hole of 2.54 cm (1″), expandable since it is TPE.

Other details

At ROMP, they necessarily love light sextoys! Indeed, once again, this is a masturbator that doesn’t weigh much. In fact, I think it’s too light for my taste, since it weighs only 30 grams! So for a masturbator, it’s not very heavy. But you know how it goes, it is during the use that we will see if its weight is a concern or not. And finally, concerning its color, it is white, slightly transparent.

ROMP Mosh materials

As indicated on the box, the ROMP Mosh is made of “Super Soft TPE”. Well, not to say anything bad about it, but for me, it’s just simple TPE. I didn’t really get the impression that it is special, except that it is quite soft. The texture is not sticky, nor greasy, we just have a kind of maintenance powder, which will have to be cleaned before the first use. Be careful, TPE is porous. Otherwise, it is a healthy material for the body.

ROMP Mosh use

Do you know how to shake a can of Coke to make it squirt? Well, it’s the same principle with the ROMP Mosh! So, yes, the principle will be a little different, because here, you will have to make back and forth movements to make your penis squirt! However, as always, I will make a small point about the use of this product.

How to handle this sleeve?

As I mentioned, this is a pretty basic, if not ultra-basic, masturbation sleeve. Here, you don’t have a shell, but simply a small sheath. You just have to choose the side of the sheath you want to use, add some water-based lubricant on the walls and a little on your glans and then go back and forth with it. The glans or shaft can be further stimulated depending on its position. You can then turn the sheath on itself to change the stimulation, but with the lubricant, you might as well tell yourself that you’ll have plenty of it.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

With TPE, we don’t have much choice! If you want to keep it in good condition, you will have to use water-based lubricant! Well, you don’t have to use tons of it! You’ve seen the size of this sheath, it’s a small model. If you add some to the use, I advise you to put some on your glans only. Regarding the choice of lubricant, you can take the one that suits you best. But look carefully at the composition of it. The number 1 ingredient of a water-based lubricant is water! So you should see “Water” or “Aqua” at the top of the list.

How to clean it?

It is a TPE sheath, you will simply have to clean it with warm water and a little mild soap. Afterwards, you can air dry it. Considering the price of the product, you will not need to add any maintenance powder to prevent it from sticking afterwards. You might as well use it on a more interesting model on which you want a better longevity.

ROMP Mosh efficiency

Now I’m going to tell you what I think of this masturbator. Yes, it’s a basic model and compared to what I have in my collection, it’s not really the type of masturbator I would use. But since not everyone is like me (and thankfully so), this may be your first masturbator. So I’m going to give you a review following my uses. Here is my opinion on the ROMP Mosh!

The sensations

I might as well tell you, I didn’t find this sheath sensational. But at the same time, I didn’t expect it because of its price and its realization. I tested the “vaginal penetration” side first. It is rather average. We do not feel a vaginal penetration, but it remains pleasant. On the other hand, to cum with it, it is more difficult. I found the sensations too flat to achieve it. The other side, the reliefs bring a bit of extra sensations, but nothing like a deep throat. For me, it is rather average, correct for a first sheath, but not more.

Ergonomics and particularity

The advantage of this sheath is that it is quite thin and does not have a shell. One can thus make pressure on the glans when going back and forth. Be careful also to the fact that there is no closure. In fact, both sides of the sheath are open, which means that when you ejaculate, you will spill it everywhere. This is a model that can also be adapted to the “Edging” technique. Your partner can also enjoy the show.


ROMP Mosh final thoughts

ROMP Mosh - 17

In the end, for a first sheath at a low price, why not. It is correct. But compared to my habits in this field, it is a sleeve which does not suit me. Let’s just say that I have tested other sleeve of this kind, including one that I received at the same time and that I find better than the Mosh. If you want to test a small correct sleeve, do not hesitate. For the others, I invite you to read the other reviews of masturbators present on the website.


  • Correct TPE
  • Two sides to use
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Plastic mold
  • No storage pouch
  • Average sensations
  • Not suitable for experienced people
  • It is rather ugly
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