Here is a masturbator like no other, it’s the Otokonoko DX Femboy! So yes, you’re going to tell me where I’ve searched again to find a product with a name as enigmatic as this one? Actually, not very far, since I received this one from our partner Motsutoys! But why am I talking about a masturbator like no other? Simply because it is an onahole masturbator, so far, nothing new. However, the fact that it has an anal orifice and a penis, that’s much less common! And that’s the whole concept of the product!

To explain a little bit, “Otokonoko” is a Japanese term, which can be translated as “male girl” or “girl with male sex”. In our country, we know this term more as “Femboy”. It refers to men who like to express themselves in a more feminine way, such as cross-dressing, wearing makeup and using very feminine manners. This is different from gay or transgender people. But this is another debate. We received this product after reviewing the Edward torso masturbator and I have to say that I am quite intrigued to try it. An onahole with an ass and a cock, why not! Anyway, here is our review of the Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole!

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole packaging

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 2

The front of the box

As usual, we will start with the product box! It is a sextoy from the brand EXE, the same one that also marketed the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator or the Puni Ana DX! The design of the box and of the character on it is made by Maruku, who is known for his illustrations of the Puni Ana series!

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 3

View on one of the slices of the box

It is a big box, with details on the edges, whether it is on the anal tunnel and the material that makes up the masturbator or on the penis that can be positioned at different angles. We also have details on the dimensions of the masturbator.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 4

Overview of the TPE inside the sleeve

Inside the box, we have a big plastic mold that protects the masturbator, itself in a bag. Then, at the bottom of the box, we have a sample of lubricant that we can use for our first use.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 6

The illustrations are present everywhere

Overall, this is a very nice box! It will please the lovers of Japanese sextoys, because it is clearly in this field that the box is never left for dead. On the other hand, you still need a little space to store this one.

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole physical details

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 7

And here is the masturbator in its big plastic mold

I have to admit that when I first saw this masturbator out of the box, I found it very small! I was expecting something more imposing and it’s a bit disappointing. At the same time, it is not the same budget as a torso masturbator for example and you will see later on the site, that we will have the opportunity to review something bigger later. Here, it is a small body, which stops above the navel and ends at the buttocks.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 9

A part of the bust and a penis

On this one, we have her belly, her navel, a rather round ass, with an insertable orifice, but above all, a small cock! Yes, here, it is small, maybe a little too much. On this cock, we have of course, two testicles, with small veins on the shaft and a small glans.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 10

The penis is quite small compared to the rest

But, even though this dick is a bit small, you’ll see that it can be adjusted, not on its size, but on the angle you want. I’ll tell you more about that later. In short, visually, I’m not a fan, everything is a little too small for my taste, whether it is the masturbator itself or the cock present on it.

Onahole size

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 22

Comparison with the Panzer Girl Yukari

To give you some information about this onahole, let’s talk a little about the dimensions of the product. Placed flat, it measures 21 cm (8.26″) in total length and 15 cm (5.90″) in width. We can also see that it displays 11 cm (4.33″) in height, especially taking into account the size from his ass to the pubic, without taking into account the size of the penis. Moreover, this one measures 9 cm (3.54″) length for a maximum diameter of 3,2 cm (1.25″). It is thus a masturbator neither too small, nor too big, but with a small penis size compared to a dildo, in particular. Another point, you have, as I explained, a penetrable tunnel, at the level of the anus, about 13 cm (5.11″) long.

Other details

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 26

Overview of the masturbator orifice

To give you even more details about this particular masturbator, you should know that it weighs only 2.13 Kg, which is really light, but it must be said that the masturbator is not very imposing. And as mentioned, you have a penetrable anal tunnel. To tell you about this one, the first area consists of a big thick bump, covered with small bumps, allowing, with each back and forth, to make them move forward and backward. The next part of the tunnel is made up of a part that narrows and starts to take a curved direction, with walls covered with small ridges, thus providing a certain grip for the penis to pass through.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 11

2,13 Kg only!

Then, a little further on, we have wavy, intertwining ridges that fold in with a slight pressure on the penis, again. The last chamber ends in a more rounded, aspirational shape. Moreover, as the tunnel is built asymmetrically, it will be possible to use it upside down, turning it 180° to get different sensations.

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole materials

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 5

The details of the internal tunnel are indicated on the box

As very often on the masturbators coming from Japan, it is TPE that we will find. A soft, elastic, malleable and slightly viscous material. It is, however, a porous material, which means that substances and bacteria can get inside. It is not recommended to lend it or to use it with others. On the inside, especially in the penetrable anal canal, we have a double layer system, with a redder and firmer TPE, offering more resistance.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 15

The internal TPE is redder and harder than the external TPE

For the penis of this Otokonoko DX Femboy masturbator, it is also TPE, but the inside of it is harder with a little more firmness. This will allow you to bend the penis to get the desired angle.

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole use

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 16

Penis or ass, should you choose?

Again, it’s a pretty usual masturbator, except that here we only have a penetrable anal canal and a penis! But apart from that, the principle remains the same! However, since we have an extra penis, we can do a little more with it, of course. We explain it all to you!

What can we do with it?

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 13

Focus on the masturbator’s penis

In fact, there are many things you can do! It all depends on your desires, if you are alone or accompanied. Of course, the first thing you can do with it is to penetrate the anal canal, like a classic masturbator with an anal orifice. And as announced, it can be penetrated in two different directions, because the tunnel is built asymmetrically. The sensations of penetration will therefore be different if it is upright or upside down, by turning it 180°. You can also have fun with his penis! Why not wank it during penetration, slap it and if there are two of you having fun, one can penetrate it, while the other has fun sucking it for example. After that, I let you imagine the possible games with it.

Which lubricant should I choose to use?

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 18

Water-based lubricant only, including the sample to start with

You already know this if you are someone who is used to reading the sex toy reviews that we publish regularly! In fact, as these are TPEs, you should never use a silicone-based lubricant! You will have problems if you do so. Here, as always, I recommend water-based lubricant! This way, you are sure to have enough lubrication to penetrate the masturbator’s anus or to facilitate the insertion of the penis. You can use Motsutoys Tyo lube, Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lube or Honkijiru White lube, a sperm effect lube. Of course, these are not the only ones on the market, you have a whole bunch of them at your disposal, depending on your preferences.

How to clean it?

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 25

The cleaning will not be very complicated, like a classic Onahole in fact

As you also know, cleaning a masturbator is not the favorite part of the users. It’s a bit long, a bit boring sometimes, especially since it has to be done right after playing with it or at least as soon as possible. Here, you can use warm water and a bit of soft soap, but above all, if you have it at home, a shower stick, which allows you to screw it to your shower head in order to clean the inside of the internal tunnel. For my part, I use the Aquastick, which is used as much for cleaning an onahole, as for making an anal enema. Then you have to wait for it to dry, which can be quite long. And for its maintenance, you can sprinkle it with corn powder or Fleshlight powder if you have it.

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole efficiency

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 12

Femboy or not?

It’s time to tell you what we liked or not about this Otokonoko DX Femboy masturbator! It is true that we had already had the opportunity to review a product like this one, with Edward, the male torso with a penis, but I had not penetrated his anus at that time. This time, I had fun with the penetrable anus at disposal as well as the present penis and we can finally tell you more after different tests. Here is our opinion on the Otokonoko DX Femboy!


Otokonoko DX Femboy - 17

The penis moves easily

It is true that this masturbator is not very big. This brings advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, on the disadvantages level, it is true that a small masturbator like this one does not really improve the feeling of realism that you can have with a larger masturbator and close to the real size of a person. However, even if we lose a little on this side, we gain in terms of grip!

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 24

The masturbator next to the Milan Christopher dildo

During my tests, I could see that the weight of the Otokonoko DX Femboy masturbator was well distributed on the whole of it. Moreover, you can hold it by your hips as well as by your buttocks. Here, I can hold each buttock in the palm of each hand and hold it that way while going back and forth. In short, the product is good and balanced in this respect.

The anal tunnel

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 14

A suitable anal tunnel

Concerning the anal tunnel, the only one present on this masturbator, it is correct! At the level of the texture, we feel that the material is a little more rigid. The tunnel is neither too open, nor too closed, we feel well this internal structure in the passage of the glans. On the whole, the stimulation is correct, pleasant, but lacks a little pressure/compression of the penis for an anal canal.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 21

Doggy style is really nice!

In missionary, it’s not bad, the tunnel is quite long, but I still find it a bit short. Two or three more centimeters could have been interesting, but I must admit that I didn’t feel that sensation of a too short sheath that you can sometimes feel on smaller models. I preferred to use the Otokonoko DX Femboy in doggy style!

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 28

Proportionally, the penis is the right size in relation to the body

Indeed, in this position, while holding the masturbator in the hands, we feel our testicles bouncing against those present on the masturbator. It is pleasant and gives a little more the sensation of fucking an ass with a cock. On the other hand, I would have liked a final cavity which takes care more of the glans.

The onahole penis

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 27

I can hardly hold the penis in my hand, it is small

That’s the big difference with other models! It is true that some people will like it, others will not. For my part, I like it, but I must say that I am disappointed with the size of the penis of this masturbator. Sure, it goes along with the product (Femboy), but it is still small. To jerk it off, it’s hard to take this penis in the palm of your hand to jerk it off, it’s too small. Actually, taking it with two fingers (thumb + index) is enough to wank this TPE cock.

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 23

Comparison with the size of the realistic Strap-On-Me dildo

You can have fun sucking it a little, but to use it for vaginal penetration, it seems difficult to me and the sensations will not really be there. For anal, I imagine even less this possibility. On the other hand, you can give the angle you want to this penis, which is fun!

Otokonoko DX Femboy onahole final thoughts

Otokonoko DX Femboy - 20

A masturbator like no other

This is definitely a product that will find its audience! It is true that I am disappointed with the size of the penis, but that is also a matter of preference. All in all, it is an atypical masturbator, which is not perfect, but which offers all the same, an opening on the possibilities offered by sex toys. Here, it’s still a “Femboy”, which can really please you if you’re a fan of this genre! I like it, but it’s true that this model is a bit small to enjoy it even more! Notice to all Femboy lovers!


  • An onahole with a penis
  • The design of the box
  • Small, but very handy
  • Well distributed weight
  • You can feel the testicles bouncing around doggy style
  • You can bend the penis to get the desired angle


  • Small penis, too much?
  • Difficult vaginal/anal penetration
  • Canal lacking a little pressure
  • Extra room for the glans?
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