Finally an accessory that is out of the ordinary, it is the Sex position enhancer chair from Bondage Boutique! At first, I wasn’t really looking for this kind of product, but when I saw it, I have to admit that it must be quite good to review! Indeed, we often talk about Kamasutra, about sexual positions, but we still have to realize them! That’s why, this sex position enhancer chair is a good alternative to gymnastics and bodybuilding, to realize positions, while helping! And I must admit that when I saw this chair, I imagined several positions with Kitty that could be very exciting to realize!

This is an accessory that can also be used as a BDSM accessory, but I’ll talk about that a little later! We have never reviewed this kind of product before on the website! The only product that looks a bit like this concept is the Love to Love cushion, but it’s quite different. Here is our review of the sex position enhancer chair from Bondage Boutique!

Sex position enhancer chair packaging

sex position enhancer chair - 2

Here is what we received!

For the packaging, there is none! Like that, it is clear! Indeed, when we received this sex position enhancer chair, it was directly in the box of the package. We receive in fact, the seat part, composed of a metal frame and two elastic straps, then the legs of the chair. We still have an instruction sheet to assemble the chair correctly, but if it does not seem very complicated to put in place.

Sex position enhancer chair physical details

sex position enhancer chair - 3

The chair, once in place

I’m going to talk about how the chair looks once it’s assembled. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be of interest! When the chair is assembled, it’s a pretty basic chair, but one that I think is quite design, clean and simple. So we have a chair that sits on a sturdy metal frame, covered with a soft foam. This metal frame has at the seat, two large elastic straps composed of 4 layers.

sex position enhancer chair - 4

The elastic straps are very resistant

To hold the seat in place, we have two wide bars rather than four legs, which seems great for balance and stability. The whole thing is heavy enough to offer this stability and we notice that the straps are very elastic! I really like this sex position enhancer chair from Bondage Boutique, I really want to try it with Kitty so let’s move on with the review!

Size of the chair

sex position enhancer chair - 16

A chair, not too small, not too big

This is one of the important parts of this review! Indeed, since we will be able to do many things with this chair, it is necessary that it is big enough, but not too imposing too. The goal of the game will be that one of the partners is underneath and the other one above! But not only that! You’ll see a little later when I get to that part. This sex position enhancer chair is 42 cm (16.52″) wide, that’s the width between the two bars on the floor. It is 33 cm (12.99″) high, from the floor to the top frame. In length, I measured 50 cm (19.68″). And finally, each band is 10 cm (3.93″) wide, with a space between the two bands of 7 cm (2.75″).

Other details

sex position enhancer chair - 12

A solid frame to support a fairly large weight

If there is one thing I had a doubt about, it is the weight that this sex position enhancer chair can support! Indeed, it doesn’t look like it, but this chair can support a maximum weight of 150 Kg! I must admit that this is really great, because it is a chair that a lot of people will be able to use. The last thing I can tell you is that it is black, both the straps and the metal frame.

Sex position enhancer chair materials

sex position enhancer chair - 8

The straps are really strong and bouncy

The interest of this sex position enhancer chair is that it is made with a strong, heavy, resistant metal, which allows to have an excellent stability. But it is also the soft, elastic and bouncy straps that make all the charm of this chair! I didn’t really manage to find the origin of this material, but it’s strong, soft and really elastic! The whole thing is very satisfying, the chair doesn’t look cheap and really feels quality! Plus, you have protective foam on the entire metal frame!

Sex position enhancer chair use

sex position enhancer chair - 6

A kind of handle is present in front, but also at the back to hold on

Yes, a chair is easy to use, you just sit on it and wait! Finally, you can also eat while sitting on a chair or watch TV! But it is not a chair like the others, I think that you all understood it! So we are going to give you a maximum of information and feedback on the use of this sex position enhancer chair. One of the first things I thought of was using this chair for the cowgirl position! It’s a position we both love, but don’t practice very much. Then with a chair which allows to facilitate all that, I admit that we will not deprive ourselves to try that! But before all, we are going to tell you what there is to know to use well this chair.

How to mount the position chair?

sex position enhancer chair - 1

The assembly is simpler than it seems

To assemble this chair, you will not need any tools! But on top of that, part of the chair was already assembled! Indeed, the protective foam was already installed on the bars, which allowed me to assemble the chair in 1 minute! In fact, all I had to do was finish setting it up by attaching the legs. On the Lovehoney website, it says that it takes two people to assemble this chair, but in reality, you can do it all by yourself!

sex position enhancer chair - 15

Only one minute to assemble this chair

The booklet does a great job of explaining what to do, but in summary, you need to lay the chair flat with all 4 tubes in the air, then fold one part over the other, so that the tips of the tubes attach to the other part of the tubes. It sounds complicated, but it’s very simple! However, you need to have strength in your arms, because you have to pull on the elastic straps which are really strong. Once the chair is assembled, you can use it! And to dismantle it, you just have to remove the fixation by lifting the metal frame again at the level of the feet. We will be able to slide it easily under the bed for example!

What can we do with this chair?

sex position enhancer chair - 5

A multifunctional chair!

On this point, we can really do a lot! In fact, we can do more things than we think! First, you can sit in it! After all, for a chair, it’s the basic thing. But it is of course for a sexual use that this chair take all its sense! You can practice blowjob, cunnilingus, facesitting, anulingus, penetration with a penis or a dildo, in short, you’ll see a little further down when we tell you what we think, the possibilities are multiple!

How to clean the chair?

sex position enhancer chair - 17

You have to do a bit of work to clean it

This is the part where you have to figure it out, because there are no real instructions. Here, I think the best thing to do is to use a wet cloth to clean the straps. You can’t really remove them like that unless you remove all the foam around the bars, which is not recommended. Anyway, the easiest thing to do is to do as I indicated, unless you have another solution.

Sex position enhancer chair efficiency

sex position enhancer chair - 10

A convenient and truly versatile chair

It’s a funny accessory, but I already have plenty of ideas in mind to put into action with this sex position enhancer chair! Like this, it doesn’t look like a prop that can be very handy for performing positions or even be used in a slightly more BDSM setting! I can’t wait to tell you about it, because we used this chair a few times with Kitty and I must say we had a lot of fun with it! But we still need to tell you more about it! Here is our review of the Bondage Boutique sex position enhancer chair!

On a soft surface

For its use on a soft surface, it is feasible! Indeed, this chair is not composed of four legs, but of two long bars. This system offers a good stability, because no matter what position you practice, you don’t have the impression that the chair will tip over. Moreover, on a bed for example, the chair can be tilted, like a rocking chair, from front to back for other ways of penetration and stimulation. It can also be used in the doggy style position, to get belly support. And the wheelbarrow position is facilitated by the chair. It’s not the preferred use, but it’s definitely doable!

On a hard surface

sex position enhancer chair - 9

Two stable bars, rather than four feet!

The use of this sex position enhancer chair on a hard floor remains preferable! Let’s just say that there, you get more stability during the movements. The space between the two partners is a bit more present and we found it easier that way. Using it on a hard floor, you can do a lot of things, like sliding underneath to suck or lick, but also penetrate. Either hopping on a dildo or a penis. We tested both, either me underneath, with Kitty bouncing on my penis, or Kitty sitting on the chair, bouncing on a dildo.

Stability and comfort

sex position enhancer chair - 14

The protective foam is really practical

When we first tried this sex position enhancer chair, Kitty was worried about the stability and the fact that it could support up to 150 Kg! It’s true that when you sit on it, the straps sink in and you wonder if the whole thing is going to fall apart! In fact, it is a little like a hammock the first time. We wonder if it will hold and in the end, it works! It’s the same principle here, once the apprehension is over, we become more confident and we realize that the chair really does its job!

In addition, the bars are perfect for maintaining balance and stability in a position. With the elasticity of the straps, it allows the body to rest less on its legs or arms. In the end, you can hold a position much longer with this chair than without. Indeed, we really feel the support of the straps on the body, in the muscles and it becomes easier to push on our legs to make small jumps on the cock of his partner or on a dildo.

When you sit on it, the material is pleasant. It is not irritating. You don’t feel any pressure or contractions, it’s really well studied. As soon as you get up from the chair, you can feel the elastics pushing you up, proof that they are really doing their job of support. Moreover, even by using the bars, we can make movements up and down, without the legs and by keeping a good stability!

Cunnilingus position

sex position enhancer chair - 18

Multiple possibilities

This is one of the things we tried with Kitty! Indeed, I slipped under the chair, Kitty was then sitting on it. I could then lick her pussy without any problem, even if I recommend to put a pillow under the head of the person who will be underneath with to have an even easier and more comfortable access. Kitty was able to sit on the chair, taking some of the pressure off of her weight, without crushing me! It’s really convenient! We can then practice facesitting, forcing the other person to lick well. The straps collapse while sitting, allowing then to have either the pussy, or the penis very close to his partner located underneath.

Milking blowjob position

sex position enhancer chair - 13

The foam of the chair

For this activity, you have to act differently! Indeed, on my side, I manage to slip under the position chair in its length. But according to your corpulence, it will be necessary to place you on its width. Thus, it is enough to place the chair close to a bed, the bust and the head are found on this last one and the rest of the body, on the chair, the penis being thus found between the two straps. This way, Kitty can be underneath, in the direction of the width, and suck or jerk me off from underneath.

Penetration position

sex position enhancer chair - 11

The space between the two straps is sufficient

Another possibility we tried was penetration! I was underneath, Kitty was then sitting on the chair on the length. The straps, as I mentioned, are wide enough and support the weight well enough to sag enough so that the penis is at the right height and level. Again, it is possible to add a pillow under the buttocks to raise the pelvis for better penetration length and comfort as needed. It’s really nice and it allows me to see Kitty directly.

Ass licking position

Here, it’s a bit the same principle as for the cunnilingus! Kitty just needs to lean forward a little more when she is sitting so that I can lick her anus! Here, too, we can play with the pressure we exert on the straps to sit a little more on the face and force the other to lick well!

Sitting position with a dildo

To test even more this chair, I tried to use a dildo, in anal penetration, while sitting on the chair! To do so, I tried the experience with the Unicorn Horn dildo from Split Peaches, but also the Thick Rick from Pride Dildo and to finish, the Strap-on Me cum dildo! With the Thick Rick, I placed a metal scale under the chair so that the suction cup of the dildo would catch well. Then, I sat on the chair and I could realize that one could be penetrated by the dildo without difficulty.

The straps allow for enough sagging for the dildo’s glans to come through and insert. The penetration length is not huge, but enough to have fun. With the Unicorn Horn dildo, I have more than enough to have fun. The length of penetration is much more important! On the other hand, with the cum dildo, it was more complicated. It is smaller than the Thick Rick and especially, its silicone is much denser. Without suction cup, the dildo was not very resistant, I had to insert it by hand before being able to bounce on it with the help of the chair. So it’s quite possible to bounce on a dildo and I must say that it’s quite nice! I really enjoyed this use!

However, I did notice one thing! If you have a small ass (like mine), after a while, the straps tend to spread a bit. Either you have to spread your legs more to stay in the middle, or you can end up with your ass between the two straps and thus, the support will be more complicated. You will then have to stand up to put the straps back on. If you have a bigger butt, you won’t have this problem (related to this way of using it). Kitty also tested this position with the Brent Corrigan dildo while she was sucking me! I have to admit, it’s very exciting to watch her bounce around while having my penis in her mouth!

Tips for use

When you use the chair, depending on the movements, the straps can shift outwards. Indeed, they are retained by the foam which absorbs the shock of the movements, but which can be compressed. It is therefore necessary to take care to put the straps back in the center and then to decompress the foam so that it does its role of stabilizing the straps. Otherwise, the two straps move further and further apart and sitting becomes less easy. Basically, you risk your ass getting caught between the two straps.

Sex position enhancer chair final thoughts

sex position enhancer chair - 7

A very good accessory, despite some small defects

Frankly, we were skeptical about this sex position enhancer chair from Bondage Boutique! But in the end, this chair is just great! We would not have thought that it could allow us so many things! It’s not like the cushion I reviewed a long time ago, which was only a cushion to raise the person a little, especially his ass for penetration. Here, we are in front of a real accessory which is used in everyday life!

We don’t have any health concerns and we really found this chair useful! Indeed, I think of people who can suffer from several medical problems and a chair like this one can really help to make love in one way or another. For my part, I love this chair, it allows to do several things, it is really multi function! I had a doubt at the beginning, but in the end, you can really use it for almost everything! New positions, bouncing on a dildo, practicing facesitting, pegging too, attaching your partner with handcuffs to the bars of the chair, in short, you understood it, it’s a little crush!


  • A practical chair for multiple activities
  • A valuable aid for those with physical disabilities
  • Robust and easy to assemble
  • Provides good support for positions
  • Blowjob, cunnilingus, anulingus, penetration and more!


  • Cleaning a little complicated
  • The straps can spread and the butt can pass through depending on your body type
  • It takes a little space to store
  • No packaging
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