Here is the new version of a very famous wand, it is the Domi 2 mini-wand from Lovense! Yes, you can jump for joy, the ultra powerful wireless wand is back in a second version, which improves several negative points present on the first model! Indeed, not long ago, even if this one was released in 2017, I could review with Kitty, the Lovense Domi, the first model. Moreover, at the moment, Lovense offers new versions of their products. There was the Lovense Lush 2 which came improved the first version of Lovense Lush. The Osci also came in second version. And now, it’s the Domi’s turn to have its number 2!

If you don’t know Lovense, you must not have read the website for a while. Indeed, Lovense is a very well known brand in the field of connected sextoys. On the site, several reviews of Lovense products are present, such as the Lovense Hush, the prostatic massager Edge, the Rabbit Nora, the masturbator Max and the Ambi. The Domi wand was simply excellent, despite small flaws. It is certain that this second version is even more successful! Here is our review of the Domi 2 mini-wand by Lovense!

Domi 2 by Lovense packaging

Lovense didn’t really change things with the packaging of the Domi 2 mini-wand! Indeed, we have exactly the same content, except that we are switching from the Domi to the Domi 2! It’s still a big rectangular, cardboard and white box. A solid box that you will have to keep with you to store your wand. Yes, Lovense still doesn’t provide a storage pouch with their product! That’s a real shame, because that would be a real plus.

On the front of the box is the Domi 2 with information on the back and on sides, its functions and what it can do. When you open the box from above by lifting the lid, you will find the Domi 2 in its mould with a small rectangular cardboard box underneath, which contains the charging cable for the Domi 2 mini-wand. You can also find a small user manual and a quick-start but no more! When will the extra storage pouch be available? I did notice a slight difference in the size of the Domi 2 mini-wand’s box compared to the old one. But also, some changes on the information provided.

Domi 2 by Lovense physical details

Of course, when we talk about a new version, often there are visual changes! And this is of course the case on this new version! The first thing you can notice is the handle of the wand! Indeed, this one is not V-shaped, which I found quite ugly on the first version. Here, the shape is more cylindrical, while having a body that tapers from top to bottom. You can also see that the grip is not the same, much more adapted to the hand of the person who will hold it! The wand seems a little more robust.

I also find on the head of the wand, well rather the neck, has become a little more flexible than on the first version. Already that the latter was flexible, here, it moves very easily, there is no need to press it to see it, it is very fluid. There’s also another change in the buttons. If the up and down arrow are still there, the button panel is smaller. On the first version, the space occupied was more important and it wasn’t very understandable considering the size of the buttons. Here, the control panel takes up the size of the two buttons. It’s more classy. Otherwise, we always find at the bottom of the wand, the jack type slot to connect the charging cable when it is necessary to recharge its battery.

Domi 2 size

Maybe it was a point that could be modified on this second version and it is! However, I could see on many sites that the sizes between the Domi and the Domi 2 were identical. Admittedly, the changes are subtle, but they are there! Indeed, the first version is 23.3 cm (9.17′) in total length while the Domi 2 is 23.39 cm (9.20′). A very slight difference between the two. The diameter of the head is also different. The second version has a head diameter of 4.41 cm (1.73′), whereas the first was 4.66 cm (1.83′).

In addition, the shape is very slightly different, a little less long. So we are faced with a compact wand, smaller than a large part of the market! It is smaller than a Smart Wand Large, a Doxy Die Cast or Doxy Massager and even smaller than a Doxy Number 3! And if I have to compare it to the last wand reviewed on the site, the We-Vibe Wand, it’s also smaller!

Other details of the wand

There are still some things I haven’t indicated in relation to this wand and compared to the old one. Indeed, I have not yet mentioned the circle of light that lights up while you use the wand. This silver circle is now more discreet, thinner than on the old version, which is not worse. Another point, its weight! The first version weighs 289 grams, while the Domi weighs 299.9 grams! A slight difference between the two. Otherwise, as you may have noticed, it is still black, on this point, Lovense has not changed at all.

Domi 2 by Lovense materials

Here, between the first and second version, there are no changes. We mainly have a product made of silicone. It’s a good quality silicone, soft and catches little dust. As a reminder, silicone is a hypoallergenic material, contains no phthalates or latex and is healthy for the body! For the rest, it is ABS plastic. It is also a material that is healthy for the body. In short, on the materials used, we find the quality of Lovense.

Domi 2 by Lovense use

The Domi 2 mini-wand changes very little from the previous version! If you already have the first Domi, this second model will be just as easy to use and above all, will not change your habits. The new features are mainly present on elements that you can’t control, such as the battery life or the power of the Bluetooth antenna. However, let’s take a detailed look at what you need to know to use your Domi 2 mini-wand properly!

How to charge the Domi 2?

Here is a point that has changed between the first Domi and the second, the internal battery! Indeed, now, to recharge the Domi 2 mini-wand, it takes a little more than two and a half hours. For the first version, it only took 90 minutes. But, on the other hand, on the battery life, we were on an average use time of 60 to 90 minutes, while here, on the second model, we have between 5 and 6 hours of continuous use! For a wireless wand, it’s good news to have improved the battery life! I think especially of people who make showcams! They will be able to use their Domi 2 mini-wand longer before it runs out of power!

The red light (LED type) on the wand will remain on during charging. When the Domi 2 is fully charged, the LED will go out. Moreover, if you want to be sure that the battery has recharged well, you can look at the battery indicator present in the Lovense Remote application. Small precision, do not use the Domi 2 while it is charging!

How to handle the wand?

Now let’s talk a little bit about the buttons on the wand! You have a button near the head of the Domi 2, then a second one just below it. The first button allows you to turn on the toy by holding it down for 3 to 5 seconds.  Then, with this same button, with a single press, you can increase the intensity or change the vibrating mode. With the second button, you can, with one press, decrease the intensity level of a continuous mode or return to the previous mode. It’s very easy to use and it’s intuitive, just like on the first version of the Lovense wand!

How do I use it in short-range mode?

Short-distance mode is the use in connected mode, but with both people in the same room. This is clearly the mode that will be used when you want to play with two people. In my situation, when Kitty is with me in the same room, she only holds the wand while I control it with my smartphone. This is clearly not the mode I think is appropriate when you want to use the Domi 2 mini-wand alone.

I can’t see you holding the wand between your thighs and controlling the vibrations with your smartphone. If you use the “microphone” mode, it can be useful, or the music mode, which I’ll talk about a little later. For the short-distance connected mode, you’ll need to do a pairing, here’s how it works!

How to pair with iOS and Android?

Pairing is the action of linking your Bluetooth connected sextoy to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Indeed, you can control the Domi 2 mini-wand from anywhere! You will first need to get the Lovense Remote application from Google Play or the Apple Store. Then, you have to switch on the Domi 2. When it is switched on, go to the Lovense application, then click on the “+” button to go to the “My Toys” menu to find your Domi 2. Once you have found the wand, press “Finish” to start using it. Please note that you don’t have to create a Lovense account to use the local connected mode, you can skip the creation step if you don’t plan to use it from a long distance.

Pairing the Domi 2 mini-wand on a PC

Yes, that is also a possible thing! Indeed, Lovense offers a Bluetooth dongle to control the Domi 2 from the PC! This is clearly the link that will be used for showcams to make the Domi 2 react to tips/tokens that you receive from your audience! So you will have to do the same thing as for Android or iOS. In short, switch on the wand, plug the Bluetooth USB adapter of Lovense on a USB port of your PC. Then, do the pairing in the same way.

Using Long Distance Mode

In long distance mode, the only thing that changes is the arrival of a remote user. Once the connection is made between the Domi 2 mini-wand and the smartphone, an invitation will have to be sent to the person who will have to control the Domi 2. This person must also have the Lovense Remote application and have an account, of course. Then, the person who owns the Domi 2 will be able to send the invitation in order to offer the control of the wand.

Devices compatible with the app

This is an important point, but unless you have an old smartphone that’s several years old or an old tablet lying around, you won’t have any trouble using the app. Indeed, the Lovense Remote application is compatible with a large number of devices, be it iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, as long as it’s at least iOS 9.0. On the Android side, you will need version 4.3 or higher of the operating system in addition to support for Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. On PC, same thing, you need the Lovense dongle to use it.

What can be done with the application?

Simply the same as on the Domi, first of the name! So you can synchronize the Domi 2 mini-wand with music. The concept is to vary the intensity of the wand according to the music. It is also possible to use the “microphone” mode which allows you to pick up ambient sounds using the microphone of your smartphone to make the wand vibrate! A very fun mode when you’re in public with other Lovense sextoys, like the Lush 2.0.

You can, of course, manage your programmable levels and use chat functions, such as text or video depending on the devices. It is also possible to control the vibrations with your finger and even make two Lovense sextoys interact. You can even control two Lovense sextoys at the same time! For example, control the Lush 2.0 and the Domi 2! An explosive duo by the way! I didn’t make any captures of the application, because I already did it for other Lovense product reviews that you can find on the website!

Programming the wand

It is possible to program the Domi 2 wand! Yes and it is a very nice and even useful function! Indeed, in the Lovense Remote application, you have a “Program” button to adjust three levels. Then by pressing “Create a new template”, you can save it to become a predefined template of the Domi 2 mini-wand! Perfect to use it afterwards in disconnected mode.

What are the vibrating modes?

Here, Lovense has not changed the deal and remains on the 7 default modes! You have 3 stable modes (constant) then 4 alternative modes (jerky). But this is what you will have by default! Because with the application, you can create or download existing templates in order to use them later yourself. This gives you access to new vibrating modes and above all, programmable according to your desires of the moment!

The modes on the Domi 2

What lubricant to use with?

As with all silicone products, if you want to keep your toy alive the longest, you should avoid spreading silicone-based lubricant on its head! Indeed, if you need a lubricant, you should choose a water-based lubricant to prevent the two silicone materials from mixing. Kitty and I love Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Organics Sensation or Satin. But right now we are on the UnisX vegan lubricant. It all depends on when and how much stock is available.

How to clean the Domi 2?

The Domi 2 mini-wand is just like its little sister, a splashproof wand! Basically, it is splashproof, but it is not made to be used under or in water. To clean your Domi 2, it will be possible to use a little warm water with soap, mainly on the head of the wand. Be careful, the head is not removable as on the Europe Magic Wand for example. You can also use a toy cleaner like Sliquid Shine or YES Cleanse, it’s up to you! Then wipe it with a non-abrasive cloth.

Domi 2 by Lovense efficiency

So now we are going to tell you what we think of this second version of the Domi! For this, I reviewed the Domi 2 on Kitty, because it is rare that she uses a sextoy alone! So I took advantage of a weekend to try to make her come with it and I must say that it was efficient ! I will also try to give you a point compared to the first version in order to give you the differences with the first one. But above all, if the second version is better than the first one! Because it happens sometimes that a second version is not as good as the first one! Here is our feedback on the Domi 2!

The power of this second version

Clearly, we are not going to lie to each other, the Domi 2 is as powerful as the first Domi! On this point, there is no difference between the two! On the other hand, compared to other wands on the market, yes, the Lovense wand is really powerful. As for the first version, it largely surpasses the Fairy Black Exceed and all the other wands of the Fairy range.  It is more powerful than a Europe Magic Wand, but this is also because it is more compact. If we compare its range of action, it is still equivalent. But no doubt, it is really powerful, even very powerful! It’s definitely one of the most powerful wireless wands on the market! And on top of that connected! It’s not for nothing that we see it everywhere in showcams!

Vibrations still of quality?

I find that at this level it’s better than on the first version. Indeed, at the time, I indicated that on the first level of intensity, the vibrations were only felt in the wand and very little in the head. Now it’s a bit better. Is it because of the change of the neck of this new Domi? Probably. But the vibrations can be felt more in the handle that in the head on first level. For the other levels of intensity, we find the power we are used to with its double rotating head and it’s perfect. The vibration penetration is still good, even if you still feel the vibrations in the wand. However, they are still less present, which is not a bad thing!

Still as handy as ever?

Once again, this second version scores points! The first version was already very handy, but the second version is even better! Indeed, the neck of the wand has been improved and you can feel it when using it. It is easier to twist it in one direction or another and put even more pressure on the clitoris! And it is true that it remains much more manageable than a big wand like the We-Vibe Wand for example! Even if I have to say that the O-Wand is really not bad on its handling. The shape of the handle is also much better. It’s easier to hold and the grip does its job better. It’s also lighter, which is perfect!

Anything else to say?

Of course! I must say that the connected part works much better. It worked very well before, but now the wand picks up the Bluetooth signal very well. It must be said that Lovense has modified the integrated chipset for a more recent version which improves the signal of it. Unfortunately, there are no changes concerning the light circle of the wand.

Although it is more discreet, you still have to go through the application to deactivate it. The noise is also always present, there hasn’t really been any reduction on this side. At the same time, you have to know what you want! A lot of power rhymes with more noise, most of the time. In addition, we finally have a battery that holds the charge much better, even with the light circle activated! This was a reproach we made on the first version, so thanks Lovense on this point.

My feeback with Kitty

To test the wand properly, I tested the connected mode alone, to check the changes and its functions. That’s how I could see that we no longer lost the Bluetooth signal as on the first one as soon as we exceeded the maximum distances a bit. It’s more stable. The microphone function still works just as well. The application is still as easy to use as ever, it’s perfect. For the test of the wand itself, this time Kitty didn’t keep her panties on! Indeed, we had just used the O-Wand vibrator a little earlier in the day and several times! So it was the perfect time to give Kitty a few more orgasms after the 4 or 5 she had already gotten.

The Lush 2.0 in addition

So I started to use the Domi 2 on her clitoris and even on the first level, the vibrations were there and as soon as I got to the second level, Kitty was getting an orgasm, fast, dazzling. She could hardly keep up with the rhythm and kept pushing me away, so powerful is the wand and this, just at the second level. So I decided at that time, to include the Lush 2.0 at the same time! Once the vibrating egg connected in her vagina, at level 3, I had fun pulling the cord a little while using the Domi 2 on her clit! Explosion, there’s no other words! Kitty easily achieved an orgasm in no time.

We end up with sodomy

After that, I try to take her in doggy-style with the Lush 2.0 still in her! Well, it goes very well and it’s very stimulating for her! Besides, I could feel the vibrations of the egg in my penis. After that, I started a cunnilingus, with the Lush 2.0 and the Domi 2 on her clit! Once again, the orgasm came soon and her pussy was all wet! I love it!

Kitty was very excited, she absolutely wanted her cock in her mouth while the Domi 2 was vibrating her clit and the Lush was vibrating her G spot! She couldn’t stop moaning! What a pleasure to see her like that! I resumed my cunnilingus after that, either with the wand at the same time or without it. And she asked for my cock in her mouth again to shove it down her throat! That’s when I decided to end this crazy session with a sodomy with the Lush 2.0 still in her vagina. At that moment, while she was doggy-style, I still had a hard time using the Domi 2 at the same time, I’m not a great acrobat either!

Kitty & Mogwai

Domi 2 by Lovense final thoughts

Still as powerful as ever, the Domi 2 fix the small flaws of the first version! The handle is more ergonomic, the buttons are better placed and take up less space and the light circle is thinner and more classy. Moreover, the head is still a little more flexible, not to mention the improved battery life! The Domi 2 is therefore an excellent cordless wand that is hard to compete with. Coupled with the Lush 2.0, it’s an explosive duo!

Difficult to do better, this wand is almost perfect, because it’s always a shame not to find a simple storage pouch. Apart from that, it is really, a magic wand! It has all its place in the top of the sextoys of the website and in the top of the best clitoral stimulators reviewed! It’s a must-have according to us!


  • A very powerful wand
  • Wireless
  • Connected
  • The Lovense Remote application
  • The improved battery compared to the first version
  • Latest generation Bluetooth chipset
  • A more flexible neck than Domi 1
  • A more ergonomic handle
  • The overall quality of Lovense


  • No storage pocket
  • The light circle that can only be deactivated in the application
  • Not completely waterproof
  • A wheel for the control would be nice.
  • You have to use the connected part to use all its power…
  • Vibrations on first level on intensity can be felt more in the handle than in the head
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