Attention, this is a first on the website, here is the male torso Edward review! Yes, it’s the first time we’re going to review such a sextoy! Of course, on my side, I have already reviewed masturbators in the shape of a torso, but female ones! For example, I could review the Kyo Torso, the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan or the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal! And that’s not all, because I have two other masturbators of this kind to review. But let’s get back to our Male Torso Edward! I was contacted by Tantaly, a company that I didn’t know and that specifically offers masturbators of this kind, both male and female models.

So yes, they are not really male or female models, let’s say this one has a penis while the others have a vagina to make it easier to summarize. When I told Kitty that we would get another masturbator for me but that I would try to find another model for her, I can tell you that she was happy to know that this male torso Edward would also be part of the game!ย  So we’re going to give you Edward’s review!

Male Torso Edward packaging

Male Torso Edward - 1

The mold and packaging of the masturbator

For the packaging, don’t expect a nice box! Indeed, it’s a simple package (big, by the way) which contains a big plastic mold in which the masturbator is installed, horizontally. That’s it! That’s really the most basic thing there is! And it’s the same principle as for the Kyo Torso from Motsutoys. I had received a big package, with the masturbator inside, in a plastic mold. It’s understandable, it’s not really a “mainstream” sextoy that will end up in the showcase of a loveshop!

Male Torso Edward - 2

The packaged masturbator and a small maintenance booklet

Also, with the transport, the plastic mold got damaged, which happens sometimes, but it is still usable. For my part, I will clean the mold that is greasy on arrival, which is normal given the material of this masturbator to store Edward inside to protect it. For the pouch that surrounds it, I prefer to throw it away afterwards.

Male Torso Edward physical details

Male Torso Edward - 3

This is Edward!

Let’s start by talking about the visual aspect of this torso! As you can see, it is a complete torso, without arms and legs, but with a penis, testicles, abs and pecs. It is the body of a young man, one could say, with a flat base at the level of the back, so that it holds well in place when it is lying horizontally.

Male Torso Edward - 4

A muscular body!

We can also say that it is a muscular chest, with a flat stomach and abs, pectoral muscles developed, everything that gives desire, but not only. It also depends on your taste! Well, you’ll see, when you press on the pectorals or the abs, it’s soft! Not so muscular that Edward!

Male Torso Edward - 5

A beautiful penis!

You can also see his navel, but especially his penis! It is a textured penis, realistic, whether it is the glans, the shaft or even the testicles. And surprise, it has an anus that you can penetrate! It is not highlighted, but it is there.

Male Torso Edward - 6

The testicles and the anus (penetrable) for the latter

You may not see it on the pictures I took, but there is a hole under the testicles. Overall, this torso is quite realistic, with many details, it is rather qualitative, both on the realization and the design.

Edward size

Male Torso Edward - 10

A beautiful thing!

To give you a little more detail about its size, here is what I can tell you about it! When it is laid flat, lying on its back, its total length is 54 cm (21.25″). At the pectoral level, its circumference is 26 cm (10.23″), while its waist circumference (at the abs level) is 36 cm (14.17″). In width, it measures 16 cm (6.29″), whereas its turn of bottom (including the testicles) is 29 cm (11.41″). To finish, an important element, his penis! This one measures 21 cm (8.26″) of insertable length for a diameter of 4,49 cm (1.76″)! For its anus, the hole is rather small, it measures 2 cm (0.78″) of diameter, extensible, but not enormously either.

Other details

Male Torso Edward - 13

The details are well present

To finish on this part, I can tell you that it exists only in Caucasian flesh color, I have not seen any model with a different skin color. And you should know that this male torso Edward weighs 8,3 Kg ! It’s really not bad, it’s at the same level as the two Real Body 3D masturbators I’ve already reviewed.

Male Torso Edward materials

Male Torso Edward - 19

The pectoral muscles are soft

Obviously, this male torso Edward is not made of silicone! It’s a masturbator like the others, which usually use TPE! Of course, there are some exceptions, but in general, it is TPE. It is a cheap material, of good quality, which allows to have an effect which looks a bit like skin. It’s a fairly strong material, elastic and allows you to apply a lot of detail.

Male Torso Edward - 20

Same thing for the abs

Here, it is a TPE of medical grade, thus qualitative, but the TPE is a porous material! It is thus preferable that only one person uses Edward or to use a condom for several people. Everything will depend on your use. Be aware that most of the torso is rather soft, except for the penis, which is more rigid, as if there is a tube or harder element inside it to hold it in place. At the same time, the penis needs to have a hard-on and be able to be used for penetration.

Male Torso Edward - 7

The testicles too, but more resistant

The testicles are also soft, with some stiffness inside! Anyway, TPE is healthy for the body, it is a very used material in this field, but it requires some maintenance.

Male Torso Edward use

Male Torso Edward - 8

A masturbator with a penis?

You don’t have a user manual with this male torso Edward! At the same time, we can’t say that it is really necessary! When you see it, you already know what you’re going to do with it! However, we will still see some points together, as we usually do for all the products we reviewed on the website!

How to use it?

Male Torso Edward - 17

The flat side

To make a long story short, because there is not much to say about it either, you simply have to take it out of its plastic mold and put it on a flat surface. Indeed, its back is flat so it can be laid on the ground, on a towel or on a mattress. I advise you to keep the box and its mold, in order to put it back inside, to store it, once you will have cleaned it and that it is quite dry.

What can we do with it?

Male Torso Edward - 18

The penis remains detailed

In fact, there are so many things you can do with it that only your imagination will tell you! Let’s just say there are some pretty obvious things you can do with it! First of all, you can ride it! That’s one of the goals anyway! Here, we will be able to put ourselves above him, either in position of “cowgirl” or in “reverse cowgirl”! But it is not all, we can also put ourselves in position “Asian cowgirl”, in mode “squatting” and many other exciting positions!

Male Torso Edward - 21

A beautiful piece!

Plus, it will work for your pussy as well as your ass! This also means that it’s just as usable for playing with Edward’s penis as it is for playing with your prostate! Don’t forget that you can also have fun giving him a blow job, whether you want to practice or just have fun! And of course, you can also use it for a threesome! It can make a fantasy come true, without really making it happen, it’s a good first step! We’ll tell you all about it a bit later, to give you a feedback of our use of Edward! You should also know that he has an anus! So we can fuck Edward too!

What lubricant to choose with?

Male Torso Edward - 11

Water-based lubricant only!

If you want to use lubricant, you’ll have to choose one that is specifically water-based! Indeed, the material that makes up this male torso Edward is TPE, certainly, of medical grade, but this does not allow you to use a silicone-based lubricant, for example. Depending on your use, it could be an edible lube for blowjob, a classic lube for vaginal penetration and a little thicker for anal penetration! In any case, you should choose a water-based lubricant, it is the most important thing to respect, if you want to keep Edward intact!

How to clean it?

Male Torso Edward - 24

The booklet that comes with the masturbator

This is the boring part! As you know, as soon as a product is bigger than a sink, it becomes complicated to clean it! Here, the best is to put it in your shower tray or directly in a bathtub. Then with the water jet, clean it well, using a little soft soap. Once it is well cleaned, it is necessary to take it out, to put it on a towel for example and to dry it in the open air, while waiting for it to be quite dry.

Male Torso Edward - 25

Tips are available for maintenance and cleaning

It is even recommended to do this before your first use, because masturbators of this kind are always a bit greasy on arrival, especially by the material but also by the maintenance products like powder, which makes it so.

Male Torso Edward efficiency

Male Torso Edward - 12

Bloody Edward?

Now that we’ve seen all that, it’s time for us to tell you what we think of this male torso Edward! To tell you the truth, I was looking forward to getting this product, because I love to see Kitty riding a dildo, like when using the Bondage Boutique position chair with a dildo underneath! But here, it’s definitely a torso, that you can put on the bed and even have fun with it together! We tested this torso in several ways, at several times in order to tell you as much as possible about it! Here is our opinion on Edward!

Edward, Kitty et myself

I must say I was excited to try Edward with Kitty! After our adventures with the position chair, giving Kitty a whole masturbator with a penis was kind of a logical next step. Kitty was able to bounce on a dildo while sitting on a chair, why not a masturbator with a penis? So yes, it’s a bit special and not all couples will be up for it or ready to use such a product. Indeed, it’s a bit like having a passive third person.

Male Torso Edward - 15

Overview of Edward’s penis head

For some couples, this will not be a problem, because it is a doll in TPE, nothing more, just have fun with it without asking too many questions. But for others, Edward can be a brake, even a competitor! For us, it was not a problem, on the contrary. But it’s something to think about before you get it. It is up to you to ask yourself if Edward will be accepted in your relationship, if this is the case. For the others, if you are alone, you are free to do what you want.

Edward, penis or dildo?

Male Torso Edward - 16

A good size penis!

To test this male torso Edward, I was the one who managed it all! Indeed, I took care to clean it before, to dry it well, then to introduce it in our sexual games. I had told Kitty mid-week that Edward would be with us this weekend! Kitty was excited to have a second penis/dildo at her disposal. I consider it more of a penis than a dildo, because here it is connected to a full torso, which gives a different feel! But it is still a piece of TPE.

A bit of a shy start

So I set Edward down on the bed, flat, and Kitty, who was already wet, joined me in the bedroom to find out what I had prepared. It didn’t take long for Kitty to get into a cowgirl position on top of Edward, my penis in one hand, the other, standing on Edward’s chest. As she was sucking me off, Kitty began to move her hips to feel Edward’s penis tucked into her pussy.

Male Torso Edward - 14

The famous soft abs!

At first she moved shyly, then gradually more energetically. For my part, I had fun getting behind her, admiring her ass bouncing on Edward’s penis, pressing her ass so that it would penetrate her well. I even let myself lick her pussy a little, Edward’s penis still in action.

The orgasms begin to follow one after an another

Male Torso Edward - 22

The amplitude of the penis is satisfying.

Then I played with Edward’s penis, grabbing it at its base to make it easier for him to back and forth in Kitty’s pussy, and she let me know that she liked it. I would go back and forth, either facing her, jerking off in front of the show, or behind her, watching her buttocks, going up and down. Kitty began to stand up straighter, starting to be more in the Amazon position, whether jacking off my penis or watching me do it. She was doing little bounces on Edward to get penetrated, which allowed her to get several orgasms that way. Kitty looked so beautiful taking pleasure like that, it was quite exhilarating.

Double vaginal penetration

Male Torso Edward - 23

A good length of penetration

Then it was time for me to come and penetrate Kitty. I didn’t pull Edward’s penis out, on the contrary, I was able to work my way in to give Kitty a double vaginal penetration! I could feel Edward’s penis rubbing against mine with every stroke. Kitty too, of course, as she moaned so many times before she climaxed again.

The second and third time with Edward

A little later, we started playing with Edward again! Once again, Kitty was wiggling on him, while sucking me and all this ended again on a double vaginal penetration, in order to offer to Kitty, several orgasms. The double anal-vaginal penetration could not be done this time, but the pleasure was there, to see my dear and tender Kitty, taking pleasure! She looked at herself in the mirror, to see Edward’s penis entering her pussy, this sight excited her to the highest point.

For the third try, it was a success again! Kitty came in a cowgirl position on Edward! This time, I got in front of her, lying on the bed, while she sucked me and wiggled her ass on Edward’s cock. Sometimes she would look at me, sometimes she would get up, just to say “Wait, I’m going to make myself cum!” From there, I could see her on Edward’s cock to get an orgasm, then two, then three, before I decided to go behind her, to make a double vaginal penetration with Edward! After this double penetration, I came and once I removed my penis, Kitty continued to play with Edward in order to make her come one last time! I must say that every time, it’s a festival!

Anything else?

Yes, Edward does not have only advantages. First of all, there is the TPE, which has a small smell specific to this type of material and it sticks rather quickly. This is normal, TPE is known for this. But it must be taken in consideration. Another point is Edward’s cock. When using it, we realize that it can bend a little, turn on itself and not be straight anymore. Indeed, his penis is made of a layer of TPE on the outside, but the inside is not full. It looks like there is a kind of pipe inside. As a result, sometimes his penis gets a little twisted.

Nothing serious, you just have to twist your wrist while having his dick in hand and it comes back in place. By the way, when you do this, you can hear a plastic noise quite indescribable. Finally, another small point, Edward’s anus. I find it rather small and anecdotal, but at least it has the advantage of being present. At the same time, this is not really what we were interested in with Kitty!

Kitty’s opinion

When Mogwai showed me the Tantaly website and told me he was going to have a new torso masturbator, I immediately said, I want Edward! ๐Ÿ˜‹ I was too curious, I had to try it! It’s true, he has already reviewed several bodies or body parts in female mode but for women there are less!

I must admit that I think that men will more easily take a woman’s ass or torso to have fun alone or with 2 people but a woman will think less about it. It will be more a small womanizer or a dildo that will do the job very well in a more discreet mode. You will see, it’s a mistake, testing Edward is adopting him and it’s much more enjoyable. ๐Ÿ˜

First eye contact with Edward

When it arrived and I saw it, I thought it was a beautiful piece and I could have a blast with it…. ๐Ÿ˜Š Already Edward made me immediately think of the movie Pretty Woman… and yes long live the 90’s and Richard Gere very sexy playing “Edward”, millionaire in need of love and sex of course! ๐Ÿคฃ Thirty year olds will understand me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s get to the heart of the matter… what is Edward worth?

I had the opportunity to practice it several times with Mogwai. Eh yes Mogwai likes to see me get fucked and I like to have more and more! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Edward has a very nice cock that knows how to give pleasure. You can straddle him, the torso allows you to position yourself well. We can lean without fear of hurting him and we can vary the positions without difficulty.

His cock is just the right length to press where it needs to be and give maximum pleasure. It fills well and I like to feel filled. ๐Ÿ˜‡ Mogwai took me at the same time as Edward, the double penetration was done easily considering I was already very wet wiggling on Edward while sucking Mogwai, and there the filling is perfect, I could feel the 2 cocks well which did not delay to make me cum.

My verdict

Honestly riding Edward and sucking Mogwai’s cock was beyond fun! ๐Ÿ˜ I like to have multiple cocks so I can do what I want and get maximum pleasure. With Edward and Mogwai, it’s done! It’s obviously more realistic and more enjoyable than with just one or two dildos in addition to Mogwai’s cock! ๐Ÿ˜‹

The only small drawback is the cleaning… you can imagine that it is not as simple as a dildo. Water and soap yes, but the volume is bigger, so it’s obviously more constraining. This part is taken care of by Mogwai. ๐Ÿ˜…

My conclusion

In conclusion, Edward does the job very well. His dick is perfect to take pleasure and the shape of his torso allows to be comfortable to let go and vary the positions. It’s nothing like just a dildo, it’s much more realistic and it makes you want to let go.ย  Alone or with 2, Edward is there to give pleasure and he does it very well. โค Makes me want to try more of these… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


Male Torso Edward final thoughts

Male Torso Edward - 9

An excellent discovery for us!

To conclude, this male torso Edward is a step above using a dildo! It’s a no-brainer! Usually, when we review a dildo, I’m the one in charge of controlling it most of the time, Kitty doesn’t use a dildo much by herself, but here it’s another dimension! Already, it’s not a simple phallic object, that you hold in your hand, there is a whole torso at your disposal! For my part, I loved using it with Kitty! It’s a favorite, a product that we will use regularly in the future! I love to prepare a little surprise by placing Edward so that Kitty comes to impale herself on my request! And I must say that Kitty enjoys the exercise as well!

What I remember is that I don’t mind seeing Kitty having orgasms with Edward! On the contrary, I can see Kitty from another angle, see the way she likes to be taken, see her cumming as much as possible, in short, see her differently and I don’t mind! The problem is that I want to review other masturbators of this kind with Kitty! Make your suggestions!

It’s true that I haven’t try Edward in anal, I’m talking about getting his dick in my ass, but I must admit that we prefer to use it together, especially for Kitty to enjoy herself! Once again, this is a great discovery! I must admit that I didn’t think I would enjoy using it with Kitty so much! For us, it’s a must-have now! Edward will be with us for a long time, until he is replaced by another one!

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