The Tenga Geo, or should I say, Tenga Geo, are the new masturbators of Tenga! Why Geo? No, they are not masturbators who will teach you geography, but rather, in a way, geometry! Yes, the Tenga Geo is a masturbator that uses geometric shapes, pleasing to the eye but also pleasant for the penis. In any case, that’s what he claims, so you know it as well as I do, I have to check it out!

Tenga masturbators, I reviewed some of them on the website, but it is true that I have not reviewed a whole bunch of them! However, what’s funny is that my first masturbator, even before I created this website, was the Tenga Flip Hole that I bought a long time ago. So, it’s a fair comeback to find myself today, in front of a Tenga masturbator. As I was saying, I already reviewed a few models. For example, you can read the reviews of the Flip Orb, the Flip Zero, the Tenga Flex or the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration. Those reviews are mainly available in the French website. And I don’t list everything! But today, it’s time to review this all-white geometric ball! Here is my review of the Tenga Geo!

Tenga Geo Coral packaging

tenga geo coral - 1

Here is the Tenga Geo in coral version

The first point about this product is the packaging. It is a box packaging, in short the outside of the product is the product itself. It’s always like that with Tenga. In short, to explain the trick a little bit, you have a white ball, contained in a plastic dome that covers it placed on a base that serves as a base.

tenga geo coral - 2

A big sticker that prevents the dome from opening.

It’s nice, but first problem, to lift the transparent cover, the dome, you have to peel off the two stickers that block it. I must admit that it’s not very practical, it’s a detail. Then, we have a base that unscrews at the back, to discover the Tenga Hole Lotion (Real) lubricant sample.

Tenga Geo Coral physical details

tenga geo coral - 3

Here comes the ball!

The Tenga Geo Coral is what I call a sextoy ninja! Indeed, It can blend into his environment without being unmasked. If you leave such an object on a shelf, it can pass itself off as a contemporary work of art from a small local artist or one living on the other side of the world. Indeed, inside its plastic dome, on its black base, this masturbator in the shape of a geometric ball tries to pass itself off as a geometric figure of an architect or mathematician. It is a ball that displays spiky structures on its entire surface.

tenga geo coral - 6

Visually, it’s design and pleasing to the eye

You have a small hole at its base to put it back on its base, but also to turn the sleeve on itself so that the external structure becomes an internal structure. On the other hand, on the other side, it looks like a kind of soap already used or a big baked potato/egg!

The dimensions of Geo

It’s, let’s not hide it, a little masturbator. It’s a ball 8.7 cm (3.42′) long by 8.7 cm (3.42′) wide and 8.6 cm high (3.38′). With the base, it’s 10.7 cmhigh (4.21′), 10.9 cm (4.29′) in diameter and 10.8 cm wide (4.25′)! By the way, this is a product that can be put on a shelf for decoration and will go unnoticed! You have a penetration width of about 5 cm (1.96′) for a penetration depth of about 17 cm (6.69′) because the material stretches. But I will come back to this subject a little later.

Further details on the Geo

To give you a little information, there are a few things you should know. Concerning the Tenga Geo, you have three versions available. I didn’t know which version I was going to get and as you can see on the pictures, it’s a complex spike structure. This is the “Coral” version. But you have two other versions on the market!

tenga geo coral - 8

Here’s the ball with its details

There is the “Aqua” version, which has a more fluid structure and the “Glacier” version which uses a structure composed of angular prisms. Note that the “Aqua” version weighs 200 grams, the “Coral” version is 210 grams and the last version weighs 200 grams. This is the weight without the base, as the latter weighs 240 grams to be added to the set.

Tenga Geo Coral materials

tenga geo coral - 11

The sleeve turned inside out, it looks like an egg!

Polycarbonate, ABS plastic and elastomer! This is what makes up the Tenga Geo Coral! You have ABS plastic and polycarbonate which are used for the base and the dome. And for the geometric ball, you have elastomer, synthetic rubber. It is often this type of material that is used by Tenga. This is correct, but you will see that concerning the elastomer, I have some reproaches to make.

Tenga Geo Coral use

tenga geo coral - 4

Usage information under the dome

Even if its geometric form is complex, its use is not! Indeed, there is not much to analyze to understand how to use it. You should know that it is washable and reusable, even if I’ll emit a downside when I’ll tell you what I think of it when I use it. So let’s look at how to use it, all the same!

How to use it?

tenga geo coral - 10

Turn it over to use it and put it back in the right direction to clean it.

I’ve already explained it a little bit above, to use this Tenga Geo, you have to turn the ball on itself. A bit like a ball sock. You have to put the two thumbs inside the ball, then turn it on itself, which is very simple. Then, just put a little bit of lubricant inside and let the air out before inserting the glans of your penis inside.

Cleaning and lubrication

tenga geo coral - 7

Water-based lubricant for this Geo

The lubricant to be used should be water-based lubricant. You have the lubricant sample, but you can take any water-based lubricant you wish. I recommend a lubricant that is a little thick, at least, that will last over time. I used the Tyo from Motsutoys which offers a good texture and a large quantity.

tenga geo coral - 5

You have a sample of Tenga lubricant inside.

Once you’re done using it, it needs to be cleaned. Here, I pass the sleeve with warm water, then inside, to properly evacuate the remaining lubricant and secretions. Then I turn the sleeve back in its original shape to clean it again and dry it on its base. It’s very simple and it’s fast!

Tenga Geo Coral efficiency

It’s time to tell you what I really think of this Tenga Geo Coral masturbator! Is this little ball with its geometric shapes as design as it is interesting to use? Is it a good idea? I would like to point out that I have never reviewed any Tenga eggs. I have two in stock, but I never bothered to try one. So I won’t make a comparison, even if in the end, I think there must be the same problems as on this Tenga Geo! Because yes, I have some things to tell you about it, some good and some not so good. Here is my opinion on the Tenga Geo Coral!

The grip

To use this Tenga Geo, I must say that I didn’t find it complicated. The sleeve turns over very well on itself. The insertion remains simple, because the hole is rather broad. For the back and forth movements with it, you have to get used to it, because it’s a little bit weird as a shape, but it’s ok. It’s quite easy to extend the sleeve, but unfortunately I have to say that I’m disappointed. Indeed, when I used the Tenga Geo Coral, when going back and forth along the whole length of my penis, I could see that the texture of the ball lengthened accordingly. But, I told myself that the ball would crack after a while. Bingo, that’s what happened when I saw that my glans came out the other side.

I don’t really think you can use it on the whole length of the penis (depending on the size). 17 cm (6.69′) long insertable and stretchable, I’m not convinced. It can happen that the material can be pierced, but on the number of products I’ve reviewed, this is rare. And then, with my penis, the Geo did not withstand the pressure exerted by my glans.

Its overall stimulation

Despite the pierced sleeve, the stimulation is not bad at all. By the way, the hole in the sleeve turned this Geo into Fleshlight Quickshot. What is not unpleasant at all, on the contrary, my glans goes through a small exit hole so the walls come to slide on the crown of my penis. It’s not bad at all, but that’s not how it should have been. I knew that I hadn’t reviewed any Tenga eggs yet for this reason, I find it frustrating not to have material on the whole length of the penis. Certainly, the material is stretchy, but up to a certain point. As a result, you end up with a stimulation based mainly on the glans. It’s pleasant, quite intense, but it’s still too localized. I haven’t find the sensation of penetration that I can find on other masturbators.

Easy to clean

The last point I want to make is its maintenance. Here, everything is fine, it can easily be washed and dried. The base is practical for that and the drying time is quite fast. Tenga has always been good at this. However, this is not all!

Tenga Geo Coral final thoughts

tenga geo coral - 9

Nice, but still disappointing.

In conclusion, I wasn’t thrilled. I’m not going to say that the Tenga Geo Coral is uninteresting, but I have to admit that the elastomer doesn’t allow us to use it as we wish. In fact, if we start to use it a little more strongly, using well all the length it can offer with its stretchy material, there is a good chance that the sleeve will crack.

You can use it like this later on, because as I said, it gives a sort of Quickshot and the glans is compressed each time it passes through the hole that has been created in the sleeve. But that’s not how it should have been. This shows that the product is too small and probably not strong enough over time. Reusable, yes, but it still has to be strong. Which is not the case for me compared to my experience. For my part, my verdict is done!


  • The overall design
  • The geometric shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Correct stimulation


  • Stickers placed incorrectly on the outer shell
  • The sleeve that cracks on first use
  • Complicated full-length use
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