Here is the first review of the Cellmate chastity device, a connected penis cage! Yes finally, I have the chance to review a cage that can be controlled with an application! This is a field where I had never seen this before! Connected sextoys, I’ve seen a lot of them. From the connected egg like the Lush 2.0, to the connected butt plug like the Hush, to the connected contactless stimulator with the We-Vibe Melt, there is almost any type of sextoy that has a connected part. On the other hand, a connected chastity cage, it’s the first time I’ve seen that! And I have to say that it intrigues me, because I am curious to see how the system works and what the connected part can bring to a cage system.

If you haven’t read my reviews of Mystim’s Pubic Enemy cage and NoPacha Balls In cage (in French website), this is another opportunity to catch up. But if you have already done so, let’s see together what this Cellmate chastity device has to offer! Obviously, for this, I will test the cage in several cases to give you a maximum of ascent! Here is the Cellmate chastity device review!

Cellmate chastity device packaging

cellmate chastity device - 1

The cage box with QRCode for the application

For once, I have a nice box from Meo! Well, I have the impression that this is a collaboration with QIUI, which is above all the origin of the product. So it’s a nice white rectangular cardboard box with the Cellmate chastity device on the front side.

cellmate chastity device - 2

Waterproof to IPX7 standard

On the sides, there is information on the fact that an application is available on Google Play and the App Store as well as the fact that the cage is IPX7 compliant. On the side, you have a QRCode to facilitate the download of the application. Behind the box, some information about the standards of this cage.

cellmate chastity device - 3

The bottom of the box

Once the box is opened, you can find a user manual that gives fairly good details about the operation of the cage in English. Then, there are two rings of different sizes and finally, under the manual, in its foam mould, the other part of the Cellmate chastity device. It’s a pity not to find a storage pouch, but the box makes it easy to store the product, it’s already not that bad.

Cellmate chastity device physical details

cellmate chastity device - 4

What you discover when you open the box

Honestly, if I hadn’t told you it was a chastity cage, you might not have guessed it. It’s really a cage unlike any other! It really has a unique design, ergonomic and breathable, which seems nice enough to wear it for a long time. On the front is the Cellmate logo and just below it is a button that allows you to link the cage to the application.

cellmate chastity device - 7

A cage part and two rings at your disposal

Underneath is the part that will be designed to accommodate the penis, with two open areas on the sides to ventilate the cage, and then, at the very bottom, an open area that will also allow air to pass through. But that’s not all, because this opening also allows you to urinate without removing the cage or to play with the penis tip, without opening the cage.

cellmate chastity device - 8

The connected cage and the two rings

Then there are the two rings, which are not really in the shape of a classic ring, but almost in the shape of a D-ring. That’s where it gets complicated, because if you don’t read the instructions, you’re not going to understand how to put it in place. I’ll tell you more about it later, because it’s really something I’ve been stuck with for quite a while. Anyway, I really like the design of this cage, I find it very modern, very high-tech and it really changes from the other chastity devices I had the opportunity to review on the site.

Cellmate chastity device dimensions

cellmate chastity device - 10

Behind the front is the part for the penis.

Before giving you the dimensions of the Cellmate chastity device, you should know that you have two versions on the market. You have a “small/medium” version and a “medium/large” version. What changes between the two versions is the total length of the cage. For the rest, it’s the same dimensions and the same content. For my part, I chose to take the “medium/large” version, because on some cages, I sometimes have a small lack in length, so I preferred to go for the version that seemed a little more comfortable for me.

cellmate chastity device dimensions small

Dimensions of the smallest model (Cellmate image)

In terms of dimensions, the “medium/large” version offers a total length of 12 cm (4.72″) for a total width of 3.7 cm (1.46″), but 3.5 cm usable (1.36″). There is a height of 2 cm (0.79″) for the part that contains the Bluetooth system and a height of 4 cm (1.57″) for the part intended to receive the penis. For the hole in the glans, the glans is 0.9 cm (0.35″), so you can urinate with it.

cellmate chastity device dimensions long

And the dimensions of the longest model (Cellmate image)

Finally, the two rings have a diameter of 4.7 cm (1.85″) and 5.1 cm (2″). As I was saying, the “small/medium” version has an overall length of 10 cm (3.94″) instead of 12 (4.72″). I leave you the manufacturer’s drawing for the “small/medium” version as well as the “medium/large” version to understand the cage measurements.

Cellmate chastity device other details

cellmate chastity device - 12

The opening present at the glans of the penis

Finally, I can also tell you that there is a cylindrical part at the back of the cage, which can be opened with a screwdriver to remove two small screws on the sides. It’s not very easy to put them back in afterwards, a magnetic screwdriver makes it easier to handle. This is the location where the included battery is located, which I will talk about a little later.

Rest assured, you won’t need to open this part every morning. In terms of weight, the S/M version weighs 66 grams while the “M/L” version weighs 73 grams. Be careful, here it is only the weight of the cage, because you have to add the ring afterwards. The smallest weighs 59 grams and the largest weighs 62 grams. Last point, but I think you’ve noticed, the cage is charcoal grey on the front and black for the rest.

Cellmate chastity device materials

cellmate chastity device - 9

A polycarbonate cage

Now, let’s talk about the materials that make up this Cellmate chastity device! Again, not the most common materials. Indeed, the main structure of the cage is made of polycarbonate, which prevents any deformation thanks to its high resistance. In addition, the outer surface of the cage is covered with neoprene paint in order to obtain a good wearing comfort.

For the rest, i.e. the two rings, it is a zinc alloy. So these are quality materials, which is a good thing. Why is that a good thing? Simply for its robustness. For example, the Mystim Pubic Enemy chastity cage that I had reviewed a long time ago, it did not hold the shock at one point and part of the cage broke. Here, with polycarbonate and zinc alloy, it is unlikely to happen.

Cellmate chastity device use

cellmate chastity device - 5

The manual explains rather well the use of the cage

I sincerely advise you to follow my instructions to use your Cellmate chastity device properly! Indeed, as I indicated a little earlier, I did not follow the instruction manual and I had a hard time understanding the operating system. However, I have already reviewed hundreds and hundreds of products. Usually, I don’t need to consult the manual to understand how it works. But now I had to consult this one.

How do I get started?

The first thing to not do is to try to attach the ring to the Cellmate chastity device! Since I take my pictures before using a product, I wanted to fix a ring on the cage to take a few pictures of the cage once mounted. This is not possible. Especially since there’s a very small screw right next to the locking bar (I’ll explain later) which suggests that you can unscrew it to remove the bar and thus fix the ring. In fact, that’s not at all what you have to do.

cellmate chastity device - 6

You have to follow the steps in the right direction.

Indeed, it is mandatory to download the Cellmate (QIUI) application from the beginning. Then create an account, make the link between the cage and the application in order to unlock the access to the locking rod to place the ring! And it’s once you do that that you can use the cage and understand how it works! Don’t worry, I’m going to detail the whole process for the installation a little further down.

How do I start using the cage?

So the first thing to do will be to get the Cellmate application available on iOS and Android. To do this, you can scan the QRCode of the box. Then, once installed, you have to create an account and then log in with it. You will receive by email, a 6-digit verification code to validate your identity. Then, to connect your smartphone to the cage, you will have to press the “+” button in the application. Then, on the next screen, you can press the Cellmate chastity device button to connect the cage and the smartphone in Bluetooth.

cellmate chastity device - 14

The application that unlocks the cage

Once the connection is made, you will be redirected to the home screen and your cage will be linked to your account. And from there, you can unlock the cage. So, at first, I was both the cage holder and the key holder. This allowed me to click on the padlock of the application so that the locking bar on the cage unlocks itself! By the way, I found it bluffing, it’s very surprising to see it in action!

Installation and removal of the Cellmate chastity device

As always, to put a chastity cage in, it’s not easy if it’s your first one. Here, since it’s a connected model, it’s even different. So, before hanging the ring on the cage, slide your penis and testicles through the ring with the two pins facing your body. Align the ring with the cage so that it fits snugly into the cage. The safety pin should already be open so that the two pins fit into the notches and then push the ring a little bit. You will hear a “click” when it is well closed. Now you can only open it if you are a key holder (through the application).

cellmate chastity device - 16

The placement of the ring is well thought out so as not to cheat…

To remove the cage afterwards, the cage button must be pressed. The person holding the control keys can go to the “Toys” section and press the padlock button to open the Cellmate chastity device. Then you can remove the cage from your penis! I advise you to test the opening/closing system with the application and the right system without putting it on your penis. I find it more reassuring, because if the cage is really put on and you are struggling like me to understand the system, you may stress a little bit, afraid that the cage will get stuck.

How do I give control of the cage?

To manage the rights on your cage, you will have to add a contact. You have a “Friends” section that will allow you to add by contact using their unique ID number generated when the account was opened. You can find your ID in the “Me” menu of the application. Once the contact has been added, in the “Toys” section, you have an icon in the shape of a padlock. Choose your cage and open the settings by clicking on the icon shaped like a machine wheel. Then you have the option “Transfer the authority” that you have to validate with Yes in order to choose to whom you give the control of your cage.

What can be done in the application?

As I said, once control is given to another person, that person can open the cage or not, of course. It is also possible to apply a period of time to lock the cage for a specific period of time before automatically opening it after a chosen number of hours. To configure your personal settings, you can click on the “Me” icon, which will allow you to change the language. But also to change the theme and to configure some various personal settings. I strongly advise you to keep the English version of the application. Indeed, in the French version (that you can see on the captures), the translation is quite disgusting.

You can see the logs and the geographical location of the cage, whether it has been opened or closed with real-time monitoring. We can therefore, as you have understood, decide whether we are the cage holder or the key holder (or both, but the interest is not there, it’s good to be able to do it to test). It is also possible to see the battery level of the cage, which is very important, you will understand it later. You can change roles, revoke access, control several cages at once, it’s really complete in my opinion! All that’s missing is a map showing all the cages we have under our control, but that’s a detail.

Precautions to be taken with the use of the cage

Like any chastity cage, there are a few precautions to take. But when it comes to a connected cage, there are even more things to consider. The first thing is to clean the Cellmate chastity device at least twice a week. This is to prevent bacteria from remaining in the cage when it is worn. The second thing is that it is not recommended to use the cage while driving or swimming. However, you can take a shower with it. The cage is IPX7 rated, which means that it is water resistant up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. That’s enough time to take a good shower.

What about the batteries in the cage?

cellmate chastity device - 13

The cellmate cage battery!

You have understood it, this connected chastity cage has batteries and more precisely, a CR14200 battery using a 1.25 mm interface for the connection. What does this mean? It means that you have no way to recharge it when it runs out.

Indeed, there is no way to recharge it via a micro-usb or jack interface. Here, the battery present is a long-lasting battery (8 to 12 months) that will have to be changed once drained. Well, not really, you have to change it when you reach less than 15% of battery remaining! Otherwise, if the battery drains while you have the cage on you, it will be complicated afterwards! You won’t be able to control it anymore and then, good luck to remove it. I think you understood! With an connected opening system, you have to take precautions.

Cellmate chastity device efficiency

cellmate chastity device - 17

A cage that changes from the others

Now that I have explained to you the vast majority of its use, what to do and what not to do, I will give you my feelings on this Cellmate chastity device! To do so, I reviewed the cage by myself first, especially, as indicated, to understand how it works. Then, I tested it with my dear and tender Kitty. I was, of course, the cage holder and she, for her part, was the key holder. Here’s what we can tell you about this connected chastity cage!

An efficient locking system

If on some chastity cages, safety is not the main element, here it is. Be careful, I am not talking about the safety of use, but the safety of the cage’s installation. Indeed, once it is in place, there is not much that can be done. You can’t cheat to slide your penis to remove the cage or play with the space available in the cage to get it out. Here, the system is well secured and prevents the  cage holder from removing it.

cellmate chastity device - 11

A real feeling of being caged

Moreover, each time, the system worked well. That’s reassuring! The fact that you have tried it on your own beforehand means that you don’t feel stressed afterwards. For example, when we wanted to unlock the cage via the application, it didn’t work anymore. But in reality, it was just the connection that had been broken. So you should never panic, it’s useless, and on top of that, it can block the removal of the cage even more, in case of panic.

Little action possible

Again, this Cellmate chastity device does not allow for masturbation. On some cages, it is possible to move the penis in the cage to stimulate it. Here it is more complicated, there are not as many open areas as in other cages. You can still have fun with part of the penis tip, and Kitty had fun with my penis in the cage. Knowing that there is an opening for the urethra, she had fun sliding her tongue over my caged penis. It’s frustrating, but also very exciting. In fact, the stimulation is exacerbated by wearing the cage.

The comfort of wearing the cage

Overall, the cage remains comfortable to wear. In the resting state, it’s quite practical to keep. But I have to admit that as soon as I get a hard-on inside and depending on the situation, I can quickly find myself cramped. I have a little less room than on other cages and that’s felt afterwards. Over time, I can carry the cage, but in a state of excitement, it’s more complicated. Kitty forced me to lick her, bringing regular excitement to me and as a result, the cage can become uncomfortable for me after a while. And this, mainly in the testicles.

It is therefore a cage that will be used as its primary function, to encase the person who wears it. If Kitty has to play with my caged penis afterwards, especially for more than 30 minutes, other cages will be more suitable for me. It was mostly in the testicles that I felt more compression. In the area of the penis shaft, there is room, at least, enough for me. But for the testicles, in certain positions, it’s less practical. I find that the cage presses a little too much on this area depending on the position.

The feeling of being caged

On this point, the Cellmate chastity device creates a real feeling of being caged. Being cramped, not being able to open the cage at any time, clearly reinforces this feeling. Kitty is in control of the cage at all times and this can be felt by the absence of a real key. At this level, the Cellmate chastity device performs its function perfectly.

Kitty’s comments

For Kitty, this cage lacks a bit of visibility. By that, I mean allowing the penis in the cage to be visible. Here, everything is masked or almost masked. Only the testicles remain visually accessible (physically as well, by the way), but the shaft of the penis is not visible, as the cage is opaque.

cellmate chastity device - 18

An almost opaque cage

Otherwise, Kitty really enjoyed that cage, even though she was a little afraid for my testicles. Indeed, as I said before, I lack a little space inside to be more comfortable. In particular, not having my testicles too pressed in certain positions or activities. So you’ll have to be careful with the size, on my side, I had to use the biggest ring, the smallest one was really too narrow once it was put in place.

Cellmate chastity device final thoughts

cellmate chastity device - 15

The first connected chastity cage

All in all, this Cellmate chastity device is not bad at all! The connected part brings a plus! You can get control on one side and a greater feeling of being caged on the other. Indeed, on the more classic cages, you often have the possibility to cheat a little or to stimulate your penis through the cage. Here, apart from the urethra area, it is much more complicated to stimulate the penis in this way. Furthermore, you cannot cheat on wearing the cage and removing it. And knowing that the cage is controlled by the application clearly reinforces this feeling.

Too bad it’s a little small for me, in the testicles, even if it passes anyway. It’s just that once it’s in place, you shouldn’t play with my penis too much over a long period of time, because the discomfort comes afterwards due to the comings and goings of my erection. If I use it as a cuddling accessory without trying to stimulate my penis or Kitty does, I have no worries. It’s a cage that can be controlled remotely and that’s what makes it interesting. If this one wasn’t connected, I have to admit that it wouldn’t be my favorite model. But here, it is rather a good first connected cage. There are still some improvements to be made and surely an adaptation to be made at the level of the American or European market on the available sizes. In any case, we liked this model !


  • A polycarbonate and zinc alloy cage
  • Two rings at your disposal
  • Two sizes available
  • A chastity cage finally connected!
  • A manual that helps to understand
  • A real feeling of being caged


  • The French translation of the application
  • A little too much pressure on the testicles for me.
  • You can’t really see the penis once the cage is in place…
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