Back with a Japanese masturbator, the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro! Yes, another masturbator with an extended name, typically from the rising sun country. I love this type of masturbator, small or bigger, but especially when they seek to innovate by proposing ever more crazy stuff. Today, we return on a masturbator rather classic and part of the same range as the Puni Ana DX Fuwataro. We will check if this version is worth it! Because with all these Japanese masturbators that I present to you, I could lose my mind. Let’s go for the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro masturbator review!

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro packaging

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 1

The front of the box punished virgin 1000 fuwatoro

It is always with great pleasure that I discover the packaging of a Japanese product. There is always plenty to discover and read! And then, it’s always nice to have a product from the other side of the planet. Here is a very good box compared to what I used to find for this kind of product. So we have a cardboard box, worn on the pink, resistant and stuffed with details.

Some details of the box

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 2

Product details, in Japanese

We find on this box, a manga type woman who shows us her panties. But also, details on the texture and in particular its flexibility. And we can also see a diagram of the internal structure of the tunnel.

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 4

I love Japanese packaging!

What’s inside the box?

Inside, we find our masturbator packed in a protective plastic bag. There are also two samples of lubricant with a manga drawing on it. These are two GProject XPepee Lotion lubricant samples of 15 ml each.

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 7

Two lubricant samples and a brush for cleaning

Last but not least, we have the right to a stick mounted with a cleaning sponge. Finally, something very useful that should be found on all masturbators. This is a very simple little tool that will clean the inside of the masturbator tunnel. I’ll talk about it a little later. Last thing, it’s an OutVision product!

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro physical details

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 5

The masturbator, still in its box

It’s a 1Kg Japanese masturbator! This is where it originates from! Indeed, the number “1000” in the name of the product, means 1000 grams, so a kilogram. But what else can we know about this product? Let’s analyze that!

Masturbator size

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 8

The masturbator, seen from the front!

It is a masturbator who is not very big. Indeed, it is 17 cm long (6.69″), for 12 cm wide (4.72″) and 10 cm high (4″). It is therefore a masturbator much smaller than the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 or the Hanjuku Half Mature. In fact, the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro is an improved version of the Puni Virgin 1000. Here, the Fuwatoro version is much more flexible and elastic. This is also something that we quickly notice.

Overview of some details

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 9

A good thickness for a masturbator of 1 kilo

On this masturbator, we notice details, including large lips present at the vulva, the “puffy lips” effect. They are swollen and bulky lips. I admit that I like it, especially since it helps to offer a little padding when it comes to banging it at the bottom. At the back of the masturbator, you can see her buttocks, in part. It’s also nice for the visual side. In any case, it is more than enough to have some visual excitement.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro materials

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 18

A very flexible texture!

Let’s talk now about this famous material that consists of Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro! It is a kind of TPR, but of really excellent quality. Here, the material is soft, stretchable, almost soft. Its density is quite peculiar and gives a fairly realistic side to things. For example, by giving a small slap on it, we see very clearly the propagation of the generated wave.

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 19

We see clearly, that the texture is soft, softer than other masturbators

In addition, this texture is not as greasy as other masturbators of its kind. It’s a little cleaner and it’s nice. This texture is also good heat conductive when used for a while. This helps to strengthen a little more the realistic side.

The details of the internal tunnel

punivirgin 1000 fuwatoro - structure

The structure of the internal tunnel

On this masturbator, there is only one orifice, that of the vagina. The entrance to this tunnel is covered with two columns of streaks. One on the left and one on the right. There is also a column of streaks on the top and bottom. In short, there are streaks on all the masturbator walls. The rest of the tunnel has curves, ridges and spirals to multiply the types of stimulation.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro use

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 10

It fits easily in the hand

As always, using a manual type masturbator is not the most complicated thing to do. We take water-based lubricant. Either the samples offered, or a water-based lubricant. There is the Pussy Juice Onatsuyu, which I often use with masturbators. But there are plenty of others. Once you have applied lubricant to your penis and the hole, just begin penetration.

Some examples of use

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 10

Onahole! An entrance, no exit!

It can therefore be easily used in view of its size. The grip is easy, it can be used with one hand or both. It can even be fun to make vaginal fist this masturbator, its texture extends easily, it is not a problem.

How to clean the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro ?

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 6

The packaged masturbator and the contents of the box

Very simply. Just rinse with warm water, use a little antibacterial solution or a toy cleaner and let it dry. But there is more ! Indeed, it is the first masturbator that offers a stick with a sponge on it to clean the inside of the internal tunnel. Practical, simple, why this accessory is not in series with manual masturbators? It’s a good question.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro efficiency

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 14

A nice little bounced little ass!

This is the moment that the majority of readers expects, that of telling you if this masturbator is effective! There are a lot of things to say about it, I will try to explain all this in detail.

Masturbator handle

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 20

The masturbator, seen from the front and vertically

Following my various uses, here’s what I can say, about its maneuverability and the possibilities offered by this one. For the grip, it is good. As I said before, it can be easily handled with one hand and even more easily with two hands.

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 17

The interior of the structure starts with 360° nodules

We can slam its buttocks to make it bounce, but compared to Puni Ana DX or Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000, there is less material to play with. And because of this, the grip is a little less realistic than those I just mentioned. When you enter it, the texture bounces slightly, giving even more realism to the masturbator.

Tunnel stimulation

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 16

We can see the streaks of the tunnel

In view of the opening and stretching of the texture, the stimulation offered is not very strong. We are not on a material that resists and presents some opposition. Here, it’s soft, so necessarily, the stimulation will be softer. The tunnel is not very long, you tap at the bottom of it during back and forth. But knowing that this material is stretchable, it is not a problem. We do not really feel hard blockage. Again, this is due to its particularly soft texture. In addition, this masturbator offers a good level of suction, increasing even more sensations.

Other important points

During the various uses that I did, I noticed that it was better to use it in reverse cowgirl position rather than missionary. Basically, you have to put the masturbator so that you have the buttocks facing you. Indeed, the tunnel curvature facilitates the penetration in this position. In the missionary position, the penis tends to point upward and sliding is not as easy as in the position previously mentioned.

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 13

The puffy effect of the lips is not badly done!

It can be used almost without hands. In this reverse cowgirl position, you can simply lift her ass up and down to penetrate the masturbator without touching it. It bounces on the pubis and keeps it pretty well in place for a while.

And finally ?

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 12

When we give it spanking, it bounces!

Well, on average, I get an orgasm in about fifteen minutes while watching a porn video. A quite powerful orgasm, the penis head get stucked against the material at the end, tries to go out, without being able to do it. Ejaculation is stuck against the wall, the penis head is completely stuck to it. And just press a little on the masturbator, on the penis head area, during orgasm to increase all that.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro final thoughts

puni virgin 1000 fuwatoro - 11

A good Onahole masturbator to start the discovery!

To conclude, the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro is a good first Fuwatoro masturbator, to start. This allows to realize this particular texture that offers realism to the whole. Good stimulation, above average, a good grip, it’s a good choice to start with Japanese masturbators.


  • The ultra soft texture! It bounces!
  • A very good first Onahole masturbator
  • Proper handling for its weight and size
  • Stimulation above average


  • We always want more after
  • The curve of the internal structure that requires attention
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