This is the comeback of the sex toy invented and designed by women, I speak about the Zumio Caress or Zumio S. Yes, you will see that this competition clitoral stimulator has just released a new version that is softer than the original model . Indeed, the Zumio SpiroPointe is the original version, which the manufacturer has renamed Zumio X. And Zumio Caress or Zumio S is the new version. It’s a little complicated like that, but rest assured, I’ll guide you to explain what’s new on this model.

At this time, with the arrival of the Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium and there is still the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, there is a wide choice of high-performance clitoral stimulator. We will see in this Zumio Caress review, the differences with the previous model, but also, check that it keeps its promises! The Zumio SpiroPointe (or Zumio X) was very powerful, even too much for some people, so hopefully this model is more soft with sensitive clitoris. Here is the Zumio Caress review!

Zumio Caress packaging

zumio caress - zumio s - 1

The box of Zumio S in its promotional version

Like the Womanizer Classic and Premium, I received the Zumio Caress in a white cardboard box with no indication on it. This is a presentation packaging, but by no means the final box. Moreover ,it is almost the same as the box of the first model. You will have the right to a box surrounded by a sheath on which you will find the basic information on the product.

zumio caress - zumio s - 2

Un flyer, un zumio avec son chargeur et du plastique…

Inside, there should be the Zumio Caress lying in its charging base in a foam mold. You will also have inside the compartments, a USB charging cable, a manual and a storage pouch. So it’s not bad at all, because there are no plastics and it’s a good thing, because we could often find plastic on sex toy packaging.

Zumio Caress physical details

zumio caress - zumio s - 4

Overview of the Zumio Caress tip and controls

Between Zumio SpiroPointe (Zumio X) and Zumio Caress (Zumio S), there is very little change. Indeed, it is still a clitoral stimulator really strange. It seems at first sight that it is a stylus for a touch pad, the E.T finger or a new generation electric toothbrush. It’s really an unusual form. Moreover, it makes me think a little about the Eroscillator Deluxe, reviewed several years ago on the French website.

Zumio Caress size

zumio caress - zumio s - 11

The Zumio Caress as a whole

For the Zumio Caress dimensions, there are few changes also. Indeed, the original Zumio had a length of 17.5 cm (6.88″) and a width of 2.6 cm (1″). And its charging base was also 6.5 cm high (2.55″) and about 3 cm wide (1.18″). So it’s the same for the Caress model. However, comparing the two, one realizes a major difference, the stimulating head length. It is shorter on the Zumio Caress than the Zumio SpiroPointe.

Indeed, on the first model, the tip is 3.5 cm long (1.37″) with a small tip with a diameter of 0.5 cm (0.19″). While on the S version, the stem is shorter by 1,5 cm(0.59″). The size of the tip is the same, except that there is a silicone layer around, which makes it bigger. This will be less powerful when you start it. We’ll see that a little further down.

Other visual details on the Zumio Caress

Regarding the other visual details, we always find an excellent overall quality. Everything is well built and there are no faults. The Zumio Caress stimulating head always looks like a tip with a tiny ball on it. But you’ll see it’s not just ABS plastic anymore. We also notice that the color has slightly changed.

zumio caress - zumio s - 7

Controls from Zumio Caress

Indeed, the first model was purple, quite dark while the new model is still purple but in a little lighter shade. Its weight has not really changed too, it still weighs 75 grams, which makes it very light. The buttons are still there and in the same place. You have a round shape button to turn it on or off and two buttons in a kind of symbol “∞” (infinite) with the possibility to increase or decrease the oscillation power. Yes, oscillations, I will talk about it below.

Zumio Caress materials

Just like the previous model, the Zumio Caress is made of silicone and ABS plastic. These are two materials very widely used in the sex toys realization. Silicone is a healthy material for the body, containing no phthalates or latex and is non-porous while being hypoallergenic. For ABS plastic, same thing, it is a healthy material for the body. In short, the chosen materials are perfect.

zumio caress - zumio s - 10

ABS plastic and silicone

On the other hand, there is still some change. Indeed, we note that there is always silicone for the controls, but unlike the first model, the Zumio Caress tip is made of silicone and not ABS plastic. Finally, there is a silicone layer around the ABS plastic tip. Here again, the goal is to offer a powerful stimulation, but softer by the contribution of silicone on the surface that will be in contact with your body.

Zumio Caress use

zumio caress - zumio s - 3

The little flyer shows how to use your sex toy

It’s time to tell you how to use this machine! If you want to stimulate your clitoris with oscillations, this is where it happens. Because, used alone or in a couple, there are always things to learn before you jump on it. It is still a clitoral stimulator with its unique oscillating technology thanks to its tip, the SpiroTip. Moreover, it is not thought to be inserted into the vagina, anus or urethra. I had the experience of using it on the first model, it works, but hey, it’s not done for that. Let’s start from the basics, namely, charging your new Zumio.

How to charge the Zumio Caress?

zumio caress - zumio s - 5

The charging base of Zumio Caress with its small LED

The Zumio Caress could be charged the same way as its elder. Indeed, it is charged by magnetic induction using its charging base. A bit like some We-Vibe sex toys like Sync or like the Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration. It is nice. In fact, it’s the same principle as the electric toothbrush charging system. The power supply in the Zumio is a rechargeable NiMH battery (less polluting than a Lithium-Ion battery).

It will recharge completely in 16 hours, so remember to charge it well in advance. Otherwise, you will wait a long time before you can use it. Running autonomy varies from 75 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the intensity. And last but not least, the magnetic induction charging could be plugged into USB port directly into a computer or into an AC adapter.

How to use the Zumio Caress?

First thing, the Zumio Caress has a Travel-Lock system. It is convenient for the transport, it avoids that it lights up during the trip. Well, at worst, if that happens, you take it out of your bag, cut off the power on the pretext that your new electric toothbrush tends to mess. Given the Zumio shape, it should pass. The manual will guide you on your first use. It’s pretty well done, even if it’s funny when you read it.

zumio caress - zumio s - 14

A simple grip, like a stylus

So you have a sensitive On / Off button, which will of course allow you to turn it on or off. Then you have the + and – buttons inside the infinite symbol, which will allow you to increase or decrease the oscillation intensity level. Simple and practical!

What are the vibration modes of Zumio Caress?

zumio caress - zumio s - 8

Tocharge it, just slide it into its base and plug it in

The Zumio Caress is not really a vibrating stimulator. It is more of an oscillating stimulator. You have 8 intensity levels on this model, so as much as the original version. The lowest level oscillates at 57 RPS (Rotation per second) while the highest level oscillates at 110 RPS. It is therefore less powerful than a clitoral massager wand such as the Fairy Turbo, Europe Magic Wand or Doxy Massager, which are in the range of 4000 to 6000 RPM (rotations per minute) and sometimes more. If I take the Zumio Caress indicators and transform them on the same time base, we get 3420 RPM to 6600 RPM.

zumio caress - zumio s - 6

The tip of Zumio Caress surrounded by silicone

It is therefore a bit less powerful, but the Zumio is a Pinpoint stimulator, which means that its contact area is smaller that a Massager wand and suddenly, the oscillations will be stronger and accurate. Also note that the Zumio oscillation amplitude is 2 mm at its maximum intensity (0,07″). In addition, the oscillations are continuous, there is no alternative mode like with waves or others.

What are the differences between the two models?

You already know this a little by having read the beginning of this review, but let’s remember the facts. Zumio has therefore taken the feedback and experiences of early users in order to adapt their toy to a maximum of person. It has the same characteristics, dimensions and other elements as the first model, but with some differences. Indeed, the head, the SpiroTip is now shorter, the tiny ball is a bit wider because it is covered with a silicone layer. This layer will have the mission to absorb some of the oscillation power. In addition, the oscillation surface will be smaller.

How to clean the Zumio Caress?

zumio caress - zumio s - 13

A particular design

The Zumio Caress is waterproof and washable easily. To do this, you will need to use a little warm water and soap or / and use a toy cleaner like the YES Cleanse or Sliquid Shine. Regarding its tightness, be careful, because the Zumio is waterproof to a 1 meter maximum depth, but for a short period of time. As much to say to you that it is more splashproof than really waterproof. I did not venture to tell you that you can use it in your bath quietly. It’s risky in my opinion.

How to lubricate the Zumio Caress?

zumio caress - zumio s - 16

A kind of electric toothbrush in sex toy mode

Be careful, there are some changes! Indeed, the first Zumio had an ABS plastic tip. We could use any type of lubricant, even if we had to be careful that it does not run too much on the handle that had a silicone coating. Here, the tip is made of silicone, so there is no choice. It will be necessary to choose a water-based lubricant to avoid any problem. I advise you to use Sliquid H20 lubricant, one of the best lubricants on the water-based market. You also have the very good Yes Bio or the Pjur Aqua and many others.

Zumio Caress efficiency

zumio caress - zumio s - 12

More or less powerful than the X model?

This is the moment that everyone prefers, namely, how is it going into action? For this, I tested the Zumio Caress with my dear and tender Kitty so that she can give me a feedback on it with my remarks.

A softer, quieter, but less accurate version

zumio caress - zumio s - 15

A smaller stem

Yes, the Zumio S (or Zumio Caress) is a softer version of the Zumio X. That’s its goal, so it’s the least of things. All this is due to the tip size, but especially, the presence of a silicone layer on it. The oscillations are therefore narrower and therefore smaller. The circle formed by the oscillations is therefore smaller than on the Zumio X.

Therefore, in addition to the silicone tip, the stimulation will be quieter, less brutal. Indeed, one of the major advances of the first model, was that most women found the Zumio X too powerful and even at the first level. However, at the time, I found that it was especially necessary to get used a dozen times to this new toy to appreciate it.

But hey, whatever, it depends on each of its users. In the end, as for power, the Zumio Caress (or Zumio S) is on a range power level from 3 to 7 on a scale of 10. While the Zumio SpiroPointe (or Zumio X) is over the range 6 to 10 I was able to compare the two on my frenulum, clearly the Zumio Caress is softer and less powerful.

Ergonomics, always and for everyone

Yes the Zumio is practical and ergonomic to use. Already, it is silent and we do not end up with vibrations that reach the hands. Because that’s really boring when a toy dislocates your arm until you feel like ants on it. The controls are simple and quite sensitive. No need to press like a crazy person on the button to turn it on or change intensity. Here, you do not have to get used to it, but you have to go step by step. Do not put it directly on your clitoris to start your session.

Powerful, all the same, and versatile

zumio caress - zumio s - 17

Some information about the charger

Yes, even if the Zumio S is less powerful than the Zumio X, it remains fairly well placed in the clitoral stimulators market. The orgasms remain accessible to get, the sessions are longer and less intense. You can press the tip when it is in action so that the oscillations will be propagated in the body, which works rather well. And of course, we can use it differently. Especially on the breast nipples or on the penis frenulum for example. It will not be just for madam.

Zumio Caress final thoughts

zumio caress - zumio s - 9

A softer version than the X model

In the end, this new version is not bad at all and offers an alternative to those who want a pinpoint clitoral stimulator, but not as brutal as the first model. I think a large part will prefer this model, while some (less sensitive) will be more likely to stay on the first one. But beware, the first was still pretty powerful. If you are unsure of yourself, this S model will be perfect.


  • Toy designed by women for women
  • Ergonomic sex toy
  • Very simple to use and maintain
  • More adapted to the average sensitivity of a clitoris


  • The first charge
  • Pretty ugly anyway
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