When I am told that the Lovense Domi wand massager would be the most powerful on the market for its size, I am curious. But when I’m told that the Lovense Domi is as powerful as a Europe Magic Wand, Doxy Massager or Lelo Smart Wand Large, then I’m on the lookout. After looking at my partners love shop, I finally received the precious one! I finally have the famous Lovense Domi mini-wand in my hands! Yes, I’ll finally be able to talk about it and review it with my dear and tender Kitty!

You do not know Lovense? It’s strange, because it is a major actor in the long-distance connected sex toys! Lovense is really very well placed in this environment. The Lush was more than a success! This connected egg stimulates your G-spot with tremendous efficiency. You can read the Lush 2 review here. Then I reviewed the Edge, this prostate massager that is really effective and devilishly interesting. Then there was the masturbator Max, perhaps the disappointing model of the manufacturer. Besides, I still have the Nora that I haven’t reviewed yet.

The Lovense Hush, a connected butt plug is also excellent. The Ambi, the smallest connected clitoral stimulator is also a small gem. I therefore had two products to reviewed from their catalog. The first is the Osci stimulator that I’ve already reviewed, the last I have left is the Lovense Domi wand! So, what do you think ? Ready for the Domi review? Anyway, if you’re here, you’re curious about it.

Lovense Domi packaging

lovense domi - 1

The front of the box of the Lovense Domi

When you have to talk about Lovense packaging, it’s often where Lovense fails. Indeed, even if the rectangular box, cardboard and white is quite correct and solid, there is a foam support inside. And on this point, it’s not great for the environment. However the box contains all the major information about the Lovense Domi, including its functions and possibilities.

lovense domi - 4

A cardboard box like the other Lovense products

When we open the box, we find the Domi wand of course, with a small box containing the charging cable and a user manual. However, there is still no storage pouch. I heard that Lovense was working on this. We will see new models, like Lush 2.0 if it’s the case.

Lovense Domi physical details

lovense domi - 5

The Domi contained in its foam mold

I must admit that I do not really find it to my taste. It is not really ugly, but not really beautiful either. Well, it’s a detail, because the Lovense Domi wand is sturdy and seems to resist its use. It’s a wand of quality. It is true that it is quite small with a V-shape handle for a better grip, it seems. We also note that the head is flexible with a reinforced neck to facilitate the pressure that can be done on the clitoris.

lovense domi - 6

A charging cable, a manual and the wand

Two buttons are there and a transparent circle that looks a little strange. I’ll talk about it later, but it’s a bright circle just below the stimulating head. It will flash with a LED according to the modes and intensities selected on the Domi. Yes, it’s special, but why not? We will see its usefulness a little later.

Lovense Domi size

lovense domi - 2

The size dimensions are indicated on the box

The Lovense Domi is small, but is it really? Well, it is true that in its field, the Domi is not very long. Indeed, it measures 23.4 cm of total length (or 9.25″). When compared to other massager wand, it is true that it is smaller than a Lelo Smart Wand Medium, a Doxy Massager or a Magic Wand Rechargeable.

lovense domi - 19

The Domi of Lovense next to the Doxy Number 3

It is even shorter than Doxy Number 3, the smallest wand at Doxy. Indeed, it measures 28 cm long (11″). Yes, when you compare it to the Doxy Die Cast, it’s also the same thing. With 31 cm total length (12.25″), there is no comparison to make, the Lovense Domi is the smallest one.

Otherwise, it can be noted that its vibrating head measures 4.7 cm (1.85″) by 4.4 cm (1.75″). This is not a round shape, but oval, like the Doxy Massager or Die Cast. And what more can you say about this wand? There are others thing I need to tell you.

Others visual details on the Lovense Domi

lovense domi - 8

The silvery circle that lights up and the head of the wand

Obviously, one thing that we notice is its color. It is black, almost all black. At the same time, with a name like “Domi”, you can’t imagine a colored wand like Tokidoki Unicorn. Black is the only color available for this wand. Regarding its weight, it weighs 289 grams. Less heavy than a Die Cast of 700 grams or a Doxy Number 3 of 320 grams. It is therefore quite light compared to other massager wand on the market.

Lovense Domi materials

As often today in the world of sex toys, two materials are mainly used on good quality sex toys. Either we only find silicone, or we have two materials, silicone and ABS plastic. Here is the case for the Lovense Domi. We have mostly silicone and then some ABS plastic for the rest.

lovense domi - 12

Silicone of very good quality

It should be known that the two materials mentioned are completely harmless to the body. Silicone is a healthy material without phthalates or latex and is hypoallergenic. For ABS plastic, it is also a healthy material for the body. In short, it’s perfect. Here, the silicone catches a little dust, but nothing very bad.

Lovense Domi use

Usually, the clitoral wand massager is ultra-easy to use. We start the engine, we put its vibrating head on the clit and we get orgasms! This is clearly not rocket science. However, here it is a connected wand!

lovense domi - 3

The functions of the Domi are present on the box

Yes, another surprise! Lovense is one of the leaders in this field, so it is quite logical to find connected functions on this model. So, it’s a little more complicated to use than a simple classic wand massager. Let’s focus on it to discover all its features and how to use them.

How to charge the Lovense Domi ?

Yes, the Lovense Domi wand is a rechargeable wand. It is not often that we find a wand massager completely wireless. There are still some, like the Sylia wand or the Vive Shiatsu, but in general, they are mainly powered through an AC power.

lovense domi - 11

The location to charge the wand

Here to charge your Lovense Domi wand, it will take 90 minutes. Obviously, do not stay next to your wand to count the minutes. It’s just that you have to wait 90 minutes for it to be full before you can use it for an hour to an hour and a half depending on the intensity and continuously.

lovense domi - 15

The wand loading

When you charge your wand, the light will stay on for the entire charging period. When the toy is fully charged, the indicator light will go out. In addition, to be sure that the loading went well, you can check in the application, the battery indicator.

How to handle the Lovense Domi ?

Already, since this wand is wireless, it becomes much easier to handle. In general, wireless wand massagers are less powerful than AC powered versions when used. But here, Lovense announces that their wand is as powerful as the best wands on the market. So if it is as powerful while being wireless, clearly, it’s much easier to play with when you do not have a 3 meter cable between your legs.

lovense domi - 10

The control buttons of the Domi

Otherwise, to handle this wand, it is not very complicated. You have two buttons at your disposal. A first button (the one closed to the head) that turns on your toy by keeping it pressed for 3 to 5 seconds. Then by pressing the same button once, you can increase and change the vibrating patterns. The second button, just below the first, returns to the previous mode or intensity. It’s clearly something that anyone can master. This is the manual mode.

How to use the short distance mode?

Here is a mode a little more interesting, because we will use our smartphone or tablet to control the wand. In reality, it is a mode that will be used more to play in a couple. As some sex toys that are controlled via smartphone are logical (a butt plug, a vibrating egg, etc…), as a wand of this kind, it is not the same thing. It is still necessary to hold the wand with one hand and the smartphone in the other, it’s quite strange. Unless stalling the vibrating head between your thighs and control everything via the smartphone, it’s a little weird.

lovense domi - 9

Preview of the circle surrounding the wand just before the head

On the other hand, when you play with someone else, I fully understand the interest. The first holds the wand in place, the second manages intensities and vibration patterns. There, yes, it’s nice and fun. But how does it all work? Here are the technical details about it.

How to pair with iOS, Android or a Mac?

Pairing is the action of connecting your sex toy to your smartphone. In any case, in our situation. Because you can also pair a Bluetooth headset with your smartphone, it’s the same principle. Let’s look at pairing for an iOS, an Android or a Mac.

The first thing to do is turn on your Domi. A LED will flash. That’s when you will be in the Lovense Remote app, you had to go in the “Account” menu then “My toys”. Here you can press the “+” button to search for devices. Once the toy is found, just press the “Finish” button. And you can control the Domi with your phone!

Pairing the Domi with a PC

lovense domi - 14

The Lovense Domi in hand

Obviously, with a PC, it’s always more complicated. In reality, this is not true. These are the Apple pros who tell bullshits sometime. You have to do the same thing, that is, power on your wand. Then you have to connect the Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to a USB port of your PC. I think it works with a generic Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, but I do not have that with me to try it. Then you do the same process as for pairing with an iOS, Android or Mac and voila.

How to use the long distance mode?

For the long-distance mode, it’s the same principle as at a short distance, except that here we will make sure to connect to a remote partner who owns the application on its smartphone. Once this is done, it is this partner who will control the Lovense Domi, through its Internet connection. For your part, it will simply pair the wand to your phone for the interaction to be done.

Which devices are compatible with the App ?

That’s right, I have not talked about compatible devices yet! Like all Lovense products of the moment, this wand is compatible with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch with an iOS 9.0 minimum. On the Android side, it will require version 4.3 or higher of the operating system with Bluetooth 4.0. For a Mac, it will simply Bluetooth 4.0. And on PC, it is the Lovense adapter that will need, unless a generic Bluetooth 4.0 adapter works.

What can be done with the app?

As with other products, it is always the same functions that are present, except specific features of the sex toy that is connected to the application. We can synchronize the wand massager with music. The power will vary according to the musical rhythm. You can also use the mode that reacts to ambient sounds. Depending on the sounds picked up by the smartphone microphone, the Lovense Domi will vibrate accordingly.

We can, of course, manage programmable levels, use the chat function in text or video format. But we can also have two Lovense toys interacting and configure the wand via the application to make it react to tips during show cams.

How to program the Lovense Domi?

To program the Domi, it will be necessary to have associated the Domi with your smartphone. In the application, you have a button “Programmer” that will adjust the three levels available. Then pressing “Create new template” will save it as a predefined template on the Domi.

In the end, what are the vibration modes?

lovense domi - modes

The basic levels of the wand in connected mode

So you have three constant levels in manual mode. If we rely on the connected mode, there are only 7 models, including three stable (constant) modes. However, in connected mode, the vibration patterns are unlimited. Just create them or download them, because there are templates published by the community. Finally, it is more than recommended to use the connected mode of the Domi!

Which lube to use with the Lovense Domi ?

It will be necessary to choose a water-based lubricant. I will recommend those I prefer. You have Sliquid H2O, Pjur Aqua, Yes Bio or YES WB. But you have a lot of lubricants on the market at your disposal! The Sliquid Satin and Sliquid Organics Sensation are also really nice!

How th clean the Lovense Domi ?

Be careful, the Lovense Domi is only splash-proof. Indeed, the charging port is not waterproof. It will be necessary to be careful not to immerse it in the water. To clean it, a little soap and warm water or a toy cleaner like YES Cleanse or Sliquid Shine for example. The head is not removable, it will especially clean this part.

Lovense Domi efficiency

lovense domi - 13

The neck flexibility of the Domi

This is the moment to tell you if the Lovense Domi is as good as we want to tell us! For that, I reviewed this wand massager on my frenulum and I asked some feedback of my dear and tender Kitty to complete all this.

Is it powerful or not?

lovense domi - 16

The Domi next to the Osci

Yes, the Lovense Domi is a powerful wand. Clearly, the Lovense Domi is more powerful than a Fairy Mini wand, Fairy Turbo, Fairy Black Exceed or the latest, the Fairy Future. As powerful as a Doxy Massager or Europe Magic Wand? Not sure. I think it is at the same level. It is very powerful, rest assured! Even a lot! In fact, it is especially its size / power ratio which makes the Domi, one of the most powerful wireless wand on the market!

Vibrations quality

lovense domi - 17

The Hush and the Domi

Here, it’s all or nothing. On the first level, the lowest is clearly shit. The vibrations are felt only in the handle and almost not in the head. I confess I do not understand. For me, the first level is a big mistake of Lovense. It is sloppy. Moreover, on this level, we do not feel at all the double rotating head.

It is necessary to rise in the intensities of the continuous mode to begin to feel the effect of the double rotating head and especially, to obtain vibrations in the head! It’s stupid. In the third mode, the vibrations penetrate the flesh well. In fact, the higher the intensity of the vibrations, the less we feel them in the handle.

Wand massager handle

lovense domi - 18

The Lush (version 1) next to the Domi

Yes, the Lovense Domi is more easy to handle than a 12 inch wand! We would have suspected it! However, I find that the handle shape is not very practical. Honestly, that’s fine, but the grip is still worse than other models on the market. On the other hand, it remains quite light in hand and the head being very flexible for this type of sex toy, we can easily put pressure with!

Anything else to say about the Lovense Domi?

lovense domi - 20

The Lovense family (except the Edge which was hidden in the boxes)

Yes, two points to mention. The first thing is that you can not turn off the light (the light circle) of the Domi directly. It is necessary to go through the application to do it. It’s a shame, because a little button on it would have solved this limitation. And the second point is that this wand makes noise when you use it, but all the same less than others big wand massagers of the market.

I must also say that the wand autonomy is not excellent. Lovense announces 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes of autonomy, but in reality, it is much less. If we count circle of light use, the connection in connected mode and the intensity of the vibrations to the maximum, it goes down much faster.

Kitty feedback

To try the wand, I used the connected mode in Bluetooth. Clearly, the Bluetooth part works better than We-Vibe in my opinion. For the duration of the session, I did not have a single disconnection. Not long ago, we had reviewed the We-Vibe Moxie and had two disconnections over the same period. Lovense clearly marks points. Similarly, for the application part, the functions on the Lovense Remote app are more numerous and more fun.

To realize what the wand can do in action, Kitty kept her panties since she saw the wand working in the air. I told you that the Domi was powerful! Taking control of the wand with the app is fun and works perfectly. There is no latency, whereas at We-Vibe I had 1 second latency. Here, it’s flawless.

The “micro” function works perfectly, especially since you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone to capture more or less ambient noise. In short, nothing to complain about the application! At the power level, no complaints, it is effective, even over a pair of panties. Suffice to say that the passage of a stimulation above the panties to directly on the clit makes you take off quickly!

Lovense Domi final thoughts

lovense domi - 7

A great success, but in connected mode

In the end, is the Lovense Domi a good wand? Yes of course ! It really has good assets. It is rather elegant, small, but not too much either. Its look is quite discreet and can be easily transported. The vibrations are powerful, but just below a Die Cast for example. Its reinforced neck gives it a flexible head to put pressure on the clit or frenulum. It must also be said, using a wireless wand massager, it’s really nice.

On the other hand, the passage from one level to the other could have deserved a wheel for more subtlety. It is not completely waterproof and one has to go through the app to turn off the light circle. And finally, the first level of vibration is catastrophic. But overall, it’s one of the best clitoral wand massager on the market for its size with a whole lot of options to use in connected mode. Too bad the manual mode is so limited.


  • Lovense quality
  • A connected wand
  • Small and elegant
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Wireless
  • The Lovense app
  • No disconnection


  • Missing a wheel for changing the intensity levels
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Use of connected mode almost mandatory
  • First level of vibration
  • Autonomy
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