Yes, another Lovehoney wand, it’s Lovehoney USB Mini Wand! If I say “again”, it’s because lately, we had the opportunity to review a vibrating wand from Lovehoney with the Lovehoney Magic Wand, quite classic! Since we were on our way, when I saw this Lovehoney USB Mini Wand, I thought that it could be interesting to test it, because it looks like the Lovehoney Magic Wand , but in mini version!

The previous wand was more of an old generation wand, with wheels like the Fairy Turbo or the Tokidoki Unicorn wand or with buttons, like the Doxy Die Cast for example! And this one is no exception to the rule, it’s just that it’s smaller than the others! But in fact, a little bit, you will understand why! Come on, here is the review of the Lovehoney USB Mini Wand!

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand packaging

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 1

The front of the mini-wand box

With Lovehoney, it’s kind of the same old thing when it comes to a standardized product like this. I mean of course the box and not its content. Indeed, it is once again a cardboard box, white and pink, which we have already seen several times. This box is quite small, just like the wand that hides inside, rectangular, which is logical.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 2

The back of the box and one of the edges

The front side shows us the Lovehoney usb Mini Wand, which is here a special version, with a really top color that we can’t wait to see in real when we will open the box. We find the small humorous touch with the mention “mini but mighty” and on the side, the “official” name of the product, “usb mini wand : massage wand vibrator”.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 3

The other side of the box informs us about the use of this wand

On the back of the box, we have a presentation of Lovehoney, then on one of the edges, a small summary of the product. Then, underneath, 4 icons, which tell us that there are 10 levels of intensity, 7 modes of vibration, that it is charged by USB and that the product is splashproof. And finally, on the other side, we are given some explanations on how to use it.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 4

Here is what you will find in the box

Inside, we have a plastic mold, which contains the Lovehoney USB Mini wand, as well as a charging cable, wrapped in plastic. It’s a shame to find so much plastic in the packaging, but that’s the way it is.

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand physical details

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 5

And here is our Lovehoney USB mini wand!

As you can see, it is a wand, quite small, like a Fairy Mini, but a little bit bigger. This mini-wand is composed of three parts, with on one side, the handle, which starts with the thinner part, and then widens when you go to the head of it. At the end of this handle, you will have the area where you have to connect the charging cable so that it can be recharged before use. On the upper part of the handle, we have a central button and not a wheel, which has a “+” button, a central button (wave-shaped) and a “-” button.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 7

Zoom in on the three-function button on the wand

When we go up the handle, we discover the Lovehoney logo, in black. Then, we arrive on the neck of the wand, an important point to obtain a flexibility of the head. Then, we have finally, the last part, which is naturally the head of the wand which contains 5 stripes around it. Obviously, one thing that you could not miss is its color, with a mixture of purple, pink and black that gives it a very good look.

Wand size

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 11

As you can see, it is really a mini wand

How small is this mini wand? Well, as you can see on the picture above, I can hold it with my thumb and my little finger in its entire length. Now, admittedly, in the picture, that’s not how I’m holding it. But it’s perfectly possible to do so. And yet, I don’t have big hands. With numbers, it’s always easier to realize that! This Lovehoney USB Mini-Wand measures 18.41 cm (7.24″) in total length with a 12.7 cm (5″) handle! This means that the stimulating head and its neck measure 5.71 cm (2.24″). Regarding the diameter of the stimulating head, it has a diameter of 3.63 cm (1.18″), which is quite small, but will better target the part to be stimulated, ie your clitoris, mainly. It can also be used on the brake of a penis, it also works.

Other details

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 13

Lovehoney Magic wand or usb mini wand, we see the difference!

What more can you say? Its color maybe ? That’s the thing that catches your eye when you get it! On this point, Lovehoney has done something really nice! We have a gradient from purple to red, in a kind of chrome effect where we see ourselves in it! Sure, it’s only visual, but it’s still nicer than a white or black wand, too classic. Here, we have the impression to have a unique wand, with style, in short, it’s fun! But you should know that this wand also exists in white version and another one in black, but honestly, it is not worth this version! Another point, its weight! It is a very light wand, with a plastic handle and without heavy metals in the stimulating head. In short, it is a featherweight!

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand materials

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 10

Overview of the flexibility of the neck (and head)

Silicone head, plastic handle? Yes, that’s the case. Although I must say that the head of this Lovehoney USB mini wand is rather a plastic head, covered with a very thin layer of silicone. It’s not the same kind of stimulating head that you can find on the Europe Magic Wand, the Magic Wand Rechargeable or the Le Wand Massager! At the same time, it is not at all the same budget. As for the rest, that is to say, under the stimulating head, the neck or the handle, it is ABS plastic, certainly very pretty with its gradient effect, but it remains plastic. Whether it is one or the other, these two materials are healthy for the body. Especially since this is a sextoy for external use, so nothing will enter your orifices. For the head, it cannot be removed from the wand to clean it.

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand use

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 12

Zoom in on the head of the mini wand

Despite its relative simplicity, this wand requires some knowledge in order to use it properly! Don’t worry, you won’t need to read its complete manual (which doesn’t exist by the way), but you will still need to know a few things. Let’s review!

How to recharge this stimulator?

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 8

It is in this hole that the first part of the charging cable will be inserted

Unlike the wands that we use directly on the mains, with a cable connected continuously, here we have an internal battery that we will have to recharge regularly. For that, you have a usb cable, rather short, but sufficient for the mission which it must fill, to charge our battery. So we connect one side of the cable to the bottom of the wand and the other part, on a powered USB port or directly on a USB to mains adapter.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 14

One part is connected to the wand, the other will have to go into a powered USB port

Then you have to wait for the wand to charge, which should take 120 minutes for a full charge, so you can use it for 60 minutes at most, but probably less if you use the highest intensity levels. It’s a Mini Wand, which implies a mini-battery. When it is charging, an LED is displayed at the control buttons.

How do we control this wand?

This can be a bit tricky, but here, even if we don’t have a scroll wheel, all the controls seem coherent. Indeed, to turn on this Lovehoney USB Mini Wand, once it is charged, you will have to keep the “+” button pressed, for a few seconds. Then, by pressing the “+” button, it will increase the intensity level of the current mode.

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 9

An easy to use wand

With a pressure on the central button (in the shape of a wave), we will be able to navigate in the 7 modes of vibrations that the wand offers us. Knowing that we can also change the level of intensity of each mode by pressing the “+” button to increase it or “-” button to decrease it. So, the “-” button, you understood it, allows to decrease the level of intensity or to turn off the wand if we keep this one pressed during some seconds. As for the vibrating modes, you can cycle on them, which means that you can go back to the first mode, once you have reached the last one. On the other hand, at the level of the intensity, we cannot cycle, once the maximum level of intensity is reached, we can only go back down.

What are the modes and intensities of this wand?

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 15

Comparison with the Fairy Future!

Now, let’s talk a little about the modes present on this Lovehoney USB Mini wand! First, we have 10 modes, including 3 continuous modes with low, medium and high intensity. Then, there are 7 modes with 10 levels of adjustable intensity. We find modes like “cha-cha”, fast jerks, rollercoaster systems, in short, classic.

Which lubricant to choose for this wand?

Here, no need to think, if you need lubricant, go for a water-based version! It’s the safest way to avoid damaging it. However, you probably won’t need to use lube unless the contact between the head of the wand and our clitoris is too rough. The addition of lube will allow you to have a better comfort on the interaction of the two. Apart from that, it is not especially necessary to use it, this wand is not intended to be inserted.

What to do to clean the wand?

Announced as being a “splashproof” clitoral wand, you should not count on it too much to use it under the shower! Its “Splashproof” side is above all indicated in case you start to “squirt” with it. But it does not mean that you have to put it under water to clean it. Here, I advise you to take a soft cloth, just a little wet, to clean the stimulating head. As this one is not removable, this is the only way to clean it.

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand efficiency

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 19

Comparison with the Lelo Smart Wand Large

It is now that we will see if this Lovehoney USB Mini wand holds up! Indeed, when we say “Mini Wand”, we necessarily mean less power than a competition wand. However, some small wands manage to hold the distance, like the Domi 2 from Lovense or the Doxy Number 3! I don’t expect this wand to be as powerful as the ones I mentioned, nor to compete with bigger wands, but it should at least be able to make you cum, quickly, before putting it back in your purse for example. Its size is perfect for that ! Here is our review of this Lovehoney USB mini wand!

Handling and ergonomics

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 17

The USB mini wand next to the O-Wand!

We might as well say it, the grip is ultra-simple! First of all, the buttons are easily accessible. In terms of ergonomics, you can handle this wand very easily. As it is light, no worry to note to handle it, it is a child’s play! Small, we don’t need to put ourselves in a particular position either. Clearly, next to a more imposing wand, like the Lovehoney Magic Wand which is of a medium size. With its small stimulating head, you can easily target the desired area, much more than with a larger stimulating head. And finally, a little subtlety, you can keep the “-” button pressed down to lower the intensity by jerks.

The noise

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 16

Size comparison with the Toki Doki Unicorn

It is true that in general, stimulating wands of this kind are quite noisy. Here, I am not going to tell you that it does not make noise, it is even rather noisy for its size, but I must admit that I expected worse. The sound is a bit high pitched compared to wands that offer big vibrations, this suggests that the vibrations are more surface than anything else, which we will explain to you right after.

The quality of the vibrations

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 18

Size difference with the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large

Now, let’s go to the quality of its vibrations and the pleasure obtained! To test this one in action, I tested this Lovehoney USB Mini wand with Kitty. First of all, Kitty loves the color of this wand, it changes from the usual colors. For the vibrations, as mentioned before, they are rather buzzy than deep. At the same time, considering the size of the wand and the design of the head, we couldn’t expect anything else. However, although the vibrations are buzzy, they are still quite intense! However, they are still less powerful than the vibrations of the Lovehoney Magic Wand. If you keep the stimulating head in contact with the clitoris, you may feel a numbness of the nerves of the clit. To avoid this, the fact of making it move at the same time, avoids this phenomenon rather well.

When I used this wand, I enjoyed vibrating Kitty’s pussy lips, quite a bit, by sliding the wand up and down. Kitty was getting wet, quite profusely. She managed to get 2 orgasms with it, on the maximum intensity level, but it is true that the time needed and the effort required is a bit more important than with a more powerful stimulator. On the other hand, I was able, with the small head of the wand, to insert it slightly in her vagina to make the opening vibrate, and even to make her G-spot vibrate. It is true that usually, a wand is not used like that, but with its small size, it is possible here.

Lovehoney USB Mini Wand final thoughts

Lovehoney USB mini wand - 6

A nice little wand in the end!

To conclude, this Lovehoney USB mini wand has its charm! Just visually, it is already very beautiful, but despite its small size, it can make you enjoy! Of course, we don’t have the same quality on the vibrations as a bigger wand, but we can’t have everything either. It is above all a wand to travel with, to use it at any time, but remaining discreet all the same. If you are looking for a small, affordable, handy and cute wand, here is a model that will suit you.


  • A small wand
  • Transportable,
  • Easy to handle
  • Its design
  • Very light
  • 7 vibration modes and 10 intensity levels


  • Rather buzzy vibrations
  • A bit noisy
  • Not as powerful as a bigger model
  • Plastic mold in the box
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