Here is the review of the masturbator Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass! When I was telling you that the Kyo 7 Sins masturbator was the biggest ass I could review on the website, it was without counting on the Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass masturbator! Currently, this butt masturbator is surely the biggest ass commercialized in the world today! It’s really a BBW ass! For those who don’t know what “BBW” means, it refers to “Big Beautiful Woman”, rounder and prettier women! And that’s clearly what this huge masturbator offers! Honestly, this product is completely crazy! I thought that I had already reviewed a lot of butt masturbators, but I realize that one can always be surprised. And this, even after hundreds and hundreds of masturbator reviews!

It is Seiraku Toys which proposes this enormous pair of buttocks! A new actor who seems to focus on large sextoys and it is not to displease me, on the contrary! I must confess that when Motsutoys contacted me to review this enormous pair of buttocks, I was impatient to try it! I love big butts. Indeed, I find it very sexy and I must say that the Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass is simply gorgeous! Let’s not waste any more time admiring this ass and let’s test it!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass packaging

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 2

The front of the package

Beware, you won’t see this everywhere! Indeed, when the package arrived, it was covered with a black plastic film to protect it. However, a part was torn. Kitty retrieved the package and when I opened it on the way home, I can tell you that I had quite a surprise! As you can see, the package is the packaging!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 3

The “Hentai” part for the scenario of this masturbator

Yes, it’s a simple cardboard on which the manufacturer has taped 4 sheets for the 4 sides of the box! It’s their first product, so we can understand. But I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed not to find the Japanese packaging I like! We’ll be able to find a front side with Narumi and her ass. Another one with the details of the two tunnels. Then another one with information about the product and a last one with a little story.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 1

The two tunnels in detail

On this last side, we can see a small piece of a manga, or should I say a Hentai. We discover that Narumi is a girl from our class who has an incredibly developed body. It seems that we can’t help but look at her huge ass. But one day she’s going to talk to us and say that she knows we stare at her ass all the time and she loves it! In fact, our glance excites her and she wishes that we fuck her as soon as possible to satisfy her!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 4

And the last slice of the package

Inside, there is a huge polystyrene mould held together with tape to hold the two parts together. Then, once the tape is cut, we discover under the first part, the masturbator wrapped in a large plastic bag.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 5

A large polystyrene mold

There are no samples of lubricant or related accessories. In short, keep the box in the package to store this masturbator. However, you will need to find room to store this huge one.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass physical details

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 6

The masturbator, wrapped in its plastic pouch

It’s a big fucking ass! As I told you, the majority of masturbators are small. We often find sextoys of conventional sizes, but also some sextoys of BBW type. However, knowing that they are made in reduced size, we do not find the same impression! There, we cannot say that we have the impression to have the ass of a young girl at disposal and it is a real pleasure! This ass is a work of art! Just by seeing it, I get excited and I want to fuck this pair of asses!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 22

The whole ass out of the box

When Kitty received the package, she wondered if this pair of buttocks was bigger than hers. But when I opened the box, clearly, Narumi’s butt is bigger than Kitty’s! Of course, there is no comparison to be made, I greatly prefer my dear and tender Kitty’s butt, but I must say that Narumi’s butt makes me want it too! It’s a huge ass with a fleshy buttocks and even small bulges. Finally! It’s more than rare I must say on the market and I find it really good! We also have a belly button and a part of the top of the thighs, it is rather complete and we have especially very different shapes of the masturbators that we propose on the market! Here, the curves are nice to see, we have a very fleshy ass!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 13

A masturbator that makes you want to!

At the level of the vaginal entrance, we find a pussy with rather large external lips, “puffy” and more delicate minor labia. The orifice is well made and does not look too strange or disconnected from reality. For the ass, we also have an orifice, simpler, but convincing with the big pair of buttocks that surrounds this orifice. A buttock masturbator with beautiful shapes and that makes you want to!

Size of the masturbator

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 24

It is big, huge, gigantic!

It is true that the majority of masturbators on the market are scale models. For example, the masturbator Meiki Nancy, a kind of small lovedoll or the Meiki Cherry 2, which offers a small ass. But here, it’s just the opposite! The goal of Seiraku Toys is here to propose a very big masturbator, a huge masturbator I would even say! It’s simple, next to the Kyo 7 sins, the Meiki Cherry Evolution or the Kyo Jeans Girl or Kyo Skirt Girl, they are all ridiculously small compared to the scandalous ass of this masturbator! Yes, it’s a huge fleshy ass!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - taille

Chubby Narumi next to Kyo 7 Sins and Kyo Skirt Girl (@motsutoys)

It’s simple, imagine an ass of 50 cm (19.68′) width for 38 cm (14.96′) height and a circumference of 155 cm (61.02′)! It’s just huge! If you take a ruler to realize its size, you will quickly understand that this masturbator is huge! Moreover, the two tunnels present are also rather long! The vaginal tunnel is 20 cm (7.87′) long while the anal tunnel is 17 cm (6.69′) long. It is really a huge masturbator and it is a real pleasure to handle!

Other details

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 14

The two holes where we can see a hard part that composes the internal foam mold

The last thing I can tell you about this masturbator is its weight! In spite of its size, this one only weighs 15 Kg! Yes, it’s not much when you see the dimensions it has! And this is possible thanks to a rather ingenious process! I’ll tell you about it right away! And to not forget anything, on the top of the masturbator, you have two holes for the air to escape, but also to clean the two tunnels.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass materials

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 12

A quality material, usual on Japanese masturbators

With a masturbator in a goodshape as this one, you need a good material to fully enjoy this ass! It is thus a thick layer of TPE, close to the skin. It is a little soft but also dense at the same time, that we know well on Japanese masturbators! It is a healthy material, without latex or phthalates, but it is a porous material. Indeed, that’s why it is not recommended to share the use of a TPE product.

A foam mould

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 18

A foam mould is present inside

Yes, if you can have such a huge ass that only weighs 15 Kg, it’s not a coincidence! If this butt was entirely made of TPE, we might as well tell you that its weight would be closer to 50 or 60 Kg! Here, to propose such a big product, while keeping an acceptable weight, Seiraku Toys uses a kind of light foam mold inside the masturbator! It is therefore a part that is at the heart of it. However, it is quite far away from the thick layer of TPE on the outside! By the way, you can see this kind of dense and hard foam at the two holes located above the masturbator! In short, this trick is a very good idea which lets us predict that Seiraku Toys will use this technique again!

The two masturbator tunnels

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 17

Two orifices, one vaginal and one anal

As I told you earlier, the Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass masturbator has two tunnels, one vaginal and one anal! As you may have read previously, both tunnels are quite long, especially the vaginal one! You might as well know that there is room for even the longest cocks! To begin, you have the vaginal tunnel! This one consists of a narrow entrance a few centimeters long before arriving in the tunnel that starts with small balls and ridges that cover the walls. Then we arrive in a second part, more intense, with bumps and rings arranged asymmetrically. And to finish, we arrive at the end of the tunnel that becomes tighter with a rather fine structure that has a funny shape!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 19

Puffy lips

Then we have the anal tunnel, which also starts with a narrow entrance before arriving at the first part of it. This one is made of bumps covered by ridges. Then, the tunnel widens a little bit, offering a thicker area with big swirling ridges and a large number of pimples. Then we arrive at the last part of the tunnel with rings that wrap around the penis on all sides as it passes through.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass use

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 23

An easy to use masturbator

Now, let’s focus on the use of this masturbator! Even if you don’t really know the difference between using this masturbator and a smaller one, there are still several points to consider in order to use it at its best and, above all, to maintain it. Let’s make a small focus on it!

What can be done with it?

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 10

Zoom on the buttocks of the masturbator

With such a masturbator, you can do a lot of things, it all depends on your imagination! Already, if you feel like it, you can find it a large thong or a large panty if you want to dress it up a little! After, of course, its main use will be to fuck that ass. And this, whether by her ass or her artificial vagina. You can give it a good spanking too, it’s nice! At for positions, we will be able to place the masturbator on its buttocks, as a missionary. We can also place it in doggy style, but we can also use it in amazon, reverse cow-girl or other positions that you want to practice! In short, it’s a masturbator, so it’s quite basic to use. But with such an imposing size, you can let yourself go to your fantasies!

Which lubricant to choose with?

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 9

Only water-based lubricant should be used.

The most important thing here is to choose a water-based lubricant! With a masturbator you have no choice, otherwise you will damage Narumi’s beautiful ass and that would be a real shame! For my part, when I tested this ass, I used Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys as well as Sliquid Organics Natural according to the tests I made. I prefer a thicker lubricant and the Tyo was more suitable than the Sliquid, even if the latter holds up well! Either way, you can choose the water-based lubricant that satisfies you the most!

How to clean this masturbator?

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 25

Bathtub or shower mandatory to clean it!

Cleaning a masturbator is really the least exciting part! And yet, it is one of the most important parts for this masturbator! If you want to keep this huge ass with you for a long time, you will have to take care of it! I’m not going to beat around the bush, the cleaning will be done in a bathtub or a shower! A sink will be far too small for that.

The good news is that Seiraku Toys is aware of the cleaning problems that one can have depending on the shape of the internal tunnels. Here, the two tunnels are quite straight, with no real space that could trap water or fluids inside. Indeed, the residues will be found in the part closest to the tunnel opening, which makes it easy to clean this area.

For my part, I proceed as follows to clean this masturbator! I put the masturbator in the bathtub and clean the outside with water and a little mild soap. Then, I use the Aquastick tip (which is used to make an anal enema) for the inside in both tunnels to clean the inside. Then I take it out of the bathtub. Then, I dry it a bit with a non-abrasive cloth before letting it rest on a flat surface upside down! Indeed, with its weight, if you let it rest on its buttocks, they will tend to flatten over time and this is not what you want! Then, I use regenerating powder when necessary.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass efficiency

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 21

A good big ass!

Here we are at last! I’m talking about when I’m going to grab that outrageous ass to fuck it! I still can’t believe it, this ass is gigantic! It’s really one of a kind and of course I wanted to review this ass, who wouldn’t want to do the same? Is this big ass as incredible as its size? Does the experience really change compared to a classic size masturbator? I’ll tell you all about it!

The grip of the ass

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 26

A masturbator with shapes, very BBW!

With such a huge ass, it’s something I had my doubts about! Is this ass easy to use, to move or to hold? The answer is yes! In spite of its 15 Kg, this ass remains easy to handle! With the Kyo Torso for example, it’s more sporty! The weight is distributed differently and it is more complicated to move or move it. This is less the case with the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan or Maria Nordal masturbators by the presence of their plastic squeleton. But here, for this Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass masturbator, it’s perfect!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 20

Beautiful curves!

Already, to place it, it’s simple and it holds well in place! It can be placed doggy-style or missionary without the need for a mover. The weight being very well distributed, you don’t have the impression that one piece is heavier than the other. Then, for the handling, with these two positions, I had no problem. In doggy style, I have the possibility to catch both Narumi’s buttocks or I can catch her hips! I can also press on her buttocks when I want to fuck her a little harder and it is also possible to grab her buttocks while crouching over!

In missionary, the same thing, the upper thighs allow a good grip. And finally, sitting facing me, in the other way, or lying on top of me, I can quite easily fuck her ass or pussy, depending on the positions and angles adopted. In short, on this point, I have nothing to complain about, we have a good experience of grip!

The realistic side of the masturbator

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 8

How to resist?

Certainly, with an ass as out of the ordinary as this one, the realistic experience could have been missing! However, this ass offers a certain realism! Indeed, when I fucked it, I didn’t feel like I was fucking too much of a piece of material. Certainly, I find that the material (TPE) moves less than on a full TPE masturbator, that is to say, without the internal foam mold. This is the case when spanking, the material moves less. The TPE layer is clearly sufficient on the outside. When I had the pair of Narumi’s buttocks in my hands, I still have this feeling of material, of allowing my hands to be well filled and to cling to the buttocks.

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 16

An excellent grip!

For my part, when I tested it, I thought of my dear and tender Kitty’s ass, certainly less imposing, but still more realistic and above all more exciting! As I was saying, Narumi’s ass does not replace Kitty’s ass! It is not the same thing and I remind you, this masturbator remains a toy. In short, there is no comparison to make, Kitty’s ass remains the most beautiful ass in the world! In any case, with the size of Narumi’s ass, I think we get a certain realism. There’s enough to hit the bottom, we can hang on and fuck this ass with a certain realism that we don’t have with smaller masturbators! I must say that it’s even one of the most realistic experiences, between the texture and the size of this ass, it’s still the jackpot!

And what about stimulation?

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 11

The Lifelike Lover dildo in comparison!

There too, it’s great! Both tunnels are interesting! Whether it was the vaginal or anal tunnel, I could enjoy fucking both! I still have my preference for the anal tunnel which I find well done! You can feel this narrow side from the beginning, then the stimulation of the ridges and then the stimulation of the glans by the different internal structures. On the vaginal side, I found that the tunnel was as narrow at the beginning, but a bit wider later on than the anal tunnel. Here too, we have room! The penis and the glans find themselves well stimulated and one can quickly succumb to its pleasures!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 15

Two long tunnels!

I must say that the two tunnels are not incredible in their construction either. But when you can couple a huge ass with a good grip, I can tell you that both tunnels are very good! Yes, I had fun with this masturbator! I imagined it was Kitty’s ass and I was fucking her! Might as well tell you that I didn’t last long before I wanted to cum! By the way, I ejaculated on Narumi’s ass and I can tell you that there’s room!

Clearly, between the presence of two tunnels of 18 (7.08′) and 20 cm (7.87′) insertable length, one feels at ease. You can knock on the bottom without fear and let yourself go! It is an excellent masturbator! One of the best masturbators reviewed on the website!

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass final thoughts

Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass - 7

An excellent first product!

I love it! Yes, I’m not going to hide it, it’s a very good masturbator! Already, even before using it for the first time, I found this ass really beautiful and the concept interesting! I love the shapes and therefore I am a favorite target for this kind of product! Yes, the Chubby Narumi Outrageous Ass masturbator is an investment, but I think we get our money’s worth! And we don’t find ourselves disappointed by a scale model! Here, it’s completely the opposite! Frankly, thank you Seiraku Toys for offering such a product! I found the experience very good and I’m very curious to see this new process at work, especially maybe on a product of the same kind, like a huge pair of breasts!

For me, it’s a “coup de coeur”, a product that fills a gap in the sextoys market! Yes, we finally have bigger and wider masturbators at our disposal! Once again, I find this ass magnificent! The only small reproach that I can make to it, it is to have a texture which moves less, it is in particular the case when one gives a slap on the buttocks of Narumi, the matter moves less than on the 7 Sins for example! But apart from that, this butt surpasses all the others!


  • A huge ass, but really
  • Light for its size
  • Handy
  • We’ve got plenty to do!
  • Two tunnels of a good length
  • The biggest ass right now!
  • You can make your fantasies come true!
  • A certain realism
  • A favorite!


  • Cleaning that is not a piece of cake
  • The ass that moves less (the material) when spanked
  • Absent packaging
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