Here is a new Japanese masturbator, this is the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole! So yes, it’s not really Japanese, since it’s a creation by Motsutoys, an online store from the Netherlands, that have created their “Kyo” collection. Yes, it may say something to you, since I have already reviewed the Kyo Torso, a huge masturbator in a bust shape. But I also reviewed the Kyo Piston, an automatic masturbator that I really enjoyed. Today, it’s time for a smaller model that is easily transportable and offers many new features, including things that I have not had the opportunity to review or that were frankly missed. Will that be the case? We will see it well!

So here I present you, the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole, the version containing an oral sheath, but soon, you will find on the website, the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole review, which is the vaginal version of the masturbator. In short, here the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole review!

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole packaging

kyo bound kohai onahole - 1

The front of the box of Kyo Bound Kohai

We start with the first thing we discover, the box. For once, I must say that a masturbator’s box is pretty well made. Usually, we have a big cardboard box, all that is more basic. But here it is a hard cardboard box with a sliding drawer for opening. It’s already a little better.

kyo bound kohai onahole - 3

A practical drawer system

We find on the box front, a rope knot, like on the Shibari practice, which is rather classy. By the way, it reminds me a bit of the Tantus Bound, which is a dildo with a texturization created by a fake silicone Shibari knot around the shaft. The colors used are black, brown and red. This corresponds well to the world of ropes and Shibari.

kyo bound kohai onahole - 4

The masturbator is packed in a pocket as for vegetables at the supermarket

Once the drawer is pulled, we discover the masturbator contained in a foam mold and a plastic bag. I think it’s recyclable plastic, because the texture looks like a vegetable bag that we can find now in supermarkets. No instructions are present, but it is true that for a manual masturbator, there is not much to learn.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole physical details

kyo bound kohai onahole - 6

Kyo Bound Kohai which reminds me of “Télé-chat”, an old French TV show

I must admit that I find mouth-shaped masturbators really ugly. I do not know how to explain it, but when you see that the hole consists of two lips, a small nose and some other details, it reminds me of the microphone in Tele-chat, an old French program on TV. I’m sure that the oldest of you know this show! It looks like we locked up a mouth and cut it into a masturbator. As a vulva or anus does not seem strange, as a mouth, I have a little trouble. But this is only my personal appreciation.

kyo bound kohai onahole - 13

Oh, god, there’s a tongue in this thing!

What surprised me was to see the internal details of this masturbator. Including small teeth and especially the tongue. Yes, a masturbator with a tongue in it, it reminds me the bad HEPS masturbator. But this time, maybe it will be better. We can see that the sleeve is shaped like a sausage and that the texture is white, which is quite special. I’ll talk to you a little later about it. There is also, a small hole on the other side of the mouth, which will help you to play with the air and the suction effect. A hole at least twice (even three times) smaller than the one on a Fleshlight.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole size

Let’s talk a bit about the masturbator size. This is not a big masturbator, nothing to do with the Thrust Pro Elite Sophia, the Meiki Cherry Evolution or the Bouncing Titties F. Here, we find ourselves closer to a small masturbator like Meiki Zhang Xiaoyu or Disgraceful Oppai Body.

kyo bound kohai onahole - 7

A masturbator of very modest size

However, it is even smaller. Indeed, it measures 15 cm in length (5.9′) for an internal tunnel of 14.5 cm (5.70′). Its external width is between 6 and 8 cm wide (2.36 to 3.15′). But the tunnel diameter is 0.5 to 1.5 cm wide (0.19 to 0.59′), but largely stretchable. Since the material is soft, the inner sheath can extend to 5 cm (1.96′) wide easy, even a little more.

Other details on this Onahole

The other information to know about this masturbator model is that it weighs 410 grams, which remains light to handle. You can also realize that the white outer TPE layer allows a good grip, but also to put pressure using it. I will talk about it later. It also seems that the internal tunnel is quite narrow, especially by the shape of the sleeve, but that, we’ll see this later.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole materials

The Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole uses double-layer TPE. This is not new in the world of masturbators, it even existed for a long time already. Just take a look at the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro or Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro to realize it. However, this double layer TPE differs from the others.

A double layer TPE

Indeed, you have noticed, the external and internal part is not the same. It’s about the color of the texture and its firmness. The outer part is white, while the inner part is rather skin color and dew. In short, you have the same material, the TPE, but with different levels of flexibility.

kyo bound kohai onahole - 10

Double layer, firm on the outside, softer on the inside

The internal TPE is softer and allows for a flexible tunnel, while outside, the TPE is a little harder, to offer a tight tunnel, which is normally obtained, only on big masturbators. We also note that the external TPE does not catch dust or hair, in any case, much less than on a more traditional TPE. On the other hand, small subtlety, the teeth of the masturbator are a little harder than the rest of the inner sheath, but not enough to hurt you. It should also be noted that the texture of the white part becomes harder, the more you go to the end where the hole is located.

The details of the oral tunnel

As I told you earlier, the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole offers an oral sleeve. This means that the sleeve tries to get closer to an oral stimulation of the penis. We will find a lot of details that are not found on other masturbators. I’m thinking of the Misty Stone Mouth from Fleshlight that I reviewed several years ago. Apart from the mouth appearance, it was not very realistic.

kyo bound kohai onahole - internal tunnel

The detail of the Kohai tunnel

However, here we see that there was good work. We can see that a soft TPE tongue is present in the sleeve, but also small teeth. In this area, there are also, on the upper part of the sheath, soft ridges to stimulate the penis head as it goes through. A little further in the sheath, there is a tighter area, with the external TPE texture. The further we go in the sheath, the more we find a constricting feeling, a little as if we were entering our penis in a throat, with the ridges and bumps that stimulate the penis head like the throat muscles. We will see if this is the case during use.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole use

kyo bound kohai onahole - 9

One white part and the other softer, skin color

Yes, I know, to use a masturbator, there is no need for a manual, especially when it comes to a manual model. But there are always things to say on this point, so it’s up to you to pick out what interests you the most about it.

What can be done with this masturbator?

Of course, in addition to put your penis inside and back and forth, there are some cool things to know. The first thing is that you can press the sides of the Onahole mouth to force it opening. Well, it does not bring much, it’s true. We can also play with the pressure. The outer texture is a bit firmer than inside, but can be pressed during the back and forth to increase the feeling of being tight inside.

You can also have fun doing Shibari on the masturbator, especially on the outer part to tie it and bring a narrower tunnel. For example, you can use the Fifty Shades Freed triple twist rope. But it works with other ropes, rather soft so as not to damage the outer surface.

And the last thing is that we can play with the air of the masturbator. On the other side of the mouth hole, there is a hole. Just insert your penis into the mouth, then block the hole with a finger and go back and forth. This will increase the suction effect. We will see in practice, if it works.

Which lube to use with this Onahole?

To avoid damaging the onahole, it is imperative to use a water-based lubricant. For this, you can choose the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu lube, but also Pjur Aqua, Fleshlube or Sliquid H2O.

How to clean the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole?

Here it is as usual. It will therefore be necessary to bring water inside the sleeve with a little soap. If you have a small brush, you can use it. For my part, I use the brush that I received with the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, which I find very practical.

Then you have to dry, it is quite long. The sleeve and in addition, the masturbator is quite narrow, which does not make things too easy. The best thing to do is to hang it, with the mouth hole down so that the water flows to the maximum. Then, care must be taken from time to time, especially with maintenance powder or corn flour.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole efficiency

kyo bound kohai onahole - 12

Realistic enough, at least on the details

Let’s go to the moment everyone is waiting, to know if this Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole deserves it! So I’m going to see if this mouth that pulls the tongue when you press on it and shows its small teeth is effective! You have to know how to have fun when you review as many sex toys as me, otherwise, we get a little disturbed on the edges. So here is my feedback on this masturbator!

What does the change of material bring?

kyo bound kohai onahole - 15

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole and Anna Polina Fleshlight

The first point that I will develop is the material part. Indeed, this double layer texture between the outer and inner part, but not that. Because it is also necessary to take care about the small teeth and the tongue. Already, we feel the difference with other masturbators. The sheath is harder, more robust on the outer part. We are far from a Fleshlight sleeve that has no hold. Here, we feel firmness.

There is also a big difference between the soft texture like the mouth, the lips, the nose and the inner tongue and the tougher internal texture. This is particularly the case of small teeth that are made of the same material as the outer part. We can also put pressure on the sheath, but I did not find it so convenient. There are areas on the sleeve where the resistance is stronger and you have to really press it hard to feel the pressure. This is the case at the end of the tunnel.

The tongue effect and small teeth

kyo bound kohai onahole - 14

Overview of small teeth in hard TPE

So that’s pretty disappointing for me. Frankly, for the tongue, it’s average. We manage to feel it a little, but to achieve it, it takes a lot of lubricant for it to slide well. And we must also focus on the first few inches of the sheath by doing small back and forth to feel it. But frankly, it’s very light as a sensation. For small teeth, I was also expecting something more stimulating. Admittedly, the TPE is harder than the rest internally. When you put your finger on it, you realize the firmness.

By cons, in use, I did not feel too much these small teeth. Let’s say I was really expecting something closer than a real blowjob with the use of the teeth rubbing on the penis head. There, it is not that. But I must say that it does not hurt, it was also a thing like that that could be a problem. There, it’s just that the stimulation is not up to what I could imagine.

The other remarks on this masturbator

kyo bound kohai onahole - 8

The exit hole of the sheath

So, for an oral type masturbator, I must say that I find that the sheath tunnel is very narrow or in any case, it gives the impression. The suction effect is a bit present, but not much. It is acceptable, but I would have liked more suction effect for an oral sheath. On the other hand, what also disturbed me is that the masturbator is a little too short in length according to me.

No worries about the sheath width, but as soon as I start to go back and forth at the bottom of the sheath, my penis is crushed by the exit hole and even passes through, which blocks my penis head. It’s nice on some Japanese masturbators with a softer texture. But here, this hole is made with the white material, so the harder TPE. Suddenly, my penis is stuck. Well, another point to consider, there is an exit hole, so as soon as you ejaculate, the sperm may leak from there.

Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole final thoughts

kyo bound kohai onahole - 11

A masturbator with a tongue, not so common

It’s time for the final verdict! The moment that all shops, manufacturers and others who send me a product feared! This is normal, as much as it can highlight a product, as it can leave it in the shadows forever. Certainly, I exaggerate a little, but not that much. So, I can tell you that this masturbator is actually quite different from the mass, but it’s clearly not the best model. It is not bad, but I was expecting something better.

The package announced a masturbator who reproduces a blowjob with deep throat effect and this is not the case. At the same time, it’s a marketing thing. But here, in the end, it’s not bad, without being crazy. It is therefore a masturbator that changes the ordinary, affordable, and different from others. I still look forward to seeing the difference with a second model, the same range, but for that, you’ll have to wait for the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole review!


  • A masturbator with a tongue in it
  • A double layer texture
  • Small teeth
  • Easily transportable
  • A practical box to store it


  • The exit hole is too firm
  • A lack in length (for me)
  • The teeth and tongue not so stimulating as expected
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