Is the Womanizer Classic 2 better than the first? If I take an example from the movie world, usually with rare exceptions, the number 2 is often worse than the first. But in the world of sex toys, it’s not like that. It is for the most part, the opposite.

Indeed, the We-Vibe Nova 2 is better than the first one. The Domi 2 is better than the first version. And the Lush 3 is better than the first and second model. Conclusion, the more the version evolves, the more the sextoy improves. But it is not always the case! So we’ll have to check this out for the Womanizer Classic 2! We must admit that we do not expect a Classic 2, but why not! Here is our review!

Womanizer Classic 2 packaging

This time, we received the Womanizer Classic 2 in its real packaging! Indeed, at the time of the release of the first model, we had obtained it in a simple cardboard box, it was a sample copy.

It is a box like the Womanizer Starlet 2, but bigger. This one is rigid, with a front part that opens and has a windowed area to see the product without opening it. We are told right away that it is Pleasure Wave technology, with a discreet and silent design. We can also read the term “Classic 2” but in a very light way, it is clearly not the name of the product that is put forward.

Once we lift the front, we discover the seal, then a quick explanation of how to use this Womanizer Classic 2. Then at the back of the box, we have some technical characteristics on the product and the new features announced! So there are 2 more intensity levels and a completely soft surface, which suggests that the Classic 2 would now be made of silicone. We will see this when we open the box!

By lifting the flap of the box, using the small tab present, we discover on one side, the Classic 2 in its mold and on the other, a black and cardboard box that contains another small box with the manual and safety instructions. Then we have a second stimulating head, a smaller diameter, a magnetic USB charging cable and a cotton storage pouch, the same as the Womanizer Premium Eco. However, we still have 41% less plastic than the first model! That’s already a gain!

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 1
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 2
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 3

Womanizer Classic 2 physical details

We just discovered it in its box, we can finally see it closer! Is it different from the Classic? Yes and no. Of course, it is different from smaller models like the Liberty Lily Allen, because it is more imposing, but less than a Womanizer Duo or the +Size, which is still the largest model at Womanizer. As I said at the time, it is a sort of mix between the Pro 40 and the +Size model.

Its shape is identical to the first model, long and wavy. Then, to give you a little more detail, we can see that there is the Womanizer logo, then underneath, two buttons, the “+” and the “-” with the same principle of having two bulging buttons and different sizes.

Indeed, the “+” button is bigger than the “-” button, which is convenient to locate them, just by touch. Then, even further down, a small “Power” button. And finally, a little lower, the two magnetic points that will clip the charging cable to recharge the battery of the Classic 2. We also notice the presence of an LED that will tell us the status of battery charging. In fact, it is identical in every respect, except that it is black and that the “+” and “-” buttons are silicone.

Size of the Womanizer Classic 2

As I just mentioned, they are the same visually, but not only! Indeed, in terms of dimensions, the Classic and Classic 2 are identical! Indeed, it measures 15.5 cm (6.10″) of total length for 5 cm (1.96″) of width at the highest and a thickness of 3.5 cm (1.37″), also at the highest. In short, do not look for any difference, they are really the same!

Other visual aspects of Womanizer Classic 2

First point, its color! Here, the version we received is black, like the Premium model. This changes the purple of the first model. And for its weight, it is 110 grams, identical to the first model again. Regarding the colors, you will also have the choice to take it in burgundy. To reassure me, I took both Classic in hand and honestly, the weight is almost identical, maybe a few extra grams for the Classic 2 (but it’s a weighing test done by hand).

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 4
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 5
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 6
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 7
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 12

Womanizer Classic 2 materials

This was a bit the reproach of the first Classic model, its plastic side, not very pleasant and which looked a bit “cheap” after all. Here, it is still ABS plastic, but it is true that it is softer than the first model. In fact, we have the impression to be on an in-between.

It is softer than the Classic, less glittery and plastic, but still less soft than the Premium. It is therefore a nice improvement, because the impression, a little low-end of the first model is no longer present here. The head of the Classic 2 is made of silicone, soft, without phthalates and hypoallergenic. Moreover, as I said, the only change here is that the “+” and “-” buttons are in silicone.

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 8
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 9

Womanizer Classic 2 use

This is only a second model, so we should find exactly the same concept to use it! According to Womanizer, it is not here that we will have any change, except for the power of the engine. But for the rest, whether it’s to recharge it, to use it or to handle it, we’re already on the right track. Let’s check it out anyway!

How do I charge the Womanizer Classic 2?

You know what? Between the Classic and the Classic 2, there again, no changes on its charging and everything that comes close. Indeed, we have a magnetic USB charging cable and marked with the Womanizer logo, convenient to find it among all charging cables.

Once clipped in, then plugged into a powered USB port or AC adapter, it will take 120 minutes of charging time for a battery life of 180 minutes. Identical between the first and second model. And similarly, a LED will blink slowly when it’s low on battery power, quickly when it’s half charged, and stay on when the Classic 2 is fully charged.

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 16
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 17

How to use the Womanizer Classic 2?

We don’t change something that already works well! Indeed, we have the same operating principle! You will have to keep the “Power” button pressed for 2 seconds to turn the Womanizer Classic 2 on or off. Then, the “+” and “-” buttons will allow you to navigate through the different intensity levels. You can even press the “Power” button once, without holding it, to get back to the first intensity level. That’s the Afterglow feature. In short, something simple and effective!

Autopilot & Smart Silence ?

Here again, no surprises! If the first model had neither one nor the other, the Classic 2 follows the same path. To have these modes, you’ll have to move to a higher range at Womanizer and in particular, the Premium 2 (Yes, it is also the release of the Premium 2).

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 14
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 11
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 18

What are the intensity levels of the Womanizer Classic 2?

This is one of the improvements of this Womanizer Classic 2, its number of available intensity! Indeed, the first model had only 8 levels of intensity against 12 on the Premium. Here, with the Classic 2, we go to 10 levels of intensity. So, I find this both unfortunate and understandable.

Why not have 12 intensity levels on the Classic 2 like the 12 on the Premium? So as not to compete with it? So, depending on the price of the Classic 2, will it be more interesting to buy a Premium that will offer 2 additional levels? Everything will depend on the price and the power of the Classic and Classic 2 engines, as we will see later on.

So we find the “Super Soft” mode (it’s level 1), up to the highest level now, level 10 in “Super Power”. But what about the two extra levels? Honestly, I was afraid that the addition would be an even weaker mode than the first level of the Classic, but in the end, it’s a nice surprise, since it’s 2 additional levels of intensity that go even further than the first one!

Which lubricant to choose for the Womanizer Classic 2?

If you really need to use lubricant, to have a little more comfort in particular, you will have to use water-based lubricant only, in order not to deteriorate the silicone head of the product. I let you choose your lubricant, Pjur, Sliquid, Yes and many others are waiting for you, but not only, there are a lot of them on the market.

How to clean the Classic 2?

Obviously, if the first model was waterproof, the second one follows the same path! It will be possible to use it in water without any problem. It is still advisable to clean especially the stimulating head and the inside of its base with a soft cloth. It is also possible to use a cleaner for sextoys.

Womanizer Classic 2 efficiency

Now it’s time to get serious, but also more enjoyable, as this is the moment I find myself with the Classic 2 in hand, fully loaded, ready to serve on Kitty to show us what it has under the hood! With a first model that was already on point, we can’t wait to see if the 2 extra intensity levels will make a difference! Here’s our feedback on the Womanizer Classic 2!

 The comeback of the Classic

First contact with this new version, a success! Indeed, I simply charged the battery of the Classic 2 so that Kitty could play with it to give me her report. Then, I ordered her to use it, in front of me, while I was filming her at the same time. Yes, I like to see Kitty masturbating or using a vibrator/dildo or whatever, pleasuring herself in front of me, while playing the spectator. The effect was immediate, after a bit of trial and error, Kitty found herself in front of me, enjoying herself with the Classic 2, she got her first orgasm, on a medium intensity level (level 3/4 hardly). I then ordered her to come again, which happened a few minutes later, this time on a higher level.

Once Kitty was well aroused by her orgasms (2, for sure, but maybe 3, my memory is not infallible), I asked Kitty to get on her back, with her legs well spread, to take her as a missionary, while having the Classic 2 with me, to stimulate her with, admittedly, more difficulty than she had, but quite feasible. The proof, Kitty got an orgasm again this way. In short, Kitty’s first feedback, it does the job, no doubt about it!

Still no Autopilot or Smart Silence

As with the first Classic, this Classic 2 has neither the Autopilot function nor the Smart Silence function. It’s a shame, because honestly, Womanizer could have integrated these two technologies into the Classic 2 since they were already present on the Premium. You’ll understand why when you read our next review of another stimulator in the second version. But is this a real shortcoming? Not really. The Classic 2 is less noisy than older models, such as the W500, for example. Basically, the Womanizer Classic 2 will make noise, even when it is empty. With this feature, the Womanizer will only turn on when it is at the right distance from your clitoris. If noise is not a concern, honestly, this feature is dispensable.

As for the Autopilot, Kitty wasn’t really a fan of this mode on the Premium, the fact that it’s not on the Classic 2 doesn’t seem to be a concern for her. For her, this model allows an easy, quick, no-frills handling, just what you need when you want and need it!

More powerful and more orgasmic?

More powerful? Yes, but not that much! Indeed, we have 2 additional levels, but where do they fit within the intensity range of the first model? As we said, it is 2 extra levels that are even more intense than the first model! This alone is already a good thing, rather than having added an even softer level and a more intense one! Here we have 2 levels more intense than on the first model!

If on the Classic, first of the name, Kitty told me that she wanted to have a little more power, this second model allows her to have what she wants, even if this model is closer to the Premium! But the good news is that the Classic 2 is the same price as the first model! More quality, more power, for the same price, that’s good news!

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 15
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 19
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 20
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 21
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 22
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 23
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 24
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Womanizer Classic 2 final thoughts

Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 13
Womanizer Classic 2 - Image 10

In the end, this Womanizer Classic 2 is an improvement on the first model, but doesn’t bring a lot of new things either. To be honest, the changes aren’t really interesting if you already have the first model. But since the Classic 2 is a replacement for the first model, it’s still a good thing to have this version 2 instead of the first version, at the same price. And especially, with 2 more intense levels!

I am a little disappointed on one point, that on this Classic 2 from Womanizer, we find the cotton storage pouch of the Womanizer Eco, to resume the concept of its release. On the other hand, Womanizer returns to the old charging cable, which is very good, but not at the same ecological level as the Womanizer Eco. It’s a shame.

Why not take an interesting concept from this model? Might as well go all the way! Especially since on this Classic 2, we don’t find the battery change, nor the eco-friendly materials like biolene. Back to the past? Problem with the release of the calendar? It’s a bit of a step backwards in a way. But we must say, the Classic 2 is a very good clitoral stimulator at Womanizer! You won’t be disappointed! Especially since it is the same price as the first model, but better! Do not hesitate!


  • A new, higher quality version
  • 2 tips
  • A design that works
  • Closer to Premium model
  • New colors
  • 10 levels of intensity
  • 2 more intense levels
  • No price change
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Less plastic
  • The Afterglow


  • No smart silence mode
  • No Auto-Pilot mode
  • The biolene is no longer there
  • No interchangeable battery
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