It’s the comeback of the Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid! Yes, I didn’t know that Fleshlight had relaunched their Quickshot range, with exclusive sleeves for actress Riley Reid! It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a Fleshlight Quickshot, as the first and last two were the Quickshot Boost and Quickshot Vantage. Since then, I hadn’t seen any other Quickshot models, even though it’s a very interesting model to stimulate the crown of the glans and even play with the state we call “Edging”, a state where you’re on the edge of orgasm.

So it’s quite different from the usual Fleshlight masturbators. In fact, lately, you’ve been able to read the reviews of new models like the Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland and the Lana Rhoades Karma. And even more recently, the Fleshlight Adriana Chechik Empress and the Mia Malkova Lvl Up! So it’s a new masturbator who will join the list of Fleshlight sex-toys reviewed on the website!

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid packaging

I must say I really like the box! Well, especially the colors! With purple, pink and blue in the back, the mix is really not bad at all! So it’s a small cardboard box with a big windowed part in front that allows us to see the Quickshot before opening it. At the top is the name of the product, at the bottom is the manufacturer’s name and in the middle is the Quickshot Riley Reid. On one of the sides, we have the detail of the internal sleeve with a diagram and the two orifices present. On the other slice, a little more detail on the construction of the masturbator. And finally, on the back of the box we have a picture of actress Riley Reid with the Quickshot in her hand, some information about the product and how to use it.

Then, once you open the box, of course, we have the Quickshot, a small manual presenting the Fleshlight products, as well as a sample of Fleshlube lubricant that you can use for your first use.

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid physical details

The Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid looks just like the first two Quickshot models already released! So we find ourselves facing a very compact masturbator, composed of two lids, one for the anus side and the other for the vagina side. With two orifices, twice as much pleasure! Well, we’ll see about that later. Indeed, if on the Boost and Vantage version, the two orifices were the same, here we have two different entry.

On one side, we have the “Lady” part that matches Riley Reid’s molded pussy. Then on the other, you have the “Butt” part, which is the mold of the actress’ anus. The construction of this masturbator is quite simple! So you have two lids as already announced and then a mini version sleeve, placed in a central plastic ring. On the shell you can also find the Fleshlight logo on its entire circumference.

Quickshot size

You see as well as I do, the Quickshot Riley Reid is a very compact masturbator! This is its strong point compared to the Fleshlight Girls range. In terms of these dimensions, this one measures 11 cm (4.33′) in total length while the sleeve is 9 cm (3.54′) long. So we have 9 cm (3.54′) of possible penetration! For the width, the sleeve is 6 cm (2.36′) and with the shell, we are on 7 cm (2.75′). To finish, on the diameter of the orifices, at the anus, we have 0.5 cm (0.19′) while on the other side, it is 1 cm (0.39′). The inside of the sleeve changes from 1.49 cm (0.58′) to 2.99 cm (1.17′). All this is extensible of course. Yes, I’ve measured everything!

The other details

As for the other information to be communicated to you, I think you’ve noticed, everything is transparent! Whether it’s the shell, the lids or the sleeve, you can see right through! It’s a bit like the Fleshlight Ice Crystal I’ve already reviewed on the French website. For its weight, it is very light, weighing only 244 grams.

A word about Riley Reid

She’s an actress I don’t know. But Kitty does! When she saw the pictures of the product, she said, “I’ve seen her in porn before“. Like what! She was born in 1991 in Miami Beach and as you can imagine, she is an American porn actress. She started working as a stripper before entering the porn industry in 2011. It was on Reality Kings’ In the VIP. At the time, she was using the name Paige Riley.

Then she started winning awards at the XBIZ as “Best New Starlet” in 2013 and “Female Performer of the Year” in 2014. In fact, she was the first actress to win two awards in two consecutive years. She has worked for countless studios such as Brazzer, Digital Playground, Kink, Wicked Pictures and Naughty America to name a few. Finally, Riley Reid is bisexual! Introductions are made!

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid materials

Now let’s see the materials that make up this Quickshot Riley Reid! You have two main materials. The first is the ABS plastic that makes up the two covers and the central ring in which the sleeve is located. So it’s the same as a Fleshlight Girls. ABS plastic is a body-friendly material that contains no phthalates or latex.

The other material is Superskin, a material patented by Fleshlight. So it’s not Real Feel SuperSkin that you’ll find on the latest generation of Fleshlights Girls masturbators. And it’s not the same SuperSkin you could get on the Lotus, Forbidden or Mouth models either. For example, the Fleshlight Asa Akira Lotus.

A sticky material

Indeed, this material is much stickier, like the one on the Quickshot Vantage. I’m not really a fan, but that’s the way it is. I think it comes from transparency, because I often have this phenomenon on transparent sleeves. Although that’s not a generalization either.

Its stickiness fades a bit over time, but it’s still sticky. So you’ll have to think about using lubricant. Beware, SuperSkin remains a healthy material for the body, but porous. Therefore, do not share this masturbator with another person to avoid taking risks.

The detail of the sleeve

Since it’s Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid, we’re also expecting a signature sleeve. And indeed, we have inside, a piece of the Utopia sleeve. More precisely, it is a compact version of the Utopia sleeve. It’s a model I haven’t reviewed on the site yet, maybe one day! In any case, I will be able to give you my report on this mini version.

So we have two distinct parts on this sleeve, the first part that we discover when we go through the vaginal opening is a spherical chamber that looks like the one found in the Stoya Destroya sleeve. It is a spherical chamber filled with elongated nodules pointing towards its center. For the second part, which is first discovered on the anal side, is a structure made by intersecting ribs. These ribs have one side rounded with a height of 0.5 cm (0.19′), while the other side is more tapered with a sharper edge.

quickshot riley reid sleeve

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid use

I don’t think I need to draw you a picture to explain how to use this Quickshot! At the same time, I don’t know how to draw anymore, it’s been far too long since I’ve touched a pencil. However, I will tell you what you need to do to use it properly and perhaps even give you some ideas.

How to use the Quickshot?

To use this Quickshot, you must first remove both lids! Yes, otherwise your penis will bang against a piece of plastic, and it won’t feel good. Next, add a little lubricant and move your penis back and forth. It couldn’t be simpler. But I actually tested this Quickshot in a different way. Indeed, it is possible to use it with only one lid removed. Here, it will be used mainly to make and small movements back and forth and play a little more with the suction effect! And this in both directions! As a result, it can be used in four different ways. With the vaginal opening and the lid on the other side and with the anal opening and the lid on the other side. But also on the vaginal side without a lid or on the anal side without a lid!

What can we do with it?

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a product to masturbate with! But it can be used for edging” because it is well thought out for that. It is also possible to use it with the Handy masturbator for automatic use with a synchronized video for example.

What lubricant should be used with?

Of course, you will need lubricant to use it. Otherwise, it won’t be very pleasant, it’ll rub too much. To avoid problems, a water-based lubricant should be chosen. On the market, there is plenty of these! There are all kinds! You already have the Fleshlube lubricant sample that you can use for your first use. Otherwise, we’ll have to make a choice. Currently I use Motsutoys Tyo, UnisX vaginal lubricant and also Sliquid Satin and Sliquid Organics sensation.

How’s the Quickshot cleanup going?

It’s going great! Indeed, the sleeve being much more compact, it is easy to clean the whole sleeve and make sure that nothing is left inside. That’s an advantage over a Fleshlight Girls or Flesjack Boys. So you can use warm water and a little soap or a toy cleaner such as Fleshlight wash. Then you have to wait for the sleeve to dry and to use it again if you feel like it.

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid efficiency

Now it’s time for me to fuck Riley Reid, well, not really, but you get the idea! I’ll tell you how I felt when I used it and especially if you should be interested! This is a compact masturbator, which is really different from the Fleshlight Girls range! So let’s see what the Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid is up to!

The grip

As far as the grip is concerned, there’s nothing to say! It is a small model of masturbator, of a very acceptable size, which can be held easily in the hand! The Fleshlight logo around the central shell gives you a certain grip and prevents you from losing it from your hands. In short, on this point, I find the same ergonomics as the old Quickshot models.

Using the vaginal side with the lid on the anal side

When used on this side with the lid closed, the opening is not too tight and you can immediately feel the tips of the first spherical chamber! It’s a very good feeling you get! At the same time, this part comes from the Destroya sleeve, so it’s perfectly normal. Then when you get to the second part, the sensation is more subtle, you can feel the veins all around the glans. With the lid on, in this way, there is not too much suction.

Use of the anal side with the lid on the vaginal side

If you go in through the anus, always with the lid on, it’s very pleasant! The first chamber remains quite soft, perceptible, but subtle. Here, one feels more the passage to the second chamber with the spikes that effectively stimulate the glans. You get a good suction effect and it’s really not bad at all! You can feel the penis rubbing on the spikes and there is a certain resistance effect when you try to remove the quickshot from the penis.

Use of the vaginal and anal side without cover

When both lids are removed, you can start to go back and forth much more! It’s not too intense, but still, for a Quickshot, it’s quite surprising. It’s a change from Boost and Vantage. When you go more slowly, you can feel the two chambers and the transition from the ribs to the tips is really pleasant. Here, since there is nothing blocking the exit, one can go more frankly and the glans and its crown are well stimulated by the exit orifice.

I enjoyed using it from the anal side to the vaginal side, with both lips of Riley Reid’s vagina rubbing against the sides of my glans. On the other hand, be careful when you come, it goes everywhere! Of course, there’s nothing to hold it all together! Moreover, coupled with the Handy masturbator, with a synchronized video of a hand job, it works perfectly! And it’s very intense!


fleshlight quickshot riley reid - 22
fleshlight quickshot riley reid - 23

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid final thoughts

All in all, this mix between the Fleshlight Girls range and the Quickshot range is a good idea! The point here is that Quickshot is more interesting for some people because you get the full texture regardless of the size of your penis. It is simple to store, easy to maintain, transportable and does not take up much space. Here in addition, you have two orifices molded on the actress Riley Reid, which is still better than the orifices on the Vantage and Boost model!

Certainly, the sensations are less intense than a Fleshlight Girl, you can’t have the sensation of kicking at the bottom, nor ejaculate inside, but it’s still a great novelty of Fleshlight! One even wonders why it hasn’t been done before! Plus, there’s an accessory at Fleshlight to link two Quickshot together, so there’s plenty of fun to be had in the future! So I hope there will be more Quickshot models based on porn actresses to mix the pleasures! There’s real potential there!


  • A compact model
  • Transparent
  • Two holes molded on the actress
  • It adapts to all penises
  • Transportable
  • Accessible
  • Stimulating


  • No feeling of tapping on the bottom
  • No sensation of ejaculation inside (be careful when you come)
  • The sticky texture that can displease
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