Here the Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma! Oh yeah, I’m back with a review of a signature Fleshlight masturbator! What’s this? It’s a masturbator range from the manufacturer Fleshlight which has a unique and exclusive sleeve for each actress. This is a really good idea from Fleshlight to give a new lease of life to its product range and offer different sleeves in terms of sensation. And what better than the Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma? I didn’t know this porn actress at all, but I knew that she was greatly appreciated. Indeed, I don’t know if this is still the case, but Lana Rhoades was first in the ranking of models on Pornhub! Might as well tell you that Lana Rhoades is quite popular!

So today, I offer you the review of the masturbator Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma! It is a masturbator of the signature range, like the Madison Ivy Wonderland, the Jenna Haze Obsession, the Nina Hartley Cougar or the Christy Mack Attack! And these are not the only ones I reviewed on the site, if you want to discover others, you can check the website in depth! If you want to choose your first masturbator, the Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma may be your next purchase! In short, here is my review of the Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma!

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma packaging

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 1

The new Fleshlight box for some time now

Since I reviewed the Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland, I’ve noticed that Fleshlight has changed the boxes of its masturbators a bit! Indeed, the rectangular box is now white and dark grey. There are some visual changes, but otherwise, it’s always the same.

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 3

The windowed part of the box

Indeed, it is a cardboard box with a windowed front to see the product without opening it. We find the porn actress on a good part of the box. At the same time, you have to sell, it’s normal. Yeah, it’s humorous. You can also find some information about the actress, like her measurements.

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 4

The seals are there.

Another point is that you can see the inside of the sleeve directly on the box. Before, the diagram showed us a cut-out of the sleevein a drawn way, whereas here, we see much better the reality of the inside of the sleeve. As soon as we open the box, we discover our Fleshlight, a small booklet presenting the Fleshlight range and a sample of Fleshlube lubricant.

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma physical details

Fleshlight masturbators haven’t really changed in style for many years! Admittedly, the hull has become a little more pearly than at the time, but otherwise, it’s still the same concept. Indeed, the principle of this signature range is to offer a unique model to the actress, with an exclusive sleeve, which can only be found on this specific model. Moreover, Lana Rhoades was allowed two models, one vagina-oriented and the other anus-oriented. This is the second one I’m presenting to you.

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 5

A flashlight, a lubricant sample and a promotional manual.

The principle is to offer a product with an orifice moulded on the actress’s in question. For the internal canal, it’s more imaginative, because obviously, Fleshlight does not mould the rectum of the actresses. So yes, Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma is still a masturbator in the shape of a flashlight. Everything is there as usual, with on one side, the shell, which has a grip and on the other side, a cap and a lid.

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 9

The signature is always present on the side of the sleeve.

Inside, we discover a tube in the sleeve, which prevents it from sticking to itself, but I confess, I quickly swing the tube. At the end, the cap is still there, to play with the air. Finally, on the sleeve, we find the signature of the actress, as if she had autographed it.

Dimensions of the masturbator

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 6

Same size, same dimensions for years!

As with the other Fleshlight masturbators in the range, this model is no exception to the rule! It has the same dimensions as a Fleshlight Pure or a classic Fleshlight Asa Akira. Indeed, this one always measures 25 cm of total length (9.84′) for a maximum penetration length of 22 cm (8.66′)! As much to say to you that there is place on the length. The diameter of the shell is 9.5 cm (3.74′), while the sleeve is 6 cm wide (2.36′). This sleeve has a 1.5 cm diameter hole (0.59′), so you can easily extend it as needed in relation to the diameter of your penis.

The other details of this masturbator

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 14

The Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma next to the Madison Ivy Wonderland.

I’ve been going over the visual elements of this Fleshlight model. The only thing I have left to tell you is its weight, which is still 800 grams with its shell. I think it’s a bit heavy, but it’s not enough to get a cramp in your arm either.

A word about Lana Rhoades

As I was saying, I did not know Lana Rhoades, just by name, but I understood that she was adored by many of the male population. Lana Rhoades (aka Amara Maple) was born in 1996 in Illinois. She received a rather strict education and graduated from high school at the age of 17. It seems, while watching an episode of The Girls Next Door, that she decided to enter the world of pornography.

She made her debut in 2016 at the age of 20, posed as a model for Playboy Plus and worked at several major studios. I think of Brazzers, Evil Angel, Jules Jordan Video, Blacked, Tushy, Vixen, Mofos, New Sensations, Bangbros and more! Concerning Lana Rhoades, she is 1.60m tall and weighs 52kg. She has blue eyes, brown hair, you are now aware about her!

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma materials

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 2

The detail of the texture is indicated on the box with the cut of the sleeve.

Now, let’s get down to the materials that make up this Fleshlight masturbator! Nothing has changed for years, except for the material used to make the sleeves. Well, let’s just say it’s evolved over the years.

SuperSkin and Real Feel SuperSkin

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 13

The karma sleeve, out of its shell…

Indeed, the Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma is made of Real Feel SuperSkin. This material is an evolution of the SuperSkin that made up the Fleshlight of the time, before the signature range. For example, the Tera Patrick Forbidden, the Asa Akira Lotus or the Misty Stone Mouth have a SuperSkin sleeve. So it’s a material that tries to give an impression of human skin. It is a soft, stretchy material, typical of Fleshlight masturbators. This material does not contain phthalates or latex! It is also a patented material by Fleshlight. Otherwise, the rest of the masturbator is made of ABS plastic!

The Karma sleeve

lana rhoades karma sleeve

The detail of the inner sleeve

The Karma sleeve is a sleeve that tries to reproduce the sensations of anal penetration! This sleeve consists of a tight entrance, followed by several stimulating rings and cavities, which attempt to faithfully reproduce the sensations of an anal penetration! I can’t wait to see if this is really the case! I’ll be able to compare it with the sensations I get when I sodomise Kitty. By the way, you can see, just above, the internal schema of the Karma sleeve so that you can more easily see how it is constructed.

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma use

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 7

A grip is present on the shell

I know, there’s not much to say about using a Fleshlight like this. It’s just ultra basic, because you just have to penetrate a hole with your dick. However, you may be interested in some information if this is your first purchase of a Fleshlight masturbator. Here’s what I can say about it!

How to use a Fleshlight?

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 11

You can see the name of the sleeve at the end of it by unscrewing the cap.

As I mentioned earlier, using a Fleshlight masturbator is quite simple. To use this Fleshlight, you need at least one hand in order to go back and forth with it, because yes, it’s not an automatic masturbator. Then, you have to remove the first part, that is to say, the cover in order to access the sleeve. Then you have to remove the plastic tube in the sleeve. And you add a little water-based lubricant, in the sleeve and on your penis glans and off you go! You then have a cap, located opposite the cover, which will allow you to apply more or less suction effect by the accumulation of air in the sleeve. No need to tell you more, you already know everything!

What more can you do with that masturbator?

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 12

The cap can be opened more or less to play with the air in the sleeve.

Honestly not much. Sure, you can put it in a Fleshlight Launch if you own one! You can insert a dildo inside, it’s fun for two minutes. There are also systems you can attach to add a suction cup so you can use it without your hands. You can also place it in a Dakimakura pillow or ask your partner to control the Fleshlight so that you have a little more surprise and a moment of pleasure shared by both of you.

What lubricant to use with this Fleshlight?

No need to look for a long time, you must absolutely use a water-based lubricant. This is to avoid damaging the sleeve, especially with a silicone-based lubricant. You can therefore take your favourite water-based lubricant or choose a suitable lubricant such as Tyo from Motsutoys, Peace from Rends or even Fleshlube if you don’t have any problems with glycerine.

How to clean a Fleshlight?

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 10

Lana Rhoades’ anus!

A question I am often asked, as cleaning is important to keep your masturbator intact for as long as possible. It is not complicated. It’s just a bit boring. Already, you have to take the sleeve out of its shell, put it in water, especially at the level of the tunnel to evacuate everything properly. For my part, I also use a cleaner, like Fleshlight Wash, then I rinse with warm water. Afterwards, you have to air dry the sleeve and then use Fleshlight maintenance powder or corn powder from time to time.

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma efficiency

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 15

The Lana Rhoades Karma model, with the Nina Hartley Cougar and the Madison Ivy wonderland

I always think it’s so funny when I think I’m going to get a porn actress! Of course, all this is only visual, because here only the mould of the external part of the actress is mold on her! And moreover here, it’s her anus! But I like it, I find it really funny to think I’m going to fuck Lana Rhoades’ ass. But still, does the sleeve inside have to be as good as the actress? That’s what I’m gonna tell you in this part!

A fairly classic structure for anal

As you can see on the cut-out of the sleeve, this one is quite classical and its construction is made in a repetitive way. There are transverse ribs on the whole of it. There are many constrictions, bumps and nodules. It is thus a construction in three identical parts. The good thing is that you don’t miss anything, because given the length of a Fleshlight sleeve, there is always a piece that you can’t reach. Since we have very different structures for the three parts, we have enough variation in the stimulation it offers. It is therefore a typical sleeve for an anal model.

The sleeve in a little more detail

Each section of the Karma sleeve measures 7.5 cm in length (2.95′). There are therefore three large transverse ribs in succession with small spaces between each. This is very often found in an anal sleeve in Fleshlight. However, there are fewer ribs than a Forbidden sleeve, like the Fleshlight Tori Black Forbidden model, but they are bigger. This allows a much stronger and more perceptible stimulation to be applied as the penis glans passes through. In addition, the canal becomes a little narrower. Then you start to pass through a funnel-shaped part, which further decreases the diameter of the sleeve, accompanied by the other two structures of the sleeve that add even more stimulation.

Stimulation of the sleeve

All in all, the stimulation of this Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma is pleasant and enjoyable. But depending on the angle of the Fleshlight, the sensation is stronger on the penis. The bumps in the sleeve provide intensive stimulation, but once you pull the penis out of the sleeve (in the opposite direction), the stimulation becomes softer. In fact, it is a model that you have to move and slightly rotate to increase the stimulation it causes on a straight axis. On some parts, the sensation of being tight is present, fortunately for an anal sleeve anyway. On the whole, the sleeve is stimulating and it is in my opinion a good anal Fleshlight. Indeed, the passage from the ribs to the nodules, through the constriction zones. It is thus a nice improvement of the Forbidden sleeve.

The test situation

When I reviewed this sleeve several times, I tested it with the Fleshlight Launch and on a synchronized Cock Hero video! Yes, I finally found out how to make the Launch synchronize with Cock Hero (and even other videos). I must admit that not moving the masturbator by hand changes things. It’s less tiring and it’s quite fun. I will try to update the Launch review soon to explain all this to you!

Fleshlight Lana Rhoades Karma final thoughts

fleshlight lana rhoades karma - 8

A very good improvement of the Forbidden sleeve!

With a Fleshlight masturbator, it’s the sleeve that does it all! Because in fact, from one model to another, except for a particular range, it is the sleeve that changes, even if we find the anatomy of the actress as well, which can bring additional excitement. Here, the Karma sleeve is quite classic for an anal sleeve, but it really improves the Forbidden one of the time. Its construction in three identical sections ensures that you don’t miss out on any part of its stimulation. That way, there won’t be any jealous people. It’s a sleeve that has its place in Fleshlight’s so-called anal sleeves! And besides, it’s Lana Rhoades! An actress that a lot of men like. So she has her place among the top masturbators reviewed on the website.


  • The new packaging, better than the old one
  • A model on a popular actress
  • A Karma sleeve that brings the Forbidden sleeve back to life.
  • Three identical sections, we take advantage of everything
  • A certain narrow side in the sleeve
  • Well thought-out stimulation


  • The screw thread of the cap
  • Not a lot of variation, but it’s not a flaw
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