Here is the Womanizer Classic! Yes, I’m back to tell you about another Womanizer on the market! It directly echoes the Womanizer Premium that I introduced to you a short time ago, because it is a cheaper version, but not only. Yes, Womanizer finally decides to decline its new models in two versions to match the budget of each.

It must be said that Womanizer has invaded the market with more or less expensive but effective models. And Satisfyer, the competing brand has understood this and offers cheaper model, but not necessarily as powerful as what Womanizer offers. Anyway, today, it is the Womanizer Classic which is put in the spotlight in this review. So let’s see how it behaves compared to the Premium version! Here is the Womanizer Classic review!

But before starting, I remind you the main lines of the range. It all started with the Womanizer W100, a model that revolutionized the market for clitoral stimulators. Then the W500 model appeared, with more power. We also had the Pro 40 model, with its ability to be waterproof.

Then, it’s a small model, the Womanizer 2GO that arrived on our shelves. Then, the Womanizer + Size has arrived. Bigger and even more powerful. Before the Womanizer Starlet, the smallest Womanizer on the market, arrives in our homes. And lately, it was the Womanizer Inside Out with its vaginal shaft that had evolved the product to a double stimulation. In short, today, let’s see what the Womanizer Classic is worth next to the Womanizer Premium.

Womanizer Classic packaging

Same as for the Womanizer Premium, I received the Womanizer Classic in the same type of cardboard box. As I told you, this is not an official packaging, but a demonstration packaging. It’s like a Not for Resale version. I received it this way, because the product had just been released and I had it in preview. On your side, when buying this toy, you will have the right to an official box.

From what I could read, in the box, you will find the Womanizer Classic of course, but also, a storage pouch and a user manual. There is also a magnetic USB charging cable and two stimulation heads, the smaller one already integrated and a bigger one for bigger clitoris. This is something to check, because I can not be sure at 100%. For my part, I received the Womanizer Classic in a plastic bag with its charging cable.

womanizer classic - 1
womanizer classic - 2

Womanizer Classic physical details

Here again, there is no more surprise, because the Womanizer Classic has exactly the same shape as the Womanizer Premium. It still looks like a mix of several Womanizer, but here the effect is lessened. Why? Because it is not as luxurious as the Premium model and it is not the same color. Its shape is still close to a mix between the Pro 40 and the + Size, but on its appearance, it looks less like the Inside Out model. As you can see in the pictures, the Womanizer Classic is purple and only purple. There are no more colors for this model.

Womanizer Classic size

Same as for Premium, the Womanizer Classic is neither very big nor very small. It is between the two and of course, displays the same dimensions as the Premium version. It is therefore roughly equivalent in size to the Pro 40, but smaller than a + Size. Indeed, it always measures 15,5 cm of length (6.10″) for 5 cm (2″) width at maximum with a thickness of 3,5 cm (1.37″).  By cons, it is lighter than the Premium. Indeed, the Classic model weighs 110 grams against 135 grams for the Premium.

Other visual details on the Womanizer Classic

As said before, here you have no choice of color. It’s purple and it’s like that. If the Premium offered three different colors, here, you’ll have to settle for purple. I’m not super fan, but it’s the price to pay when you want to offer a model cheaper than its top model. So, it looks like cheaper with this purple shiny plastic effect.

Otherwise, we find the same details as on the other model, that is to say, the two buttons present next to the Womanizer logo. A “+” button and a “-” button as well as the “Power” button. The “+” and “-” buttons  are located in the same place as the Premium model and are also curved and of different size.

It’s handy to find the right button when it’s dark. By cons, there is no fourth button as on the Premium model. I’m talking about the “~” button for Autopilot mode. This seems to say that this Classic model does not have this function. We will see below if this is the case or not. Finally, the Womanizer classic also has two magnetic points of contact for charging via its cable and there are not three LEDs to indicate the charging progress.

Womanizer Classic materials

Another difference with the Premium version, the Womanizer Classic is made entirely of ABS plastic with only the stimulating head that is made with silicone. Clearly, it’s the biggest visual difference between the two. Here we have a purple and shiny ABS plastic, which gives a very plastic and “Playschool toy” look . It is also the sacrifice to make to have a cheaper sex toy. Rest assured, ABS plastic is a healthy material for the body and does not contain phthalates. When touched, it is very smooth and slips a little, unlike the silky side of the silicone and its very fine granularity.

womanizer classic - 7
womanizer classic - 8

Womanizer Classic use

After having explained how to use the Womanizer Premium in my previous review, I will announce the same thing for this model. We will also see the few differences that exist between the two models proposed by Womanizer.

How to charge the Womanizer Classic ?

Before you start playing with your Womanizer Classic, you have to charge it like all toys that have a battery. To do this, you have a magnetic USB charging cable available that simply clip on the magnetized part of the toy. The other part will connect directly to the USB port of a computer or directly to electricity with an AC Adapter.

It takes 120 minutes of charging time for a 180 minutes use. It is a little less powerful than the Premium version which offers 240 minutes of autonomy. By cons, another change, there is no more the three-level LED system as on the Premium. Here, it will be necessary to look at the “Power” button to know if it is charging or not. It blinks purple when it is charging to indicate it to you.

How to use the Womanizer Classic ?

To use the Womanizer Classic, it’s very simple. As a reminder, it is a clitoral stimulator without any direct contact with the clitoris. It delivers micro-aspirations through its “Pleasure Air” technology, patented technology that is recognized. To make it work, you have three buttons. The first is the “Power” button. This will serve you to turn on and off your toy. Then you have two buttons, “+” and “-“. The first will increase the intensity level, while the second will lower it. It’s logic.

Autopilot mode or not?

If the Premium version offers an Autopilot mode, the Classic model does not have one. Too bad, it will be used with the old-fashion way! This means that you have to press the “+” or “-” buttons to increase or decrease the stimulation intensity at your request. As a reminder, the Autopilot mode allows you to use it without the hands with an automatic intensity change without touching it.

And the smart silence mode, is it there?

Here too, you do not have a Smart Silence mode. In any case, not the same. Admittedly, there is a noise reduction compared to older models. We are still on 40 dB instead of 42 dB, but there is no silent start system that comes only in contact with the skin. It will work the same way as the old Womanizer. Basically, we press the “Power” button to turn it on and it starts directly, even when empty, in the air.

What are the intensity levels of the Womanizer Classic?

If the Womanizer Premium offers 12 intensity levels, the Womanizer Classic offers only 8 modes. So we end up with the same number of levels that on the Womanizer W500 or the Pro 40. We still find the “Super Soft” (level 1) mode, the most mild mode available. Then, there is also Super Power mode (level 8) for those who want more power. But otherwise, the Womanizer Classic is as powerful as the Premium version. There are just less levels.

Which lube to choose with the Womanizer Classic?

Even though the Womanizer Classic is made up almost exclusively of ABS plastic, the stimulation head is made of silicone. To avoid incompatibility between the toy and the lubricant, it is therefore recommended to use a water-based lubricant. You have, for example, the Pjur Aqua lubricant, but also the YES WB lubricant. For my part, my favorite is the Sliquid H2O and Sliquid Satin among others.

How to clean the Womanizer Classic ?

For this step, there is something to know. The first is that the Womanizer Classic is waterproof. It can therefore be used in the water. The advantage here is that in the water, the waves propagate even better and it becomes even more efficient. And the second thing is that it will be even easier to clean. For this, you can pass it under warm water with a little soap or use a toy spray like Pjur Toy cleaner, Yes Cleanse or Sliquid Shine. You can also remove the silicone head to clean it thoroughly before putting it back completely dry.

Womanizer Classic efficiency

Attention, here is the review most important moment! This is an opportunity to tell you what I think of it in action. Is it so different from the Premium version? What are the changes to note when using it? Is this a better version? Should we fall for it? To answer these questions, I had fun with this Womanizer Classic and my dear and tender Kitty to check that.

Kitty’s feedback and mine on the Womanizer Classic

We reviewed the Womanizer Classic at the same time as the Premium version. Well, not really at the same time, one after the other. Even though, while Kitty was using the Classic version, I had the Premium placed on one of her nipples. But let’s talk about the Womanizer Classic use.

Autopilot and Smart Silence are not there, is this a problem?

As you know, the Womanizer Classic does not have Autopilot mode or a Smart Silence mode. It is a bit less noisy than the old one, but the two modes that I show you in the Premium model review are not there. Sincerely, it’s not really a big lack. As I said, the Premium Autopilot mode starts too weakly and takes too long to deliver powerful stimulation. But we can configure it, which may please some.

So, this is a mode we did not really use with Kitty on the Premium. The fact that it is not there on the Classic model is not a problem. This is really a mode for beginners and those who really want to start slowly with a slow change in level intensity. If you like strong stimulation without waiting, this mode is clearly dispensable. Be aware though that on the Premium, you can configure the AutoPilot mode to operate from level 1 to 12.

For the “Smart Silence” mode, as you have understood, the Classic will start to make its lawnmower noise as soon as it is powered on. For some, it can be a problem because it generates a lot of noise and it can be disruptive. But for others who have no worries with noise, this mode is also dispensable.

Powerful and orgasmic?

Yes, always ! Whether Premium or Classic, they are just as powerful and enjoyable as each other. Kitty had no trouble getting several orgasms with. One or the other is the same thing. Certainly, she prefers the Premium version for its more luxurious side and its silicone texture, but in the end, both are equally effective. It is really the user who will have to make a choice between the two models. But for power, rest assured, they are the same.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Classic final thoughts

In conclusion, this Womanizer Classic is a real alternative to the Premium version. There is a certain price difference between the two models, so everything will depend on you. If you want a more luxurious model, with an Autopilot mode in addition to the “Smart Silence” mode, then the Premium model will be best for you. If, on the other hand, if those two modes do not interest you and you are not too attached to the design, then the Classic version is the one which will be the most adapted. Anyway, whether it’s the Premium or Classic model, you will not be disappointed.


  • Successful design
  • Easy to use
  • As powerful as the Premium version
  • Always so orgasmic


  • Only one color
  • The little “playschool” side of the toy
  • Fewer levels, but also powerful
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