Here’s the brand new men’s sex toy, the Fun Factory Manta! It was a long time since the German firm had not released on the market, a sex toy for us, men. It must be said that it is quite rare for men sex toys to be a great success. The demand is still less important and there are fewer products than for clitoris / vagina.

So, it’s always a pleasure to discover a new sex toy for men and for once, is not a masturbator. The Fun Factory Manta is a kind of “penis stimulating wand”, much like the Manwand that I have already had the opportunity to review on the website (in French). It’s like a vibrating stroker for penis!

Fun factory sex toys, I reviewed a whole lot on the French website. You can also find all reviewed (in French) very easily via the dedicated page. Lately, it was the Wicked Wings, the Stronic G or the Big Boss G5 Black Edition that you could discover. Today, place at the Fun Factory Manta!

Fun Factory Manta packaging

This time, it is not a usual box that you will discover during your purchase, but a special blogger box! Yes, “Passage du Desir” (one of my French partners) sent me a copy of the Fun Factory Manta even before its release, as much to tell you that I’m happy. It is also not the first time that I receive a box of this kind.

Indeed, it was already the case for the Fun Factory Funtastics box, a few years ago. I also received a second one, but I do not remember when. Anyway, this is a slightly different box, but not so different from the commercial boxes. You will find as usual, a rectangular and golden box, surrounded by its sleeve.

This is a cardboard box, in which you will find the Fun Factory Manta, but also a small booklet and a “Click’N Charge” charging cable. Of course, no surprises in this box. There is still no plastic, which is a good thing, but still no storage pouch. Keep the box to store your toy.

Fun Factory Manta physical details

As soon as I opened the box, I realized that the Fun Factory Manta would be a stimulating wand for the penis, just like the Manwand I reviewed a few months ago. It’s really looks like the same.

So we have a part with a handle and buttons to manipulate this sex toy. Then, a “U” shaped part that will surround the penis head. It’s really nearly the same thing than the Manwand. Let’s take a closer look at its dimensions!

Fun Factory Manta size

The Fun Factory Manta is not very big, but not as small as a clitoral stimulator that fits in a handbag. Here, the Fun Factory displays Manta 18 cm total length (7″) and 5.2 cm wide (2″) at the largest. This is especially the case at for the stimulating head.

The handle is about 4 cm in diameter (1.57″) while the two wings on the head are 3 cm (1.18″) in diameter. Do not worry, this part is flexible, which will allow you to place your penis head or your shaft easily.

Other visual details about the Fun Factory Manta

Obviously, these are not the only things that can be noted. As you can see in the pictures, the stimulating part uses specific curves to accentuate the stimulation. We see a small space that will be perfect to slip the penis frenulum.

Indeed, it is clearly the area that will be the most sensitive to the Fun Factory Manta vibrations. We can also notice the stripes inside the Wings-shaped head. This will help to better distribute the lubricant, but also add feelings when going back and forth with.

In short, it is thin, discreet, it seems easy to handle and all for 242 grams. It’s not excessive, it’s not going to screw your wrist using it. I almost forgot one thing, it is available in two colors, olive green and blue. This is the “military” version I received as you can see on the pictures.

Fun Factory Manta materials

Not surprisingly, the Fun Factory Manta is composed of two well known materials. On the one hand, you have silicone, with rather matte finish. As a reminder, silicone is a healthy material for the body. It contains no latex or phthalates and is hypoallergenic. Only small concern, its ability to keep dust. It should be remembered to rinse before and after use.

The other material is ABS plastic. This is what makes up the Manta handle and buttons. Here too, ABS plastic is healthy for the body. In short, it’s all good.

Fun Factory Manta use

This is the time for me to inform you and advise you on how to use it. Of course, there is nothing complicated. But you know, there are always little things to know in order not to be foolishly on not understanding a function. We will start with the base, its charging.

How to charge the Fun Factory Manta ?

The first thing to do is to charge the Manta. For that, you have a charging cord, the Fun Factory Click’N Charge. It’s pretty simple, just plug it into an AC adapter.

Otherwise, you can connect it to your PC for example. The other piece is clipped on the toy, by a magnet system. Then, the charge begins. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to charge it at 100%. I must admit that I find it a little excessive.

The good news is that the Fun Factory Manta has a charging light system to tell you where it is. From 0 to 33%, the indicator will be at 1/3 light on. Between 33 and 66%, it will be 2/3 light on. And between 66 and 100%, it will be at its maximum. In fact, it represents the three buttons on the Manta handle.

When fully charged, the LED stops flashing to indicate this. Afterwards, you can count on 2 hours of maximum autonomy according to the intensity used during your sessions.

How to handle the Fun Factory Manta?

The first thing you’ll need to do with the Fun Factory Manta before sticking it to your penis is to disable the “Travel-Lock” system. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it. To deactivate the travel mode, keep pressing the “+” button and the “Fun” button for 0.5 seconds. Then, to reactivate it, it will keep the “-” and “Fun” buttons pressed for 0.5 seconds.

Then just grab it by its handle and place it as you wish. You can put it under your testicles to encircle and stimulate them. But above all, place it on your penis. I advise you to place the half-moon shape of the stimulating head at your penis frenulum. It is here that the sensations will be the most interesting. This is the same principle as for the Manwand. And I’ll say also for all Massager wands.

Otherwise, for buttons, it’s simple. The “+” button is used to increase the intensity of constant mode or to switch to alternative modes. The “-” button, it allows to reduce the intensity level or to go back to alternative mode level. For the “Fun” button, it is used to turn the toy on or off.

What are the vibrating modes of Fun Factory Manta?

On the Fun Factory Manta, you have 12 programs. In reality, it is rather 6 constant speeds and 6 alternative modes. The first mode is the constant, which evolves on 6 intensity levels. Then, you have 6 alternative modes that automatically vary the intensity level according to the activated mode pattern.

It sounds complicated, but it’s not the case when you understand the system. Moreover, here is the diagram of intensities and vibrations of Fun Factory Manta.

fun factory manta - vibration modes

As you can see, there is a subtlety when you use it. When you are in the last mode, pressing the “+” button will return you to the first alternative mode. If it is the “-” button that you activate when you are in the last mode, you will return to the most intensive constant mode.

What can be done with the Fun Factory Manta?

Lots of things! Finally, do not imagine that you can do anything with it either. It must be said, the Fun Factory Manta is primarily for men. This is clearly why it is thought, even if it can be used as a couple.

The first way to use it is to go back and forth on your penis all along this one. A bit like a masturbation. The second is to place it at the frenulum to stimulate this part with the help of vibrations.

You can also use it during a blowjob to bring more pleasure, even if I think that it will not be as pleasant for the man as for the person who will practice the blowjob at the same time. You may have your mouth numb because of the vibrations.

It can also be used when you make love, especially with madam in the Amazon position and the Manta at the bottom of the penis, but it seems to me a bit hard to manage. It is therefore mainly the first two ways of using it that will be the most interesting.

How to lubricate the Fun Factory Manta ?

Nothing complicated, but strongly advised to do it. Indeed, for the stimulation to be more pleasant, it is necessary to add lubricant on the Manta wings, inside the hollow. For this, you must use water-based lubricant to avoid any compatibility concerns between the lubricant and the Manta.

I recommend using Sliquid H2O, water-based Yes bio, YES WB or Sliquid Organics Sensation to add a little spice. This is just advice, you can use any type of water-based lubricant.

How to clean the Fun Factory Manta ?

Good news, the Fun Factory Manta is waterproof. It means two things. The first is that you can use it in your bath. The interest is that the vibrations will be deeper. It’s a different sensation than using in a classic way.

The second thing is that it will be easy to clean without the risk of drowning the engine. With warm water and a little soap or a toy cleaner, it will be perfect.

Fun Factory Manta efficiency


Here is the moment to give you my feedback on this Fun Factory Manta wand! I will finally tell you what I think of it and see if this new sex toy from Fun Factory deserves to buy it. Here’s what I can tell you about Manta!

Powerful, but not too much

Yes, the Fun Factory Manta is relatively powerful. We find the same level as on the rest of the G5 range. These are vibrations that penetrate the flesh without being extravagant. In fact, they are powerful, but I find that in the highest constants intensity levels, we lose a little vibration penetration. That’s why I prefer the second and the third continuous mode, which allows for a good mix of both. That is to say, deep and powerful vibrations all the same. I must also confess that I really appreciated the “Machine Gun” mode, which pulse really well with a good level of vibration.

However, I find that the vibrations could be felt a little too much in the Manta Handle. It’s a shame because to have fun with the Manta, you could not be in a hurry. This is not a womanizer for men. You had to take your time to play with it.

A seminal liquid machine

So maybe I’ll surprise you, but of the three sessions I did with the Fun Factory Manta, I never had orgasms. I think I could get one, but I did not try to get one. My goal was to play with it and use it for the potential it offers. The result, for me, the Fun Factory Manta is a seminal fluid infernal machine. It’s simple, it’s the first time I’ve had so much seminal fluid (pre-seminal liquid) on the foreskin. Yes, I do not get an orgasm with (although I know that I can do it), but the sensations that provoke the Manta at my whole penis head and especially of my frenulum, are divine.

Pleasure of the moment

Yes, I really like the Fun Factory Manta. I honestly did not think that would be the case. I had already tried the “Man.wand” that I find correct and I had the same feeling about this Manta. Finally, it’s not the same. The Man.wand made me cum after a while, but the Manta is much more able to keep me on the specific pleasure moment, between the desire to ejaculate and the pleasure that I can get by staying just at the limit. It’s a Edging machine. Yes, I let myself be seduced by this wand. I just have to give you a feedback when I use it with Kitty.

What i can say more about the Fun Factory Manta?

Despite its power, the Fun Factory Manta remains clearly discreet and silent. The engine is not too loud, it’s really correct. Discreet because it is not very imposing and bulky. I also find that ergonomics is a bit better than the “Man.wand.”

By cons, to really have a maximum of vibration in the penis head, it is necessary to press the wand against it and the lower part of your abdomen. Result, we get vibrations in the lower part of the abdomen. We must stay focused on that, which is not bad when you take pleasure with sessions from twenty to forty minutes. Small criticism also, the wings on the Manta. It’s better than the Man.wand, but I think the wings do not fit the penis enough. There is not sufficient pressure in this place.

Use feedback with movements

Now, let’s talk about its use with movements. What I mean by that is that instead of letting the Manta vibrations on the frenulum, I added a little lubricant and I accompanied the Manta by doing back and forth movements. Like a vibrating stroker. Well, it’s not the same thing.

Indeed, if I do not move, my penis flows with seminal liquid, but I can’t reach orgasm. By cons, using it like this, the sensation is more intense and after a while, I can’t resist and I ejaculate in a powerful orgasm. I tried twice to be sure of the result. For both tries, I had an orgasm in doing so. So there are two ways to use it, each bringing its interest.


Fun Factory Manta final thoughts


To conclude, the Fun Factory Manta is for me a nice surprise. I did not think to get as much pleasure and especially without having an orgasm with. Even if in reality, I could have an orgasm with, depending on how I use it. It’s pretty confusing, finally. When testing a sex toy, the goal is often to get pleasure with an orgasm. Here, this is not the case. I really enjoyed staying on this invisible line that prevents me from wanting to stop using this toy. It’s rare enough to emphasize it.

Yes, I would have liked less vibration in the Manta handle, more pressure, more power, but as much to say, the Manta is my favorite men wand on this end of the year. It’s quite rare for me to come out of a review with so much enthusiasm, especially when I reviewed so many sex toys in my career as a sex toy reviewer. In short, a great success for Fun Factory!


  • Several ways to use it
  • German quality
  • A sex toy for penis, it’s a pleasure
  • The seminal liquid machine
  • The pleasure of staying on the edge of orgasm
  • A great success for men
  • Slightly addictive


  • Silicone that hangs dust too easily
  • No storage pouch
  • The full charging time
  • Vibrations in the Manta handle
  • Lack of pressure on the Manta wings
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