Here is a new masturbator in the shape of a bust, it is the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal! Yes, I’m going to test a big masturbator again! And I’ll even say, it’s not the first, nor the last! Here it is a big masturbator of the brand SSI under the name Maria Nordal. I tried to find information about it, I couldn’t find anything. In any case, I don’t need to know that to appreciate or not such a masturbator. But I did find its original name translated into English! It’s Real body + 3D bone system devilish Yawachichi Maria = Norudaru! These Japanese are crazy!

Big or tall masturbators, I’ve already reviewed several of them! There was the very first in memory, the Meiki Cherry 2, a butt masturbator. I also tested the Meiky Cherry Evolution, an even bigger version. Several pairs of breasts also passed through my hands with the Bouncing Titties F, which I still consider one of the best in its field compared to what I’ve been able to test. And there was the Kyo Torso, a very big masturbator in the shape of a bust on a human scale. There was also the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro, but the list would be too long. Today, it’s time to offer you a new test with this Real Body 3D Maria Nordal onahole.

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal Packaging

real body 3d maria nordal - 1

The front of the box

Once again, I have nothing to say, I really love Japanese sextoys boxes! It’s true, they really go all the way and I like it. Here, we have a very big box to store the masturbator.

real body 3d maria nordal - 5

The drawing can also be found inside the box.

The box is made of hard cardboard, with a style again, very manga. From what I understood, it’s a drawing by Masaki, a well-known designer in Japan that represents a Yawachichi. Don’t ask me more, I already had trouble finding this information on the manufacturer’s website in Japanese.

real body 3d maria nordal - 6

A little witch in SD format (Super Deformed)

On the front of the box, you can see a sexy, naughty witch with a plunging neckline, a generous breast and a witch’s hat. She seems to be smoking a pipe (not making one since pipe in French means blowjob), but it is not clearly indicated. We can still see that she is holding a long, thin pipe in her hand. The whole box contains information, on the skeletal structure present in the masturbator, the two channels available, its size, in short, it is ultra complete, but it is written in Japanese.

real body 3d maria nordal - 7

What we find inside

When you open the box, you discover the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal in a plastic mould, with plastic wrap to protect it! In addition to a foam protection all around. Again, this is what we find 99% of the time with Japanese masturbators. I also point out that on the box, it says Maria Nardhal and not Maria Nordal. But hey, we’ll stick with the second one. There’s no lubricant sample, too bad. Finally, once again, the box looks great. There are even drawings inside. There’s a lot of work to make this box pleasing to the eye, it’s great.

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal physical details

real body 3d maria nordal - 8

The masturbator still in his mould and wrapped up

What can I say? It’s well done! As soon as I saw the Real Body 3D masturbator Maria Nordal outside of her box, I immediately thought of the Kyo Torso of course, the masturbator closest to it. Once again, I am not disappointed! It’s really a beautiful piece!

real body 3d maria nordal - 9

The masturbator, once out of the box…

It’s an Onahole bust / torso type, which I understand means “artificial vagina”. You can see that the construction is quite similar to the Kyo Torso as well as the cutting. We have a whole bust, which goes from the bottom of the neck to the top of the thighs.

real body 3d maria nordal - 10

Breasts seem realistic

We can see that there is the belly button, the breasts are really well done, they are not too artificial and look rather natural. The vulva is also well done, the feminine curves are well respected, it’s good work and good quality. I’m a little less fan of the pink color of the nipples of this witch, but it’s not so bad either. You should know that the technology used to make this masturbator is a 3D cutting-edge 3D technology. This technology allows a clean cut of a model using 3D, it’s beautiful innovation!

real body 3d maria nordal - 2

Overview of the bone structure on the inside

There’s another thing you can’t see like that, and that’s its internal structure. Indeed, this masturbator has inside, a skeleton which is close to the human one, to bring a good stability on the whole, an additional realism, something I had already discovered with the Kyo Torso.

The dimensions of the masturbator

real body 3d maria nordal - 14

It’s pretty big!

You might as well say it, the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal is impressive! But it is not as imposing as the Kyo Torso. The Real Body 3D measures 43 cm in total length (16.92″) and a maximum width of 24 cm (9.44″). If I compare it to the Kyo Torso, you can see that it is still smaller. This one is 61 cm long (24″) and 30 cm (11.81″) wide. Might as well tell you that it’s not the same scale! But, the size is still quite comfortable for a whole bust! We can also see that the masturbator has a waist circumference of 46 cm (18.11″) and the size of the breast cup is 65B. So it’s not huge, but at the same time, the masturbator is not on a 1:1 scale.

Other details

real body 3d maria nordal - 16

7 Kg on the scale!

As for the other things to say about him, I can inform you that he weighs 7 Kg! That’s not bad at all, but it’s far from the 16.3 Kg of the Kyo Torso. That’s more than half as much. That should give you an idea to compare the two in terms of height and weight. As mentioned, you can also feel the bone structure, especially when you press on certain areas.

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal materials

real body 3d maria nordal - 12

A soft and pleasant texture

As is often the case with Japanese masturbators, we find a quality TPE/TPR! This is the type of material found on the Puni Ana DX or Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 and a good part of Japanese masturbators. What often varies is the quality of the material, its flexibility, its density, its impression of realism.

real body 3d maria nordal - 18

Overview of the inside of the tunnel

You must have understood it as well, the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal has a 3D bone system inside the bust! I assume it’s made of durable ABS plastic, but I couldn’t find the information. In any case, you can feel the difference between the soft texture that imitates the skin and the internal skeletal part that gives a certain impression of realism. In addition, it can be used to grip the masturbator. As you can see in the diagram, the structure creates a rib cage and hips.

The tunnels of the masturbator

real body 3d maria nordal - 4

Explanations on the two present tunnels

Rather than explaining everything, here is a picture of the two tunnels present on the masturbator. We always find a material harder than the outside one and in a darker color. This is the double structure system. We can see that the anal canal has two directions, first horizontal and then vertical. There are bumps and ridges with three distinct areas. For the vaginal tunnel, this one is more drawn horizontally, with three parts as well. A first one with small bumps, a second one with pimples and a last one with bigger bumps. Either way, they are both Onahole tunnels. Which means there’s an entrance, but no exit.

Using Real Body 3D Maria Nordal

real body 3d maria nordal - 11

Both holes still lack detail.

When it comes to using a masturbator like this, I don’t think you need my help to figure out how it works! It’s a bust with a pair of breasts and two holes, so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what to do with it. But let’s take a look at some good practices to know how to use it!

What can we do with it?

real body 3d maria nordal - 15

Masturbator’s ass

You can do a lot of things with a masturbator like that. Afterwards, it depends on your possibilities, your desires and your situation. The first thing you can do is, of course, to penetrate it by yourself. Either the ass or the vagina, it’s up to you! You can also imagine wearing a double O-ring harness, such as the SpareParts Deuce or the Tomboi 2 and doing a double penetration depending on the size of the dildos you are going to put on your harness. But then again, I don’t think many people will do that.

real body 3d maria nordal - 13

The nipples of the breasts are very soft, but not too soft either.

It can also be used as a classic masturbator with VR porn at the same time! This can make you believe in it even more! You can also dress it up sexy with lingerie, nobody is going to judge you on that and especially not me. For example, why don’t you try to dress her with the Lovehoney Parisienne set that you may have discovered a little while ago?

real body 3d maria nordal - 19

Two orifices and therefore two tunnels

You can also have a threesome with your girlfriend or wife, if she agrees! It can be a lot of fun, exhilarating and a change of pace. In short, there are many possibilities, it’s up to you to find others!

Which lubricant to choose?

To make the use of this masturbator more comfortable, it is recommended to use water-based lubricant. Otherwise, it will not slide as well anyway. You have whole kind of lubricants on the market and it’s not always easy to find your way around. For my part, I really like the Sliquid line, like the H20, the Satin, the Organics Sensation or the Buck Angel’s. But also the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu, the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys and many others. If it can help you, you can take a look at the lubricant review category of the site.

How do I clean the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal?

real body 3d maria nordal - 17

The cleaning will be a little long as well as the drying time.

It’s the kind of masturbator that’s not easy to clean. Here, for my part, the simplest thing to do is to clean it in a shower, or even better, make him take a little bath. Afterwards, I use a small brush that I had with the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro to clean the orifices. Warm water and soap will do the trick. You can also use a toy cleaner like the Sliquid Shine that I like a lot before rinsing it with clear water.

Effectiveness of Real Body 3D Maria Nordal

real body 3d maria nordal - 20

The Real Body 3D Maria Nordal, ready to use!

Now let’s see what this sexy witch is worth on the field! Because it’s all very well to arrive with her pointed hat, her pair of shell-shaped breasts and her naughty little pipe in hand to warm me up, but I still have to assume! Huh… It’s a bit weird, but I’ll keep it. Anyway, it’s time to test the beast in real life and to tell you everything I think about its use and if this Real Body 3D Maria Nordal deserves its place!

A good grip

Despite its relatively heavy weight, the Real Body 3D offers good overall handling. You can practice several positions and always find a way to have a good balance with the masturbator.

You can lean on it without too much risk in the doggy-style position. You shouldn’t lean on it like a brute either. I, for one, can. You can also, in the same position, grab the masturbator by his shoulders or even grab him by his hips. You can grab its ass and its breasts as well, to keep your balance and find the best way to use it.

The internal skeleton

Concerning the part with the internal skeleton present in the masturbator, it allows to offer this good grip, but also to facilitate several things, in particular certain positions.

For example, you can easily practice the Amazon (or cowgirl) position as well as the reverse cowgirl position. The skeleton makes it possible to place the masturbator vertically without having a problem of badly distributed weight.

You can also feel his rib cage, which reinforces the feeling of realism. You can even feel his ribs. This skeleton also supports the robustness of the general product. You can go in a rougher way, without fear of hurting your partner.

The breasts of the masturbator

In addition to the ass looking pretty good, the tits aren’t bad at all. They’re quite realistic, rather well done and well designed. In addition to allowing you to cling to them in different positions, they are visually stimulating. I find this masturbator’s breasts a bit small though, I clearly prefer to have Kitty’s breasts in my hands anyway.

The two orifices

For both tunnels, let’s talk about the holes. Here, for the anal orifice, it’s a simple hole, without much detail and work. It’s the minimum. Whereas the vaginal orifice is a little better, correct, but nothing more. A little more detail on these two orifices would have been nice.

The vaginal tunnel is not bad at all in terms of stimulation, as is the anal canal, which I find rather well done. I have a preference for this one over the vaginal canal. No worries about the length of penetration, even on the anal canal, which is smaller, the material expands perfectly to fit the size of my penis.

Other points to be raised

Finally, I think you can feel the 7 Kg in your hand. The whole masturbator is satisfying and the size is just enough to believed it a minimum. Certainly, I find it smaller than the Kyo Torso and thus a little less immersive, but clearly, its size is quite convincing.

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal final thoughts

real body 3d maria nordal - 3

A very good model of masturbator of this kind

It doesn’t take much to convince me in general about masturbators like that. Just having something to hold in my hands, I think it’s great enough. A Fleshlight masturbator is nice, it stimulates well, but it’s still a plastic tube with a sheath inside. Here, it’s still a real bust. Certainly not a 1:1 scale bust, but we are still quite close. There’s enough to hold, we can hold on to the masturbator, it’s really good. So, did I like this Real Body 3D Maria Nordal?

Yes, it’s a good model. Honestly, I don’t find much fault with it. It’s well designed, quite realistic, just the right size and offers good stability. With 7Kg on the scale, an internal structure and two holes, it’s not bad at all! If you are looking for a masturbator like this but you don’t have enough for the Kyo Torso, this is a very good choice!


  • The superb masturbator’s box
  • Two tunnels
  • A fairly realistic pair of breasts
  • The internal structure
  • The size of the masturbator
  • Its manoeuvrability
  • Its overall stimulation


  • Orifice detail a little too light
  • Its time-consuming cleaning
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