We continue our discovery with the Love Not War Amore stimulator! Yes, another clitoral stimulator proposed by the brand, after the Maya stimulator that we reviewed a short time ago on the website, but also the Love Not War Liebe. This time, we have a stimulator in the shape of a lipstick, not like the Womanizer 2GO with its tube far too big to be credible, but more like the ARÄ from Black Edition that we have already reviewed on the french website.

Once again, we will find an eco-responsible product and it is always a good news! I must say that I find this concept of having an identical battery for all the products really interesting, especially since it works very well! We will be able to check this by getting the battery of the Maya and/or the Liebe to swap it with the one of the Amore to see the result! Without further ado, here is our test of the Love Not War Amore stimulator!

Love Not War Amore packaging

As you could see with the Maya clitoral stimulator or the Liebe vibrator, it is of course a similar box! Indeed, we find a 100% ecological cardboard packaging, especially because it is recycled cardboard and FSC certified. But also, the use of soy ink and ecological glue. Once again, as soon as one of their sextoy is sold, Love Not War, through the association “One Tree Planted”, plants a tree! In short, we can’t say anything about the quality of the packaging, but especially, its eco-responsible side.

On the front, we have again, this sketch of a woman’s face, with on the side, a big sticker that shows us the product, its dimensions and other useful information. Once this sticker is removed, we can open the box and find the Amore in a holding base made of recycled cardboard too. We also have a quick-start, a diagram of the vibrating modes, a presentation of the other products of the range and all this, in recycled cardboard. We find of course, the storage bag in natural bamboo fibers and a USB charging cable. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, it’s green, what more could you ask for?

Love Not War Amore - 1
Love Not War Amore - 2
Love Not War Amore - 3

Love Not War Amore physical details

Just like the Maya stimulator, the Amore is really beautiful! And once again, when you see it, you want to try it! Moreover, between the Maya and the Amore, we find similarities. Indeed, both of them use the same base, that is to say, the part with the button that forms a half-capsule, except that instead of ending in the shape of an ogive, there, we have an end that ends in the shape of a lipstick, beveled, like the Tango X in particular! So it’s a kind of mix between the Tango X and the Maya.

So we still have a part that unscrews, the one where the Love Not War logo is present. Once again, we find brushed aluminum, which always has its effect, we do not get tired of it! In short, it is a clitoral stimulator quite close to the Maya, except that here, the other part is in silicone and beveled.

Size of the stimulator

Even if we can think that it is a small stimulator, in reality, it is not really the case! If the Maya was rather long for a clitoral stimulator of this kind (even if the RO-120 mm has the same length), the Love Not War Amore is even longer! Indeed, the latter measures 13.5 cm (5.31″) in total length, but for a diameter that does not change, since it is 2.25 cm (0.88″), just like the Maya.

Other details

Just like the Maya, once again, the Amore is also made of aluminum (for its base), brushed and of “Grey-Gold” color. However, the silicone part is available in two colors, either orange or grey/black. And finally, it weighs only 97 grams, which is only 2 grams less than the Maya. At the same time, as it is the same base and the same battery, it is logical that the weight does not really change between these two models.

Love Not War Amore - 4
Love Not War Amore - 6
Love Not War Amore - 7
Love Not War Amore - 8
Love Not War Amore - 9

Love Not War Amore materials

I’ve already told you about the fact that Love Not War uses 99% recycled aluminum and has a manufacturing plant powered by green energy. But here, in addition to brushed aluminum, we also have silicone! So we still have a soft, smooth side with no roughness for the aluminum and on the silicone side, this one is soft, medical grade, no latex, no phthalates. Here too, it is qualitative, fortunately, otherwise, it would be a little stain!

Love Not War Amore - 10
Love Not War Amore - 11

Love Not War Amore use

We have already explained a lot about the use of the Maya and you will see that there are few changes between it and the Amore! To tell the truth, it is only the tip that changes and, for the rest, nothing really changes. But we’re going to review the use of the Amore, so you don’t have to read again the Maya review.

How to recharge it?

Same battery, same characteristics! It is logical, since the concept, among others, of Love Not War, is to offer a single battery for its entire range, which can be interchanged from one product to another, which allows you to buy thereafter, only the tips or a new battery in case of end of life. To recharge the Amore’s battery, one end of the cable must be plugged into a powered USB port or via an AC adapter. Then, the other end will be connected to the Amore, unscrewing the latter to have access to it. This way, if you recharge it on your laptop for example, no one will suspect that it is a battery of a sextoy.

Concerning the charging time, it is identical to the Maya. It takes two hours of charge for one hour of autonomy on average. Of course, this is not a huge ratio, but it is the kind of stimulator that we use to make ourselves cum quickly, while traveling for example. And if you have two Love Not War batteries, you can simply recharge both and then replace the one with low autonomy so that you can continue to use the Amore while you recharge the other battery.

Love Not War Amore - 13
Love Not War Amore - 14

How to use the Amore?

It’s the same button as on the Maya! Once again, it makes sense. First thing, you have to check that the “Travel Lock” mode is not activated. To do this, you must keep the button pressed for 5 seconds, so that it vibrates to indicate that it is now unlocked. But conversely, if the “Travel-Lock” is not activated, it will activate. By pressing the button for 2 seconds, the motor will turn on the first intensity level of the continuous mode. After that, pressing the button will increase the intensity or change the vibrating modes. And when the button is pressed again for 2 seconds, the Amore will turn off.

As for its use, it can be used to stimulate the clitoris, of course, but also the nipples, the brake of the penis or more generally, the vulva. It is even possible to play with the temperature, even if here, it is not really interesting compared to the Maya. Since the stimulating part is made of silicone, it is mainly the aluminum part that will be cold for example.

What are the modes and intensities?

Once again, no surprises or changes, we find ourselves again with 4 levels of intensity for the constant mode, then 6 alternative modes working with a predefined pattern. You have in the box of the Amore, a diagram that indicates the different modes, among which we have the constant mode on 4 levels of intensity, then modes with spaced waves, waves closer together, a mode with stairs, another with peaks, each being divided into two, one less spaced in its model and another, more spaced, but using the same pattern.

Which lubricant to choose ?

Not to change, concerning the lubricant, it is not obligatory. However, for more comfort, especially if your clitoris is very sensitive, you can use water-based lubricant. Since the lipstick-shaped stimulating part is made of silicone, you do not have the option of using a silicone-based lubricant. It’s up to you, on our side, we don’t use lubricant for this sextoy.

How to clean the Amore?

Just like Maya, Amore is waterproof! Already, we can take a bath with it and enjoy it then! But above all, you can clean it easily, without being afraid of damaging the battery for example. You’ll have to put it under warm water, with a bit of soft soap, and then dry it in the open air. Nothing too difficult really. Be careful not to use an abrasive cloth to dry it, the aluminum will not like it.

Love Not War Amore - 12
Love Not War Amore - 17
Love Not War Amore - 18

Love Not War Amore efficiency

Here we are at the most interesting moment, the one where we share our opinion with you! For the occasion, I have charged the Amore to the maximum so that Kitty can use it a few times to give you her feedback. The Maya was a success, the Liebe was a success, you can imagine that the Amore should follow the same way! Here is our review of the Love Not War Amore!

Ergonomics and handling of the Amore

I might as well say it, between the Maya and the Amore, nothing really changes! It’s even almost the same, except for one thing. It is a “bullet” type clitoral stimulator, but as mentioned above, it is still longer than a usual vibrating capsule.

Regarding its weight, it is well distributed, although I find a slight counterweight on the control side, since we have a silicone head compared to the Maya. But again, when we compare it to the RO-120 mm in ABS plastic, we really have the impression of having a quality product in hand.

Just like the Maya or Liebe, you can hold the stimulator with two fingers or a little more in the palm of your hand, it is very easy to handle, nothing to complain about. As for the first two models, the button is not always well placed, but that’s how it is, you get used to it. Be careful if you find yourself with lubricant on your fingers or even wet, the aluminum, it slips.

Clitoral stimulation and vibration power

Once again, despite its size, the Love Not War Amore is far from being a small clitoral stimulator! It is in fact, a powerful stimulator! The vibrations are strong and deep, even if we feel that at the last level of intensity, they lose some depth, but the power of these, largely make up for it.

Despite the powerful vibrations, there is no tingling in the hands or arm. It is perfect, and even a little better than the Maya! Concerning the stimulation itself, you can enjoy it at the first level of intensity. With its silicone head, it is easier to play with than a vibrating ABS plastic capsule. Its bevelled head, allows to vary the stimulated zones, by passing from a wider stimulation to a more targeted stimulation.

The noise

Concerning the noise of the Amore, it is a little bit more muffled than the Maya. Here, the vibrations seem to be dampened a bit by the silicone. But again, it is not a very noisy stimulator. It’s about average. Kitty can use it in the bedroom without me noticing. On the other hand, it is easy to hear it, especially on the highest intensity level.

Global feedback and vaginal stimulation

To tell you a little more about the Amore, we also tested it together, with me at the controls. It was a Sunday, when I decided to make Kitty cum on a chain! After having eaten her pussy for a long time to make her cum, I continued in the room, while she was lying on her back. Resuming my cunnilingus, I grabbed the Amore and turned it on to the first intensity level.

Here we don’t have the “cool” feel of aluminum, since the head is made of silicone. When it is cold, it is better. I was able to place the Amore, at the level of her clitoris, sometimes in a bevelled way to stimulate in a wider way her clitoris, but also, with the point, just under the cap. I was able to make her cum, before resuming a double stimulation with my tongue and the Amore.

Kitty came twice in this way, before I played with her pussy to go back and forth. Of course, the filling effect is not there, but the size of this vibrating capsule is longer than usual, which also allows to stimulate the vagina, but also, the G-spot, by placing the bevelled head against it.

In short, I don’t want to draw you a picture, but once Kitty had cum many times, her pussy had soaked the bed and the sheets! No doubt, the Amore joins the “select” club of bedside sex toys without a care! Yes, it is not common that this happens, considering the many products that we receive each month! A success this Amore!

Kitty & Mogwai

Love Not War Amore - 15
Love Not War Amore - 16

Love Not War Amore final thoughts

Love Not War Amore - 5
Love Not War Amore - 19

After Maya and Liebe, Amore is once again a little jewel! I must admit that Love Not War offers us a serious collection of quality sex toys! Of course, I find the button a bit too hard and not necessarily very aesthetic, but apart from that, it’s a little gem! Now, we want to test a small wand from them, but that’s another concern and rather a good thing! 

If you don’t know Love Not War yet, you are now served! Beware, we become addicted to their toys, you will have to make choices, not like us! In short, Amore is an excellent clitoral stimulator on the market in its field and it makes it known!


  • A responsible company
  • An eco-responsible product
  • Quality aluminum
  • A beautiful design
  • Grey-Gold” color
  • Powerful
  • Interchangeable battery
  • A battery for X Love Not War sextoys
  • A little gem !


  • More surface vibration at high levels
  • Aluminum is slippery
  • A little bit noisy, but it’s ok in the end
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