WOW Tech has just released the Womanizer Premium Eco! Is the revolution on the way? I have to say that I am quite happy with this initiative in the field of sex toys! Indeed, I know that this is not an eco-friendly field, between the use of plastic, the numerous batteries and many other things, we can say that sex toys do not favor taking care of our planet. However, we can find more and more small ecological touches in the realization of toys for adults!

For example, on the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2, the storage pouch was made of recycled plastic taking from the oceans! I also think of the natural mixed lubricant of YesforLov, with a packaging respecting the PEFC regulation and using vegetable ink and biosourced vegetable plastic. There are surely other examples, but they are too few to mention. This time, it’s a Womanizer Premium Eco, made with special materials that we’ll reveal below, and which is an eco-friendly version of the Womanizer Premium.

Maybe it’s also the controversy about the Womanizer One, the stimulator that can be thrown away after 30 minutes of use, that made things change, who knows? In any case, we are happy to have the opportunity to review this Womanizer Premium Eco! Here is our review!

Womanizer Premium Eco packaging

Of course, most people will just think that it’s a Womanizer premium, but it’s eco-friendly! Basically, a recycled cardboard box or something like that! And that’s where you’re wrong! WOW Tech has really worked on its product, not only in terms of marketing and packaging, but also in other aspects!

A green box, but not only

But let’s start with the box! It is a particular box, it almost looks like a box of a test product, not commercialized! And yet, it is the real box of this model! It is a cardboard box that supports ecology by replanting a tree for each product sold! There is no design on this one, except for the Womanizer logo on the front, under the sleeve.

Moreover, this sleeve clearly emphasizes the ecological side of this Premium Eco model, indicating that it is made from materials of natural origin! And on the back, we have plenty of information about the product and its ecological part. I keep the suspense a little bit, because I have to say that I am quite surprised by the efforts made by WOW Tech!

Inside the box

Once the hygienic seal is removed, we get to the inside of the box! The interior is far from being shameful, as there is a rather “green” design with the Womanizer Premium Eco in a cotton pouch, with a small pink element, which is not just decorative! And next to it, a box that contains a manual (very interesting by the way), a safety guide, an extra tip in a special little plastic pouch that makes me say it’s a recycled plastic or organic material. For the extra tip, it is a size S tip, the one present by default is a size M tip. And you can buy separately, a size L tip!

And we have a magnetic USB charging cable, shorter than usual with a very green design as well. But I’ll come back to that! All in all for the box, it’s really perfect, bravo WOW Tech!

Womanizer Premium Eco - 2
Womanizer Premium Eco - 1
Womanizer Premium Eco - 3
Womanizer Premium Eco - 4
Womanizer Premium Eco - 5
Womanizer Premium Eco - 6
Womanizer Premium Eco - 7

Womanizer Premium Eco physical details

For the time being, this Womanizer Premium Eco does not really change in terms of its visual aspect! But there are some notable changes that you will discover later in this review! Basically, if I compare it to the Premium model, there are some changes! We still find the two points of contact at the bottom of the product to recharge it. The golden part is now in another form and rather white. But we have no more “Power” button located between the two!

If you move up a bit, the wave button is also missing! On the other hand, above, we find the “+” and “-” button, with a larger size for the “+” button compared to the “-” button and we still have, a little above, the Womanizer logo! Subtlety of the Premium Eco model, under the “+” and “-” buttons, there is a small hole, which I will talk about.

But that’s not all, if you look closely at this Womanizer Premium Eco, you can see something very interesting! Indeed, there is a very small space that seems to allow to disassemble it! I won’t say more about it for now! Otherwise, you still have the stimulating head that can be removed to clean it or to switch to a bigger head! And finally, the little special touch of this model, on the inner side, towards the bottom, we find the word “Eco” with two small leaves to remind its particularity!

The dimensions of the Womanizer Premium Eco

The Premium Eco does not change in size! Indeed, it is the same size as the Premium version. It is a clitoral stimulator of 16.5 cm (6.49″) in length for 5.4 cm (2.12″) in width at the highest. Its thickness is also 3.5 cm (1.37′) at the top. In short, it’s a fairly easy to carry model, less compact than a Liberty Lily Allen or a Starlet 2, but it’s not very big, much less than the Womanizer Duo!

Other things about the Womanizer Premium Eco

Another particularity of this Eco model, its color! It is pink, rather pale with a stimulating head also pink! Frankly, I like its color very much, I will not say why, but I like it very much! And another element that differs from Premium, its weight! It’s hard to tell you how much it weighs, but when I took the Premium and the Premium Eco in hand, you can feel that the Eco model is a bit heavier! I know that the first Premium was 135 grams, that gives you an idea of its weight, which is 159 grams this time!

Womanizer Premium Eco - 8
Womanizer Premium Eco - 9
Womanizer Premium Eco - 10
Womanizer Premium Eco - 11
Womanizer Premium Eco - 13

Womanizer Premium Eco materials

Ah, here is the interesting part of this review! Well, one of the parts! Usually, like the packaging, this part of the review is less interesting! But all that is over now! Because more and more, sex toy manufacturers will have to get up to date and use other materials in the future!

This Womanizer Premium Eco use several materials and for once, it is really detailed! We have mainly Biolene, which must compose 75% and more, this product! Biolene is a bioplastic that is 100% recyclable! The concern now is that to recycle it, you need a special recycling system that is not present everywhere. But it remains much better than the basic plastic which pollutes our planet! Indeed, Biolene is made of 70% renewable materials and 100% biodegradable!

This Womanizer Premium Eco is not made of silicone like its basic Premium model, but in a special kind of plastic, the biolene! There are some ABS plastic parts, but very few. Some metal inside, some silicone, especially for the buttons and the stimulating head. Then, an internal battery, but I’ll talk about that later!

Womanizer Premium Eco - 14
Womanizer Premium Eco - 16

Womanizer Premium Eco Use

Using the Womanizer Premium Eco is not complicated! Especially since there are not really many changes at that level! However, as you will see, WOW Tech has done a great job this time!

How do I charge the Womanizer Premium Eco?

To recharge this Womanizer Premium Eco, you will need to use the magnetic charging cable included in the box! This one is smaller than the previous one, to reduce the raw materials used! Indeed, it is 50% shorter, so 50% less material to use! It is good to have a long cable, but it is especially for wired sex toys that it makes sense.

So you clip the charging cable on the magnetic part and the other part on a USB port or a power adapter! For the charging time, I did not find the information anywhere! It is quite strange! Neither in the manual nor on the Womanizer website. And I understand why. The Premium required 120 minutes of charging time for an autonomy of 240 minutes. Now I didn’t really calculate the time, but I find that it takes much longer to charge. I may have had to wait 3 hours or more for it to be fully charged! Maybe it’s the time of the first charge, because after that, it’s more like 2 hours to charge it. For the autonomy, it seems to be the same as for the Premium.

Otherwise, when the battery is low, an LED under the two control buttons will blink slowly. When it is charging, the LED will flash rapidly. And finally, when the Premium Eco is recharged, the LED will stay on permanently. You should also know that after 10 minutes of inactivity, the Premium Eco will go into “Stand By” mode to save the battery.

Womanizer Premium Eco - 19
Womanizer Premium Eco - 20

How to change the internal battery?

Honestly, I’m happy about this! First of all, it changes me from the usual paragraphs I write on the subject and moreover, it’s just excellent to have finally thought about it! Already, if you want to change the internal battery, you’ll have to buy a 3,7V cylindrical battery, lithium-ion rechargeable and in 14500 format! Do not use an AA battery!

To change the internal battery, open the Womanizer Premium Eco using the small tool on the cotton storage pouch. Simply undo the knot in the cord and pull it out. Then insert the tool into the small hole in front of the Premium Eco. Slide the tool to the sides to allow the outer shell to be removed easily. Then, we use again the small tool to lift the battery cover and we can finally remove the battery and replace it by a new one! Once again, respect to WOW Tech on this point!

How to use the Womanizer Premium Eco?

Of course, since there are only two buttons left, this Premium Eco model is not used in the same way! It’s still a non-contact stimulator for your clitoris that uses micro-aspiration! At Womanizer, it’s called “Pleasure Air”! To turn on this Eco model, you have to hold down the “+” button for two seconds. And to turn it off, you have to press the “-” button for two seconds. Then, to increase the intensity, you have to press the “+” button and to decrease the intensity, you have to press the “-” button. This is done with one press, otherwise you will turn it off.

On the other hand, we lose a little in function, because there is no more Auto-Pilot mode. Now, there is only the “Smart Silence” mode which allows the Womanizer Premium Eco to be triggered when it is close to the area to be stimulated. As soon as it moves away, the motor stops! And it’s on by default! If you want to deactivate the Smart Silence mode, just press the “+” and “-” buttons for 2 seconds at a time. Same thing, if you want to reactivate it.

Womanizer Premium Eco - 32
Womanizer Premium Eco - 33
Womanizer Premium Eco - 34

What are the intensity levels of the Womanizer Premium Eco?

Here, we do not lose anything compared to the classic Premium model! Indeed, there are 12 levels of intensity, with a “super soft” mode and a “super power” mode! Yes, clearly, this is a competitive model in the Womanizer range! The Pro 40 x Lovehoney model is a little less powerful. The same goes for the Starlet 2 or the Womanizer Liberty Lily Allen! On the other hand, it will be at the same level as the clitoris part of the Womanizer Duo! And the same goes for the Womanizer Classic, a little lower.

Quel lubrifiant choisir avec le Womanizer Premium Eco ?

Le Womanizer Premium Eco, même s’il se compose majoritairement de biolène, utilise du silicone pour la tête stimulante ! Afin d’éviter de l’endommager, il faudra donc faire appel à un lubrifiant à base d’eau, si besoin ! Dernièrement, on a testé le lubrifiant longue durée de Goliate, vegan et bio, parfait pour accompagner ce modèle ! Autrement, on aime bien le Sliquid H2O, le Sliquid Organics Natural et bien d’autres que vous pouvez découvrir sur la page d’avis des lubrifiants du site !

Comment le nettoyer?

Attention, le modèle Premium Eco est à la norme IPX4 ! En gros, il supporte les éclaboussures, mais pas plus ! Alors faites attention en le nettoyant ! Il est préférable de retirer la tête stimulante pour la passer à l’eau tiède avec un peu de savon doux! Puis pour l’intérieur du système à air, prendre un chiffon doux pour nettoyer l’intérieur.

Womanizer Premium Eco - 23
Womanizer Premium Eco - 31

Womanizer Premium Eco efficiency

Now, let’s see what this Premium Eco can do! The first Premium was really nice, well, it is still very good by the way! But this time, it’s a slightly different model that faces us! It is my dear and sweet Kitty who will tell you if this model is still as good! Sure, it doesn’t have an autopilot mode anymore, it’s no longer waterproof, but is it still up to the task? Here is our review of the Womanizer Premium Eco!

Reconnecting with the device

Kitty had already tested the Womanizer Premium and the Womanizer Classic, so she ventured to discover this Premium Eco model. The first point is that the material changes a little, because it slips a little more than the classic Premium, which was made of silicone and was a little more sticky in the hand. It’s not a real problem, but let’s say that the grip is just as good, but that it tends to slip more if you have a little lubricant on it or sweaty hands.

Otherwise, aesthetically, the finishes are well present, the buttons well placed and simple to use. Admittedly, it gives less of an impression of luxury, but that’s not really a concern either. If you buy the Womanizer Premium Eco, it’s to enjoy yourself and play the ecology game.

The smart silence, always there

Once again, this mode still works great! When you turn it on, it doesn’t start up right away like other Womanizer. It’s always more discreet! In fact, Kitty really likes this mode, because she can turn on the Premium Eco discreetly and place it on her clitoris, without attracting too much attention! It should be noted that the Premium Eco is still less noisy than other stimulators of the kind, including the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, to name but one.

And the AutoPilot mode, where is it?

As mentioned earlier, this Premium Eco model no longer has an AutoPilot mode. Is this a big loss? Frankly, no, not really. Indeed, this mode was interesting to not touch the stimulator and to let yourself go with its intensity changes, but we found that for those who mainly like strong stimulations, this mode starts too slowly and takes time to change the intensity level.

So for Kitty, it’s not really a loss, since it’s a feature she didn’t use on the original Premium. Even though you can change the intensity range, Kitty didn’t really use it. But for those of you who liked it, you’ll have to do without it.

Kitty’s mission, to have orgasms for Earth Day

As we had already reviewed the Premium and Classic, we did not need to test this Premium Eco model for long hours. The goal was to see if this one was on the same level with its modifications and changes. So I gave Kitty a pledge for this Earth Day, get orgasms with the Premium Eco!

Once again, it’s a successful mission! Kitty tested it by herself, quietly. The feedback I got from her was that it does the job well, still as powerful as the classic Premium. The grip is good, the buttons easy to access and with a good grip. For her, the first levels don’t interest her, she’s more the type to play with the last levels. And clearly, it is an excellent clitoral stimulator, once again.

Because the clitoris is not numb, Kitty has been able to have several orgasms without any problems. Once she got the first one, she kept using it, then got a second orgasm, then a third, as if she couldn’t stop playing with it! Again, this is one of those sex toys that allows you to have multiple orgasms and have a lot of fun!

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Premium Eco - 21
Womanizer Premium Eco - 22
Womanizer Premium Eco - 23
Womanizer Premium Eco - 25
Womanizer Premium Eco - 26
Womanizer Premium Eco - 27
Womanizer Premium Eco - 28

Womanizer Premium Eco Final thoughts

Womanizer Premium Eco - 12
Womanizer Premium Eco - 29

To conclude, it’s a good initiative to release a more eco-friendly sextoy, even if we can find fault with it, it’s better than what we can find on the market. Moreover, the initiative to release this Womanizer Premium Eco on Earth Day is an interesting and striking marketing move. After that, it’s up to you, to us, to make sure that this womanizer is favored over other models in order to keep this initiative going.

We all remember the Womanizer One, which made us cringe a little because of its non-ecological side, but Womanizer is now trying to make up for its mistake by offering an eco-friendly sextoy, which we can’t spit on! Of course, there is no more autopilot and no possibility to use it in your bath because it is not waterproof, but that’s also the price of ecology.


  • Biolene, finally recyclable, biodegradable and renewable materials
  • Luxurious looking product, despite the change from silicone to biolene
  • A design that still works
  • Smart Silence mode
  • The color
  • 12 levels of intensity
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Clean materials, perfect for the environment
  • Premium Eco can be completely disassembled
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Easy to use


  • AutoPilot mode is gone
  • IPX4 only
  • But so much more and a respect for the planet
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