When the Pleasure Air technology specialist takes care of the G-spot, you get the Womanizer OG! So why is it called the Womanizer OG? You might ask! As far as I’m concerned, and this is just me, I think it’s a reference to the G-spot orgasm! Because yes, that’s what this Womanizer OG is all about! You’re offering Womanizer Pleasure Air technology, along with vibrations to make it easier for you to discover the G-spot orgasm!

So it’s true that this isn’t exactly a first for Womanizer in this area. Indeed, we have already reviewed the Womanizer I&O and Womanizer Duo, both with a vaginal shaft, but not necessarily completely adapted to the G-spot. Especially since these two products only offered vibrations for this part!

Here, Womanizer has decided to concoct a 2-in-1 stimulator! Despite its placement as a G-spot stimulator, in reality, it can also be used the old-fashioned way, as a clitoral stimulator with a suction and wave system. At first glance, this all seems like a good idea! But is it a revelation? Is it a revolution? That’s what we’ll see in this review! After reviewing the Womanizer Classic 2, the Premium 2, the Premium Eco and the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe, it’s time to introduce you to the Womanizer OG!

Womanizer OG packaging

To begin, let’s take a look at the box of this Womanizer OG. It is a rather big box, cardboard and rigid, which shows us on its front side, the Womanizer OG. On dark blue tones, we can read “OG” written at the bottom, in a very discreet way, with the Womanizer logo at the top. And it also reads “Journey to Ecstasy: G-Spot vibrator”. We even have a little “New” insert at the top right, to make it clear that this is a new product. At the same time, it is understandable, between the Classic and Classic 2, Premium, Premium 2, Premium Eco, we can get lost.

On the back we have the product again, as well as indications of what it offers. Then, on one of the edges, we have the contents of the box. To open it, it is a drawer system. Inside this box, in addition to the Womanizer OG present in its cardboard mold, we also have a small compartment in which we have a magnetic USB charging cable, but also, a small quick start guide and safety instructions. Of course, we find again the usual cotton storage pouch and a kind of flyer indicating “#imasturbate”.

Womanizer OG - 1
Womanizer OG - 2
Womanizer OG - 3
Womanizer OG - 4
Womanizer OG - 5

Womanizer OG physical details

We can say that there are changes in the design of this new Womanizer! Certainly, we still recognize some parts, but we can see the notable changes too. It is a vibrator with a curved shape, quite long with the controls on one side and the stimulating head on the other. On the side of the controls, we find a ring (a bit like that of the Premium 2 for example) which on one side, offers a “Power” button and an indicator light and on the other, a “+” button and a smaller “-” button. Then, still below, another button with a symbol (o).

On the back we have two magnetic points for charging the battery and the Womanizer logo. And on the other side we have the stimulating part, with a hole, but quite different from what we are used to see. Here, there is no removable head, it is a directly molded head, which is not removable and with a hole much larger than other models of the manufacturer. The edges are rounded, but this one is much wider. At the same time, since it will also address your G-spot, which is a larger area than a clitoris, this makes sense. However, will the clitoral stimulation change? Chances are, it will. We’ll see that a little later in this review.


There is a change in this area! At the same time, it’s a bit logical! This is not a Womanizer dedicated to the clitoris! This is a G-spot model, so it’s logical that its size is different! Indeed, the Womanizer OG measures 17.6 cm (6.92″) in total length for 10.5 cm (4.13″) insertable approximately. And on the side of the insertable diameter, the maximum is 3.9 cm (1.53″)! Where things change the most is on the side of the hole present on the sextoy that will be in contact with your G-spot or your clitoris. I calculated this one is rather oval, with 2 cm (0.78″) wide (but 1,7 cm (0.66″) without counting the edges) for 2,6 cm (1.02″) long (but 2,2 cm (0.86″), there too, without counting the edges).

Other details

To finish on this part, let’s talk about the available colors! For this Womanizer OG, you have three colors to choose from! You have a black version, a burgundy version and a purple version. On our side, we received the purple version. And another thing I can tell you is its weight! This new Womanizer weighs 152 grams! To compare, the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe weighs 110 grams, while the Womanizer Starlet 3 is 80 grams. So it’s a little heavier, but we’re talking about a 50 gram difference.

Womanizer OG - 6
Womanizer OG - 7
Womanizer OG - 10
Womanizer OG - 15
Womanizer OG - 9

Womanizer OG materials

Except for the ring on the handle, the Womanizer OG is made entirely of silicone! Phew, because honestly, if it was an ABS plastic version like the Classic, it wouldn’t have made it. Here, it’s still a G-spot vibrator, so, an insertable vibrator. It was obvious that this one is made only of silicone. It is a medical grade silicone, soft, offering flexibility of the shaft of the vibrator to position it in the best way. It is quality silicone, nothing to complain about. This is what we expect from Womanizer.

Womanizer Premium Eco - 14
Womanizer Premium Eco - 16

Womanizer OG use

As I have already mentioned, the Womanizer OG is a double stimulator or rather a 2 in 1 stimulator. Indeed, it offers Pleasure Air technology, but also vibrations at the same time. And it can be used on the clitoris as well as on the G-spot! Despite this, the use remains quite similar to previous models, including with functions that we already know. But first of all, it is necessary to charge it.

How do I charge the Womanizer OG?

If you already have a Womanizer sextoy in your collection (at least a recent model), you won’t be lost! To recharge the Womanizer OG’s battery, you have a magnetic USB charging cable that can be clipped to one side of the stimulator at the two magnetic points. And the other part of the cable will plug into a powered USB port or an AC adapter (not included). To charge it completely, it takes 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) for an autonomy of about 120 minutes (two hours). It is a small autonomy, but at the same time, the Womanizer OG offers a double stimulation, so two motors. When it’s charging, you’ll have an LED that will blink during this stage. When the LED stays steady, it’s charging is complete!

Womanizer OG - 21
Womanizer OG - 18

How to use the Womanizer OG?

Womanizer sex toys are not very difficult to use. Even if the first models of the time had some flaws in their use, nowadays Womanizer has corrected this. On this model, you have 4 buttons at your disposal. To begin with, when you want to turn it on (and this will often happen), you’ll have to hold the “Power” button for 2 seconds, whether you want to turn it on or off. Then, to increase the intensity level of the suction, you will just have to press the “+” button once. And if on the contrary, you wish to decrease the intensity, it is the “-” button on which it will be necessary to make a pressure.

If you hold down the “-” button for 1 second, you will activate the “Afterglow” mode. This is a function that allows you to return very quickly to the first level of intensity. In short, this function is used immediately after the orgasm, in order to quickly decrease the intensity level, but without turning off the Womanizer OG.

Another button, the (o) button, allows you to activate the vibrations with a single press. And by pressing it again, you will increase the level of vibration intensity. Finally, you can activate or deactivate the “Smart Silence” function. This is a function that allows you to trigger the motor of the Pleasure Air part, only when the head (the hole) is very very close to your clitoris. This allows both, to save the battery and to avoid that it runs empty, which is the most noisy.

Even if you have understood, the Womanizer OG can be used both as a clitoral stimulator usual to the brand, but also, as a G-spot stimulator. So it will be best to start using it in classic mode, to build up excitement and then insert it with a little bit of lubricant to start stimulating your G-spot. I’m quite curious to see the “Smart Silence” function once inside the vagina. And know that this version has a flexible arm, which will allow you to bend it to fit your body shape and place it precisely on your G-spot.

What modes are available?

To tell you a little more about the modes and intensity levels, let’s review them! Concerning the vibration engine, we have three modes at our disposal. And on the Pleasure Air side, we have 12 levels of intensity! 12 levels, that’s what the Premium at Womanizer offers. It’s not bad, especially when compared to the Marilyn Monroe version released recently, which offers only 10 levels of intensity. However, what are the present ranges of intensity? Is it stronger or weaker than other models? We’ll tell you a bit more below.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

You know the drill! This is a silicone sextoy, so to avoid damaging it, you’ll need to choose a water-based lubricant! Again, this is not a requirement. It all depends on your ability to wet naturally, your sensitivity or discomfort. However, be aware that the “Smart Silence” function may not work when the stimulating head (the hole) is wet. In short, be careful not to get any lubricant inside it.

How to clean it?

Good news, the Womanizer OG is waterproof to IPX7! This means two things! The first is that it can be used in the shower or even underwater. And the second thing is that it facilitates its cleaning. You can therefore pass the sextoy under warm water, with a little mild soap. For the inside of the head (the hole), I advise a very slightly wet cloth and above all, do not press inside the hole with it. The goal is to clean the contour and slightly the interior. Then, we let it dry in the open air, simply.

Womanizer OG - 19
Womanizer OG - 20

Womanizer OG efficiency

A Womanizer for the G-spot! Honestly, I was very curious to try it with Kitty and to get her feedback! Because when you know that Womanizer has revolutionized the clitoral pleasure with the Womanizer W100 at the time, on the G-spot side, it was a bit deserted at them! This is the “real” first stimulator to take care of your G-spot, I hope we’ll have a good surprise! After several tests of the Womanizer OG, here is our opinion!

Ergonomics and handling

Only, the grip is good. The buttons are placed in the same way as other Womanizers on the market, especially the Premium/Classic. As far as the buttons are concerned, we found that the “Power” button and the “(o)” button were a bit hard, in any case, you have to press them more than the “+” and “-” buttons. And they are also less easy to access.

When I had the Womanizer OG in my hand, facing Kitty, who was lying on her back, it was a little less convenient for me. The curvature doesn’t make it easy to see when trying to place it on the clit, after having used it for the G-spot, which in this case is not a problem. It all depends on how you are placed together, but alone, the Womanizer OG is easy to use, insertion is not a concern, since the insertable end is rounded.

However, one thing is a bit disturbing and we will come back to it later. The insertable part offers air pulses and vibrations, however, you can’t stop the vibrations if you want to enjoy only the pulses. This is a bit of a shame. And finally, the flexible part is not so flexible, it is far from a We-Vibe Nova 2 for example.

G-spot stimulation

For the stimulating part of the G-spot, two things to tell you! First, you can feel the pulsations and vibrations. But it is true that Kitty indicated to me that the pulsations were also lacking in power. Especially since the vibrations are activated by default, without being able to stop them, it is difficult to concentrate only on the pulsations. The sensation is a bit strange, less usual than for the clitoral stimulation. But it is pleasant. It’s just a shame not to have more power.

It should also be noted that the hole is different from a Womanizer Premium 2 for example. The area is larger, which also explains the difference in terms of clitoral stimulation that we get. The three vibrating modes are actually three levels of vibration intensity, which is also a shame. Nevertheless, its versatility allows it to switch from a G-spot stimulation or could we say, the G-spot area, by pressing on it, and then switch to a clitoral stimulation, in a rather simple and quick way.

Anything else?

Concerning the clitoral stimulation, because this is also the interest of the OG, to allow the passage from a clitoral to a vaginal stimulation, Kitty still finds that the intensity is weaker than on the Premium 2, or even the Classic 2. It is true that the hole is more imposing, less adapted to each size of clitoris and encircles it less. However, the power of the OG is sufficient at this level to obtain a clitoral orgasm. It will be more suitable for those who find the latest Womanizer models too powerful. There, you will have a good intermediate level, pleasant and sufficient to cum, without being too brutal.

When we used it together, she must have had 3 easy orgasms with the clitoral part. She went from G-spot stimulation to her clitoris, which is what she likes about this model. More interesting even than a Womanizer Duo, which although it is also a dual stimulator, doesn’t really allow the same ease as this Womanizer OG.

Kitty told me that she wanted to have this new toy on her bedside table, and I can tell you that she liked it a lot more! It’s simple, the first time she used the Womanizer OG, in discovery mode, Kitty had one orgasm after another, until she had 6 in all. We can also talk about the fact that the “Auto-Pilot” mode is not present. It’s a choice, but we would have liked to see it present.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer OG - 16
Womanizer OG - 22
Womanizer OG - 23
Womanizer OG - 24
Womanizer OG - 25
Womanizer OG - 26
Womanizer OG - 27

Womanizer OG final thoughts

Womanizer OG - 17
Womanizer OG - 11

So in the end, is this Womanizer OG a revolution? For us, it is not, but it is clearly the most versatile sextoy of the brand! Here, it’s not the most powerful clitoral stimulator you’ll find at Womanizer. But for versatile stimulation, moving from the clitoris to your G-spot, and even doing some back-and-forth in the process, we’d say it succeeds. Admittedly, we found a few flaws and it is highly likely that these will be corrected in a second version. Anyway, in the meantime, Kitty uses it regularly and enjoys it! Your Christmas gift this year?


  • You can cum with it, even for the regulars
  • Easy to switch from clitoris to G-spot
  • Smart Silence mode
  • Color choices
  • 12 levels of intensity
  • The softness of silicone
  • A quality realization
  • A more eco-friendly packaging
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Easy to use in general
  • A different and unusual stimulation
  • Three levels of intensity for the vibrations


  • AutoPilot mode is not present
  • The “Power” and “vibration” buttons are not practical
  • Lack of power on the pulses
  • Less depth for the clitoris
  • You can’t turn off the vibrations
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