Here is the comeback of the lingeri’s reviews, it is the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt! Yes, it follows other pieces of the range that we had been able to present to you. Once again, I am a fan of this collection, I will not remind you why, you must now know it!

Among all the collections that Lovehoney proposes, I must say that it’s really the one I prefer ! I almost want to see Kitty in every piece of this collection! You have already seen the Fierce crop-top, the Fierce leggings but also the Fierce catsuit! This time, it’s a very nice imitation leather skirt and I think it’s gorgeous! But I think I already told you! Come on, let’s discover a little more this skirt!

Packaging, sizes and materials of the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 4

For packaging, we let you watch it on Instragram!

For the packaging, the Fierce range and all the Lovehoney lingerie (to my knowledge) is presented in a simple transparent plastic packaging. Once again, we can find it cheap, but at the same time, it avoids inflating the overall price of the product! And your wallet will be happier for it. If you want to see what the packaging looks like, you can have a look at the picture of the three outfits we received on our Instagram account!

Sizes of the Fierce wetlook skirt

What’s really great with Lovehoney, because you never know if the size will fit your morphology, is that we have several sizes but most of all, it’s possible to return a product within 365 days! That gives you time to try on the outfit and see if it fits you well! We will see them in detail so that you can see more clearly!

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 2

Many sizes are available

Once again, at the level of this range Fierce, Lovehoney took care to propose many sizes to adapt to a maximum of women who wish to wear this skirt! Indeed, we can find it in size S (6-8 UK size), but also in size M (10-12 UK size) and finally in size L (14-16 UK size). For the correspondences at the level of the turn of hips, it is from 34″ – 36″ for the S, 36″ – 38″ for the M and 38″ – 40″ for the L.

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 7

Beware of the zip tab!

But as indicated, these are not the only sizes available! You also have this Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt in size 1X/2X and 3X/4X ! Concerning the correspondences, they are from 42″ – 46″ on hips for the first one. Then, 48″ – 52″ for the 3X/4X. For information, Kitty wears the size 1X/2X!

The materials of the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 10

wetlook for this skirt!

The Fierce range is made entirely in wetlook! It is thus not a surprise to find this skirt, made with the same materials. It is a material which gives a kind of wet and shiny effect, which is a kind of leather imitation! The advantage of the wetlook is that the material stretches easily! It is thus simpler to enter inside and make the skirt adapts to your morphology. For information, the wetlook is a mixture of elastane (the part which stretches) and polyester.

The realization of the Fierce skirt

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 5

A beautiful realization!

To make honor with this skirt, it will be accompanied a little later, by another piece which goes very well with this one! Moreover, we can mix the pieces in this range, like the skirt and the crop-top or the second piece that we will present you with the leggings! But before all this, we are going to look a little closer at the realization of this Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt!

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 6

The crayon skirt with an opening at the bottom

It is a very beautiful crayon skirt, with a brilliant effect which lights up according to the movement and the pose which the person takes! But also, according to the light. The cut of this skirt is a high waist cut, in a flexible fabric, it is the principle of the wetlook! It is clearly a skirt which emphasizes the buttocks, but also the hips! And it is frankly successful! We can also see that the closing system is done via a zip! Moreover, it will be necessary to wind it up, because at the beginning, Kitty had the tab which goes a little in her skin. But once well reassembled, there was no more problem. One can moreover put the skirt without using the zip!

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 11

The braces highlight the buttocks very well.

I must confess that the crossing of straps in the back also plays a lot on the charm of this Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt! One can see metallic buckles which also come to give a slightly dominating touch. Clearly, it gives me even more desire to look at Kitty’s buttocks! It is a really top skirt, as much to give a fetish effect as with a white blouse for example, which will give a look of hell !

Colors and maintenance

Like the whole Fierce range from Lovehoney, it is a piece only available in black! I don’t know if wetlook exists in another color, it could change, but I must say that black is what works best for this skirt ! I don’t think we would have the same shiny effect with another color.

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 1

A little delicate cleaning

In short, what is important to know is how to clean it! Even if the wetlook is super-sexy, to clean it, you will have to wash it cold and by hand! That’s the little drawback of the thing! But since it is a superb piece, we will want to take care of it, so there are no questions to ask on this point.

Our opinion on the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 3

This skirt is splendid on Kitty!

We are eager to give you our opinion on this skirt! Just to look at the Fierce range is a pleasure, but here, it is a superb piece, even more than those which we already presented. You will thus have the opinion of Kitty in first place, the main interested person then I will add my small comment ! Here is our opinion on this Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt!

Kitty’s opinion on the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt

I made a small surprise to Mogwai by arriving dressed with the Fierce outfit for Valentine’s Day and it seems he appreciated it ๐Ÿ˜‹. Let’s start with the mid-length wetlook skirt.

A perfect high waist skirt

The skirt is frankly very pleasant to wear, it does not compress. A high waist rather fitting, the length is well, neither too long nor too short. That makes sexy even if it is not short and that changes because generally it is often very short! I’m not very tall, so I’m not too tall, but you can play with the length by putting it up more or less.

Enhanced buttocks

The cross-braces at the back are well positioned and highlight the buttocks, with a slit that rises high to add a sexy touch. There’s a zipper on the side that I hadn’t seen when I put it on ๐Ÿ˜…, the material is very stretchy so it’s easy to put on and off but you can feel it a little bit if you sit down but it’s not too embarrassing. I wore it for several hours without any problem! You can hear a little sound when you walk but it’s normal with this kind of material.

The downside, cleaning

The only downside is the hand washing but it’s like all this range, the wetlook doesn’t like the washing machine so no choice! I will gladly wear it again because the whole is really sexy and pleasant to wear ๐Ÿ˜ˆ.ย  Next time I’ll talk about the bra so stay tuned because it’s worth it…๐Ÿ˜‡

The opinion of Mogwai on the Fierce skirt

So her it’s just perfect! As soon as I saw Kitty in this skirt, I must say that it made me effect ! And not only the skirt, I speak of course about my dear and tender Kitty ! Between the light opening of the skirt, the straps in the back which prevents my glance from unhooking from her buttocks and the wetlook which shines, I must say that I love it !

Kitty is super sexy inside this skirt! I love when she wears this skirt and the Fierce range in general! Her buttocks look great in this light and I never get tired of looking at them and not only that ! Indeed, just after the photo shoot, I cracked and I brought her in the room to bend her and take her wildly ! I validate and revalidate again!

Final thoughts on the Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt

Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt - 9

An excellent piece of lingerie that we love

To conclude, I think you understood that we loved this Lovehoney Fierce wetlook skirt! And as Kitty indicates it, another piece will be presented soon! And I even want to say that it is not impossible that a third piece faces its appearance! Yes, we love this collection! It’s really a favorite and we hope it will be yours too ! Once again, Lovehoney proposes a large choice of sizes for this skirt, but also for other lingerie pieces ! Have fun !

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