Surprise, here is the We-Vibe Touch X! Yes, the We-Vibe Touch stimulator has also been revisited for an improved version of this famous clitoral stimulator! I’m not really surprised, because if one was redesigned, the other would be too! I’m talking about We-Vibe’s Tango X of course! This model is quite different but has some features common to both models.

Once again, at the moment, We-Vibe proposes a lot of sextoys, like the Moxie, the Wand of We-Vibe, a first, but also the Vector or the Chorus. So we find ourselves on a stimulator that looks like a kind of vibrating clitoral pebble! I hope it will be at the same level as the old one and even more! Here is our review!

We-Vibe Touch X packaging

Like the We-Vibe Tango X, the Touch X uses the same type of box. So we have a rectangular box, with the Touch X on the front part with a background that takes the color of the stimulator. At the back, we discover the information on this sextoy, then on one of the slices, a small message explaining that it has been 10 years since the Touch had been updated! Once the two protective stickers are removed, you can access the inside of the box.

You will then discover the We-Vibe Touch X lying in its mold, then underneath it, you have a satin white pouch to store your stimulator. You also have a safety instruction manual and an illustrated Quick-start manual. Also included are the USB magnetic charging cable and the 2ml Pjur lubricant sample by We-Vibe.

We-Vibe Touch X physical details

Once again, the We-Vibe Touch X joins the Tango X, revisiting its original model! It’s still a pocket-sized stimulator, compact and to take everywhere! Here, it is pear or pebble-shaped, just like the model it reinvents. We find the shape in point with a kind of hollow underneath.

On the top you have three buttons, the “+” button, the “-” button and the wave-shaped button. Two silver dots allow you to recharge the stimulator by magnetic induction. There are not many changes compared to the old one, at least physically!

Dimensions of the stimulator

Slightly wider and longer than the Tango X, the We-Vibe Touch X is still small and compact, yet just as portable. It measures 10.22 cm (4.02 inches) in total length for a width of 4.33 cm (1.70 inch) at its widest and a height of 3.43 cm (1.35 inch)! There is no real change between the original model and the revisited model.

Other details

Just like the Tango X, the We-Vibe Touch X exists in two versions! You have a model in coral color (Crave Coral) and another one in green (Green Velvet). However, again, for the weight, we don’t have the information. It is very light, a little heavier than the Tango X, but it remains in the same range.

We-Vibe Touch X materials

Here there is change! Indeed, the first model was made of silicone, but a glossy silicone, which hangs a little, whereas here, silicone is still present, but this one is matt, softer and silkier. It hangs less dust, just like the silicone now found on many We-Vibe products. The first Touch had a little bit of ABS plastic in the charging area. Here, the We-Vive Touch X is entirely made of silicone!

We-Vibe Touch X use

With We-Vibe, it’s never very complicated to use their sextoys! Just like the Tango X, you will see that the controls and the way to use it are similar. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about it.

How to recharge it?

This is one of the changes in this model! At the time, the first one recharges itself with a small half-sphere shaped element whereas here, it is two magnetic points that will allow you to recharge it via a USB cable. It takes 90 minutes of charging time for an autonomy of two hours! Again, the ratio is pretty good.

When it is charging, there is a small LED on the stimulator that indicates that it is charging its batteries. When the LED flashes, it is charging. When it stays steady, it means that charging is complete. If the LED remains off, the charger is not correctly positioned. And finally, when it runs out of battery, an alert will let you know.

What can be done with it?

Of course, it is a clitoral stimulator! Its purpose is above all to stimulate the clitoris! You have a pointed part, which allows you to precisely stimulate your clitoris, and a hollow shaped part, which allows you to place it against the clitoris with a wider stimulation.

Like the Tango X, it can also be slipped into a harness, depending on the size of the pocket, but also into your panties, its shape is rather well adapted. It can also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the nipples.

How to handle it?

Here too, there is a change from the original model! As indicated, you have three buttons. A “+” button, a “-” button and a wave-shaped “~” button. To deactivate the “Travel-Lock” mode, you will have to press the “+” button and the “-” button for 2 seconds.

Then, to turn it on, keep the “+” button pressed for 2 seconds. Pressing the “+” button again will increase the vibration intensity. And if you keep the “+” button pressed, the intensity will increase smoothly. To decrease the intensity level, press the “-” button and if you keep it pressed for 2 seconds, the We-Vibe Touch X will turn off. Finally, the wave-shaped button allows you to cycle through the vibration modes offered by the We-Vibe Touch X.

What modes are available?

Same observation, the original Touch had 8 vibration modes, 4 constant and 4 pattern modes. Here, it’s the same change as for Tango X! You now have 7 vibrating modes which are Pulse, Wave, Cha Cha, Tease, Tempo, Heartbeat and Vibrate. The Vibrate mode is the continuous mode! And you have up to 8 levels of intensity!​

Touch X - modes

Which lubricant to choose with?

As this is a silicone-based stimulator, you will have to use water-based lubricant if you need it! You already have the 2ml Pjur lubricant sample by We-Vibe to start with. Then you will have to choose the lubricant you like, as long as it is water-based!

How do I clean the stimulator?

It is 100% waterproof to IPX7 standard, which means you can use it in the shower or bath. But it also means that to clean it with water, there is no risk. A little warm water with mild soap will allow you to clean it properly.

We-Vibe Touch X efficiency

After reviewing the Tango X, it was time to review his sidekick and see how well he defended himself for a revisited model! The first Touch was already very good, but if it follows the same course as the Tango X compared to the Tango, it might be quite orgasmic! So we tested this stimulator several times to tell you what we think! And just so you know, it’s a very good clitoral pebble that deserves your attention!

The handling of the stimulator

Once again, it’s a success! At the same time, there are not many changes on this model at this level! Indeed, the real change is the presence of three buttons! As with the Tango X, this makes it easier to use. You can increase the intensity level in steps or by keeping the button pressed to go directly to the highest intensity. You can switch to the model vibrating modes at any time, without cycling to this type of mode.

On the other hand, I noticed that on this We-Vibe Touch X, you can more easily press the “~” button without paying attention. As a result, we arrive on a jerky vibrating mode rather than the continuous mode, which can destabilize the action. It’s a matter of habit, don’t worry!

At the grip level, it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand! Its shape is really well thought out at this level! But it was already the case on the first model so on this point, there is no real change. I can tell you that it is still as practical to use as its ancestor.

Vibration performance

You get it, Touch X offers the same performance as Tango X! However, there is still a major change between the two products. One is made of ABS plastic, with vibrations that propagate, but they are rougher. Let me explain! The Touch X is entirely made of silicone. With its low frequency vibrations, the diffusion is quite different from the Tango X. Here, the stimulation is wider, less abrupt, softer. But that doesn’t mean that Touch X is less powerful!

Indeed, we find the same power as its counterpart, with once again a silent engine and I would even say almost quieter than the Tango X. Depending on how you use it, you will see it a little lower, the noise is muffled, which makes it really quiet. Despite its small size, this clitoral pebble is really powerful and once you’ve tested it, you’ll want to come back to it!

Feedback on its clitoral use

To give you a little more detail, we’ll tell you how we used it with Kitty and I’ll share her feedback with you! During our tests, we noticed several things! The first time I used it, it was me holding the We-Vibe Touch X! I used it like a vibrating pebble, holding it in the palm of my hand, with the vibrating part resting on her clitoris. That is to say, with the hollow encompassing her clit.

A kind of double stimulation

While she had my penis in her mouth to suck me, I was vibrating her clit, while having a finger in her pussy to stimulate her G-spot! And all this with only one hand! And that’s where this Touch X is really great! Because I was really able to give her a double stimulation with one hand, which is not the case with all sextoys. Kitty was wet and had a few orgasms during this first experience.

With the point or the hollow

With our various tries, we have pushed the tests a little further, especially with the pointed part and the hollow part. By using the hollow part, the vibrations are wider, they propagate very well and Kitty told me that she had the impression of having a kind of double stimulation by using it this way, without knowing how to describe it to me. With the tip, you can target the clitoris more and almost only stimulate the clitoris.

Compared to Tango X, Kitty told me it was softer! Once again, the presence of silicone, which is also a big change, makes it possible to have this softness when moving it! It is true that the first Touch had a more gripping silicone, which did not necessarily please everyone.

What more can I say?

It’s a fabulous clitoral pebble! And it can be difficult to choose between the two models. In terms of power, they are equivalent, but the Tango X is rougher, more precise, more localized than the Touch X, which is closer to a pebble, with a gentler, wider and still less localized stimulation, even if using it with its tip allows you to be more precise. It’s a question of taste and desire! Anyway, whether it’s the We-Vibe Touch X or the Tango X, they are little monsters of power that won’t disappoint you.

Kitty & Mogwai

We-Vibe Touch X final thoughts

Once again, with Kitty, we can only attest to the interest of having brought out these two models which were already a great success! And it is once again a success from We-Vibe! No need to make a connected sextoy, remote controllable or other elements that can sometimes be gadgets! Here we have the essential, with interesting improvements that bring back to the forefront these two exceptional stimulators!

If one is a secret lipstick that quickly sends you to 7th heaven, the other is a clitoral pebble that is just as devastating! The choice will be difficult, but one thing is sure, you’ll be over the moon! It fits in the top sextoy 2021 but also in the best clitoral stimulators reviewed on the website!


  • A very powerful clitoral pebble
  • Silent
  • Complete packaging
  • Easier battery charging
  • Low frequency vibrations
  • More modes than the original
  • Still as handy as ever
  • The silicone coating that no longer sticks
  • Double use (tip and hollow)


  • It will be difficult to make a choice between Tango X and this Touch X.
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