My name is Bond, We-Vibe Bond! Yes, that’s an easy one to do! But what do you want, we have to find funny things to tell you in a review! After this dubious little introduction, we’re going to tell you about a vibrating cockring unlike any other that We-Vibe has just released! If you’re used to reading the site’s reviews, you should know that I’m not a big fan of vibrating penis rings. I’m more a fan of a classic cockring, mostly made of steel or a rigid material! But I have to say that this We-Vibe Bond caught my attention because of its main novelty, the fact that it can be put on easily and quickly!

When I reviewed the We-Vibe Pivot and the We-Vibe Verge, I was not more excited than that. I have a small preference for the Pivot model, but I admit that it is not my cup of tea. So maybe this time, with the Bond, We-Vibe will succeed in making me adhere! To find out, I suggest you follow me in the We-Vibe Bond review! And if this one doesn’t interest you, you can always consult the other We-Vibe sex toys reviews to find your happiness!

We-Vibe Bond packaging

For the packaging, it is already a little while that We-Vibe has renewed it! So it is a packaging that we know well now! We find a rectangular box, cardboard and solid! On the front part, with an orange and black tone, we have a picture of the Bond and on the back, information about it.

Inside, we find a mold in which the We-Vibe Bond rests and then underneath, we find two compartments, with two booklets, the “Custom Fit Link” which I will talk about again but also a USB magnetic charging cable. In addition, we also have a storage pocket to store the product later. The box can also be used for that, but I must admit that with all the sex toys we have in stock, the boxes are less and less kept on our side. We also have, inside, in a small plastic pocket, a remote control to use it without the connected part.

We-Vibe Bond - 1
We-Vibe Bond - 2
We-Vibe Bond - 3
We-Vibe Bond - 4
We-Vibe Bond - 5

We-Vibe Bond physical details

What does the Bond look like? Does he have a black suit, a gun and nice shoes to counteract the bad guys? No, not this one. But as you can see, he is dark, black in color, it’s almost a vibrating spy ring! As you can see on the pictures, it is not a round ring! Its shape is composed of a ring and a part containing the internal engine. On this zone, we have two metallic parts which will allow to come to clip the charging cable in order to recharge the battery of the Bond. Then, below, the logo of We-Vibe, engraved in the silicone and still a little below, a button “~”, slightly bulging.

It is in the back, that we discover the particular system of this connected vibrating ring. It is a kind of element that comes to reattach the two parts of the ring via a system of sliding attachment and which allows to add the link “Custom Fit” of the box to enlarge the diameter of the ring according to your needs and the diameter necessary for its implementation.

The size of the Bond

To tell you about the dimensions of this vibrating and connected cockring, here is what I can tell you! This one measures 7.6 cm (2.99″) in length, with a maximum width of 4.8 cm (1.88″) and a maximum thickness of 4.4 cm (1.73″). On the side of the ring, its size is 3.6 cm (1.41″) by 4.2 cm (1.65″), since it is an oval shape and not round. And in terms of its thickness, especially on the part of the clip, we can calculate 2.8 cm (1.10″).

Other details

Concerning the other information related to this vibrating and connected cockring, it is its weight! This one weighs only 46 grams, which is light for a vibrating ring. Regarding its color, it is black and its reference is the “Charcoal Black”, a fairly pronounced black.

We-Vibe Bond - 6
We-Vibe Bond - 7
We-Vibe Bond - 8
We-Vibe Bond - 9
We-Vibe Bond - 10

We-Vibe Bond materials

What is the material of this We-Vibe Bond? Silicone of course! But not only! Indeed, we have a little ABS plastic, especially for the remote control, but otherwise, it is the silicone that we already know well at We-Vibe, a matte silicone, without phthalates, latex or even bisphenol A! It doesn’t attract dust, it’s soft, in short, it’s medical grade silicone, healthy for the body and hypoallergenic!

We-Vibe Bond - 12
We-Vibe Bond - 13

We-Vibe Bond use

Naturally, a cockring is used in a rather precise way, whatever the model. But here, it is a model which innovates by its system of closing and installation, in addition to all the connected and vibrating part. You might as well know from the beginning, the basics of its use.

How to charge it?

As always, one of the first things to do in order to use the We-Vibe Bond is to make its first full charge. To do this, we get the magnetic USB charging cable that we clip on the magnetic part of the Bond and the other part, on a powered USB port or on a power adapter. Then, it is necessary to wait 90 minutes of time of charge for an autonomy of 2 hours, which is rather a good ratio.

When it’s charging, a light will flash rapidly to let you know. When the light stays on, your ring is fully charged. If the light does not come on, you have not plugged in the cable properly or there is no power being supplied. For the remote control, it is not rechargeable, it uses a CR 2032 battery.

We-Vibe Bond - 23
We-Vibe Bond - 24

How to handle it?

There are several ways to use your new vibrating cockring. First, you have the manual mode, just with the button present on it. You just have to keep the button pressed to turn it on, to turn it off, and then change the modes with a press or even connect it to your smartphone. This is clearly not the preferred way to use it. The second way is to use it with its remote control. Here, you don’t have to do anything, because the remote control already comes coupled to the cockring!

On this remote, you have 5 buttons, including the “wave” button to pair the Bond with the remote, if needed. The “+” button allows you to turn on the We-Vibe Bond remotely and increase the intensity of the vibrations while the “-” button allows you to stop it or decrease the intensity level. Then, the “left” and “right” arrow will allow you to navigate through the 10 basic modes.

You can also couple the We-Vibe Bond to a smartphone via the Bluetooth part and the We-Connect application, which we know well since the time. Simply follow the instructions of the application, keep the button “wave” for 5 seconds to prepare for pairing and once this is done, control it directly via the smartphone. The range will be 9 meters, face to face and 6 meters, if you are in the back of the person wearing the ring or 360 ° (except in front of course). These are the optimal measures, depending on the environment, obstacles and interference, the range can be reduced. And you can also, in the application, be controlled at long distance, via a system of adding contact and give access to control the ring.

How to set it up?

Anyone who has ever had to put a cock ring on knows that sometimes it can be a pain in the ass! Especially in the action or even before it, if you are not in the process of getting a hard-on. Because it is especially this point which usually poses problem. Even when you are used to it, it is always a bit tricky to put one testicle in the ring, then the other, before bending your penis at rest to put it in turn before pulling up the ring to tighten it at the pubic area and the perineum, depending on the model.

This is where the ingenious We-Vibe Bond system comes in! And I must say that despite all the rings I could review since the opening of the website (and there are a good number of them), it is the first time I see such a system! Indeed, the ring can be opened and closed with a “hook” type fastener. You just have to put it in place, then stretch the two branches of the ring to join them and close the system!

One wonders why this system was not available before! It may be a minor improvement for some, but it is true that it makes it much easier to set up. Which is far from being unpleasant! Moreover, if the ring is a little too small in diameter, it is possible to use the “Custom Fit Link” which will allow you to obtain 2.1 cm (0.82″) more in the ring circumference! Simply unclip the ring, place the link, then reclip. Easy as pie!

We-Vibe Bond - 15
We-Vibe Bond - 18
We-Vibe Bond - 19

What are the vibrating modes?

By default, on the We-Vibe Bond, you will find 10 modes! And good news, We-Vibe, like Fun Factory, offers details about the modes that are present in their engine. It’s a pleasure, because many manufacturers do not bother to detail them. Here, we have 4 constant modes with a level of intensity “Soft”, “Medium”, Strong” and “Ultra”. Then, we find modes that we know well at We-Vibe, with the mode “Pulsations”, “Waves”, “Cha-Cha”, “Tickles”, “Tempo” and “Heartbeat”. Modes that we have already had the opportunity to review several times, including with the Tango X and Touch X recently.

What more to say about the application?

By now, you should know this application, I am talking about We-Connect, the official application of We-Vibe. This is the application that we will use to use the We-Vibe Bond in connected mode, short or long distance. As a reminder, through this application, one of the advantages is to allow you to create your own vibrating modes. But you can also have additional modes depending on the sex toys you connect to the application, such as “Touch” and “Beat” mode.

You can manage your playlists, use video and text chat and even the ability to control the Bond’s vibrations with a finger. You can check the status of the internal battery of the Bond, also adjust the maximum intensity of vibrations. This is convenient for public use! You also have privacy options, via a PIN, in short, the application is really complete!

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Concerning the lubricant, if you need it, you will have to use a water-based lubricant. I admit that for a cockring, it is rather rare to use it. Some people use lubricant to facilitate the installation when it comes to sliding the testicles and then the penis. Here, with the Bond’s insertion system, I admit I don’t see why lube would be useful. However, if you need to use lube, use a water-based lube to avoid damaging your ring.

How to clean it?

Here, no need to worry, we can quite pass the We-Vibe Bond in warm water with a little soft soap, then dry it afterwards in the open air. On the other hand, the remote control must not be put under water! You will have to clean it, if necessary, with a soft cloth.

We-Vibe Bond - 20
We-Vibe Bond - 22

We-Vibe Bond efficiency

Now that we have seen what there is to see on this We-Vibe Bond, maybe it’s time to fulfill the mission that was given to me by the British government, to fight Dr No. Oops, no, sorry, it’s not the mission of the day this time, but rather to test this vibrating and connected cock ring to see if its system of setting up is really interesting and if it brings something more than a more classic ring! Here is our opinion on the We-Vibe Bond!

Placement and removal of the cock ring

Let’s talk right away about the most interesting element on paper, the placement of the cock ring and its ability to be removed very easily and quickly. To put it in place, it is ultra-simple! It is true that the installation of a ring (vibrating or not) is not an easy task in general, even when you are used to do it.

Here, with this system of installation in the manner of a watch bracelet for example, which uses a clasp system, you realize how simple it is to install. But the question I had was whether it would stay in place afterwards. Despite my fears, I must say that the clasp mechanism on the ring works well. The ring stays in place, doesn’t fall off, fits well and does its job well. Its diagonal closure allows not to end up with a detachment of it, it’s quite ingenious. And the little part that you can add on top to get a larger diameter also works very well.

For its removal, it’s even easier, you can remove it at lightning speed, like popping the clips of a bra with a single finger! No need to wait for his penis to get out of the way to finally remove the ring. This is clearly a very good point, because putting on a cock ring and taking it off is not the easiest thing in the world, it can be intimidating too and there is nothing better than feeling free to take it off and put it back on whenever you want.

Basic use, without remote control or smartphone

If the control button of the We-Vibe Bond is easy to access when the cockring is not yet in place, once it is installed, I must say that this button becomes more difficult to access. But at the same time, this is not really the way to use the Bond. It will be better to use it with its remote control or with its smartphone. But you can still use it that way, however, you should not want to change the vibrating mode in the process.

The Bond in remote control mode

First of all, I think it’s great to have included a classic remote control in the package! Indeed, even if I don’t mind, with a connected sextoy, it is sometimes an obligation to have a smartphone compatible with the application and to use it to control it. So certainly, the remote control works with a battery, which is moreover, quite annoying to find and which is not the least expensive of the battery formats present on the market, but it is there!

With 5 control buttons on it, you can easily play with it, switch from one mode to another, increase or decrease the intensity level. Moreover, as it is quite small, you can play with it discreetly, you can put it in your pocket at any time, it’s quite a good thing. On the other hand, the range is not as important as with a smartphone and the We-Connect application.

And the vibrations in all this?

As you know, we are on a product of We-Vibe, which is part of the Wow Tech group and therefore, the quality is there! Indeed, in terms of vibrations, they are pleasant and deep, powerful enough to provide pleasure, but lack a hint of extra power. At the same time, it is a vibrating ring and not a competition clitoral stimulator that sends you vibrations from another world.

Depending on the placement of the Bond, it can stimulate the perineum of the wearer or the clitoris. To stimulate the clitoris, it is necessary to avoid moving everywhere and especially to use a constant mode of vibration with the highest intensity in order to send enough vibrations on the latter, even during the report. In the end, I find it more interesting to place it in such a way as to stimulate the perineum of the person wearing it, rather than trying to stimulate hER partner with it.

Anything else?

To give you a little more feedback on its use, in terms of noise, it remains quite discreet, especially on the lowest intensity levels. The silicone doesn’t catch dust very much and it can be placed under a pair of pants, although it must be wide enough. On the other hand, can we enjoy with it? Yes. But without any other stimulation at the same time? No. At least, not for me. The We-Vibe Bond is more like an extra addition, a complement or a way to play with your partner’s excitement during foreplay or even in public. And that’s already very good!

Kitty & Mogwai

We-Vibe Bond - 16
We-Vibe Bond - 17
We-Vibe Bond - 21

We-Vibe Bond final thoughts

We-Vibe Bond - 14
We-Vibe Bond - 11

Releasing a brand new system is always a risk! Because there is no point of comparison and you never know if a new feature or innovative addition will really work and become a staple for future designs! Is this the case for the We-Vibe Bond? Did it succeed? Yes, it’s probably the easiest vibrating cock ring to set up so far! And if you’ve ever been intimidated or worried by a vibrating ring (or not), the Bond can reconcile you with this type of sextoy.

This ring is not there to make you cum without doing anything, it is a plus, a playmate, a right arm in your sexuality, perfect to excite, for foreplay, to play in public, at short or long distance, there is no lack of possibilities! A good innovation, certainly, which does not seem to be much, but when you have already tried the Bond and its system of opening and closing, it is difficult to come back to other rings. I still remain a supporter of non-vibrating rings, maybe one day, this system will also be in place on more classic rings, in stainless steel, that would be the top!


  • A light cock ring
  • Excellent placement and removal system
  • Custom-Fit to fit your penis size
  • The overall quality of the product
  • We-Connect, a very good, complete and easy to use application
  • A small and discreet remote control for use without a smartphone
  • Quality vibrations and rather deep
  • A ring more reassuring than others


  • CR2032 battery for the remote control
  • The placement of the button on the cock ring
  • Only one color
  • The range of the remote control less good than the application
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